Aug 2, 2012

Syria: Do you want to know what's going on in Syria?

The Grim Reaper wins 
It's worth repeating till the Grim Reaper comes to collect; spectacular blowback looms large.

The prolonged siege of Aleppo is at hand. The NATO-Gulf Cooperation Council "secret base" in Turkey, plus free-for-all weaponizing, are empowering an extremely nasty mix of unemployed, semi-illiterate young Sunni Syrians, sectarian born to kill army defectors, assorted criminals and multinational Salafi-jihadis. This video [3] shows everything one needs to know about the FSA.
Chilling amateur video shows FSA terrorist execute Syrian  soldiers

 And this [4] shows what kind of "democracy" they are aiming for. 

Saudi Wahhabis want a hardcore Sunni Islamist Syria - complete with Christians, Allawites, Druzes and Kurds as third-rate citizens (or prime candidates for beheading). Qataris want a Muslim Brotherhood protectorate. 

The Obama administration's foreign policy makers must be on (lousy) crack. Just because they are engaged on an all-out war against not only Iran, but also Shi'ites all around, how could they possibly bet on a Somalization of Syria profiting Wahhabi intolerance
A grinning Grim Reaper awaits in the wings. 
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