Aug 13, 2012

Libya news [backup libyasos] 21. June - 28 June 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 28. June 2012. 
= BENGHAZI:  Organ trafficking in #NTC #Libya: The corpse of a five-year-old boy was found in #Benghazi, his liver and kidney removed

= Libya rebels: Human Trafficing mafia in Benghazi
Benghazi is well-known as a hot-bed of religious extremism. The Cyrenaica region has a long Islamist tradition going back to the Senussi brotherhood. Religious fundamentalism is much more evident here than in the western part of the country. Women are completely veiled from head to foot. They cannot drive and their social life is reduced to a minimum. Bearded men predominate. They often have the black mark of piety on their foreheads [the “zebibah,” which is formed by repeated prostration during Muslim prayers].
It is a little-known fact that Benghazi has become over the last 15 years the epicenter of African migration to Europe. This traffic in human beings has been transformed into a veritable industry, generating billions of dollars. 
TRIPOLI  - #LYelec: Who is the man who standing behind Abdul Hakim Belhadj
KUFRA - Fighting again in #Kufra. 9 dead,65 injured,5 women had miscarriage 3 children injured #Libya
TRIPOLI  - The Libyans[?] are destroying the remaining of their country with their own hands?!
The main valve engine  of 14 kilometre gas pipeline linking the regions of Al-Aziziyah branch with station for  measurement . A huge explosion was heard at about 3.30 pm [26.06.2012.] 

= #Libya: NATO-led rebels attacking indigenous peoples near Tripoli as indigenous National Liberation Movement defends people. [‏@cdoebbler]
Extradition to Libya – extradition to torture [Lizzie Phelan]
Phelan also explains that it is in the West’s interests to continue the trials against the members of the former regime. “Amongst those members and hundreds of thousands of Libyans who have now fled the country are the people who know how to build a stable Libya with strong and well-functioning institutions necessary for society to function. 
But the West doesn’t want strong institutions or a well-functioning society in Libya,” she believes. 
It wants eternal anarchy and chaos like that which we are seeing today.”
BARCA The militias of Barca have recovered some border crossings with  Egyptian. They place checks-points with their new flag of the Federation of Barca.

[HOGWASH] How will Libya's national assembly elections work?
Libya: Ex-premier was drugged before extradition from Tunisia 
When Tunisia extradited former Libyan premier Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi to his country last week, he was "under the effect of sedatives," according to his lawyer Mabrouk Korshid, who said the extradition was like a ''kidnapping."
"He was put in isolation on Saturday...and was sedated in a cell. He was unconscious when he was put on a private Libyan plane," Korshid told Algerian daily El Khabar.
Korshid dismissed comments by Libyan authorities that is client was in good health.
"How can you be well when your lawyer and family are not allowed to see you and you don't even know where you're being held," he said.
Doctor Baghdadi Mahmoudi Remains Libya`s Head of State
= SIRTE - Libyan youth who dedicated their lives to the defense of Sirte.Youth martyrs, fallen in defense of country, national green patriots. Local neighborhood defense forces.

= [yesterday] A Tunisian fishing boat was attacked today by a Libyan Coast Guard boat on patrol, according to TAP.

The attack has resulted in two serious injuries to fishermen on board, including the boat’s captain, who later died, TAP reported. There were 18 fishermen on board when the boat was attacked.
The injured fishermen were first transported to Zwara, but were not given access due to the lack of medical equipment, according to Ghbontni, and were later transported to Tripoli’s international hospital, were they were given medical care.
Tunisian fishermen are used to sailing in Libyan waters, according to sailor Omar Ghbontni from Zarzis, a coastal town in southeastern Tunisia.
Ghbontni described the act as “inhuman.” ” The remaining fishermen are being held for security matters owing  to the region’s political transition,” he said.
The 'War on Terror' Guarantee: Profit and Destruction
A decade of war has "caused death, injury and misery to millions of innocents with a final bill of up to $4.4 trillion to western tax payers, but have they made us any safer?"

