Jul 6, 2011

Libya news [backup libyasos] 04 jun - 24 jun 2011.

Day 98: 24.06.2011.
22h/ "latest info, we had known from our source in Cairo  there was negotiation between Transitional Council and Libya government in Cairo with Morocco and Italy and some EU countries  Abdulfatah Younes and Ali Alsalabi, Ali Zidan, Mansour Saif and Ali Isawi presented the Transitional Council"
21h/ WASHINGTON — The 238-180 roll call Friday by which the House rejected a bill to limit the use of funds appropriated to the Pentagon in support of the NATO operation in Libya.
"Freedomfighter"  for  " Free Libya" ha?
 Anti-Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi protesters pray during Friday prayers in front of a U.S. flag at the court square, in Benghazi, Libya, June 24, 2011. (Hassan Ammar/AP Photo) :oD They are SLAVES really   :oD [libyasos]
20h/ But the support from Washington comes not only in the form of money and Tomahawk missiles, but also in military command. One of the commanders of the Libyan rebel army is General Khalifa Hifter. A long-ago Gadaffi-defector, he lived in a Washington suburb for the last 20 years before he took off to Libya in March this year to command the rebel forces. Khalifa Hifter lived just minutes away from CIA headquarters, although any intelligence connections have never been officially confirmed.
19h/ A group of gang members from Alzentan went down to the area ALMSHASHYA and burned more than 70 homes of the families of ALMSHASHYA
18h/ The eastern third around the city of Benghazi is in rebels hands while the West - apart from some rebel enclaves – is controlled by Libyan people. There is almost no movement between the two.
Despite foreign aid which allows them to continue fighting, MERCENARIES have proved incapable of defeating the Libyan army. Without Western support, MERCENARIES would have been destroyed a long time ago.
17h/ Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi urged the UN security council  to conduct an independent fact-finding mission into Nato war crimes in his country in light of the rising human cost of the military alliance’s attacks.
“The security council should hold an urgent meeting to discuss the matter and stop this barbaric attack,” Colonel Gaddafi said in a nationally televised address. 
17h/ THE Libya campaign has so far cost UK taxpayers almost £260million, the Government admitted. The blitz on Colonel Gaddafi works out at £1,000 a minute or more than £40million a month, said Defence Secretary Liam Fox.
16h/ NATO's chief on Thursday dismissed a call from Italy for a suspension of hostilities in Libya and tried to reassure wavering members of the Western coalition that Libyan leader Muammar Al Gaddafi can be beaten.
16h/ NATO said Thursday it had delivered a major blow to Libyan army  near Zlitan, a town about 170 kilometres east of Tripoli where mercenaries are encircled by Libya army.
15h/ 'NATO countries panicky over Libya fail'
The intention of NATO was to dive in with its air power and its armed forces and so on and say we are the liberators of the Libyan people and to do it under the guise of protecting them. And in fact what it's done is it's dived into what was a civil war and made it a war of aggression where it's converted a civil war into a war on Libya by NATO.(video)
15h/ Dictator Oilbama stirred congressional unrest last week when he told lawmakers he didn't need authorisation because the operation was not full-blown hostilities.
14h/ A member of the 'rebels' National Transitional Council (NTC) in Benghazi revealed they were holding secret talks "to prepare for the regime's fall". The member said the talks were being held via Skype and satellite phones.
14h/ In the Western press, there are publications in which Muammar Kadaffi do not appear as a villain and a tyrant, but as reasonable and supported by their people leader of Libya, who became a victim of propaganda campaign to justify the NATO military operation. This article does not seem to us all convincing. However, many of the arguments and information from the Western coalition is often too much trust do not inspire. (read more)
13h/ The head of the International Chess Federation Ilyumzhinov going to soon go on a visit at Muammar Gaddafi. 
13h/ The French Dictator, Nicolas Sarkozy, is pressing for success in Libya by coalition forces to be achieved in time for him to declare "victory" on Bastille Day in Paris.  (read more)
photo by Rodney Pike
 * The public and the people of the world need to know that the corporate media is fabricating a massif of lies concerning the on-the-ground facts of the illegal war against the people of Libya by American and NATO forces.(read more)
 Green flags of the Libyan Jamahiriya are flown everywhere from Tunisia to Tripoli. Many of the flags in the countryside are handmade. – Photo: Moises Saman, New York Times
13h/ The Russian ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said in an interview for the Friday edition of "Izvestia" confirmed that the daughter of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, Aisha, in Paris and Brussels has filed lawsuits against NATO for war crimes.
12h/ WASHINGTON: The senior U.S. commander for Africa said a Republican-sponsored bill that would block American Predator drone strikes in Libya would hurt the North Atlantic Treaty Organization alliance.(read more)
11h/ more about "revolutionry" and killers (video) 
10h/ Human rights organisations have cast doubt on claims of mass rape and other abuses perpetrated by forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, which have been widely used to justify Nato's war in Libya. (read more)
09h/ United Nations: Cuba  reiterated its call for an immediate halt to military operations in Libya and for the start of a dialogue so that the Libyan people can peacefully solve their differences without foreign intervention.(read more)
08h/ Neatherlands: Parliament has given its final approval to extend the Dutch contribution to the NATO mission in Libya. In the past few months, the Netherlands has helped enforce the no-fly zone over Libya and the UN arms embargo. 

Day 97: 23.06.2011.
21h/ NATO BOMBED THE MARCH TO MISRATA.(video), but western hollywood media have another story! Without evidence! Gaddafi Forces Strike Misurata, Killing 4?!?
20h/  By Susan Lindauer, former CIA Asset covering Libya. Uglu truth VIDEO of Libyan Rebels Beheading Libyan Soldiers
15h/ TODAY! Women support The Brother Leader Gaddafi and protest against NATO (video)
15h/  NATO’s Libyan War: 12,198 Air Missions, 4613 Strike Sorties
13h/ Before NATO and the U.S. started bombing Libya, the United Nations was preparing to bestow an award on Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and the Libyan Jamahiriya, for its achievements in the area of human rights. (document).  That's right--the same man, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, that NATO and the United States have been telling us for months is a "brutal dictator," was set to be given an award for his human rights record in Libya. How strange it is that the United Nations was set to bestow a human rights award on a "brutal dictator," at the end of March.(read more)
12h/ This is a list of names amd email addreses of 346 french Senators. please to protect libyan child and civilian send just an email. That will not take more than a minute.http://www.senat.fr/senateurs/senatl.html
11h/ On US Government's Violence and Revenge: An Open Letter to President Obama by Mairead Maguire (read more)
10h/ “Rebels” are power-hungry terrorists, say Libyan refugees
“It’s not safe there anymore. It’s become dangerous. And that’s not only because of explosions and gunshots. One day, people from "the government" in Benghazi – you call them rebels, we call them terrorists – came to me and told me, ‘we have to arrest your daughter, because we know that she supports Gaddafi," Salma told
09h/ Dictator Oilbama has signed executive orders that lay out how far military commanders around the globe can go in using cyberattacks and other computer-based operations against enemies and as part of routine espionage in other countries.
08h/  The Brothe Leader Gadhafi speaking [22.06.2011.] The video is graphic. It shows some of the 18 lives lost at the Hamidy residence. Oilbama says this is not a WAR. NATO denies civilians died at the Hamidy home, calling it a military center. Please Stop the Bombs. http://www.youtube.com/watch
07h/ The Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi called NATO "murderers" and announced retaliatory attacks in the West. Gaddafi told the West not to be afraid of death, although it is driven to the wall.
  "We will provide resistance and the battle will last until you are eradicated" - he said. Gaddafi's message on the occasion of the NATO air force attack on the house of his friend Huvejlidi El Hamedija, which killed 15 people, including three children, was broadcast early this morning, Libyan state television. "We are driven to the wall, but do not fear death ... do not try to escape. You say, shoot us precisely - you murderers. One day we will return and your homes will become legitimate targets," said Gaddafi. "Because you killed our children and grandchildren with you over there is no agreement," said the leader-Gaddafi

