Apr 12, 2012

Libyan Resistance News: 12.04.2012

*** At least 1500 British soldiers died in their effort to remove the legitimate Jamahariya government according to "Arabic RT". The figure has been reportedly leaked from a closed German parliament meeting.

Foreign soldier fighting with the "rebels" in Libya
*** TRIPOLI - "Libyan ex-fighters furious over a decision to halt a cash rewards scheme opened fire on Tuesday against the headquarters of the interim government, but no injuries were reported, sources said"... "The ruling National Transitional Council announced on Monday a pause in the payment of bonuses to former rebels due to the widespread phenomenon of fraud which has cost millions of Libyan dinarsThe Tuesday statement reiterated that the freeze would remain in place until a probe into the matter was completed. Militiamen angered by non-payment have recently held small protests in front of the headquarters of the interim authorities in Tripoli and raised checkpoints blocking traffic in some neighborhoods of the capital. In the eastern city of Benghazi, also on Tuesday, a convoy carrying the United Nations' envoy to Libya was attacked but no one was injured. Acts of violence including the desecration of Christian and Sufi graves have fueled fears that extremist elements are gaining momentum in post- Gathafi Libya." 

*** Last night Zintan rebels were bombing the houses of the Reeyayna with mortars

*** Bill from Hotel Rixos for one NTC member= 43,517 dinars

*** News about the presence of helicopters supporting police and NTC in Benghazi against rebels

*** Garbage in destroyed Libya

Garbage in the destroyed Libya/ Source

*** Secret NATO/traitors prisons in Tripoli were discovered

And locations are as follows:

1 house Saeed Rashid
2 house Massoud Hafida
3 house Sanusi Sanusi
And there are nearly five thousand prisoners men and women there

For publication and dissemination. Source

*** This is how Libyan rat advertise himself on FB, to attract women! Sitting on a mountain of stolen money! Here is your money Libyans! Look what it serves for! Yeah, Viva la Revolution! Idiots!

Total corruption of values... sitting on a mountain of stolen Libyan money
*** Helicopter crashed in Murzuq (11.04.), with NTC officials on it (more specificaly..the so called "members of the reconciliation and civil peace team"). These included Third Deputy Prime Minister Mohammed al-Haramain, Minister of Local Government Mohammad Hashemi Harari, one of the chiefs of military staff and the head of Murzuq Military Council, Baraka Wardako. 
NTC says that some of them are hurt, but they all survived, and that they crashed due to "overloading" lol. Green resistance says that the truth is they downed the helicopter.

Helicopter carrying government officials crashed in Libya

*** Viktor Bourbaki - Why The US Needs a Major War? - and other interesting articles  
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