= Tell me more pls ..#Europe|an are not stealing #Libya oil, official says: [They are just taking it for free.]
ICC Appoints #Gambian Lawyer As A New Prosecutor or puppet of Western Interest? Now will be easier ..when African is jidge to Africans.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 27. June 2012.
=Armed conflict and deaths in #Kufra #Libya continue.. at least 50 ppl injured and more than 6 dead
Tunisian  protest against  the extradition of Dr. Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi
Tunisian  protest against  the extradition of Dr. Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi

Arms smuggling through the Libyan [paradise] - Egyptian [paradise]border is continuing
Weapons seized in Coast City Salloum on Egyptian-Libyan border.

=  Lawyer of Dr. Al Baghdadi Mahmoudi confirmed in a telephone interview with Tunisian television channel that Dr. Al Baghdadi was drugged before extradition.
Dr. Al Baghdadi was taken from prison Marnakiya, drugged to the helicopter  which transported. According to  Al Baghdadi's family was informed by prison guards.
The lawyer confirmed that he sought Dr. Al Baghdadi in Libya but he can not locate it. He contacted the Libyan authorities but no information about location.
The lawyer adds that Dr. Al Baghdadi was delivered to the military governor of Tripoli Abdelhakim Belhadj [ex?-AlQaeda member] and not to the NTC interim authorities of Libya.
The trial of  Mr. Bouzid Dorda, was adjourned [like we reported] on Tuesday after his lawyer requested more time to review his client's case.
"We did not complete the review of the case due to the volume of the file," which is more than 500-pages thick, said Daw al-Mansuri, Dorda's lawyer.
"This needs sufficient time in order to put together a serious defence."
The trial was adjourned until 10 July at the defence team's request.
Mr. Dorda, who needs the support of crutches to walk after breaking his hip [in jail]  by NTC criminials , made no statements in the NTC's court room.
Libya is currently divided and the best proof of that is that Misrata has now, in effect, a separate government, and Zintan likewise
=Libya's former PM Mahmoudi tortured on forced return to Tripoli

The lawyer acting for Libya's former prime minister Al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, who was extradited to Tripoli from Tunisia at the weekend, claims his client has been tortured.
Marcel Ceccaldi, a French lawyer, said on Wednesday Mahmoudi had been badly beaten by NTC  "security officers" and left with broken ribs and a punctured lung.

"According to the information I have, it seems that he has been beaten," said Ceccaldi. "He is in hospital, under guard."
The International Committee for the Red Cross in Libya said it was still waiting for permission to visit Mahmoudi. "[He] has been visited 10 times in Tunisia," said Soaade Messoudi, the organisation's Tripoli spokeswoman. "We have not visited him [here] yet."
=  The main highway linking east and west Libya has been cut by armed "militia" demanding changes to the rules of the country's national elections due on 7 July.
Armed gangs backed by vehicles mounted with anti-aircraft guns have cut the highway at Red Wadi, 40 miles from Libya's main oil refinery at Ras Lanuf.
NTC's Libya is ready for elections

The militia say they will stay in place until Cyrenaica, Libya's oil-rich eastern province, is given a greater distribution of seats in the new national parliament, the national congress.
The region's self-declared Barqa Council – the Arab name for Cyrenaica – is calling for a boycott of the national elections unless seats are shared equally between Libya's three provinces.

The roadblock, which NTC's forces have not opposed, has further raised concerns over doubts over whether Libya can hold free and fair elections on schedule as violence continues in many parts of the country.
TUNISIA The extradition of former Libyan prime minister is a political mistake [arabic]
TINISIA/LIBYA border  - A Tunisian fishing boat was attacked by a NTC criminals
in international waters, causing 17 injured people.
TRIPOLI AIRPORT  - Zintan Militia are still holding on To International airport and moved into other streets as well. dispite many clashes.
MISRATA  Militia's in #Misrata were killing each other again. Repeating pattern at the port of Misrata and its city center.
KUFRA - NTC's battalion17 is arriving in Kufra. About 100 with armed NTC  bandits cars arrived today. [yesterday] New fighting erupted after sunset today  between Shield of #NTC brigade and the tribes [before2 days] Kufra residents say they can't hold election
= BBC's unimpartial report on its "impartiality" in regards to war on Libya

They put as a little convenient addition that they didn't cover human rights abuses by the rebels. But they don't mention the scale of those abuses and that in fact this omission meant that the BBC did not seek out the voices of thousands of pro-Gaddafi people who were being persecuted in rebel held areas.

