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Libya news [backup libyasos] 05. July - 11. July 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 11. July 2012.
To glorify "west" is the first rule of democracy [think about it]

The official website of the Higher Media Council  hacked by Algerian hackers! (Dz Mafia)
=Blocked by the BBC
Has the internet made journalists more accountable to the public? Only if media professionals are actually willing to engage with those who consume their output. In the case of the publicly-funded BBC, the onus on editors and journalists is surely all the greater, says Media Lens co-editor David Cromwell
=Libya's Mahmoud USA Jibril calls for grand coalition [Reuters]
Jibril is a fluent English-speaker who was the main point man of the rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) with Western backers including France, Britain and the United States.
= Abdelwahab al-Ghayed, ex LIFG & brother of Abu Yahya al-Libi, tells me he won a seat in Morzug, southern #Libya.
al-Ghayed is member of Umma al-Wasat, a party founded by ex-LIFG deputy leader Sami al-Saadi which includes head of #Libya's National Guard
Day after #Libya elex, I said watch what happens with individual cands (120 out of 200total). Islamists now claiming in lead on individuals
Bashir el-Kabti, leader of #Libya's Muslim Brotherhood, tells me expects 'Islamic current' to hold 60-70% of total seats due to indiv cands
[ ‏@MaryFitzgerldIT]
= Libya after the Parliamentary Elections: Precarious and Unstable
Nine months after the capital fell to revolutionary forces, and after the first free elections in the country held over the weekend, the security situation in Tripoli in particular continues to be shockingly instable. Things are at their worst at night on the coast, in the southern district of Abu Salim and in a number of other suburbs. Armed militias, the so-called "revolutionary corps", still control entire districts in the city and also have an iron grip on a number of other cities including Benghazi, Misrata and Zintan. As recently as early June, one of these militias occupied the international airport in Tripoli, blocking all air traffic for a good two days.
Out of control
Obstacles to free elections
A divided nation
Saif Gaddafi’s lawyer worried for her client’s security
Pro-U.S. Candidate Slated to Win Sham Elections in Libya
Corporate media outlets based in the United States and Europe have already proclaimed the western-backed party of Mahmoud Elwarfally Jibril, the National Forces Alliance, as the winner of the first post-Jamahiriya elections. Jibril, who was educated in the U.S. at the University of Pittsburgh, will undoubtedly uphold the current policies of the National Transitional Council (NTC) which was installed by the Pentagon and NATO during August-October 2011.
= Media Scoundrels Endorse Sham Libyan Election
"A circus held in a client state to assure the population of the home country that their intrusion is well received."
"The results are guaranteed by an adequate supply of bullets provided in advance." They're freely used to achieve desired outcomes.
The authors' main theme was that "elections held under conditions of military occupation and extensive pre-election 'pacification' " aren't free.
They're conducted to install client regimes. Those in charge are pro-Western puppets, not legitimate leaders.
US-style democracy is engineered. It's illusory, not real. Force backs it to assert control.
Libyan Elections, Demographics & `News Media` Coverage
The Libyan elections: what did you see on TV, happy smiling faces, unbelievable statements about `strange feelings`, even `freedom`, and other words no westerner would utter where elections are seen as a waste of time, a boring task, even a futile one?
In the current set up in Libya, the ruling thugs are judge, jury and executioner. There is no independent verification of their claimed figures for registrations to vote, nor of participation in the elections. On the contrary, facts on the ground and testimony of residents in Libya, is that an obvious majority of people totally boycotted the elections which they see as a sham.
So, who actually voted, and why? For this, we need to take a look at the current demographics of Libya.
Who rules Libya - parliament or police fighters?
Libya is a tree planted with the hands and watered with the blood of those who have struggled against imperialism
The words of a young 18-year-old Libyan, who can be known only as Mo Libya, that I have had the honour of knowing and inspires me greatly, maybe through these words you will all see why:
Why didn't Russia use veto right on Libya?
Why did Russia not use the veto on Libya?
Where is the money that was lent to Sarkozy by Gaddafi?
What are the chances of a repetition of the "Libyan scenario" in Syria?
Who set the West against Muammar Gaddafi and Bashar al-Assad?
Said Gafurov, scientific director of the Institute of Oriental and African studies, answered these and other questions for "Pravda.Ru."
It is believed that Russia "washed its hands" in terms of the Libyan issue.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 10. July 2012.
To glorify "west" is the first rule of democracy [think about it]
=Mustafa Abdul-Jalil and Mahmoud Jibril Have Been Paving the Way for NATO’s Conquest Since 2007
Shortly after Abdul-Jalil’s appointment in 2007, the other key player in today’s TNC – President Mahmoud Jibril – was also given a government job in Libya. Jibril was made Head of the National Planning Council and later Head of the National Economic Development Board where, according to the US cables, he too helped to “pave the way” for the privatisation of Libya’s economy and “welcomed American companies”.
A Gaddafi Follower - Green Libyan Counter Revolution Anyday Now

