Apr 16, 2012

Libyan Resistance News: 16.04.2012

***INSULT: The United States Department of Defence sponsored Game Company launches "Kill Gaddafi" Video game!
Image: www.kumagames.com

                           The game where Libyan "rebels" capture and kill the Brother leader Gaddafi 

"The video game takes gamers into the throes of the Libyan uprising and the search for Gaddafi. Playing the game from the point of view of a Libyan rebel, the gamer is able to "relive Muammar Gaddafi's final take-down and the Libyan rebels' triumph with this brand new multiplayer mission!" according to Kuma Games' website."

"Other video game companies have been known to use games based on war to track data in order to serve as a recruitment tool for the U.S. Military.

Col. Casey Wardynski, a military economist who was a pivotal force in the U.S. Army-led project to create "America's Army," a video game that served as a recruitment tool, told the Sacramento News & Review in 2003, "Suppose you played extremely well, and you stayed in the game an extremely long time, you might just get an e-mail seeing if you'd like any additional information on the Army."
Not only do video games help the government see who might be a good fit for the military, but the games also encourage young men to believe the military might be a good fit for them.
"One study found that the game had more impact on actual recruits than all other forms of Army advertising combined," Military professional and journalist Peter Singer told NPR."

What's next? Will we have children operating the drones from some remote computer, thinking they are playing a game? The Orson Scott Card's "Ender's Game" doesn't seam like a work of fiction anymore and it's not surprising, given the fact that it is a suggested reading for many military organizations, including the United States Marine Corps. This is a part of the Synopsis provided by the Wikipedia:

"Ender is brought to the simulator, with several IF commanders watching, and told by Mazer this is his final test. As the simulation starts, Ender finds his human fleet far-outnumbered by the Formic forces above a planet. Despite being told that it was against the rules, Ender sacrifices many of his fleet to launch a Molecular Disruption Device at the planet, destroying the planet and the entire Formic fleet. Though Ender had anticipated that breaking the rules would mean he would be expelled from school, he discovers the IF commanders celebrating. Mazer returns, and informs Ender that this was not a simulation, but the actual IF contingent and the Formic main fleet at the Formic homeworld: Ender has just sacrificed an entire IF fleet and committed xenocide of the Formics, ending the war."

Please share this: http://global.christianpost.com/news/kill-gaddafi-video-game-created-by-company-linked-to-defense-department-59307/
and complain on the Facebook site of the game makers over here: https://www.facebook.com/KumaGames
Those people are insulting our martyrs and the martyrs of Sirt with this.

Chamber of field resistance

In the name of God the Merciful

Brothers, sisters, sons which are free and brave and following the Muammar Gaddafi's glory,honor and dignity ..
We started several operations to measure the pulse of the enemy in different parts of the capital,its suburbs and nearby cities, to test the readiness of the enemy .. Each of these operations was a success, praise and gratitude be to Allah .. The enemy is very weak.
What we unfortunately found out is that traitors and colonialist agents have armed young boys, almost children, to guard the checkpoints and dynamic places in the capital in this dirty war .. We advised these children to lay down their arms and return to their homes, but to no avail.
From now on we declare that this initial phase is over and we are announcing the beginning of the second half of the war operations..Read more here

Eccleza- April 17, 1984: The murder of policewoman Yvonne Fletcher – a perfect CIA assassination
During the morning of the 17th April 1984 an unarmed policewoman by the name of Yvonne Fletcher was gunned down in cold blood while on duty outside the Libyan People’s Bureau in St. James Square, London.
British accusations that the Libyan Government was responsible were incorrect. Yvonne Fletcher was assassinated on the direct orders of the American CIA in a coldly calculated ‘Psyop’ (Psychological Operation) designed to generate intense British hatred against Libya. 

Yesterday:  Tripoli: we got now the news that the rats from Misurata last night slaughtered a young man (Khalid M'hamed Ayyad) who is married and has 3 children (residents of Ain Zara), without any apparent reason. The young man's had his throat cut from vein to vein, in front of his home at the farm. RIP, and condolences to his family
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