Why didn't the BBC reporters who were in the Rixos in August, interview any of the hundreds of people (including injured children) who came to the hotel to tell such reporters about the RAF attack on their town in Zlitan that martyred 85?

Entirely omitting the voices of millions of people who supported Gaddafi(and not just interviewing a few people from the government), while the rest of the time your flooding you network with mercenary voices, is hardly covering "both sides".

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 26. June 2012.
=Libya : More humiliation and torture by the Misrata NATO-led  Rebels [video]
Sham elections postponed while tensions escalate in Libya
Tensions have escalated both inside Libya and throughout the region since the beginning of the U.S.-NATO war against the North African state more than a year ago. Fighting among various sectors within Libya erupted in May and June, while the much-discussed elections have been put off until July 7.

These elections have been subject to the political designs of the imperialist-backed National Transitional Council regime, which was installed as a result of the assault on Libya between February and October 2011.
NATO's Libya: A fine mess
Look at this second picture and you will see a young girl, allegedly beaten, tortured and raped by the FUKUS-backed terrorists. This is the scourge they have been backing. There are countless tales of torture, of decapitation, slicing breasts off women in the streets, murder, arson, looting, vandalism, theft, rape. This is what the FUKUS Axis and its leaders have done to Libya - they have turned a peace-loving and peaceful society, a fun-loving society into a land of terrified communities trying their best to fight off the terrorist scourge, trying to block it entering their towns and villages and cities to perpetrate the most shocking acts of butchery Africa has seen in a long time.
==When The Fate of ICC Staff Takes Precedence Over The Plight Of Saif Gaddafi
... The ICC have actively participated in violating international laws and norms with regards to the protection and treatment of political prisoners.

ICC prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, stepped beyond professional and ethical boundaries when he entered into secret negotiations with the NTC and the Zintan militia, while denying he was trying to influence the outcome of Saif’s case.

While he was engaged in these secret meetings, it was known that Saif Gaddafi was subjected to torture, denied medical treatment for his injuries, denied legal counsel of his choice, denied access to family and friends he trusts who could act on his behalf to appoint legal counsel. Now he has been denied access to his ICC appointed lawyer, Melinda Taylor. ..." 
= LIBYAN PARADISE  - Australian lawyer Melinda Taylor, who is being held in a Libyan prison, has been allowed a 20-minute meeting with Australia's top diplomat to the country. [ NO NEWS ABOUT SAIF]
US looks to expand military aid, intel to Africa [no suprise - It will be suprise taht USA built school or hospitals in Africa -THAT will be suprise!]
The U.S. has a military base in Djibouti, in the Horn of Africa, and there are about 2,000 U.S. troops there. He said there are only "small, temporary" troop presences in other nations, in places like Liberia, Morocco and Cameroon, including for training and military exercises.

Altogether, Ham said, the U.S. has trained as many as 200,000 "peacekeepers" and enforcement personnel from about 25 different African nations
= BBC admits they failed to cover both sides of the story in . TOO LATE! I feel sickened.
= Iraq, Libya, Syria: We Have No Right to Play God
In a traditional cowboy movie, we know what to do: we look for the guy wearing the white hat to be sure who to cheer, and for the one wearing the black hat to know who deserves to die, preferably gruesomely, before the credits roll. If Hollywood learnt early to play on these most tribal of emotions, do we doubt that Washington's political script-writers are any less sophisticated?
   This principle should hold because, as the world is currently configured,humanitarian intervention guarantees not a new moral order but rather the law of the jungle. Even if the West could be trusted to wage just wars, rather than ones to promote the interests of its elites, how could we ever divine what action was needed to achieve a just outcome - all the more so in the still deeply divided societies of the Middle East?