= As votes were tallied after Libyas first USA/NATO/NTC national elections in six decades, the countrys ambassador to Washington sat down to lunch with 20 members of different American companies.
 Ali Suleiman Aujali, who left  leader Muammar el-Qaddafis service soon after the unrest began, is using his post as the National Transitional Councils ambassador to encourage U.S. business leaders to seek opportunities and help rebuild his country.
"We want America to be more aggressive to do business in Libya....[ NO WE DON'T WANT! ] There is business for everybody,[NO IT IS NOT!] Aujali said in an interview with National Journal. You name it, and I will tell you we need it.[such a pathetic traitor of homeland]
Report Libya [SomaliaSupport3]
#  NTC continues to snatch people from roads and mass arrest people from Anti-NTC tribes turns them into Tortured Prisoners. According to Tribal leader speaking at meeting More then half libyan people were not even registered as tribes were left out.
# According Source close to NTC said "Jibril is under direct orders of Hillary clinton now Libya is part of USA"
Hitllary brought and selected Mahmoud Jibril was declared winner even before election began or were announced alongside Bel haj
# After Burning of Polling booths in Benghazi and Boycot in #Kufra .. now also Western tribes Boycot NTC election.
Tribes in west rejected To vote for Jibril after he failed to convince them of fair process hence they boycotted elections. They have boycotted Jibril despite his attempts to bribe them.
# Tribal leader of Wershafana said " #NTC election a Foreign election by Qatar and NATO that was lacking #Libyans "
Tribal said that " Tribes are furious were not consulted and were not given any representation. Tribes are complaining of large foreign fighter numbers still threatening Libya

Source close to tribal meeting told that only 1/4 of west voted.. and 3/4 boycotted as per their tribal agreement
Only 1/4 came out in West many tribes Boycotted election due to lack of Participation of their Tribes in the Process.
2 local Libya journalists held in pro-Gadhafi town
TRIPOLI, Libya (AP)  A Libyan militia commander says two local journalists are being held in a town known for its support of deposed ruler Moammar Gadhafi.

The dispute is part of the overall lack of security in Libya, where rival militias and armed groups control various parts of the country in the absence of a strong central government and army.

Mohammed al-Swehili, a commander from Misrata, said his forces were giving the captors in the town of Bani Walid 48 hours to free the journalists. If they are not released, he said Monday, forces from all over the country would attack Bani Walid.

The two journalists work for Misratas local TV station.
Bani Walid is one of the Green strongholds to fall in last years NATO -backed civil war in Libya

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 09. July 2012.
To glorify "west" is the first rule of democracy [think about it]
The Libyan Election Farce
All candidates are neo-imperial candidates - Wall Street proxy Jibril of "National Forces Alliance" presumed winner.
by Tony Cartalucci
July 9, 2012 - Ideally the West would like to install "liberal" pro-globalist candidates into power in each of the nations it has destabilized and destroyed during its premeditated, engineered "Arab Spring." In the case of Egypt where Mohammed ElBaradei was sufficiently exposed and his presidential aspirations effectively derailed, the West's Muslim Brotherhood proxies made for a viable second option. 
In Libya, a similar scenario has unfolded with two tiers of Western proxies poised to take power - pro-globalist technocrats like US-educated Mahmoud Jibril (Gibril) Elwarfally's National Forces Alliance, and of course NATO's terrorist proxies within the Muslim Brotherhood along with Al Qaeda-linked Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) warlords like Abdul Hakim Belhaj.
'Thugs, Islamists chaos' - welcome to New Libya
After a national election marred by violence and boycotts, vote counting is now underway in Libya. The election marks the beginning of a new, weak Libya, political analyst Richard Spencer told RT. Official results for the historic parliamentary election are not expected to be released for about a week, but the country's liberal Islamic coalition has already claimed an overall lead, contradicting predictions that hardline Islamist parties would sweep the poll.