Day 96: 22.06.2011.
22h/ Pres.Obama @BarackObama LISTEN TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! 60% Want End of War on #Libya and to leave Gadhafi ALONE! Democracy or Dictatorship?
21h/  Rebel leaders  imposed restrictions on the foreign press, marking a sharp contrast with their previous openness and with the policies of their counterparts in Benghazi in the east.
19h/ from Leonor Massenet::
In Benghazi many Frenchmen, Englishmen, Americans and people of Qatar.
Some Libyans have clashed with a group of Qatari citizens who are dedicated to training in the use of arms. Some Qatari have died in clashes and several have committed suicide before being arrested.
At this time the ja-armed rebels are divided into two groups and each called the other "pro-gadafistas." Say from Benghazi, both groups call for NATO to bomb the other. They are killing each other.
Talking to soldiers who just returned from Misratah. Misratah say that there are no more rebels.
Now the few rebels who are hiding in the Wadi Kaam which is an area of forest.
Yesterday NATO bombed two checkpoints between Misratah and Zliten for the rebels who are hiding in the wadi to flee to Zliten.
19h/  For cruisers WAR is EXCELLENT  BUSINESS.
 * Moussa Koussa was "Our Man in Tripoli". The circumstances of his defection as well as the history of his collaboration with the CIA and MI6, suggest that for the last ten years, he has been serving US and Allied interests, including the planning of the "pro-democracy" armed insurrection in Eastern Libya.
19h/  France expressed a  view, saying the military operations against Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, should be "intensified".
   "Any pause in operations would risk allowing him to play for time and to reorganise. In the end, it would be the civilian population that would suffer from the smallest sign of weakness on our behalf," Bernard Valero, a French foreign ministry spokesman, said. It's no surprise. Much of France's wealth-more than any other colonial-imperialist power-comes from exploiting Africa.
19h/ BRUSSELS: NATO responded to a Congressional threat to cut off funding to the U.S. military involvement in Libya by saying the United States was providing unique assets essential for the success of the mission.
   Frustration has grown among allies at the failure of more than three months of bombing to dislodge Gaddafi and debate has been fueled by a series of negative incidents in recent days.
18h/  TEHRAN: Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for European Affairs Ali Ahani condemned the deadly strikes by NATO on Libya, saying the attacks are “killing innocent people and destroying the country’s economic infrastructure,” the English language satellite Press TV reported.
17h/ Senate opens door for US troops to fight in Libya. The US Senate has approved a resolution that allows US servicemen to fight in the NATO military operation in Libya for another year.Although the resolution makes no mention of a land operation, this is not ruled out if the US has to defend American government officials or save NATO servicemen.
16h/ NATO fighters also raided Tajoura, east of Tripoli, and Nalut in southwestern Libya.
15h/ TRIPOLI: NATO warplanes conducted bombing raids Tuesday on Khoms and Nalut near the Libyan capital Tripoli, Libyan state TV reported.
15h/ NATO targeted two civilian checkpoints in Khoms, nearly 100 km east of Tripoli.
14h/ The feeling among Americans over the US involvement in killing both pro- and anti-Gaddafi forces in Libya has become more divided and the number of people speaking out against NATO's bombing campaign in the crisis-hit country is climbing, a Press TV correspondent reports Anti-war activists have expressed concerns about the Libyan war
13h/ While the Obama administration has regularly acknowledged that American forces have continued to take part in some of the strike sorties, few details about their scope and frequency have been made public.
WASHINGTON: Since the United States handed control of the air war in Libya to NATO in early April, American warplanes have struck at Libyan air defenses about 60 times, and remotely operated drones have fired missiles at Libyan forces about 30 times, according to military officials.
12h/   TUNISIA: The number of refugees from various nationalities fleeing the heavy bombing of Libya’s capital Tripoli by NATO airplanes is increasing by the day, TAP said, adding many diplomats and businessmen from African countries have also crossed the border into Tunisia.
Some Somali, Eritrean and Ivorian refugees are still complaining of the lack of first necessity food products such as baby milk, baby pampers and clothes. They are calling on international humanitarian organizations to help them, TAP reported. 
Some 4,900 refugees are still living in camps near the Ras El Jedir border point.
12h/  "China is not seeking any private interest on the Libyan issue. China believes the Libyan issue is essentially Libyan internal issue," Yang said, stressing "the future of Libya should be left to be decided by Libyan people." Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi
11h/  France's participation in the NATO intervention in Libya will be put to the vote after a debate in the French parliament on July 12, the president of the National Assembly, Bernard Accoyer, announced Tuesday. 
09h/  Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini has called on Nato to suspend hostilities in Libya to allow humanitarian aid to be brought to the war-torn country.
09h/  Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini has called on Nato to suspend hostilities in Libya to allow humanitarian aid to be brought to the war-torn country.

Day 95: 21.06.2011
Libyan majority in support of Gaddafi  
23h/  Libyan army shot down an Apatche this morning on Zliten, they had arrested one of its crew and arrested the rat who was calling Aljazeera channel from Zawia  and captured his communication devices.
23h/ Libyan army captured 12 military officers was trying to Assassination sons of Gaddafi

22h/  In London, British Prime Minister David Cameron rebuked military officers who have questioned whether the U.K. can continue its key role in NATO's Libya campaign over the long term.
22h/  Amr Moussa (Arab League) , who played central role in securing Arab support for Nato strikes, calls for ceasefire and 'political solution' read more -->
21h/  TOKYO, June 21 (KUNA) -- China on Tuesday called for a ceasefire and political solutions in Libya as an opposition leader arrived in Beijing for a two-day visit, the official Xinhua News Agency reported .
21h/  Libya: NATO Air Missions Near 12,000 With Over 4,500 Combat Sorties
20h/    Palestine Sends Protest Note To NATO Over Killing Of Family In Libya 
20h/ Breaking news: The Free Youth's of Benghazi attacking The  Transitional Convcul's
19h/  US PLANE IN LIBYA (video)
19h/ Military chiefs from the 15 countries contributing to Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR (see list), the United Nations-mandated mission (farsa) to "protect civilians" (or kill them) in Libya, met in London today to discuss the future of the campaign and its progress to date.
18h/ Twitter: @StopBombing Stop Bombing Libya
Mrs  Oilbama has a nerve visiting S. Africa while her husband murders babies in an African nation - ignoring Zuma's calls for ceasefire! #Libya
15h/   At the front-line hospital in Dafniya said six mercenaries were killed in overnight clashes, and 50 were wounded.
13h/  Tunisia against NATO attack on Libya. (video)
11h/  Former minister John Redwood Cabinet today urged the Government to develop an exit strategy from Libya, not "push hard to kill Colonel Gaddafi." According to him, all the tasks for which the UN was given authority to have been resolved, and he "expressed the hope that British troops will return home".
10h/  Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, Uganda’s Permanent UN Rep. described the attack on Libya as “a dangerous provocation that abuses state sovereignty and rekindles bitter memories of slave trade, colonialism and neo-colonialism."
Breaking News : Libyan  brave solders shot down an Apache on Zliten (VIDEO) to the west of the City of Misrata, This is the fifth Apache our troops shot down since NATO started using them .
08h/ It's now just over three months to the day since Nicolas Sarkozy invited the world's press into the Elysée palace to announce that his bombing onslaught on Libya had begun. United Nations security council resolution 1973 – which sanctioned the "protection of civilian lives" – had only just been passed, and western leaders including David Cameron and Hillary Clinton had congregated in Paris to refine the details of military action, but there was no stopping "Speedy Sarko". 
07h/   Supprot form Gaddafi, against INVAION on Libya. Novosibirsk, Russia

07h/ Гостем видео студии «Международной жизни» стал Николай Сологубовский, журналист, писатель, историк, кинематографист, лауреат премии Российской Киноакадемии «Ника-2009» за документальный фильм «Анастасия». (video)      NilolaySOLO on YouTube
07h/ "Nato-Hände weg von Libyen !"Berlin, Germany  18. jun 2011. (photo) 