\= USA  - Shipments of Libyan oil are already arriving in the U.S, revealing the real reason behind the bombing of Libya
KUFRA - New fighting erupted after sunset today  between Shield of #NTC brigade and the tribes
=MR DORDA - hearing is postponed, defense lawyer asks for more time to review documents
Libya Paradise  - What we're seeing 2day in #Libya political playground is discounted retail politics No master-plans, just futile promises.
BENGHAZI  - Protestors in #Benghazi tearing down campaign posters calls for re-distribution of seats, Kufra residents say they can't hold election, next? #Libya
The second session of the Court of captive hero Bouzid Omar Dorda under bad security conditions, and murder and liquidation of the men of law and the Libyan judiciary controlled by armed militias.
What justice and integrity are we talking about? And under such circumstances how can a lawyer of Mr. Dorda, and his fellow Arab and foreign lawyers feel safe for their lives and themselves from the bullets of evil?
How can witnesses come forward to testify and risk their lives, in the absence of law and corruption of the justice sector as stated by the Mr. Hassan Zqlam the Minister of Finance, as happened to a media Solomon Dogh of kidnapping and arrested name of the law, which was outside the framework of the law as it came on his tongue, and what happened from the killing of Mr. Kady collected Gazoy, and a lot of what is happening in Libya today ..
TRIPOLI  - This is what jelatina left behind outside Tunisian consulate

TRIPOLI Bomb explodes outside Tunisian consulate in Tripoli
TRIPOLI, June 26 (Reuters) - A bomb exploded outside the Tunisian consulate in Tripoli on Tuesday, causing damage but no injuries, a Libyan security official said, the latest in a rash of attacks on foreign targets in the North African state.

Libyan police had no information on the identity or motive of the attackers, and a consulate official declined to comment.
The dead of Libya mustard gas: The Genocide of the Tribes of Mchachiya (another Achievement of the United Nations)
In June 2012, the Libyan tribe of Mchachiya knew the hell they are going to receive from the Zenten militia, a militia that was with 17 February 2011, before the arrival of NATO, it belonged to Italy, which bombed Libyans with mustard gas 82 years  ago. The brown in the picture is what is left of an affected Mchachiya Libyan mustard gas full:
TUNISIA  - Tunisian lawmakers protest Libya extradition
TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) -- Opposition parties staged a walk out from Tunisia's assembly on Tuesday to protest the extradition to Libya of Moammar Gadhafi's last prime minister.
"It is a symbol of protest because the values of the revolution and human rights are being violated in the country," said Issam Chebbi of the liberal opposition Republican Party.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 25. June 2012.
 We wish to Saif Al Islam Happy Birthday, good health, power in mind, 
courage in heart and love in soul and freedom! 

= Stranded immigrants detained in ‘racist’ Libyan camps #Libyan #paradise
Immigrants are held in deplorable conditions. The right to go out into the yard, like all the other camp rules, depends entirely on the militiamen’s moods. In one of the camps in Tripoli, the guards never opened the windows of a hangar in which more than 80 people were held. The heat was unbearable and I simply can’t imagine what it will be like there this summer.
photo by Sara Prestiani.
At night, the detainees get a limited number of very thin foam mattresses to put on the floor to sleep on. The rest of them sleep on hard mats, and this includes women – even pregnant women – and children. The militiamen claim they pay for the immigrants’ food out of their own pockets, but we saw bags of rice and pasta with the World Food Programme (WFP) logo stamped on them. These supplies are provided by a local humanitarian organisation called Libaid, which receives aid from several international organisations such as WFP.
=As Syria Beckons, Libya Descending Into Chaos After NATO “Success”
Those repeated airstrikes, in addition to the arming and training of opposition forces, the freezing of President Moammar Gadhafi’s finances and the enforcement of a one-sided arms embargo, finally led to a rebel victory.
Allied leaders, including Prime Minister Harper, cheered the demise of a tyrant when Gadhafi was captured, beaten, sodomized and executed in cold blood by a mob of rebels.
True to a Hollywood-style script, it was at this juncture that the international media began running the credits on the Libyan saga against a backdrop of NATO countries staging elaborate victory parades.
Libya: Mahmoudi's Extradition - President Marzouki Decides to Submit to Constituent Assembly What He Described As 'Infringement of His Prerogatives'
Mr. Mancer also says President Marzouki believes that "the handover of Mahmoudi is more a matter for Tunisia's foreign policy than justice and that the foreign policy is the concern of the presidency of the republic," adding that in case of dispute, the case must be referred to the Constituent Assembly.

