Nov 27, 2011


Saif warned: "Just give them a couple of months or max one year and you will find out the reality but please don't deny that on the day Saif al Islam was taken prisoner he warned you of all that."
Saif al-Islam is talking to Zintan fighters about Abdul Hakim Belhaj and Ali Al Sulabi who betrayed Libya and the Libya people by join NATO's war of aggression. Saif is talking about how the US treated Abdul Hakim Belhaj when he was handed over to Libya, he says he was tortured by America, but the Libyan Jamahariya Government treated him like a human being, and later on released him from prison against the wishes of US.

Even after these two figures were treated with justice, they became traitors and join the aggressors against Libya.

Saif warns Zintan fighters that they will regret and will see what these treasonous traitors will bring to Libya, but we are already aware of what they brought to Libya, maybe the Zintan fighters are still ignorant? We already see rape, execution of innocent Libyans, mass abduction, looting, checkpoint bribery across Libya, theft of Libyan treasures and wealth...

But Saif says give these treasonous traitors couple of months, or the max a year and they will realize and they will see that what Saif said was true.

Source:  OZYISM

Comment of Eugene Shannon:
Although Saif al-Islam was apprehended through British tracking of phone messages, fortunately he was in the area of the Zintan Tribe, and between the Khadafi and Zintan tribes there is a 200 year old Code of Honor not to harm prisoners of war - something the British were not aware of.
Two things are obvious here:
1) Saif is being treated in a humane manner by the Zintan , a fact readily noticeable from the videos released of Saif openly and freely talking with his captors. He told them the time will soon come when they will regret their betrayal of the Jamahirira, and the political consequences were openly discussed. He is presently in good hands.
2) The decadent Anglo-American, French the decrepit Middle East Monarchs all prefer him dead, and they expected if not the Zintans to do it, then Saif's handover to the barbarous NATO sponsored vermin now ruling Libya would certainly result in a Saddam Hussein style, "legal" lynching at best.

The road forward should be for Saif to be handed from the Zintan over to the ICC for trial. Although the ICC are part of the New World Order establishment, and part of the conspiracy against the Sovereignty of Nations and liberties of free people everwhere, we know it is certain the UN, NATO, and the Western powers would prefer the options outlined above - that Saif be assasinated like his Martyred father and brave brother Muttassim, or "legally" lynched by the Libyan peons.

However, under the terms of The Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War (The Convention), the Zintan themselves have the option of declaring who to hand him to for trial, because he is their "Prisoner of War" under International Law. 

Further, the Zintan have the option under the The Convention to hand him to a third party - a "Nuetral Power" who is a signitorial member to The Convention - such as Russia or Venezuela. 
The choice of an acceptable "Nuetral Power" as stated in The Convention is between the Zintan and Saif, and they only - for he is their POW. The Zintan Tribal Elders must merely declare their Sacred Tribal Bond as well as demand adherence to The Convention under the Terms and Conditions of the Treatment of Prisoners of War.

The handover of a the declared POW could then be done under the conditions that the "Nuetral Power " assures his safety, and also guarantees Saif a fair trial before the ICC. Further, once this legal process is completed, the Zintan, and/or the "Neutral Power" to whom he is handed, can themselves determine whether Saifs' trial and verdict is fair and just. 

Realizing of course that if the trial is fair and just under once accepted internationally standards of Jurisprudence, Saif would be found innocent and the miscreants who unleashed this unjust crusade against the Libyan and African people would themselves be found guilty of Crimes Against the Peace, and Crimes against Humanity as International Law is codified under the Nuremburg Standard. But that is another matter that must be raised as a defense during trial.

However, if the trial is determined to be unfair, both the "Neutral Power" and the Zintan, under the The Geneva Convention, as well as by virtue of their Tribal Code, still maintain the right under The Convention to declare whether or not the trial if fair. And if they determine it is not, then they maintain the right to demand his return to their Jurisdiction. 

Under the Convention "such demands must be complied with". 

That is the Law under The Convention. It is critical however that the Power to whom Saif is transferred as a POW under The Convention, as well as the Zintan, should unequivocally demand adherence to all conditions under the Geneva Convention, especially maintaining the right for his return.

The Zintan already refuse to hand Saif over to the monsters of Tripoli knowing their lack of both Constitutinal authority and inablitiy to hold a fair trial. It is a simple matter for the Zintan to state their demand that the ICC be the forum for the trial. If the ICC refuses, then their lies and perfidy will be exposed.

This is the only available path to Truth. And it should be the the means and methods by which Saif and the Patriots of Libya can achieve Justice. Indeed, it may be mankind's last chance to avoid the worldwide conflagration the the Anglo-American empire has in store for us all - because war and pillage is their only means of saving their bankrupt financial institutions and governments. 

If people of good will wish to stop them, then Saif's handover and trial is a means of doing so by virtue of exposing their lies. Someone must inform the Zintan Elders and Saif of their options under International Law and The Convention.

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