Day 94: 20.06.2011
22h/ Men dressed as a woman, were arrested today in Tripoli. They were responsible to give the geographical possition of the house of KHALED KHWELDI to the NATO. This is how they put spies in Tripoli.
How OTAN  choose targets in LIBYA?? 
on Twitter : FMCNL FMC the Netherlands
FAF Mirage 2000 in the descend for Souda Bay OUP 312 switched 118.125 MHz #OUP#Libya1 hour ago
21h/  EU looks at frozen Libyan funds take form LIBYAN people and to aid mercenaries ?!?! 
20h/   Britons are already calling it the “billion-pound war”. It is calculated that if the military campaign in Libya goes on for six months, it will cost the British taxpayer US$1.6 billion. The war is currently costing around £6 million a week, and a fortnight ago it was estimated that Britain's bill for the campaign has already reached £75 million.read more --> 
15h/  MISRATA, Libya – The fighting in farmland west of the port city of Misrata is exposing the weakness and inexperience of mercenaries who are trying to advance somewhere.
The mercenaries are taking heavy casualties for little ground gained. And the slow slog is also testing the unity of the OTAN killer -alliance which supports THEIR MERCENARIES  from the air.
Eight more me hadrcenaries died by early Sunday afternoon in heavy artillery barrages, bringing the toll in just over a week to more than 40.
About 200 have been wounded.
14h/ 13 Libyan Civilians Killed In Latest NATO Assault; 856 Civilians Killed In All
14h/ The Al Arabiya Channel reports serious differences within NATO as a number of NATO countries say they have been drained by the war and the US accuses European allies of doing a bad job in Libya.(They need to kill more Libyan people, we suppose, this is "greatjob" for US - libyasos)
* SURMAN, Libya  — a NATO airstrike early Monday west of Tripoli killing at least 13 LIBYAN people, including three children.
16h/  Nine ships have been stationed in Gaeta (Italy), with the primary mission of serving as the flagship for Commander, U.S. 6th Fleet. It is currently the homeport of 6th Fleet command ship USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20). read more--> 
13h/    NATO risks credibility with civilian deaths, says Italian Foreign Minister
12h/   List of tweets sent to and used by NATO to bomb targets in Libya. -- > http://storify.com/antireb/list-of-tweets-sent-to-and-used-by-nato-to-bomb-ta

12h/ There are now only 5 nations on the world left without a Rothschild controlled central bank: Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Cuba; and Libya.
11h/  NATO Partner Sweden Extends Libyan War Role By Three Months http://bit.ly/klBaUQ #mathaba
* Wesley Clark gives on the list for a planned western invasion. (video)
* Note how the main headline actually attempts to make NATO look good. Why, they're investigating! (or, so they say) The actual news, the blowing up of an apartment building and the death of nine people (so far)? Only worthy of the smaller subhead, and even then, only worthy of being a "claim" attributed to Libya. NATO's admission that its planes were indeed bombing Tripoli at the time, and the obvious corollary that no one else was, evidently isn't enough proof for the Times or any of the other corporate, imperialist-propping-up media. read more--> 
09h/  NATO has admitted civilian deaths during an air strike against Tripoli, a report said on Sunday. The air strike was carried out “in celebration of” 90 days of the alliance’s operation in Libya.
03h/  The OTAN has bombed the mercenaries again before two hours in the city of Jdabia very close to Benghazi.

Day 93: 19.06.2011  
23h/   Killed head of the sedition godfather of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, the Mufti of rats in Benghazi 
22h/ Italy, Naples – NATO says that a military missile site was the intended target of air strikes in Tripoli last night. However, it appears that one weapon did not strike the intended target and that there may have been a weapons system failure which may have caused a number of civilian casualties
22h/   London: A team of 130 British and French agents are reportedly on a one-million-pound-a-week, do-or-die deep undercover mission in Libya to get Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
21h/  Mathaba has learned that the African Union is intending to pull out of the United Nations Organization unless NATO stops bombing fellow AU member Libya
The African Union is also lobbying the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) as well as the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) non Arab members for support.
South America and the powerful BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are likely either support or not oppose the African Union with which they have good and respectful relations.
20h/  NATO’s Air War Against Libya: 11,644 Air Missions, 4,409 Combat Sorties 
12h/ A spokesman for the Libyan government, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, arrived at the scene shortly after the incident. He said the area was hit by a NATO strike.“They were attacked by rockets from the sky. People were killed, children,” he told RT. “With my own hands, with my own eyes I saw and helped take out little girls who were killed and little boys, the father and the mother. Two whole families perished under this attack.” “You cannot justify this attack with anything. This is not the protection of civilians,” Moussa Ibrahim added.http://rt.com/news/seven-civilians-killed-nato/
       Shortly before the bombing of Tripoli and  (VIDEO)martyrdom of families  and children NO CMMENT !
01h/ US lawmakers from the right and left have stepped up criticism of  Dictator Oilbama over his Libya intervention after a report that he had overruled top government lawyers.
Republican Bob Corker, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, took aim at Dictator Oilbama on Saturday over the Times report, accusing him of ignoring the Justice Department's opinion because it didn't fit his 'agenda'
  'If dropping bombs and firing missiles on military installations are not hostilities, I don't know what is. The president's actions on Libya are nothing short of bizarre,' he said in a statement.
*        SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – Dictator  Oilbama says he has no doubt that the US will be able to transfer control of the military operation in Libya to an international coalition within days.However, the White House claims that the president does not need congressional authority to act in Libya as U.S. forces are playing a supporting role.
00h/  Brega, Libya – NATO said Saturday it mistakenly struck a column of Libyan rebel vehicles in an airstrike near an eastern oil town two days earlier and expressed regret for any casualties that might have resulted.

Day 92: 18.06.2011
Since the beginning of the NATO operation (31 March 2011, 08.00GMT) a total of 11526 sorties, including 4357 strike sorties*,have been conducted.
23:43h/ Now: People's armed forces shot down an Apache helicopter in far western Misurata
21h/   The major American and European oil conglomerates previously active in Libya are preparing to resume business in the event that the illegal NATO-led war achieves its objective of "regime change", with Muammar Gaddafi forced from power and a more pliant administration installed in Tripoly. more-->
21h/ NATO helps the armed gangs in Libya in smuggling weapons (video)
20h/  merceanirise said: Nato has accused Libyan army  of using mosques and children's parks as shields as his forces "systematically and brutally" attack the Libyan people. EXCELENT EXCUSE FOR KILLING by OTAN! go OTAN ! distroy all Libya! go!
17h/ CNN in Tripoly ?!? What suprise
16h/  Sources in Benghazi: Mercienary Abdulfatah YUnis has not been seen nor heard of in the past 72 hours.
16h/ ROME, June 18. Italy does not exclude the possibility of limiting the terms of its participation in NATO operations in Libya. Itar-Tass in an interview with "Corriere della Sera," said Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa. He noted that this step aims to accelerate the diplomatic process and the beginning of the transition period "after Gadhafi.""
Review of the Government and Parliament of Italy from the date of withdrawal of the active phase of the operation could serve as a signal for our British, American and French allies to work out a diplomatic solution to the crisis" - La Russa said.
15h/   BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) - Mercenarie's oil chief accused the West on Saturday of failing to keep up its promises to deliver urgent financial aid, saying his authority had now run out of cash completely after months of fighting and killing Libyans. 
13h/ http://newsland.ru/news/detail/id/722624/cat/94/Дипломатический конфуз Медведева 
*     NATO’s Libyan War: 11,387 Air Missions, 4,307 Strike Sorties
*     Libya: “The Right To Protect” Has Triggered A Humanitarian Disaster
12h/   Italy Wants NATO To Block African Migrants.
12h/   NATO jets yesterday flew over the city 125 miles (200 kilometers) east of the capital, Tripoli, and 23 detonations were heard beyond the rebel front line near the town of Zlitan.
12h/ NATO dropped thousands of leaflets this week on the Libyan government front lines around Misrata. The flyers showed a picture of an Apache helicopter and threatening retaliation against any forces firing at civilian areas.
11h/   The fighting has largely halted Libya’s oil exports. Eni SpA said there has been no damage as far as it knows to its Libyan plants. It will take months for oil output to resume, Chief Executive Officer Paolo Scaroni said in an interview in St. Petersburg, Russia, yesterday.  
           Crude oil for July delivery dropped $1.94 to $93.01 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, the lowest settlement price since Feb. 18. The move capped the biggest weekly decline in six weeks.
12h/    Attention! Invasion on Libya in July 2011. (video)
09h/  ATTENTION! ATTENTION!! PROPAGANDA spread racial hatred in last article!THIS article!

