Apr 8, 2012

Libyan Resistance News: 08.04.2012.

Al Qaeda militia went to Alshatee street where they abducted men and women from the beach and took them to Mitiga airport where they brutally beaten and whipped them.

Belhaj -leader of Libyan Al Qaeda, interviewed and praised on Al Jazeera TV.

And the same militia saw a man and a women driving in a car and asked a man "who is the women with you" he said "it's my wife", they asked him to prove it by showing them their family papers, so he called his brother and asked him to bring it, but they didnt care to wait for it, and they started beating him in front of his wife, and when the family papers arrived and they saw that she was really his wife the militia leader said we didn't know and that we are only doing our job by enforcing Sharia law.

*** A confession by Christof Lehmann: 

I am inhumane: because I don´t endorse organizations with humanitarian agendas, who lend themselves as pretext for waging humanitarian wars. I am inhumane because I oppose UN sanctioned wars under the pretext of humanitarian principles. I am inhumane because I oppose state sanctioned mass murder under the guise of protecting life.
I am a dangerous person: because I know the name of each and every member of parliament who voted for the illegal war on Yugoslavia, on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya; I know the names of each and every member of parliament who voted for laws that violate human rights and civil liberties. I am dangerous because I take my obligation as citizen serious, rather than taking it as a token, granted to me so I can feel that I have the right to take part in my countries politics, on one day every four or six years. 
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19h ETHICS OF NATO MERCENARIES IN LIBYA: Killing someone in cold blood to steal his money (18+) 

18h NTC farce: Libyan NTC has dispatched a Relief convoy to Syria, which allegedly contains food, medicines and supplies for children, while there are tens of thousands of Libyan children without food or medicines. اخبار المقاومة الليبية 24/24(الاستخبارات الليبية)

Relief convoy sent from Libya to Syria
17h Failure of NTC: Keeb Government intends to close Tripoli International Airport for traffic & convert the flights to Mitiga airport after the failure of all attempts to seize Tripoli International Airport from the armed militia which controls it.
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