Nov 11, 2011

Libyan resistance control Tripoli

(video) A  member of the Libyan Resistance Army IS the calling for  action (11.11.2011), - the resistance will continue until the end.
The Green Libyan Fighter
In the Libyan cities of today, clashes broke out between supporters of al-Gaddafi and the new government of the country. Green flags are raised in Tripoli, Jamahiriya, Beni-Walid, Sabha.

According to sources "argument. ru "in Libya today in several cities: Tripoli, Beni-Walid, Sabha and other armed uprising. At this point, the center of Tripoli almost complete control of the supporters of al-Gaddafi. Jamahiriya Green flags are raised in all high rise buildings of the city.

To avoid panic, the government of Libya cut electricity and Internet access in the city. (that's who turned off the Internet, now in hospitals NTC bandits !?:))) many wounded who were not assisted due to the fact that not enough power autonomous diesel- the generators.

As reported by bloggers on Twitter, supporters of the new regime completely cleared of Beni Walid. The men of the tribe attacked a convoy Warfala coming into the city to suppress the rebellion. They blew up and destroyed several cars are in their troops.
November 11, 2011, 17:53 "" , A. Grigoriev
Has confirmed reports from a 100 % reliable source of strong resistance by our Green friends in Tripoli, and elsewhere most notably with the release of 300 prisoners in Zawiyah. 
The resistance clearly has a strong base that can endure and exploit the divisions of NATOs slaves. 
Friends in the Global South like Iran would do well to put aside their short-sighted and fatal differences, know who the enemy is, and fully support the Green resistance in bogging down and liberating Libyan territory from NATO and their slaves (ie the Qataris, Saudis etc - who will also be used as proxies against Iran, Libya was/is the prep). 
The Iranians position on Gaddafi is unfortunately crystal clear, and while I find it suicidal I'm not into going into diatribes against nations of the Global South which the west does well enough to keep it divided (so please don't bring any of that here - although respectful comments in a spirit of unity that *contribute* to our understanding and analysis are welcomed). 
But they would do well to accept the truth in Gaddafi's words, that the Green resistance is not only defending Libya, but Iran, Syria and the whole of the Global South.
by Lizzie Phelan 

A  member of the Libyan Resistance Army IS the calling for  action (11.11.2011), - the resistance will continue until the end.

1- The start of resistence everywhere from today 11-11-2011 against enemy and We urge all resitence that want same goal which is to finish with all traitors by exhausting the enemy by attacking cars, homes, doors, and patrols to drain them enaugh so we can have time to assemble our army.
2- I want to thank our electronic resistence army -that is resisting online and we want them to start now the compaign of "masked men" to spread informations safely.
3- I want to say to all Libyan that Jamahiriya is still alive by thought of the leader, and I say to all that we still have time to resist men and women by all means not only by weapons but by words, raise money, assemble information about enemy.
3- hope all to help our people in Sirt, Taouerga and Bani Walid.
5- resistence continue until last drop of blood, last bullet, until last one. God is great!
[Thanks to Dena E.]
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