Day 91: 17.06.2011
NATO will inevitably be defeated in Libya. This was announced today in audiotape broadcast on state television Jamahiriya its leader Muammar Gaddafi.
"They were the first encounter with an armed nation of millions - have a colonel in his speech, recorded by phone. - They will be defeated. The Alliance can not make our regime change anything in Libya and will be defeated." 17/06/2011
*    "Everyone in Libya wants Col. Gaddafi, not some traitors," Rajab Hamman, a 51-year-old engineer from Tripoli, said in the square as another demonstrator shot a magazine load of automatic rifle fire into the air a few steps away. "These are the real, true Libyans," he said of the crowd. 

*   Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has vowed to defeat Nato and stay in Libya, saying not even nuclear bombs would drive him from Libya.
24h/    OTTAWA - Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says he's planning a trip to eastern Libya so he can see first-hand how the wetsren mercenaries  are doing
23h/      BENGHAZI - Libya's opposition denied Friday that they are engaged in talks with Legitimate LIBYAN GOVERNMANT, after a Russian envoy said the rebels and the strongman's camp have forged multiple contacts..
22:30h/  OTAN bombed Sert now and killed 2 families
20h/ OTAN's "democratic" terrorists reject free elections for Libya full story
19h/  Rebels are making slow progress through the olive groves and farmland of the coast west of Misrata, coming at some points to around 10 kilometres from Zlitan itself but suffering casualties in artillery exchanges with legitimate  Libyan army.
19h/ Doctors at the Hikma hospital in Misrata said nine mercenaries were killed and 30 others were wounded.The heaviest shelling rained down between the towns of Dafniya and Zlitan, west of the Mediterranean port.
18h/ Tripoly before a minute Brave Libyan people!
17h/ Thousadns of libyan people - Tripoli Green Square now now now. Viva Libya Viva Gaddaffi!!!! Long Life Gaddaffi!        
watch http://ilibya.tv/  
Leonor says:
Right now I am told that tens of thousands of Libyans in Tripoli's Green Square:
1.Show the world that the Libyans are against the invasion.
2.The Libyan support their legitimate government, legitimate power of the tribes and their leader Moammar the Ghadafi.
3.Support for the Libyans living in Benghazi on harassment and oppression of the armed rebels, Al Qaeda and Islamic extremists.
It is important to note that all these thousands of people have flocked to the green square in spite of not having gas.Some have walked for hours or even days to reach the green square.
Meanwhile, NATO planes / USA entering the airspace of Tripoli unopposed and bomb the University of Tripoli.
From the language of the USA and NATO are losing money to "defend the Libyans."
We develop a new language dictionary USA / NATO to the whole world knows it 
14h/     Tripoly - A series of explosions rumbled across what appeared to be other parts of the city as fighter jets could by heard flying overhead. Fire engines raced through the streets, sirens blaring
NATO has been ramping up the pressure on Libyan people. Though most airstrikes happen under cover of darkness, daytime raids have grown more frequent.  
It wasn't clear what was hit or whether there were casualties. Friday is the main day of rest in Libya, with many people off work.  
13:40h/ NATO and the armed rebels are well aware of the lack of support from the Libyans and the tribes and how close they are with their legitimate government and are setting up these plays for the West living in destitution letting manipulate.
As always, the media are responsible to cover these manipulations.
13:30h/ Breaking news: More than 6 explosions rocked Tripoli.Huge smoke over the city
13h/   Canadian Warplanes Join NATO Raids  On Tripoli. Well...They will kill for faraway of their continent and their country.
12h/    MADRID: NATO is ready to help the so-called Arab Spring revolts to “well and truly blossom”, the secretary general of the alliance, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said Thursday. 
12h/   Gates’ Hysteria About NATO Running Out of Bombs in Libya Points to Logistic Weakness, Overstretch with Five Wars (Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen)  may give Libyan people Margin of Survival
Given the unresolved and simmering conflict over the Falkland Islands, the Argentine President Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner, the UK on Thursday (16th) as "primitive and backward colonial power" has called.
10h/ MADRID - Spain has ordered the expulsion of the Libyan ambassador in Madrid, saying Moammar Gadhafi's and Libyan's government no longer has any legitimacy.
09h/ New calls from he AU to NATO to stop it's aggression on Libya. Africans accuse the coalition of going too far in military action and to marginalize them. Before the Security Council, the Mauritanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hamadi Ould Hamadi, came to drive the point home, arguing on behalf of the African Union, the conflict in Libya destabilizes the region and represents an economic burden, with Libya's expulsion of tens of thousands of African immigrants, who now find themselves without a job
08h/  The number of crowds who would fight the rebels and profiteers in Benghazi 7000 fighters and wait for zero hour and had gave the so-called 72 hours to leave the Transitional Council, arrived in the number of the honorable and the militants who are ready to defend their families in Tobruk 5000 fighters
*        BENGHAZI, Libya, June 16 (Reuters) - Libyan rebels said an attack on a Libyan rebel position near the town of Ajdabiyah wounded at least 16 mercenaries on Thursday in what may have been a friendly fire incident caused by a NATO air strike.
A group of families consisting of 160 people  come back from Tunis to Tripoli. They are families who have fled east, have come to Egypt and from there fly to Tunisia to enter Tripoli. It is already the number 11 returns to Libya in this way and the Libyan government accommodated in hotels and homes. Leonor in Libya 
01h/   "I was assured at today's negotiations that direct contacts between Benghazi and Tripoli are already underway," Margelov said, quoted by Russia's ITAR-TASS news agency.  ... We will see?(libyasos)...
00h/ Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaaim refrained from commenting about Margelov's visit, but when pressed about possible negotiations about Gaddafi's departure, he said that "nobody can make such decisions."
"It is for the Libyan people to decide whether the leader should leave or not," he said.
00h/ NATO warplanes early Thursday destroyed an apparently empty hotel, the Wenzrik, in central Tripoli near administrative buildings and Libya's state broadcaster
The authorities took reporters to the site of the dawn raid, which left only sections of wall standing. They said the attack caused no casualties.
Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaaim later denounced what he called a "barbaric and premeditated raid by NATO on civilians." 
Day 90: 16.06.2011
23h/   3 BOMBS IN TRIPOLI now
22h/  Brother Leader Gaddafi is talking on radio Libya
*     Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday joined the Chinese and Russian leaders in a rare encounter at a summit in Kazakhstan, where he launched a new attack on the "slavers and colonisers" of the West.
22h/    NATO and Spain urge military pressure on Libya. “Gaddafi your time is over, you must go. It’s over,” NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said. Where Brother Leader Gaddafi have to GO???!? Where?!?! In Usa? Spain?? Hey "mister"  Fogh WHO ARE YOU?!
22h/   War Powers Act Does Not Apply To Libya: Oilbama    ?!?
22h/  Twitter: Chossudovsky: Bahrain killings approved in the White House http://bit.ly/iPWPAJ  
@Oilbama is OK with the #Libya Bandit Rebels that robbed Benghazi Bank of 500 MILLION dollars but condemns lawful Zlitan civilians
 - - With US and #NATO falsely calling the #Libya city of Zlitan 'lawless' they are spewing it is OK for the Rebels to KILL Zlitan's Civilians. 
22h/ The South African President, Jacob Zuma, has accused NATO of pursuing regime change and political assassinations in Libya instead of sticking to a United Nations resolution to protect civilians.
21h/   Libya: 11,241 NATO Sorties, 4,256 Strike Missions In 90-Day War
20h/   The Obama administration is spending almost $9.5 million every single day to blow things up in Libya because the president has determined that is in the country's national interest, this country's national interest, not Libya's.
17h/   If It Is not a "problem", the Libyan Remains box in a box Any Which subject is Paris and Algeria are not on the Same Wavelength. According To Luis Martinez, a researcher at Center for International Studies and Research (CERI), military intervention against-the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, of France Which Was The spearhead, Was a real "shock" for Algeria.
16h/  There is no doubt that Libyna army is in control of Zawiyah again; a huge green flag is everywhere!
Tell Congress: Use War Powers Act to Stop Bombing Libya! End NATO Massacres of Imams and Other Civilians!
 SIGN online petition at iacenter.org/africa/libyawarpowersact
*        Leonor in Libya BASTA YA DE DESTRUIR LIBIA!!!!
*         NATO airstrikes video
16h/   ROME, June 16. / Itar-Tass Boukalov /. Next week in Rome will hold a "big assembly," the leaders of all nations, Libya and representatives of different sectors of Libyan society. This was announced here today, Foreign Minister Franco Frattini. "This refers to gather in the Italian capital from 200 to 300 people who truly represent the entire Libya," - said the head of Italian diplomacy in the first interview with TV channel.
16h/  Invitation - Subject: a demonstration to condemn the Barbaric Immoral Atlantic aggression against Libya  Time: After the prayer of Eldjomoa … Friday, 17/06/2011  Location: Essah Elkhadra - Green Square - Tripoli 
Under the slogan:Steadfast ...
15h/  Britain and its Nato allies no longer believe bombing alone will end the conflict in Libya, well-placed government officials have told the Guardian. Instead, they are pinning their hopes on the defection of Muammar Gaddafi's closest aides, or the Libyan leader's agreement to flee the country. "No one is envisaging a military victory," said one senior official.
14h/ 80 armed men from Benghazi  come to Briqa handed over their weapons, some of them is officers in Military forces joined rebels because rebels threaten their families
13h/ Gaddafi's eldest son Seif al-Islam told an Italian newspaper that elections were the only way to break the stalemate."Elections, immediately and with international supervision. It's the only painless way to break out of the impasse in Libya," Seif told the daily Corriere della Sera correspondent in Tripoli.
12h/ Hours after NATO airstrikes pounded the area near Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's compound again before dawn Thursday, Russia's envoy to Libya turned up at a bombing site while on a visit to Tripoli for talks on ending the civil war.
11h/ (FinalCall.com) - Minister Farrakhan exposed the U.S. and NATO'scriminal War Libya and Africa during a June 15, 2011 Press Conference (full interview at the UN Plaza Hotel. Also presenting were former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, Human Rights Activist Viola Plummer and International Actitivst Cynthia McKinney.

