Nov 30, 2011


[by Niakoi Niakakav]
1) Parasitic Media lies - what started the war based on lies?
What lies? In what media?
How, why and what makes these parasitic media caused genocide, ethnic cleansing and total destruction and plundering of peaceful, prosperous and sovereign country - Libya?

2) What exactly happened in Benghazi before imposing a false resolution "no-fly zone" in the fake "UN" based on hysterical lies?
3) Why Ban Kin-moon deceived, it is seen how the Libyan planes bombed "peaceful" protesters and that helicopters with machine guns were fired at "peace" crowd? When this man will be judged?

4) Who scored hired terrorists in Benghazi before the "no flight zone" to chaos reigns (murder, rape, fires, robbery ....)?
Who brought them?
Where do they bring?
Who paid them?
Why, how and with what right? and of course - what I did in the same period, special parts of the criminal NATO (especially Britain and France)?

5) Although false resolution "no fly" it was broken by the most severe and obvious crimes of the 21st century - the entry of terrorists, arming and training terrorists, murder of civilians in order to chaos and blaming the legitimate Libyan government and army! ?

6) Why and how NATO intentionally have destroyed the entire infrastructure of Libya, including - hospitals, schools, irrigation systems, power plants, factories, killing livestock and fertile land, food stores, fishing boats, state office buildings, state television (with murder journalists) ... .. any distortions of human nature (and false resolution)!
Who gave these bastards have to do this?

7) Why NATO (with its parasitic organizations - "Human Rights Watch" and "Amnesty International" and "ICC" and parasitic media .... You lie that Viagra, a black mercenaries and rebels lying, that the troops' Gaddafi "to rape their girls and killed their families and all other demonization that has become more Libyans in bandits ... ... but intentionally cause GENOCIDE on every Libyan defend their country carrying the green flag (the flag of Libya) and Attention - these lies NATO provoked ethnic cleansing of black Libyans and African workers (thousands)??

8) CAUTION - What happened to the tribe Twarga and mass killings of blacks?
How much of the tribe were killed Twarga?
What is the number of Libyans killed blacks?
What is the exact number of Africans killed black workers? 10,000? 20,000? 50,000? ... ... (This is more important than how look girl of  Gaddafi’s son)!?

9) Who is responsible for political assassinations and attempts on them?

10) A very important question - What is the exact number of Libyans killed by NATO and its terrorists? – What war?  How many civilians?
How many of them women, children and old people?

11) Once you set the number of Libyans killed by NATO and its terrorists!
- Need to understand how missing (ie - killed by NATO and hidden corpses)!
How many women are victims of rape?
How many children are abducted and missing (because during the first months of the genocide was evidence that NATO ships kidnap small children taken from an orphanage in Misrata)?
How many Libyans are homeless and what was stolen from a Libyan?
12) 2011year - We saw total destruction of an entire city - Sirte?
Why world silent?
Who gave the right of NATO to attack civilian towns just to have their terrorist "government" (ie - a Libyan who is opposed to NATO - must die?)?
Why consecutive months Sirte was bombed?
Why deliberately killed civilians?
Why deliberate destruction of Sirte (other cities) ... as long as is necessary to have terrorist "government" of NATO ...? ....
Including stopping power, water, food and medicine!? WHY

13) 2011year ! - World witnessed another part of the genocide and ethnic cleansing - Tripoli?
World saw Tripoli was bombed consecutive months and at one point scored thousands of NATO hired terrorists and criminals in the Libyan sea and land to destroy Tripoli as they were permitted to kill, rape, looting, setting fire ... .. whatever they want and at all times been supported by planes and helicopters!
All that genocide can not even be considered a normal human being from the truth ... .. But this is the truth!?
Why, how and with what right?

14) What about the Libyan sovereign assets?
How many of them are stolen ("spent on" Revolution and Liberation ")!
Where is Libya gold (there you have it yet?,
What size? And where?)?

15) How "Transition Council" (NATO) ... .. suddenly became the "Government" (NATO)?  Who elected NTC?
Why these words play criminal parasitic terrorist Media (NATO) .. which actually are the instigators of genocide, ethnic cleansing and foreign terrorist NATO intervention?

16) Why more NATO help BANDITS and "government" (NATO) and continues to kill Libyans? No matter how "legitimate" government is one ... ..!?
No country has no right to use foreign armies to kill people in foreign countries just to retain power "government" that people do not want and would like to download! - It is the sovereign right of every nation!
So the question is - Why NATO helps by killing Libyans to maintain their puppet government there, and NATO soldiers in Libya (no matter whether they are invited by their puppets ... or NATO has invited himself!?)
17) Taking into account the above 16 points - not if ... .. ! and when and who will be tried for crimes in Libya - a war based on lies? Genocide and ethnic cleansing of blacks?

NATO crime in Libya - >
NATO's mercenary and slaves crimes in Libya ->
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