Apr 14, 2012

Libyan Resistance News:13.04.2012

*** Armed militias in Tripoli have kidnapped a Libyan Neurosergeon Dr.Hisham more than a week ago & he is still in detention.

Dr. Hisham- Libyan Neurosurgeon kidnapped in Tripoli

Libyan "rebels"- They said they demanded freedom...

Libyan "rebels"- They said they demanded freedom

*** Slaughter of a Christian maths teacher in Benghazi. He was found in a school with his throat cut. Mr. Zia Sheva was Christian Egyptian teacher who lived in Libya for many years.
(Source: Libyan Liberal Youth on Facebook spreading the facts for the future of Libya)

Mr. Zia Sheva- Egyptian teacher killed in Benghazi

- Amnesty International Propaganda Targets Russia & Syria
Shameless propaganda stunt by US State Department run, Soros-funded front Amenesty International:

 "The Amnesty International "infographic" titled, "Shocking Facts About Who’s Arming Human Rights Abusers," portraying Russia's arming of Syria as "fueling the most bloodshed" is not "shocking" at all when one realizes the disingenuous human rights advocacy organization is run by US State Department officials and is funded by convicted criminal George Soros's Open Society Institute (annual report page 8) as well as the UK Department for International Development (page 8), the European Commission, and other corporate-funded foundations. The "infographic," in this context, clearly becomes a case of shameless, politically motivated propaganda using the Amnesty International "brand" to give it the legitimacy its increasingly distrusted sponsors lack.......
.....The next glaring deception comes from Amnesty International's "Human Cost" tally. Amnesty cites themselves as the source for the tallies, admitting that they have no accurate information regarding Libya or whether or not the tally includes the thousands upon thousands killed in NATO's onslaught or during the genocidal orgy carried out by NATO-armed and backed Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) terrorists. It should be noted that NATO's Libyan legion of terror is still to this day carrying out systematic atrocities ( also covered here) in both Libya, and across the Arab World.

Read more here: http://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/2012/04/amnesty-international-propaganda.html

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