Nov 12, 2011


  Following an uprising of Green Resistance and Gaddafi's supporters in Libya, which started on 11.11.11. we present you recent news which major media agencies in the world will not report. 

The city of Zawiyah -  yesterday and the night before yesterday, violent clashes between the NTC forces and fighters loyal to Saif al-Islam Gaddafi over control of the parts of the city and the destruction of the largest store of ammunition, located in a military area known as Camp 27. (Algerian Newspaper Nahar)

According to testimonies yesterday on websites loyal to Gaddafi, the armed forces of al-Gaddafi, made up of tribes and Rishvana, surprised, the night before yesterday, the rebels in the Zawiyah, where clashes broke out between the two sides, which ended with the fleeing of the rebels from large parts of the city, amid rocket and sniper fire by Green resistance.

This information on the incident was soon admitted on the rebel's websites, followed by the channel ''Al Jazeera'' . Which blamed the incident on the ''mere'' disagreements between the two factions of the city's rebels, without giving further details, but sources from al-Gaddafi side, said that the process ended with the killing and wounding of at least 10 members of the rebels. 
Green supporters freed 300 prisoners loyal to Gaddafi, including a colonel in Libyan intelligence.

In the Libyan capital Tripoli, green patriots have returned to show once again and striked in many areas, causing the confusion and even infighting between the rebel battalions. Guerrilla fighting has thus far proved to be very successful for supporters of resistance. It shows that there are many patriotic green Libyans around, and they will not alow NTC, Al Qaeda, Qatar and NATO to rule over what is left of Libya.

Fighting in Tripoli continues for the third day in the row.
Clashes occured in the following areas: Abu Salim, Bab Al Zyzia, Tajoura, Touristic area, Zenata, Ain Zara, Wadi Spring, Ghoti Chael, near the University of Law, Nasser, Djerba, Souk Jomo, Next to Khadra Hospital, Salah etc.

There was a heavy fire in Salah Al Din area, Sabaa etc... 
Explosions were heard in some parts of the Tripoli, such as Darha area, Friday market area etc. 
In most of the fightings, brave and fierce 'Raad' (Thunder brigade) was involved. There were reports of NATO helicopters flying around and attacking green resistance, which means that NATO lied when they said they finished the operations in Libya. Some reports say that 3 Qatari helicopters were shot down by green resistance. It is estimated by Russian sources that there are around 7.000 Qatari fighters in Libya.

In the area Sabaa of Tripoli, heavy gunfire was heard, following the reports of a revolt in the new prison, which holds a large number of Green resistance. 
In the region Almtar, there have been clashes between elements of the rebels and green patriots. Some think that the operation was actually designed to seize the airport.

 At Ingaza, Benghazi experienced violent clashes between the rebels themselves, because of disagreements between the leaders of the rival battalions, there are reports of deaths and injuries, with a large media blackout on the incident.

At Sirte, Green resistance was able to eliminate the battalion commander of the rebels in an ambush, in addition to targeting French Task Force and killing a number of their elements, pointing out that the ambush took place between Sirte and Ajdabiya.

On the other hand, the Front for the Liberation of Libya loyal to Gaddafi, led by brave Saif al-Islam claimed responsibility for military operations that erupted in the Zawiya. Witness from Zawiya reported that the residents were cruising around the town, singing patriotic songs and waving green flags. While the NTC rebels are reporting on their radio station in Zawiya about their own missing persons.

There are pro-Gaddafi demonstrations in Bani Walid as well, and people waving green flags.

Liberation Front said in a statement, that they will soon launch a media campaign called ''information campaign Almthelman'', which will publish the recordings documented on videos and photos, including some of its military operations in areas of Libya. (correction: we found out that the statement of Liberation Front was false. No persons, entity or group will be allowed to film, video or record activites of the green army. The leadership and resistance of Libyan Liberation Front will not... be delivering media speeches, interviews or appear in the media , no high ranking official will be allowed to send messages without approval from other operational cells, the army refuse to communicate with the media.)
 To avoid extradition by Tunisia to Libyan rebels, Libyan Prime Minister has requested political asylum from the UNHCR.

Former Libyan prime minister, Baghdadi Mahmoudi, requested from the High Commission for Refugees, United Nations to grant him a political refugee status, to avoid extradition by the Tunisian authorities to the authorities of NTC, which are famous for abusing and torturing prisoners. Tunisian President has thus far proved to be democratic and fair in respect of human rights.

Green resistance is continuing around Libya, people are rejecting quazi-government of NTC, Al Qaeda and NATO. Libyans are not satissfied with NTC's and Al Qaeda 'democratic' lootings, rapes, theft and assasinations. There is nothing democratic about abolishing any law that isn't in total compliance with Sharia and doing retaliation killings. Libyans had a very high standard of living, and the most democratic government in Arab world. 
Libyans will not forget that, no matter how hard NTC/Al Qaeda/NATO press tried to lie about it.
LATEST NEWS::  Heavy fighting in Zawya city and 30 new tanks with green flags seen for the first time! are advancing with reports that Saif Al Gaddafi [unconfirmed] is leading the fight! with Green soldiers. and Rebels are shocked and don't understand what is happening  (confirmed on their pages)

NTC military spokesman confirm that they are fighting now against organized army and not amateur volunteers!
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