Aug 17, 2012

Syria: Top Five Propoganda Stories

From FB page Occupy Syria

Do you remember “Nayirah”?? No!!….
 OK, this is normal…
In regards to Iraq, the U.S. government brought a false witness to the U.S. Congress who while pretending to be a Kuwaiti nurse testified that Iraqi soldiers threw 312 Kuwaiti babies out of incubators to die.
This was used to galvanize public opinion in the U.S. in order to go to war with Iraq in 1991. The infamous Nurse Nayirah testimony was given by
Nijrah (Nayirah) Al-Sabah the daughter of the Kuwaiti envoy to Washington. She was even given acting lessons by a public relations (P.R.) firm before her false testimony, which George H. Bush Sr. referred to when justifying going to war with Iraq.The Media War on Libya: Justifying War through Lies and Fabrications 

Back to Nayirah and her famous testimony in 1991, she was the only witness who had witnessed Iraqi soldiers take babies out of incubators in a Kuwaiti hospital, take the incubators, and leave the babies to die. The case was in media for months before war on Iraq, and yes this propaganda story helped in selling the war… After a year and “unsurprisingly” the case came back to media but this time to reveal that Nayirah's last name was “Al-Ṣabaḥ”,  and that she was the daughter of “Saud bin Nasir Al-Sabah”, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US, and she was never a nurse, never in the hospital that night, never in Kuwait in 1991!
In 2011-2012, the scenario was the same in Syria, many stories were in media for weeks and months and then we reveal that they were the Syrian version of Nayirah.
Here are the top five propaganda stories in Syria.

1- Children of Daraa- “You always need a spark to ignite a fire”:
-          The story: Few children drew on the walls of their school the famous sentence of the Arab spring “People want the regime to fall down”… A security officer tortured the children by hitting them and taking of their nails…
-          Wonders: After a year of this accident… No one knows the children’s names… No one knows what happened to them.. No one saw a photo or a clip showing them and their nails…
Strange.. who are these anonyms who started it all!!!
Children of Daraa.. Reality vs. fiction

2- Hamza Alkhatib – “A teenage who was killed in Daraa’”
“May his soul rest in peace”
-          The story: The army killed Hamza and hid his dead body for weeks and then they gave it back to his family while the city is on fire and the people are really angry… Sounds it’s the perfect time for the army to commit such a mistake or crime and deliver it on a silver plate to the media.  Hamza became the face of the revolution and his name has been in media till today.
-          Wonders: If the army killed Hamza, why to give the body back to the family, when the city is already angry? If the army killed Hamza, why Hamza’s father visited the President Alassad, and said publically: “No one is allowed to use my son’s blood; I don’t think the army killed him, and the president promised me to investigate”.
 Strange… If the army wanted to give back the dead body, why to mutilate it..
Hamza.. R.I.P.. Your killer will be judged
3- Babies’ Incubators in Hama- “A newer but weaker version of Nayriah’s”
-          The story: The story is similar to the Kuwaiti Nayirah.. The Syrian army entered the hospital, turned off the electricity to kill children in incubators.
-          Wonders: Only one photo was widely distributed in the web for this crime, and the photo was taken in Alexandria-Egypt 2010. If these are Syrian children, where are their families to say that they were killed this way? At least in the Kuwaiti story there was a witness “fake witness”, in the Syrian version of the story, we have nothing but a photo from Alexandria and without knowing who started this rumor.
Strange.. How rumors spread fast.. and facts die slowly..
The only photo... Thanks for Google images... it was in Alexandria- Egypt

4- The Famous Lesbian Blogger “Amina Arraf”- No comment…
-          The story: An American- Syrian lesbian blogger is arrested by the Syrian security forces, they tortured her... A Facebook page for her to describe her suffer in the Syrian prisons.. More than 220.000 fans from all over the world liked the page and followed her… Media coverage; BBC, CNN, The Guardians, FOX and all the mainstream media..
-          No wonders here: Ooops… There was no one called Amina Arraf.. There was only a bored American guy behind his laptop in the states trying to put excitement into his life by creating such a character and enjoy following her followers!
Google it guys… this is a funny story!
Amina.. the blogger who never "blogged" into life

5- The Martyrdom of Zainab Al-Hosni; a girl from Homs
-          The story: A horrible video was uploaded on YouTube showing Zainab killed and her body is mutilated… A voice with the video describing the crime as if he was there when it happened, and using of sectarian words by accusing an entire sect of committing this crime.. As usual huge media coverage, pages on Facebook..
-          A truth and a wonder: Zainab Al- Hosni is alive, she ran away from her brother and her family for personal reasons. The Syrian TV interviewed her with her ID and she revealed it all. But, wait a second.. who was that dead body in the clip, who was the man behind the camera.. These are the facts that we will never know..
The real Zainab on the Syrian TV..

  • Did you notice that it is always about children and women!
  • Did you notice that they use religion and sects in their propaganda!
  • Did you notice that by googling any of the stories above, you will easily find the mainstream media versions of the stories, but you need to look up more for the true ones?
  • Did you notice the lack of information in these stories, though journalists are on the ground whether with an official permission to work on the Syrian ground or by sneaking to areas on fire.

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