Nov 11, 2011

LIBYA: Now children carry flyers, not UXO [unexploded ordinance]

It took time for Mahmood to recover
A story of sadness and caution. 
The Mines Advisory Group (MAG) is now busy in Libya distributing leaflets and giving classes on the dangers of unexploded ordinance.
In Zintan they found youngsters carrying mortars and throwing ammunition... into a fire to watch it explode.

Mahmoud Ahmed, just 9 years old, found an interesting case and wanted to see what was inside. When he hit it with a stone the anti-aircraft machine gun bullet exploded and took off his left hand.

Although he has recovered physically, it will take a lot longer for him to recover emotionaly and pshychologicaly.
The contamination poses a high threat to the population. The accidents have just started and, if they are not prevented, there will be more to come, caused by silent war of the mines and UXO.
Flashback - April 2011.
Rebels were seen laying land mines in the vicinity of Libyan towns:

    „Rebels were also seen laying anti-tank mines at the eastern gate of the city, highlighting their fears that Gaddafi’s forces could retake the town.“ The Guardian
And there are photos of rebels laying landmines in Libya, too, eg. here
Libyan "rebels" rebels laying landmines

Libyan "rebels" rebels laying landmines

and here
Libyan "rebels" rebels laying landmines

p.s. In the pictures it looks as if each one of the disorganized rebels, who feels like, gets a mine to bury it somewhere next to the streets or in open areas.
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