Jul 4, 2011

GREEN MOUNTAIN - ISRAEL's millitary base???

  Bulletin newspaper Gazeta.ru Russian yesterday and document received intelligence officer, a Ukrainian on the image of a document in Hebrew is Alatakkak and signed between Israel and the Transitional National Assembly in Benghazi necessitates Yalzam Israel with support for logistics and supply insurgents with weapons and pressure on the European and Arab states to not Atrav Council and training militants to prepare the Army Forces for a written promise to set up military base in the Green Mountain
نشرة صحيفه10.05.2011. Gazeta.ru الروسيه امس وثيقه حصل ضابط مخابرات اوكرانى على صوره من وثيقه باللغه العبريه تم الاتقاق والتوقيع عليها بين اسرائيل والمجلس الوطنى الانتقالى فى بنى غازى تقتضى يالزام اسرائيل بدعم لوجستى وتزويد المسلحين بالاسلحه والضغط على الدول الاوربيه والعربيه للا عتراف بالمجلس وتدريب المسلحين لاعداد جيش قوى مقابل وعد مكتوب بأقامة قاعده عسكريه فى الجبل الاخضر-----

 July 2011.
Western MEDIA -- > PARIS -[ 29.06.2011]  France sent weapons this month to Libyan civilians under siege by Moammar Gadhafi's forces, a military spokesman said Wednesday, making it the first NATO country to announce it has armed rebel fighters.
The deliveries of guns, rocket-propelled grenades and munitions took place in early June in the western Nafusa mountains
"So France also dropped equipment that allowed them to defend themselves — self-defence assets — which is to say weapons and munitions," Burkhard told The Associated Press by phone.

Commenting on the French weapons supplies, Fogh Rasmussen said "the delivery of weapons has not taken place in the NATO operation" and was aimed at "the protection of civilians and their ability to protect themselves."

NATO-rebels are fighting for pipelines of water and oil to Israel ?...
'The future regime will work with other democratic countries, inclusive Israel'. 
 Update 27. September 2011.
Russian newspaper Gazeta A document obtained yesterday an intelligence officer in the image of Ukrainian
Of a document in Hebrew is Alatakkak and signed between Israel and the Transitional National Assembly in Benghazi necessitates Aalzam Israel with the support of logistics and supply insurgents with weapons and pressure on the European and Arab states to not recognition of the Council and training militants to prepare Army forces against a written promise to establish a base military in the Green Mountain and the duration of this Agreement 30 years and renewable
The content of this document first.
But there are other documents and confidential document that contains a very serious Transitional Council undertakes to allocate the Libyan plot area of square kilometers for the burial of nuclear waste and throw it. Enter this in the context of Israel's policy of advocating the dumping of nuclear waste, the Arab countries, especially after the scandal that one of the areas defined by the Mauritanian transport of nuclear waste from Israel and the secret burial, but the issue was floated on the surface was exposed later.
It also undertakes the transition to provide support and assistance in the event go to Israel a war with an Arab country by supporting a military order to carry out any attack or a military strike (the meaning here of Egypt or Tunisia or Algeria or Sudan or any Arab country any uprising be declared its hostility against Israel, whether a massage from the inside Libya or from outside).
Yes, this topic is freedom and democracy sought by the rebels in Libya.
O you fools, O Arabs Rieetm buggers with your own eyes what happened long ago when Iraq claimed that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction abused almost on him and his people and his government and the execution of its president on charges baseless and void and the death of 2 million Iraqis innocent.
Uttered by Saddam's mercy be upon those round me.
Of course the role that the early peoples of North Africa.
This topic is intoned by the democracy that America and its allies, and NATO and the elders of the Gulf of hypocrisy and discord at the expense of millions of Arab peoples of North Africa.
Developments, this topic would make a very serious situation in the Mediterranean region, which would threaten security and stability of its peoples, whether European or North African later.

Update 11. March 2012.
History facts- This is a feasibility study written by Jews in 1908, about the possibility of making Green Mountains in Cyrenaica a Jewish country by resettlement. Proposal for this study came from Jewish comunity from London. 

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