Day 89: 15.06.2011    * Kuwaiti Twitter user arrested for criticizing Bahrain ,Saudi Arabia http://t.co/1OiM5bv #KUWAIT #FREEMEDIA #HUMANRIGHTS #SAUDI #BAHRAIN
24h/   Libyan army shelled mercenary and rebel Positions in Western Mountains
24h/  In Belgrade, one of NATO's top commanders warned that the issue of resources "will become critical" if the conflict dragged on.
"If the operation was to last longer, of course the resource issue will become critical," Supreme Allied Commander of Transformations, French General Stephane Abrial said.
24h/ Libya's foreign ministry meanwhile said Monday's visit by German "flagrant violation" of Tripoli's sovereignty. Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle to Benghazi, the rebels' de facto capital, was a
*     Chavez: U.S. Action on Libya shows "imperial madness"
23h/   Senegal and Gambia are the only African states to have recognised rebels as the legitimate interlocutor.            
23h/   A bipartisan group of 10 lawmakers is suing President Barack ObamaLibya without war authorization from Congress. for taking military action against 22h/    Holland Says European States, Australia Too Fast to Recognize Libya Rebels
21h/   NATO's bombing of Air passenger bus on Wednesday at the gate of the town Kikla, which lies 150 km to the south-west of Tripoli, killing 12 civilians.
20h/  Obama administration violate federal law if U.S. military operations in Libya will continue after Sunday without the approval of Congress, warned on Tuesday the chairman of the House of Representatives, Republican John Boehner.
*   Cynthia McKinney in Libya ( Video)
*   Leonir in Libya "I Just Talk to Some People Who Have returned from Misurata and they sad that completely currently the city is control by the Libyans and their Government"
18h/    Farrakhan to hold pressconference on US/NATO war on Libya
16h/ OTAN make it for ratc-gangsters http://jalopnik.com/5811839/libyan-rebels-turn-power-wheels-toy-into-tiny-killer-robot-tank
15h/ OTAN's  new headquarters in Brussels will cost its members €1billion (£841 million) at a time of deep cuts to British defence budgets and despite promises by the Alliance to cut its costs.
14h/    Imperialist attacks by NATO and its allied forces against Libyan territory have left thousands dead and has forced the exodus of nearly 900,000 people, according to agencies of the United Nations.
13h/    BBC Global News:#Libya's Colonel #Gaddafi is banned from entering the EU and therefore could not attend the London 2012 Olympics, the DCMS says #london2012 ... when he is reading this "news" Colonel will strat to cry "o)
12h/   #Farrakhan to hold major press conference at the U.N. in New York on US/#NATO war on #Libya. Press conference is today.http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/National_News_2/article_7901.shtml
11h/  Tomorrow, the largest gathering in front of the White House by the Minister of Justice and Attorney-General and our brother Louis Farrakhan war on Libya!!  demand a halt to the
10h/  NATO keeps raining lies and bombs
The 3-by-5 inch leaflets intended for Libyan army carry the NATO symbol and a picture of an Apache attack helicopter and burning tanks on one side. Green Arabic writing warns- “There’s no place to hide. It’s not too late to stop fighting. If you continue to threaten civilians???!, you will face destruction.” The message on the reverse urges soldiers to “stop and stay away from fighting now.” I ask: where could  Libyans go?!? To Usa?
09h/  NATO attack ordinary Libians at petrol pump. The international sanctions imposed on the embattled colonel’s regime do not include a fuel embargo. But NATO is targeting tanker-trucks if they suspect the fuel might be used by Libyan army forces.
08h/  LIBYAN army freed Misratah
01h/ Two cars exploded in Benghazi. Too many mercenaries got killed. Libyan people are out. Now Libyans are fighting with mercenaries. Big battle is now. I called It's like night in Hell.
Top of Form
00h/  Libyan army captured 9 Mercenaries from Qatar were hidden inside flat in Misurata .
00/     A plume of smoke and fire is seen after an airstrike in Tripoli, Libya, on Tuesday, June 14, 2011. NATO resumed its airstrike on the Libyan capital of Tripoli late Tuesday, blasting at least two targets just before midnight. What is next ?... playground, hospital, factory, sites, school, which child... ? Why Allinace don't using Nuclear bomb - and finish with Libya at once? Why they loose so many days? We don't need story about  "human rithts" anymore... THIS IS ENOUGH!
Bottom of Form
Day 88: 14.06.2011
 *24h/   South African President Jacob Zuma has accused NATO of abusing the powers stipulated by UN Security Council resolution on Libya.
"We stand against the wrong interpretation of the good intentions of resolution 1973. We are convinced that there has been abuse of the provisions of resolution for the purposes of regime change, political assassinations and foreign military occupation of Libya "- quoted by the Voice of Russia -  President's speech at the session of Parliament in South Africa.

