Apr 29, 2012

Libyan Resistance News 29.04.2012: Shukri Ghanem's body found floating in Danube river

- The body of Libya's former Oil Minister Shukri Ghanem has been found in the Danube River, Austrian police say.

Shukri Mohammed Ghanem

A spokesman said there were no signs of violence to Mr Ghanem's body, which was in the river that flows through Vienna.
The former prime minister, 69, worked as a consultant for a Vienna-based company. He apparently left his home early on Sunday, police said.
Source: http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-17889660

Police spokesman Roman Hahslinger said the 69-year-old's corpse was found floating in the river early in the morning. The body showed no external signs of violence, but the cause of death was not immediately clear and an autopsy will be carried out, Hahslinger said.
"There would be no signs of violence if someone pushed him in," Hahslinger said. "But it's also possible that he became ill and fell into the water."[Yeah right...]

Ghanem was dressed normally when found in the river but had no personal identification on him other than a document that named the company he was working for, Hahslinger said. An employee of the company was subsequently contacted and identified him, the police spokesman said.
Hahslinger said Ghanem apparently left his residence early Sunday morning after spending Saturday evening at home with an acquaintance. Police were alerted by a passerby who saw his body floating near his Vienna residence, close to the modernistic building housing U.N. agencies in the Austrian capital. Source: http://news.yahoo.com/austria-ex-libya-oil-chief-found-dead-danube-185243510.html

- Today is an anniversary of great Libyan 1915 battle: battle of Libyans against the Italian colonizers, it is known as the battle of national unity in which all the people of Libya rised, it formed the beginning of the defeat of Italians. Following this battle, the Italian garrisons fell one after the other. We hope this to happen again in this modern day of colonization of Libya.

The battle of Gardabia/ Source
"On 10th December 1914, Colonel Miani who led the campaign to the south to occupy Fezzan after the battle of Jandouba was defeated by Mohamed ben Abdulla Beausaifi محمد بن عبد الله البوسيفى and his fighters, one of the Libyan commanders of Jandouba , and the Italians were kicked out from Morzug and Sebha.
On 29th April 1915, the same Colonel Miani was defeated by a confederation of all Libyan forces in Al Gurdabia Battle معركة القرضابية – in Sirte – which resulted in a wide spread revolution in all Libya and the Western Mountain was liberated again once more – for sometime…..
The Italian invaders remained cornered in the coastal towns for about eight years until the plan of recolonizaition of Libyan provinces was put into effect under General Gazziani, the Butcher of Cyrenaica. "

Read more: http://abughilan.blogspot.com/2007/02/british-doctor-in-yefren.html

- SCANDAL: Leaked video from the besieging of Sirte, Libya, we can see huuuge army including NATO (American, British) ground troops on 20.09.2011. surrounding Sirte and recording themselves! No western troops were on the ground?? These look like military "advisers" to you or real soldiers?

- According to some reports, 40 prisoners escaped yesterday from Tripoli prison. There were fights in Tripoli last night. Explosions in Benghazi's wedding hall as well

- Fires in Libyan courts continuing, files are burning and disappearing, this time in Sirte! A fire at the headquarters of the Court in Sirte broke out at the headquarters of the trial court, a fire spread to a number of administrative offices and hundreds of files involving civil cases are in flames.
The source said yesterday that the fire burned nearly 400 files, but did not specify who the perpetrators were or their reasons.
The source said investigations are underway to find the perpetrators.
To remind you, the headquarters of the Court of Benghazi have been subjected to bombing by three packages of explosives which resulted in three ( other sources say 4) lightly wounded people and damage to different buildings on Friday.

- Libya fails to curb the flow of migrants (1000 per day) heading to Europe! The so-called Defense Ministry official said that Libya cannot control the flow of migrants who arrive in the country to fly to Europe via its territory.
The official said that “ more than 1,000 people arrive here daily ”, noting that the Libyan authorities will do everything possible to curb this flow.
The official called on Western countries to help Tripoli to halt the smuggling of weapons across the Libyan territory. He stressed that Libya lacked the necessary equipment such as helicopters and human potential for control over the land and maritime boundary. (CALLING FOR NATO's HELP AGAIN.. ) How come he is not ashamed to be called a DEFENCE ministry official!? What is he able to defend? His wage only!

- Ethics according to Sarkozy...
This appears to be the document proving that there was an approval to fund Sarkozy's election campaign, just as Saif al Gaddafi claimed in 2011, during NATO military action against Libya, led by France among other vultures. http://www.kimpavitapress.no/blog/2012/04/28/proof-that-gaddafi-regime-did-finance-french-president-nicholas-sarkozy-campaign-in-2007/

- Look how Misrata Rebels (NTC) destroyed the water tank in Torghae.

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