Nov 13, 2011

BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY or BHL:The verbal fig leaf for the interests of Zionist [II]

"Not just anyone can be The Whore of Babylon."
Bernard-Henri Levy stuck his nose into the business of the Arab Spring from the outset. The French philosopher with Zionist leanings made an appearance in Tahrir Square, visited Benghazi to support the rebels, and organized a conference in support of the Syrian uprising in Paris.
BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY or BHL a journalist who creates a cocktail mingling the true*
Tagging along for the photo-op was insufferable self-promoter and self-described "new philosopher" Bernard-Henri Levy, he of the perennially revealing torso under a neatly pressed white shirt, and he of the notorious phone call from Benghazi who "sold" a war to the beleaguered Gallic Liberator (as if King Sarko would refuse any push to enlarge his grandeur)
.[ 3]
Bernard-Henri Lévy held a private meeting in Benghazi with Moustapha Abdeljalil
About six months before the conflict erupted in Libya, Mahmoud Jibiril actually met with Bernard-Henri Lévy in Australia to discuss forming the Transitional Council and deposing Colonel Qaddafi. [4]  

On March 4, the French literary dandy Bernard-Henri Lévy held a private meeting in Benghazi with Moustapha Abdeljalil, a former justice minister who has turned coats to become leader of the rebel "National Transition Council".
That very evening, BHL called Sarkozy on his cellphone and got his agreement to receive the NTC leaders. The meeting took place on March 10 in the Elysée palace in Paris. 
King Sarko can't refuse any push to enlarge his grandeur
AThe initiator of the NATO war against Libya, was a French philosopher Bernard Henri-Levy. He took a plane, flew to the Libyan-Egyptian border, and met there with a group of "rebels " who called themselves the National Transitional Council. Henri-Levy carried away.
Levy called his longtime friend, Nicolas Sarkozy  [Gallic Liberator Sarko] and assured him that the rebels needed the support from the air. 
A Zionist “thinker” Bernard-Henri Levy rang him from Benghazi to tell him that French flags were everywhere. He told him that if he [Gallic Liberator Sarko] allowed a bloodbath there the blood would stain the French flag. That really affected him.[1]

French member of the Israeli lobby was passed French flags in Benghazi

As reported in Le Figaro, Sarkozy [Gallic Liberator Sarko] thereupon announced to the delighted Libyans the plan that he had concocted with BHL: recognition of the NTC as sole legitimate representative of Libya, the naming of a French ambassador to Benghazi, precision strikes on Libyan military airports, with the blessings of the Arab League (which he had already obtained).
 Bernard-Henri Lévy vs Abdel al-Bari Atwan on Libya intervention 
"in Gaza you have a Fashist government???"
Le Monde’s interview—titled “BHL "thinker": The National Council wants a secular Libya—began with a question on why Lévy took an interest in the Libyan dossier and arranged the meeting between the National Council and Sarkozy. Lévy replied: “It’s not a dossier. It’s [Gaza] Benghazi.” In the face of the threat to Benghazi, Lévy insists, “I was deeply moved. I did what I could.”
Upon further questioning about his role, he said: “I played no role. I only had, one night in  [Gaza] Benghazi, the crazy idea of getting on the telephone and calling the President of the Republic of my country and suggesting that he receive a delegation from free [Palestina]Libya.” 
French and British diplomats worked swiftly to secure a UN resolution authorising force to protect [Palestinian] Libyan civilians. On March 19 a salvo of US cruise missiles marked the start of a Western bombing campaign.
March 17 UN Security Council adopted resolution 1973, and the French air force began the operation to stop the forces of [Israel] Gaddafi  on the outskirts of [Gaza] Benghazi.
A  dandy, with studiously coiffed long hair in Libya
But Levy’s role was not over. He made more trips to Libya, visiting rebels in the Djebel Nafusa highlands and the besieged port of Misrata, and arranging more high-wire shuttle diplomacy.

He introduced CNT military leader Abdel Fatah Younes to Sarkozy in midnight talks in Paris on April 13. France sent military trainers and large quantities of weapons to the front, turning the course of the war.
Zionist "thinker" with Younis
In  Maj 2011. BHL  visited the rebel-held Libyan city of Misrata and went on to Jerusalem this week to pass a  message to Netanyahu. Libyan "rebels" will recognise Israel, Bernard-Henri Lévy tells Netanyahu. The NTC "will be concerned with justice for the Palestinians and security for Israel" Lévy said after meeting Netanyahu.

The clown's role was shifting. He had become a player in the drama, helping the NATO/ALQAEDA bandits  draft public statements and attending talks between Younes and Sarkozy in which strategy and weapons drops were discussed in detail.