*23h/   The life jacket of the pilot (video)of a helicopter of the NATO forces was found near AL-dafniyah area. This proofs the crush of the helicopter. this video will be broadcasted soon in the channels
*22h/   Libyan state TV: NATO bombing military, civilian sites in Al Jufrah, central Libya - Reuters
*21h/   URGENT APEL FORM LIBYA http://mathaba.net/news/?x=626909?disqus
*20h/   House of Representatives votes to prohibit use of funds for US military operations in the country, in snub to president Obama
*20h/   Canada recognizes Libyan rebels. Canada is ordering another 1,000 smart bombs?!? as CF-18 fighters continue to carry out missions against Libya, and Parliament is set to debate the country's role in the war.  Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird kicked off Tuesday's parliamentary debate on Libya with a call to extend the mission and for Canada to boost humanitarian and diplomatic assistance.
*18h/  Libyan people making  rallies outside the court in Benghazi (Support to Brother Leader Gaddafi).
*17h/ Italy's interior minister calls on Berlusconi to stop the bombing on Libya immediately.
*16h/   Tunisian medical source said that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi take care of the treatment expenses of the battalions Libyan army  and "rebels" who are injured in clashes between the two sides and transferred to the Tunisian private clinics for treatment.  
*14h/  Tunis has been stationing rebels on it's territory, there are incidents Libyan soldiers crossed into Tunis chasing the rebels.Tunis should desist from accepting weapons from Qatar through red crescent, and stationing Libyan rebels into it's territory. That is a blatant aggression, cause for war and an attack on Libyan sovereignty, violation of sisterly and brotherly co-existence.
*13h/  NATO refused to say Tuesday whether or not it would bomb ancient Roman ruins in Libya if it knew Moammar Gadhafi was hiding military equipment there.     http://edition.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/africa/06/14/libya.war/index.html?eref=mrss_igoogle_cnn
"We will strike military vehicles, military forces, military equipment or military infrastructure that threaten Libyan civilians as necessary," a NATO official in Naples told CNN, declining to give his name in discussing internal NATO deliberations.
But he said the alliance could not verify rebel claims that Libya's leader may be hiding rocket launchers at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Leptis Magna, a Roman city between the capital Tripoli and rebel-held Misrata.
*13h/ Clinton pressed for diplomatic support for the rebels at a meeting of the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Who is this person? What she/he/it want? 
*       fromLeonor on Libya:
Today, NATO has bombed Benghazi, killing 90 armed rebels and there are 20 injured in hospital. No one knows why.
At present there are two groups of armed rebels in the east that they are facing and killing each other. At the moment we do not know why.
*  In the NATO bombing of Tripoli daily, there were some planes that have launched their bombs in empty spaces completely. What makes people think there are drivers who do not want to kill and destroy in spite of the orders.

Day 87: 13.06.2011.
*   video NATO bombed the largest O2 factory in Libya (war crime! isn't it?)
* BREGA - Rebels said they were repulsed by Libyan army in a battle to retake Brega, despite NATO air support, and at least four were killed and 65 wounded. Al Arabiya reported late Monday 21 rebels had been killed.
*22h/ MISRATALibyan army shelled an oil refinery supplying the merecenay-held city of Misrata Monday after insurgents pushed their front west toward the coastal town of Zlitan.
*19h/      The head of the Royal Navy has warned that the fleet will not be able to continue the current scale of operations around Libya beyond the summer unless ministers take tough decisions about what they want to prioritise.
UAE recognizes the rebels and mercenaries as legitimate government .... We do not know which country? Btw  - UAE is first Arab country with Nato embassy.
*             Libya: NATO Conducts 10,822 Sorties, 4,102 Strike Missions
*18h/    Pentagon Chief Praises NATO’s Arab Monarch Allies For Libyan War Aid
*17h/  The German foreign minister had visited Malta prior to his illegal entry into Libyan territory in violation of the no-fly zone which is now being enforced by the Libyan Defense Forces.
Westerwelle did not seek permission from the Libyan government nor obtain any visa for his visit.
*          National Conference of Children in Tripoly 
*13h/   WASHINGTON — Congress is dismayed over the behavior of the rebel movement in Libya. Other House members expressed concern that the Libyan rebels were linked to Al Qaida. They said Al Qaida and other insurgency groups were buying surface-to-air missiles and other weapons captured by the rebels from Gadhafi arsenals.
At a news conference on June 9 in Qatar, Rohrabacher said he was expressing congressional unease over the Libyan rebel movement, which has received hundreds of millions of dollars from Arab allies
*13h/ Libyan government will not negotiate the settlement of the civil conflict in the country with anyone who puts down the condition the country's leader Muammar Gaddafi, said on Monday, Xinhua news agency referring to the statement by the Libyan Government Musa Ibrahim.
"I do not welcome anyone who suggests that Muammar Qaddafi resigned. Only the Libyan people has the right to determine the fate of al-Gaddafi", - quotes agency the words of Ibrahim, RIA Novosti reported.
According to representatives of the rebels, they launched an attack under cover of NATO air power, but on the approach to Breguet came under artillery fire and were forced to retreat.
*11h/ The British media discovered that the rebels receive weapons fromTunisia, but it is a small smuggling rifles and grenade launchers. Organization of supply are the representatives of the Libyan community in Tunisia, which depend on the overthrow of the government's Muammar Gaddafi. neighboring
*10h/ The Libyan army repelled another attack rebels.
In the east, Libya resumed the battle for the city of Marsa el-Brega. After several weeks of relative calm, rebel troops tried to resume the offensive, but failed, informs television channel Sky.
*9h/ In the west, insurgents attempted to take control of the Az-Zaviey, located 50 kilometers from Tripoli. However, they failed to achieve the breakthrough. According to eyewitnesses, on Sunday night, the situation there is calm.
* 4h/ There is no evidence that Libyan military forces are being given ViagraUS military and intelligence officials told NBC News on Friday. and engaging in systematic rape against women in rebel areas, *00/  Arizona is not normally known as a peacenik place. But the votes of the Arizona congressional delegation on House resolutions dealing with Libya were remarkably pacifist.

Day 86: 12.06.2011.
axaxa French journalist published FAKE Gaddafi's letter  to USA. Brother Leader NEVER will write LETTER like some GIRL! NEVER! (this is my personal message to journalist)
*22h/  Zawia today 12.06.2011. with Libyan people.
*21h/ Brother Leader Gaddafi  playing chess to day under NATO booming.
President of FIDE (World Chess Federation) Mr. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov met Muammar Gaddafi today, they played chess together. The meeting lasted around 2 hours. Gaddafi confirmed once again he is not going to leave Libya since it is his country and land where his children and grandchildren died. The meeting took place not in some bunker but in one of the administrative buildings in Libya
*21h/   Libya: 10,686 NATO Air Missions, 4,050 Combat Sorties
*           U.S. Congress Can End NATO’s Libya War Of Aggression. Oposition to the United States’ unconstitutional involvement in the immoral Western warbeing carried out through NATO continues to grow among U.S. lawmakers.   of aggression on Libya *20h/   NATO bombed the largest O2 factory in Libya, this factory was used to provide hospital with the oxygen patients need.This factory is not a military factory and this threatens the lives of thousands of injured civilians and patients in hospitals as a result of lack of O2 there. So this is a urgent call for the Human Rights Organisations to investigate all the war crimes done by NATO against the civilians in Libya
*15h/   "The chief of libyan students in Italy was arrested ,his name is Nuri Ahusain."
*14h/ HRI fully supports the call for the immediate resignation of Luiz Moreno Ocampo issued by the legal editor of the Daily Telegraph, Joshua Rozenberg http://humanrightsinvestigations.org/2011/06/11/luis-moreno-ocampo-must-resign/ 
*13h/    What has developed in Libya is a conundrum for OTAN  and the West. They may have imagined that with such vicious ongoing bombing raids, Libyan army  would have crumbled. Instead, what they have witnessed is the opposite. In the face of this all out aggression, Libian army and the vast majority of Libyans have remained steadfast and loyal, defending their revolution and its leader. War on Libya is war on Africa. Interview with Gerald Perreira
*11h/          HRI fully supports the call for the immediate resignation of Luiz Moreno Ocampo. " I would like to say at this point its more of an hysterical social reaction. We have no evidence of it.”  Cherif Bassiouni 
*          Sorties conducted 10 JUNE: 131 + Strike sorties conducted 10 JUNE: 49
*      KEY HITS?!: 10 JUNE: In the vicinity of Tripoli:. 1 Military Camp 1 Vehicle Storage and Maintenance Facility 14 Tanks,1 Military Vehicle. In the vicinity of Ras Lanuf: 1 Comand and Control Node, 2 Radars, 1 Radar Facility. In the vicinity of Waddan: 3 Artillery Units. In vicinity of Misratah: 1 Tank, 1 Rocket Launcher, 2 Armed Vehicles,1 Technical Vehicle. 
*10h/ Since the beginning of the OTAN operation (31 March 2011, 08.00GMT) a total of 10570 sorties, including 3999 strike sorties*, have been conducted.
*10h/ The 13-year-old took her mother’s pills to kill herself.She says: “If someone wants to kill me – I’d better do it myself.”
But who wants to kill the teenager?
Tripoli Tomorrow is gonna be a big protest infront of the hotel that the correspondents of the foriegn chanels stay at the protest will collect all libyan people from all regins.

