Apr 4, 2012

Libyan Resistance News 04.04.2012

*** What happened to #POWs in #Libya? Foreigner speaks about hearing "a Canadian friend" in Libya telling him that because of lack of jails, the prisoners of war were often killed...This is an older video, that a friend of our page has reminded us of.http://twitvid.com/ZEQCV

*** Reflections of Fidel Castro Ruz: "The filmed scenes of the massacre in Libya, starting to be seen, offend for their total absence of humanism and the crass lies that served as an excuse for invading and taking over the natural resources of that country.
They stated that the Libyan government had funds abroad exceeding 200 billion dollars. At this time, nobody knows where the money is nor what has been done with it." 
With more than 25,000 combat missions, NATO air forces backed up the monstrous crime." 

***  The following interview, apart from obvious bs contains the following: Former US-Ambassador David Mack describes his impression after meeting Gaddafi several times 1969-1970. "...in addition to his military technical education, Gaddafi had a master's degree in history. He had read a lot of stuff. And there was a strange mixture, a lot of utopian socialism, very much non-Marxist utopian socialism, ideas about the traditional Arab bedouin tribal code of honor, the idea of Islamic egalitarianism, that everybody is equal in the eyes of God, along with a lot of anti-imperialism, Third World attitudes, a feeling of resentment against particularly the Italians, who had been very brutal colonizers, but also against the British, the Americans, who had air bases in the country, a feeling of resentment." "He had charisma. He had an ability to speak in public with a fairly high degree of eloquence in Arabic. He conveyed sincerity. He was self-confident. And I think he was very convincing to Libyans"... he was idealistic. He was personally ambitious. And he was ambitious for Libya. He wanted Libya to really amount to something." " "Gaddafi obviously had a powerful intellect -- he had total recall of what -- of the conversation that had taken place a month earlier." "...During the course of a conversation, when the U.S. ambassador was talking to him and I was interpreting, I would see his eyes kind of glaze over and go up to the ceiling. And I wondered whether he was listening. Then when it came his time for response, it was clear that he'd been taking it all in. He had a coherent response." "Like a lot of young Arabs of that generation, he'd grown listening to Radio Cairo, the speeches of Gamal Abdel Nasser, and tended to pattern himself a little bit after Nasser." Source: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/world/jan-june11/gadhafi2_02-23.html

20h URGENT: Rebels preventing reporters of Jazeera,BBC and CNN from entering Zuwara, Libya , in order not to take pictures of vast amounts of tanks and heavy weapons which are bombing the homes of innocent people in Jamil and Rkdalin. Source: الجيش الليبي لحماية القائد Libyan army to protect Muammar Gaddafi

20h Photo of Tripoli today

Tripoli today/ Source

*** Great number of wounded in a hospital in Jamil #Libya needs blood 0- type @hrw #UN

*** Hmm..Sons of Malcolm raises a couple of interesting points about Mali coup- one of them: Have Tuaregs sold out Gaddafi for a Mali, in a deal with French?

"A senior Malian officer recently suggested France cut a deal with MNLA military chief Muhammad ag Najim, promising support for an independent Azawad if Tuareg troops and officers would abandon Mu’ammar Qaddafi" (Jeune Afrique, March 13) 

*** Shocking- on a mobile phone game called ovi Maps Challenge, Libya is divided in 2 parts!

Libya divided in two parts in a mobile application 

19:30 Sounds of clashes in Zawiyah!

19h After Zuwarans violated the truce and attacked even the so-called national army too ... They got exposed to heavy shelling and many of them are dead. The sounds of ambulances can be heard. Source:الجيش الليبي لحماية القائد Libyan army to protect Muammar Gaddafi

18h Victims in Rakdalin hospital from todays clashes- photo / source: الجيش الليبي لحماية القائد Libyan army to protect Muammar Gaddafi

Victim in Rakdalin hospital 

14h This is how city of Rakdalin looks now after indiscriminate shelling by Zuwara forces...

City of Rakdalin affter the attack by Zuwara forces

03:00  Helicopter belonging to NATO puppets flying low over Rakdalin in Libya

02:30 "Fighters of revenge battalion from Sirte and Almzaraa battalion fighters set up an ambush on a convoy of five armed rat vehicles belonging to some members of Misurata battalion, which were returning from Sabha. They destroyed all of their vehicles and killed 12 rats."
(Source: Libyan FB group 'Against Feb. 17 in Libya,against the attempts to sow discord by hate' in arabic lang )

02h--Explosion happened at Green square Tripoli. Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=273006122783235&id=297509086955875


***  NTC will release some Ukrainian workers, detained in August,wrongly accused of being Gaddafis mercenaries.  Source

***HORRIBLE photo|- A dead girl was found in a deep hole in Bab Azizia in Tripoli on Monday night
Source:  https://www.facebook.com/truthaboutlibyaa

Dead girl found in Bab al Aziza, Tripoli

*** (1) the Green resistance in Misratah freed and smuggled the prisoner Mansour from Misratah. He was a prominent Brigadier of the green army.

(2) The NATO rebels continue bombarding civilians in Zuwarah and bin Jawad. The international commu
nity looks away.

(3) The Green force destroyed a depot of the rebels "Fadeel Bo Omar", the so-called "February 17 martyrs"

(4) the Zekhan military base was attacked by targeted missile. Smoke rose up from the base.

(5) The wounded NATO rebels are angry and stormed the NTC in Tripoli.

(6) There were more than 5 dead civilians in Ajaylat. Many families have fled. The NATO rebel commander of the region, "Abu Kassem" was killed. Continue to attack of NATO.

(7) There was a prisoner exchange between Toubou and some elements of the NATO brigades in Sabha. The situation is still tense.

(8) There are rumors about a complete NATO withdrawal from Libya in 5 weeks. Gives no credence to such rumors. Source: https://www.facebook.com/gruene.revolution

01:00 City of  Sabratha : coastal road is packed with ambulances!

*** The Rules of American Justice are quite clear:

If you are a high-ranking government official who commits war crimes, you will receive full-scale immunity, both civil and criminal, and will have the American President demand that all citizens Look Forward, Not Backward.

If you are a low-ranking member of the military, you will receive relatively trivial punishments in order to protect higher-ranking officials and cast the appearance of accountability.
If you are a victim of American war crimes, you are a non-person with no legal rights or even any entitlement to see the inside of a courtroom.

If you talk publicly about any of these war crimes, you have committed the Gravest Crime — you are guilty of espionage – and will have the full weight of the American criminal justice system come crashing down upon you.

Source: Glenn Greenwald, "Rules of American justice: a tale of three cases" http://www.feardepartment.com/

USA- Department of Fear

***Khamis Gaddafi with the martyr Abu Bakr Younes . Two real Libyan heroes.

Two Libyan heroes: Khamis Gaddafi and Abu Bakr Younes

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