“Obviously when I heard him list the weapons he needed, when I heard him raise the possibility of opening a second front in the Djebel Nafusa, it was terrifying for me. I knew all of that must be handled with care,” he said.[14]
06. 2011. France sent weapons this month to "Libyan civilians"
PARIS -[ 29.06.2011]  France sent weapons this month to "Libyan civilians" under siege by Moammar Gadhafi's forces, a military spokesman said Wednesday, making it the first NATO country to announce it has armed rebel fighters.
The deliveries of guns, rocket-propelled grenades and munitions took place in early June in the western Nafusa mountains
Like the other pro-imperialist propagandists of the National Council, Lévy falls completely silent on who makes up the National Council, flatly asserting that they will—“probably”—lead a democratic regime. In fact, there is no reason to believe that this is inevitable, or even probable. Indeed, it is widely reported that the National Council is an uneasy coalition of various ex-Gaddafi regime officials, Islamist groups, tribal leaders, and middle-class human rights activists, who are, through people like Lévy, in close contact with right-wing governments in the West.[2]
BUT In May we have  report ,FRENCH report from April, about "NTC" (Paris, May, 2011. LIBYA REPORT .PDF)
Expose of the French literary dandy about Libya
He claims to be indifferent to those who mock him. “What happened is more important than all the criticism,” "Thinker" Levy said. “We avoided a bloodbath in [Gaza] in Benghazi" [6] 
BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY  - Israeli emissary of death
September 2011. - A Criminal Always Returns to the Scene of the Crime
French and British leaders promised economic and political support to Libya's new leadership during a landmark visit to the North African country. They also vowed to continue NATO airstrikes to eradicate the last remnants of the Moammar Gadhafi regime. Of course BHL emissary of death was in Libya. too.

LIBYA'S NEW RULER - Bernard-Henri Levy
October 2011 - Levy made fun of the NTC Abdul Jalil and criticized him sharply:
Levy's article begun by asking 
'How should we view this talk about the law? Have we been supporting Benghazi rebels in order to build a state which prevents divorce and restore polygamous marriages?'. 
(BHL is  pretending like he didnt support AL Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood from the start) Levy also warned of the consequences of the establishment of an Islamic emirate in Libya, ruled by ''extremists'' and ''jihadists'', with a legitimate option of military intervention. He did not specify the event which 'turned things around', a clash between Islamists and secularists in Libya. (well, that's what we espected all along from Levy, that was the whole point of establishing Al Qaeda to rule over Tripoli, now France has a 'reason' to announce 'war on terrorism' in Libya, and maybe send some 'peacekeeping' ground troops as a helping hand in securing the oil fields. They always come in handy.)

Levy turned to speak about the President of the NTC, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, by mocking him, he focused on the statements of Abdul Jalil on the adoption of Islamic law in the legislation, and Levy said in his article that Mustafa Abdul Jalil did not mean what he said when he spoke on the application of Sharia in Libya, and even if he meant it [it is worthless]

BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY or BHL:the PR man of the only product he really knows how to sell: himself.
What is happening in Libya, will be happening somewhere else tomorrow and eventually it will be happening in your neighborhood because you didn’t care when it was happening to someone else and even supported it, if it meant you could have your share and get your fill of as many of the thousand forms of shit that is possible for you. Bon voyage, as you sail away in the burning dumpsters of flaming shit. There are handkerchiefs waving from the shore, as you sail off into the darkness of the sea of ignominy. [15]

Bernard-Henri Lévy (French pronunciation: [bɛʁnaʁd ɑ̃ʁi levi]; born November 5, 1948) [9]
Lévy is proudly [sephardic] Jewish, and he has said that Jews ought to provide a unique Jewish moral voice in world society and world politics.
Lévy was born in Béni Saf, French Algeria, to a wealthy Algerian Jewish family. His family moved to Paris a few months after his birth. His father, André Lévy, was the multi-millionaire founder and manager of a timber company, Becob

" France has a tradition of public intellectuals who have played a leading role in practical political matters. These public intellectuals include Michele Foucault, Jacques Ranciere, Alain Badiou, and Louis Althusser, just to name a few. Lévy does not figure among this or any other grouping of French public intellectuals. 
That's not to say that he doesn't have influence regarding governmental matters; he most definitely does. But he is not a "French public intellectual" (let alone "political philosopher") that has influence in "practical politics."
He is frequently mocked for his intellectual sloppiness by other intellectuals and that is why he takes advantage of U.S. media to get his word out. 
He fits the role of a public intellectual in the U.S.: namely, to blurt out ideas that fit into a narrow political paradigm that is markedly right-of-center when compared to political spectra in the rest of the world"

BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY or BHL: A philosopher who’s never taught the subject in any university, a journalist who creates a cocktail mingling the true, the possible, and the totally false, a patch-work filmmaker, a writer without a real literary oeuvre, he is the icon of a media-driven society in which simple appearance weighs more than the substance of things. BHL is thus first and foremost a great communicator, the PR man of the only product he really knows how to sell: himself.

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According BHL 
A philosopher who’s never taught the subject in any university
a journalist who creates a cocktail mingling the true, the possible, and the totally falsea patch-work filmmakera writer without a real literary oeuvre
he is the icon of a media-driven society in which simple appearance weighs more than the substance of things. 
BHL is thus first and foremost a great communicator, the PR man ofthe only product he really knows how to sell: himself
Syria is next war ... July 2012
 BHL a journalist who creates a cocktail mingling the true
support  terrorists in Syria

BHL a journalist who creates a cocktail mingling the true
with Libyan terrorists in Kan

BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY or BHL and  Syrian terrorists   

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