Apr 23, 2012

Libyan Resistance News 20.04.2012 - 23.04.2012

Monday, 23.04 - The full report of the International Committee to investigate all violations of international law in Libya - submitted to the United Nations Council for Human Rights, March 2012, the chapter on NATO, which shows the crimes carried out by the alliance in both the Bani Walid and Friday Market and Zliten and Madjer and Sorman, Sirte and that led to the killing of civilians as a result of wrong or unjustified targeting, or apathy in setting goals as well as the use of expired weapons, despite the report and activated users every heinous crimes carried out by NATO, but it is considered conclusive evidence of some of the massacres committed by NATO against the Libyans.

Monday, 23.04 - Soon to be NATO base in Libya. Source 
Future NATO base in Libya

***Photo evidence - French Squad in the district No. 2 of Sirte Libya during the conflict
French squad in Sirte, Libya

Sunday, 22.04 - Memory of betrayal: The descent of the British special forces at the port in Benghazi a week after an outburst of traitors. Source
The British descent in Benghazi, Libya 

Sunday, 22.04- There are reports that 1000 dead bodies were found in Tripoli .
In the airport road there were bodies found buried, 600 bodies were found and they all still had their phones on them, And they had their hands tied behind their backs.

Saturday, 21.04 - Libyan Airlines restarted operations to and from Malta yesterday after wet-leasing an aircraft to circumvent the ban imposed by the EC earlier this month. 
The airline will fly out twice weekly, Monday and Thursday, after managing to strike a wet-leasing agreement with Nouvelair, Tunisia’s leading private airline.
Libyan Airlines’ representative in Malta, Kevin Farrugia, said the new aircraft, an Airbus A320, would allow the airline to continue flying between Libya and Malta.
Discussions are also in their final phase to operate flights to other European destinations including Manchester, Rome, Madrid and Athens, among others, he said.
A wet lease is a leasing arrangement where an airline provides an aircraft, complete with crew, maintenance and insurance, to another airline which pays by hours operated. The airline leasing the aircraft provides fuel and covers airport fees and any other duties and taxes.
As in this case, a wet-leased aircraft may be used to fly services into countries where the airline is banned from operating with its own aircraft.
Earlier this month the Commission banned all Libyan airlines from European airspace until November, at the earliest, because of safety concerns.
[hmmm...it appears that Europe, like America, fears its own shadow on the wall]


Saturday, 21.04 - NTC of Libya paid 50 millions Jordanian Dinars to Jordanian Hotels & Hospitals on Thursday. 
The statement came one day after the Kingdom’s hotels decided to stop receiving Libyan guests due to the outstanding debt of over JD90 million the Libyan government owed the hotels.
In a circular issued by the Jordan Hotels Association (JHA) Wednesday, a copy of which was made available to The Jordan Times, hotels were asked to inform their Libyan guests to vacate their rooms by Sunday unless they can pay in cash for their accommodation.
Meanwhile, PHA-affiliated hospital stopped receiving Libyan patients except cash payers at the beginning of this month.
According to PHA figures, the medical bills for more than 50,000 Libyans treated in the Kingdom’s hospitals total JD120 million, of which Libya had only paid JD20 million prior to the payment announced Thursday.

Friday, 20.04 - Libyan solution increasingly considered for Syria. Clinton stopped short of a direct call for military intervention, but urged the UN to adopt a resolution authorizing an arms embargo — a policy adopted during the Libyan crisis — and tougher sanctions. Speaking to the House Armed Forces Committee in Washington, U.S. Defence Secretary Leon Panetta effectively invoked the notion of regime change when he said “the bottom line is that anything that takes the Assad regime down is a step in the right direction.” Last year, as they sought to justify the Libyan campaign, Sarkozy and other Western leaders regularly deployed rhetoric about humanitarian intervention, “the responsibility to protect” and the need to prevent more civilian deaths.
Sarkozy echoed that rhetoric Thursday, saying the time had come for active intervention against the Assad regime. “The solution is the establishment of humanitarian corridors so that an opposition can exist in Syria.”.... Sounds familiar? With such "friends" Syria needs no enemies...

Friday, 20.04 - A Libyan citizen faces torture and execution after Tunisian court approves extradition (correction) via @Mathaba News Network
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