Day 85: 11.06.2011.
*22h/ Breaking News:Libyan army army now controlled the city Almotred it's located west of alZawia and east of Surman, there was armed gangs whom offside from the west mountain to this city.
*21:30h/ #NATO airstrikes in #Zawiya NOW 
*21:30h/  Seven boats carrying more than 1,500 African refugees from Libya including 135 women and 22 children arrived on the Italian island of Lampedusa on Saturday, coast guard officials said.
*21h/ from "Libyan Young Movement" on Facebook Auston Garner
"ArabRevolution تباً لكم ياطواغيت
by ChangeInLibya
NATO’s Newest Bombing Tool: Twitter. Good job boys! Your tweets are making G's life harder"
*21h/  NATO uses in its planning of bombings in Libya, including Internet networks such as Facebook and Twitter????. "We get information from open Internet sources, we follow Twitter." Now you can see  INETRNET TRAFFIC in Libya From January?!?!?!? Libyan Youth Movement are usualy grandpa from Denmark, Switcerland, Neaderland, France, England... Who are LYM?!?!?
*    Al Jazeera is giving   "comments" below  news. These "comments"
are writing by employees in offices in Dubai. This is their true? Ohhh, but they are private media - they have right to do this. But how ICC can take Al Jezeera like PROVE ?!? What is this? DISHEYLAND?
*20h/  4 OTAN Aggressor Helicopters Shot Down As Libya Enforces No Fly Zone - #mathaba: http://bit.ly/k3w31n"
*20h/ OTAN airstrike killed an Algerian family in Libya - #mathaba: http://bit.ly/lnFWiE"
*          OTAN’s Air War In Libya: 10,570 Air Missions, 3,999 Strike Sorties 
*19h /  Aeen Zara in Tripoli is bombing by OTAN.
*19h/  Libyan people today celebrates anniversary of the 41 to expel US and British and the remnants of the rules and evacuate Italians from Libya.
*18h/  Even "rebels" admit it now.Town of Zintan is liberated from the criminal gangs of "rebels".(AJE) In an interview with one of the rebels from the city he said they (rebels) had to "tactically withdraw" under heavy attacks by Gaddafi forces.
*17h/  Aisha Gaddafi has filed a second complaint against NATO and France
over "war crimes" in Libya.

 Day 84: 10.06.2011.
* 20h/ Six in 10 Americans don't think the U.S. should be involved in Libya, according to a new CBS News poll.
* 18h/  Libyan army: Drop a helicopter in "Zliten" Today
* 13h/  Norway will end its participation in air strikes against Libya 1.8.2011.
NATO 'chief' Rasmussen"
 'NATO will not intervene in Syria'. 'We protect civilians in Libya', 'We have humanitarian purposes', 'We will not murder Gadaffi', 'We are not looking for a military solution', 'We do not bomb civilians', 'We do not want a war. 'We are just bombing to protect civilians'. 'We respect the decision of the UN', 'We have a common purpose with the Russians, that's the population'....
To summarize it in one word: this was miserable.
*11h/   Cairo: Top U.S. Military Commander Supports Egyptian Junta, Libyan War.  NATO Official: Gaddafi “Legitimate Target”. U.S. Military Chief Applauds Germany’s Role In Global NATO.   NATO Missile System To Neutralize Russia’s Strategic Capability: Defense Minister
*10h/  $2 Million A Day: Pentagon’s Billion Dollar Libyan War
*09h/  USS George H.W. Bush Carrier Strike Group In Mediterranean
Day 83: 09.06.2011. 
*09h/ A fire broke out at dawn in the hotel hosting most of the foreign reporters in Tripoli. Eye-witnesses reported that at around 6 am this morning, about a hundred persons were evacuated and marshalled in the hotel's parking lot.

*  "It is quite obvious now that most of the so-called rebels are foreign citizens who work for numerous Western oil companies in Libya and who are often connected with terrorist networks, who are armed, sponsored and acting in the interests of former colonial powers,” Libyan rebels are foreign terrorists

*   The Italian Government has announced a loan of 400 million euros to the National Transitional Council of Libya. About this with reference to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Italy Franco Frattini reports Reuters.
Italy will be charged interest later ... course of the Libyan people.
Benghazi receive from France, about 290 million euros
Libyan opposition is ready to buy weapons from any country
Kuwait allocates PNS Libya $ 180 million -
Italy will give Libya the rebels help in excess of $ 400 million, said Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini
*    The Canadian government plans to extend until the end of September a Libya mission that will have by then cost Canadian taxpayers about $60 million, Defence Minister Peter MacKay said Thursday.
*  ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Libya's main opposition group appealed for urgent infusions of cash from foreign nations to help support the rebellion against  
sovereign state Libya andLeader Moammar Gadhafi and said a meeting of countries backing NATO's military mission over the country would be a "total failure" if financial assistance was not forthcoming. Last month the globalist Libyan Contact Group pledged 250 million dollars for their little west backed war, but that money is slated for “humanitarian aid” so Tarhouni says he needs more to buy bigger and better weapons so they can kill more Libyans in the cross-fire.
Senators Jim Webb, a Virginia Democrat, and Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican, introduced the resolution yesterday, expressing the same frustration with the commander in chief as House members who on Friday voted to rebuke Obama for not seeking authorization from Congress when he ordered airstrikes beginning March 19 against Moammar Khadafy’s forces.
* Yesterday, June 8, arrived in the U.S. the first batch of oil sold to the Libyan rebels. It is known that the oil tanker delivered to the Equator, walked under the flag of Liberia, one of the ports of the Hawaiian Islands.It is reported that a deal to sell 1.2 million barrels of oil between the government of Libyan guerrillas and American oil-refining company Tesoro was concluded on May 25, 2011.
 Day 82: 08.06.2011.
*17/ Thousands of Libyan soldiers, with intense artillery fire, advances to Misratah. The rebels are  shocking. At least ten dead on the side of rebels. ( Aiplans of Alliance strat from Crete - now) 
* 16h /    Libya's enemies forced me to delete a part of an article under threat of lawsuits. I can not afford them logically. You already know the power they have those in the north ntlanticn terrorist organization. Time will prove who is who. I will always be part of the truth and the Libyan people by Leonor in Libya
 *15h/DERNA east Libya
A big explosion heard in the hart of the cost city begging of this week 7 were died and 24 injured
It takes place in a factory of weapons build by el – kaeda which control the city since last march
Romers went out saying cia forces carried out the attack to kill x Guntanmo wp HASSADY
BIG marches went out in different places of the city supporting Gadahfi Specially in Wehechi- Hi slam- Kish- SABRI
Moslem brotherhood militia fired the protesters and more than 70 personals killed and others wounded. Support of al- Qaied forces appreciated in this action
150 KM south of Benghazi the trips expelled the rebels and declare loyalty to the government
More air raid of Nato were recorded
More than 150 civilians were killed and many military personals killed also Large numbers we injured. 
*2h/ Libyan  brave army tricked the Al Qaeda mercenaries  who were going to attack Ajdabia they captured 150 mercenares .*3h/ OTAN bimbing Tripoly MORE THAN 200 TIMES
*1h/My friend she is Libyan she is from Dernah , I got msg on facebook from her , she told me Dernah people is fighting with Al Qaeda and they Al ready killed at least 5 members from Al Qaeda . and all people in Dernah is FOR COLONEL GADDAFI . She said Dernah isn't safe and people everyday fight with Qaeda she asked me why News Channels don't come to Show dernah Life ? because Dernah is Pro Gaddafi and everywhere you find green flags , No rats there is only Al Qaeda .