Torture and mass murder: the other side to the Libya 'success' story
Take the case of Hasna Shaeeb, a 31-year-old woman abducted from her Tripoli home last October by men in military dress and taken to the former Islamic Endowment Office in the capital. She was accused of being a pro-Gaddafi loyalist and a sniper. She was forced to sit in a chair with her hands handcuffed behind her back and was given electric shocks to her right leg,private parts, and head. Guards threatened to bring her mother to the cell and rape her, and urine was poured over her.
After she was freed from the chair, her torturers could not open her handcuffs with a key so they shot them off her, fragments of metal cutting into her flesh. On being released after three days, Ms Shaeeb had a doctor confirm her injuries and complained to the authorities about what had happened to her. They did nothing, but she received a threatening phone call from the militiaman who first arrested her and shots were fired at her house.
In Tripolis post-revolution prisons, there is no rule of law
A Moroccan man arrested because his brother couldnt pay rent
Members of Forsans militia argue that because the police lack any authority, the town would spiral into chaos without them. Although probably correct, it is also true that militias often have too much power, as illustrated by the examples above. With no apparent system of checks and balances to guarantee a citizens rights, anyone could be arrested at any time. The militias are in charge of arrests, investigations and the decision to hold someone in custody or not. Such power could easily be corrupted to favour the wealthy, influential or well-connected.
Libya: A Mixed Bag
As a former rebel commander in the East put it: “We don't want Tripoli to rule all of Libya.” The crux of Libya’s challenges, which Vandewalle was careful to differentiate, is state building—the institutions that make a country governable—and nation building—national consensus to govern once institutions are in place.These grievances and divisions are compounded by competing visions offered by ultraconservative Salafists and jihadists inspired by Al Qaeda.Formal elections may give a voice to many in Libya, but their hardest days may still lie ahead.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 07/ 08. July 2012.
To glorify "west" is the first rule of democracy [think about it]
= What McCain sniff in Libya

Report Libya:

#Thousands of #Libyans are Political prisoners and are being #Tortured .. Election with thousands of political prisoners ?

#Green flags were seen flying in Abu-saleem and Salahideen University .. they were quickly destroyed by #NTC armed forces.
 #Zintan militia clashed again with Mesichiyah tribes in #nafusa mountains .. Militia occupation breeds public anger
#Misratan cars were stuck rushing into #Tripoli .. as desperate effort by#NTC before lack luster vote.
#Kufra South east region of #Libya has Destroyed its polling booths and refused to take part in the #NTC process.
#Tobruk has destroyed most of its polling booths and has largely boycotted the election
#benghazi has destroyed most of its Polling Booths and Militia from #benghazihave also shut down 4 key Oil pipelines
#clashes in #benghazi between #NTC militia which lead to many polling booths being destroyed in #benghazi
#People in Western for the large part have boycotted the election and Turn out was low according to #NTC sources
#Caller from #Libya told Shaab TV that peoples calls are being monitored by Militia's and that every call is deadly risk
 TRIPOLI - Most areas of #Tripoli boycotted the Election as they considered it a occupation with no real representation.
Libya Elections: There is only one "Party": chaos. Sorry, but I do not like lying to my followers about the real situation in this country.
= Libyan A new lie from the apish NTC: promised by law that members of the constituent authority will be "elected" rather than "appointed". [ horaciocalderon]
= Report World : 3 big #NTC Political parties In #Libya have Qatari Flag as their political symbol... can anyone say Foreign revolution ? pls [Somaliasupport3]
= Many #Benghazi people are against #NTC .. Rather they want seperate state ..So NATO took part in Civil war armed one side
BENGHAZI Al Alwiyah school in Benghazi attacked, all ballot boxes taken out and burnt, voting station closed #Benghazi #Libya
Benghazi elections 2012
TRIPOLI - Subdued atmosphere in voting station for IDPs in Tripoli, few voters, tension in the air [hananHRW]
Obama hails Libya elections as democratic milestone
NATO definition of "Free libya" .. We get oil for free ..Free of sovereignty .. Free from Hassle when implementing our plans
The foreign secretary said the UK had played a role in supporting the elections in Libya #hogwash
1. To glorify west is the first rule of democracy [think about it]
Libya: First `Dimacratic` Elections in 42 Years     
`Dima` is `blood` in Arabic, and the Libyans have thus taken to calling the new system `dimacratic`. Since 1977 Libya enjoyed a more democratic system than most other countries in the world, carefully concealed from the outside world by western media anxious to keep people away from taking a further look at jamahiri democracy
TRIPOLI - McCain & Libyan Keib , Fashion conscious -->
pair up for the elections, which turned bloody #LyElect

The American Dream: a big joke, especially with 7 million homeless Americans, especially with 95% of the population up to their neck in debt
Vote hailed as democratic milestone despite violence [hogwash France24]
[ It will be wonder if some of propagandist aka journalist ask ME about elections and NATO war in Libya]
Human Rights Watch Statements After Visiting Political Prisoner Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi
"For Libyans to achieve justice, the Libyan authorities need to ensure that the rule of law is respected and detainees are granted their full due process rights," Goldstein said.

