Jul 29, 2011

Libya rebels: Human Trafficking mafia in Benghazi

From the outset the NATO propaganda was selling Libyan rebels as knightly freedom fighters, and it transpires at the moment to what extent the picture is at odds with reality. The situation evokes similarities with Kosovo, where “freedom fighters” from the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army, lauded by then-US Secretary of State M. Albright, mercilessly butchered defenseless people and even set up a network of trafficking forcibly extracted human organs. (trafficking in human organs in Kosovo organized by KLA leader and Kosovo Prime minister Hashim Thaçi.)
These days, Libyan rebels are treated as heroes by N. Sarkozy and NATO top brass, and there are no signs that the hypocrisy and bias will ever wane.
Benghazi is well-known as a hot-bed of religious extremism. The Cyrenaica region has a long Islamist tradition going back to the Senussi brotherhood. Religious fundamentalism is much more evident here than in the western part of the country. Women are completely veiled from head to foot. They cannot drive and their social life is reduced to a minimum. Bearded men predominate. They often have the black mark of piety on their foreheads [the “zebibah,” which is formed by repeated prostration during Muslim prayers].
It is a little-known fact that Benghazi has become over the last 15 years the epicenter of African migration to Europe. This traffic in human beings has been transformed into a veritable industry, generating billions of dollars. 
Parallel mafia structures have developed in the city, where the traffic is firmly implanted and employs thousands of people, while corrupting police and civil servants. It was only a year ago that the Libyan government, with the help of Italy, managed to bring this cancer under control.Following the disappearance of
its main source 
of revenue and the arrest of a number of its bosses, the local mafia took the lead in financing and supporting the Libyan rebellion. Numerous gangs and members of the city’s criminal underworld are known to have conducted punitive expeditions against African migrant workers in Benghazi and the surrounding area. Since the start of the rebellion, several hundred migrant workers — Sudanese, Somalis, Ethiopians, and Eritreans — have been robbed and murdered by rebel militias. This fact is carefully hidden by the international media.http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/06/al-qeada-and-libyan-revolution.html


A shocking instance where a crime had been committed by the rebels surfaced hours before HRW rolled out its sensational findings. In the zone between the Um al-Jersan and Qawalish villages, five bodies decomposed beyond recognition were unearthed from a deep concrete basin linked to the region’s water pipeline, with cloth bindings scattered around, which provides evidence that the people had had their arms and legs bound.

Judging by remnants of military uniforms, the dead had been the government army’s servicemen. Pistol and rifle cartridges were also littered on site. Local residents pointed to heaps of rock and freshly turned dirt where, as they said, other dead bodies were rotting.http://peoplewithvoices.com/2011/07/17/libyan-rebels-guilty- of -human-rights-abuses-says-human-rights- watch/
 The human trafficking mafia is back in business in Benghazi Libya, Benghazi to Malta was the route the human Benghazi do Malte je put čovjeka trafficking racket between north Africa and Europe used to make it to the big time. When we first moved here to Eritrea in 2006, the Benghazi connection was still in high gear as were the reports of Eritreans drowned in the Mediterranean.

 So how did this most evil business find new life in Benghazi ? You can thank NATO for this. While NATO bombs blanket Libya with radioactive depleted uranium dust, part of the “pro-democracy forces” based in Benghazi being protected by NATO are busy sending Africans to a watery grave while stuffing their pockets with African blood money.

Yes, you can thank NATO for the rebirth of human trafficking from Benghazi, just as you could thank NATO for protecting and eventually nationalizing the Albanian mafia in Kosovo who ran an international business selling body parts from their Serb prisoners back in 1999.

It is hard to imagine a small country like  Libya being victorious over the combined wrath of the USA, UK and France. Yet Gaddafi reunifying Libya is what some believe it is going to take to put an end to the Benghazi mafia and its trafficking in human flesh once and for all.http://www.modernghana.com/news/325841/1/benghazi-human-traffickers-back-in-business.html
Libya , jun 2011. - “Libya´s Social Welfare minister Ibrahim Sharif has denounced that 53 young girls and 52 boys were kidnapped from the Misrata Orphanage,”  Read more --> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/07/libya-105-children-kidnapped-in-misrata.html
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