Day 81: 07.06.2011. 
 *24h/Antiwarcom Antiwar.com -31 killed in 60 strikes on Tripoli today. What do we win? http://reut.rs/jTPDGh #Libya
*Colonel Gdahafi received Twarag
 *19h/ At least eight powerful explosions rocked Tuesday the center of the Libyan capital Tripoli and a thick column of smoke rose over the area next to the residence of leader Muammar Gaddafi
 *19h/ Aisha al-Gadhafi nad Lawyers for Moammar Gadhafi’s daughter have filed lawsuits in Paris and Brussels aganist OTAN. OTAN bombed his house and  killed  son and three grandchildren of Gadhafi   - We call this act a war crime. The youngest son of our great leader was only 29 years old, grandchildren Saif Mohammed Muammar Gaddafi was one year and 3 months , Carthage Hannibal Muammar Gaddafi was 2 years and 9 months old and Mastura Humaid (daughter of Aisha) was 4 months and half
*10h/ Today Minister of Foreign Affairs of Libya Abdelati al-Obeidi go to China. About it as transmits RIA Novosti, said in a statement, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei.
*1h/ "Mohanned Nabous,Yefren, by phone: "citizens ready to celebrate birthday of leader." | 06/06/2011, 23:50, WEST MOUNTAINS , LIBYA
*2h/ Breaking News - Big explosion at Jamal Street in Benghazi cause big damage to rebels. 

Day 80:   06.06.2011.
*اسكندر بيك What's this i can't understand anything , My friend is student in CANADA they want to EXPEL HIM , what for ? because he is supporting Gaddafi ? I feel madness . this is Democracy they support ?
*FAKE revolutionary make site. Proof that the domain feb17.info  registered at 14th february !http://www.whois.net/whois/feb17.info
*22:30 / NATO air strikes increase in Tripoli Rebels loot banks of government and private money.
* 20h / Germany again rejects the participation of its war in Libya
* The tribes of Sudan have given public support to the legitimate government of Libya and has offered to travel to Libya with one word from the government.
  • NATO’s Air War Against Libya: 9,917 Air Missions, 3,752 Combat Flights
  • Libya: Bishop Decries NATO Bombing Of Church, Warns Of Partition
  • U.S. Drone Missile Strikes Kill 20 In Pakistan
  • Pakistan: Two NATO Tankers Destroyed
  • NATO Launches Multinational Exercises In Southern Ukraine
  • China: U.S. Waging Global Internet War
* 15h / Latest reports indicate that NATO-led warplanes have dropped several bombs on the offices of the Libyan state broadcaster in the capital Tripoli.
*12h / Lizzie Cocker --   The Libyan people have an analysis of events in the region that is completely different from anything we are exposed to in the west, and I am coming closer and closer to the conclusion that events in Tunisia and Egypt were *instigated* by external imperialist forces in order to lead to the current crisis in Libya. If anyone has any good online sources/reading please forward.
 *01h / Sukant Chandan ---  I AM HERE WHILE nATO BOMBS LIBYA: Earlier there were many massive bombs around 9pm, and just now there have been three MASSIVE bombs whose booming sounds lasts for up to 4 seconds, clearly much bigger bombs. Gadafi is giving full compensation to families who have their homes damaged. Full respect.
*00h / The brave Libyan army claims to have shot down 2 Apache helicopters at Al Brega.

Day 79:   05.06.2011
*19h/Breaking news!!! The armed forces have arrested 40 people that were originated from Zintan and were trying to bring arms in Tripoli to make unrest in the area of Bir Ayyad before Aziziyah.
*CNN/ Libyan rebels are arbitrarily detaining dozens of civilians suspected of being loyal to ruler Moammar Gadhafi and are holding them without trial or due process, Human Rights Watch charged Sunday. http://edition.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/africa/06/05/libya.war/
* 14h / Letter from Board of shame and betrayal in Benghazi, to Israeli Prime Minister says that this Council would establish normal relations with Israel

According to Agence France-Presse that "Zionist" Bernard levy announced on his message board of shame and betrayal in Benghazi, to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during his meeting with him in Jerusalem, Thursday ... And French, was quoted as saying that Israeli Prime Minister during an hour and a half in Jerusalem, a letter from the Board in Benghazi, that this Council would establish normal relations with Israel, and Israel would deal with security, would be moderate ... The French agency said that this letter has transferred Zionist Bernard levy "to Israeli Prime Minister says that (the Council will establish normal relations with Israel as rest) according to the letter ... Asked about Netanyahu's "agency", "Zionist" Levi, "Netanyahu" not surprising message these customers and their position against "kadhafi" is a reference to the "Qadhafi" is one of the worst enemies of Israel ". The Agency stated that spokesman confirmed the meeting, which this message ... The Zionist "Levi", according to Agence France-Presse is (man Israel in France)
PILGER/LIBYA: I loved Pilger, but he totally flopped on Libya, and now wants to bask in radical glory after the great crime has been committed. "'Cause silence can be violence. Sorta like a slit wrist" (Zack de la Rocha from Rage). Like Pilger, all you who were silent, and most of you who joined in the war propaganda have a LOT of work to make up for your complicity and participation in this war.
*05h / Breaking News: 
NATO is now bombing the Military college in the southern part of Salah Eldeen area beside Al-Hadba area and also bombing Al-Bify area in Tajoora...
NATO BOMBING TRIPOLI AS I WRITE: 6 massive booms within 2 minutes. I can hear the nato planes in the sky above. The Libyan people will persevere. They are a heroic, cheerful in their resistance and fearless people who are fighting for all of Africa, Arabs (altho most of them support nato and black lynching) and the whole Global South.
*10h / (from page: Internet Army Of Libyan People)
Dear people of the Great Fateh,
As it is our sole responsibility to protect Libya from the evil forces, we must warn Tripoli residents that there's a planned attack by the rats of Benghazi. They are planning with NATO to attack the port of Tripoli soon. This has come from one of my sources. Whoever resides in Tripoli, please be safe. Inshallah Rabi Ma3ana Kelna
My opinion friends- ports in Misurata under danger and ports of Misurata are goals of NATO cos in Western media these ports in hands of rebels. Misurata are key to Libya and troops NATO from this sity can attack in back army and tribes of Libya which began to release eastern Libya from insurgents. I wish army and tribes of Libya strength, courage, patience and wisdom to fight against the enemies
*11h/ Brave Libyan Army bombed the camp of ALNAJDA in Tobruk , this camp was for rats and all rats who were inside that camp is killed , on Libya TV Dr Yousef Shaker mentioned that green flags is raising in Dernah , Benghazi , Albeida

Will ICC note and this?
01.05.2011.--- NATO killed inocent civilinas: The youngest son of our great leader saif alarab gaddafi was only 29 years old, grandchildren of our Great Leader, Saif Mohammed Muammar Gaddafi was one year and 3 months (born on 30 January 2010) , Carthage Hannibal Muammar Gaddafi was 2 years and 9 months old (born on 2 August 2008) and Mastura Humaid (daughter of Aisha) was 4 months and half (she was born on 15 December 2010).
12.05.2011.--- NATO strikes in Libya kill 6 inocent civilians.
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