The interim Secretary-General of the International People's Conference Organization says however that Human Rights Watch and other western organizations are tainted in their role in the war on Libya last year, and that there should be an unequivocal demand that Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi be set free unconditionally and compensated for his unlawful detention now nearing one year.
Under President Obama, operations on the continent have accelerated far beyond the limited interventions of the Bush years:

Last year’s war in Libya;

A regional drone campaign with missions run out of airports and bases in Djibouti, Ethiopia and the Indian Ocean archipelago nation of Seychelles;

A flotilla of 30 ships in that ocean supporting regional operations; a multi-pronged military and CIA campaign against militants in Somalia, including intelligence operations, training for Somali agents, secret prisons, helicopter attacks, and US commando raids;

Amassive influx of cash for counterterrorism operations across East Africa;

A possible old-fashioned air war, carried out on the sly in the region using manned aircraft;

Tens of millions of dollars in arms for allied mercenaries and African troops;
Arafat’s Assassin Admits Dramatic Development after Swiss Lab Finds Poisoning signs in Arafat’s Belongings
 I offered an analysis showing how Israel was the only possible perpetrator, with the help of a Palestinian agent working in Mukataa, the Palestinian Authority Headquarters in Ramallah. It didn’t take long until collateral corroboration emerged. Today, July 6, 2012, a video of a Palestinian prisoner acknowledging that he had slipped the poison into Arafat’s food emerged.
The Assassination of Yasser Arafat had been Ordered by the Israeli Cabinet

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 06. July 2012.
Libya First Election Sharia Law
LYelec a former rebel commander + the former rebel commander and former jihadist + a political prisoner + traitor  Head of the National Planning Council 
“We don’t want Tripoli to rule all of Libya,” said Fadallah Haroun, a former rebel commander in the east’s regional capital Benghazi.
Earlier this week, ex-rebel fighters and other angry protesters in Benghazi and in the nearby town of Ajdabiya attacked elections offices, setting fire to ballot papers and other voting materials.
A day earlier, the former rebel commander and former jihadist Abdel-Hakim Belhaj, who co-founded the Homeland or Al-Watan party, spoke to tens of supporters at the heart of Tripoli, endorsing democracy that will serve Islamic Shariah law.
“We might see the Justice and Construction party striking alliance with Jibril’s party or we might see all Islamists forming one bloc in parliament,” saidMohammed Bu-Sedr, a political prisoner in Libya who now serves as adviser to the NTC’s head and is running as an independent candidate in Benghazi.
Strikes shut two oil ports in eastern Libya(Reuters) - Strikes have shuttwo major oil ports in eastern Libya, and they are not expected to open until after elections on Saturday, causing loading delays that are already having an impact on oil prices, shipping and trading sources said.
"The ports have been closed because the workers are on strike because of the elections, as in the East people don't have too many seats on the government," said Asman, general manager at Al Omran Shipping Agencies and Maritime Services in Libya.

Brack Shatti  -  Pro Gaddafi tribes open fire since last night until this moment on NTC criminals  who are located in airport of Brack Shatti and NTC criminals are heading from Tripoli and AlZawyia to Brack Shatti. The people of Brack Shatti Decided to fight  [Millions Supporting Al Gaddafi]
BENGHAZI  - Gunfire struck a helicopter carrying election material in eastern Libya on Friday, killing one man.
The helicopter was forced to land outside the city of Benghazi after the incident. It was carrying material for Saturday's legislative NTC elections'
"We were preparing to receive the voting material as it arrived on a helicopter from Tripoli but it was hit and one man died," Ahmed Abdelmalik, an employee at the local branch of the election commission, told the Reuters news agency.
The identity of the attackers was not immediately known.
The east of the country, known was Cyrenaica, has seen ongoing protests and unrest by local groups who are seeking greater autonomy under a federal system and are upset with what they see as an unequal distribution of seats in the new assembly.

BENGHAZI C5 shell exploded over the hospital. #LYelec #ff
C5 shell that was fired over central hospital in Benghazi. Fragments fell in carpark.
#RasLanuf #Libya Federalist supporters set up a barrier outside Sidra oil terminal near. Thye cut and Harouge oil terminal gate in Benghazi
ICC lawyer says her actions in Libya were legal

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 05. July 2012.
Libya elections: Muslim Brotherhood set to lead government
BENGHAZI  The tribes of the region in eastern Libya in Benghazi, decided to boycott NTC election. They organized a large demonstration in front of the ballot boxes, to stop elections scheduled for Saturday.

Gaddafi hometown sidelined as Libya set to vote[ Reuters]
SIRTE, Libya - Stepping over the charred debris of what had been his home in the shattered town Muammar Gaddafi once favored, Miftah al-Farjani is adamant he will not vote when Libya holds its first election in half a century on Saturday.

Did the Mossad Murder Arafat?

Human Rights Watch was not in a position to assess whether al-Mahmoudi felt he could speak freely and honestly to its representative about his treatment at the hands of Libyan and Tunisian authorities.

The prison where al-Mahmoudi is held is run by the judicial police. Human Rights Watch was taken on a tour of the premises by the prison director, who said that al-Mahmoudi was being kept separately from the other inmates. During this tour, Human Rights Watch saw a clinic with medical staff, as well as a small courtyard that the director said prisoners can use when let out of their cells. Al-Mahmoudi is being kept in a prison block on his own, which includes four cells adjacent to a common area for recreation as well as separate sanitary facilities in the same block.

Al-Mahmoudi told Human Rights Watch that while he was held in the Mornaguia prison in Tunis, guards threatened him and beat him with sticks, boots, and a plastic whip. He also said Tunisian authorities did not allow him to meet with his lawyer, prompting him to begin a hunger strike.

One of al-Mahmoudi’s lawyers in Tunisia confirmed to Human Rights Watch that lawyers had been unable to talk with him in prison during one week at the end of May.
=Amnesia report: Militia Rule Strangling Human Rights in Libya, Threatening Progress of Humanitarian Revolution
The back of a man showing Amnesty International his torture marks, Libya, May 2012
= Libya: Rule of Law or Rule of Militias?
'[The militiamen] would not listen. They beat me with belts on my back, hands, legs. They threatened to kill me. Eventually I said "just write what you want, and I will sign".'
Amnesia -Amnesty International's video Libyan Militias Spiral Out of Control

Where disappeared photos and romantic Shakespearian
descriptions of NATO buddies called "Libyan freedom fighter"?[of course with  one of corporate logo]

SABHA - NTC airplanes in low fly today.

= NIGERIA - LIBYA  /  road of weapons - It is indeed an open secret that even though, Nigeria  did not share common border with Libya, arms andweapons have found their ways into Nigeria from Libya.

The Federal Government blamed Libya as the cause of Boko Haram insurgents in the country. They said  most of the weapons used by the Boko Haram sect are imported from Libya. 
[reminder] Nigerian Islamist sect Boko Haram killed four people in an last  attack. Then at least 15 people and wounded many more at a Christian service in Kano on Sunday, the latest round of violence which has seen hundreds killed in the mostly-Muslim north of Nigeria this year.
Saif Gaddafi: The Human Rights of a Man Reviled
The application argues that the ongoing detention and interrogation of Saif Gaddafi, in circumstances where he has no access to lawyers or to friends and family, is a violation of his rights under the African Charter of Human and Peoples' Rights.
Saif with his mother and  alittle nephew
Libya go to prosperity - Sharia should be ‘main’ source of Libya legislation, not subject to referendum: NTC [like THE MOST DEMOCRATIC KINGDOM of Saudi]
Hundreds of armed men calling for Islamic law and rejecting democracy as “Western” staged a demonstration last month in the eastern city of Benghazi, which held the NTC’s war-time headquarters.

Well-armed Islamist groups in the east, such as the Partisans of Shariah, oppose the vote, saying that the conservative Muslim country needs no constitution other than the Quran
AJDABIYA A fire ravaged a depot containing electoral material in the eastern Libyan city of Ajdabiya.
All material required for holding the election was stored in this warehouse
ballot papers, voter lists, lists of candidates and political parties, some posters, stickers, banners, boxes and other stuff. Everything is burnt.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 13. september  - 20. september 2011. 
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