He went on saying that "the decision of extradition is a blatant violation of Tunisia's international and UN commitments especially as the UN high commissionership for refugees had asked Tunisian authorities not to handover Mahmoudi until a ruling is made on his asylum request in compliance with the Geneva convention of 1951".
=Extradition of Baghdadi Mahmoudi Shakes Tunisian Political Scene
 Adnen Manser, spokesperson of the presidency, stated that Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki may resign.
There is a possibility that Marzouki will resign in response to the extradition of Mahmoudi without his consultation and signature. This is a transgression on Marzouki’s prerogatives. We consider this decision to be illegal and illegitimate. An objection will be delivered to the Constituent Assembly in protest of this,” Manser stated.
=Crude oil flows but chaos reigns in Libya
But Libya's political system is far from successful. Armed militias, once backed by NATO, now attack government offices and kidnap business executives. Some Libyans have said the on-going fighting could turn their country into another Afghanistan or Iraq.

Operations manager Sahli is pleased with increased oil production
Elhabib Alamin, a well-known poet and official with the NTC Ministry of Culture, said he fears Western powers will abandon Libya's struggle for democracy.
"The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq didn't result in improvements for the people of those countries," he said. "I think some leaders here in Libya are trying to get Western backing to become the next Hamid Karzai. I don't want Libya to become an ATM for Western oil companies while they abandon the people of the country.",,16047970,00.html
Arms Trafficking Threatens Tunisia’s Transitional Stability: Director of Amnesty International Tunisia
The Questions before NATO today
Question 1: What exactly was the Turkish jet(s) doing over Syrian airspace?
Question 2: Why does NATO exist?
Question 3: How many millions to the taxpayers have to pay for NATO?
Question 4: Is NATO Constitutional?
Question 5: What are NATO's policies?
Question 6: Why is NATO arming terrorists?
Question 7: Is NATO accountable for its acts?
Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi arrived 2 SERIAL KILLER COUNTRY: LIBYA
= This Ferjani dude, Tunisia tool of a lawyer for Nahda, said that Baghdadi has been treated well while in prison. I saw him just 2 days before the invasion of Tripoli, he was not walking with a walking stick and he had much more weight on him then this. I smell a rat. [Lizzie P.]
= On Medical Neutrality and Violations of it in Libya
So PHR missed this mother of all violations that saw a hospital turned into a slaughterhouse with hardly a peep from the media after the famous two-day spree of showing the bloating corpses without explanation.
There are many other violations they missed in Tripoli, in Sirte, and elsewhere, all of them seemingly committed by anti-government rebel forces.

These include shutting off water and electricity, embargoing fuel (needed for backup generators at the hospitals), blockading medicine and food, especially effective in squeezing Sirte, and reportedly direct military attacks on the Ibn Sina hospital there. - besides these, there are specific deadly abusers which I solicit below, but here are a few examples
Gaddafi Libya and the NWO - darkgrape

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 24. June 2012.
=SUPPORT FROM RUSSIA Bronze statue to Honor Moammer Gaddafi in St. Petersburg Russia
Bronze statue to Honor Moammer Gaddafi in St. Petersburg Russia
Bronze statue to Honor Moammer Gaddafi in St. Petersburg Russia
SUPPORT FROM GERMANY  - Grünes Kommitte München auf der pro Syrien Demo in Hamburg am 16.06.2012

=MISRATA PARADISE - Members of Misrata Local NTC Council have called on the chairman Yousef Ben Yousef and his deputy, Mohamed Al-Jamal, to resign.
They  demanded the resignations saying that the two had failed to resolve Misrata’s problems and were unable to manage its affairs properly.  They highlighted in particular the recent arrest of media personality Sulaiman Dougha by gunmen from one of the city’s armed gang aka militias.
= BENGHAZI - The MB are running in Libya. If they win there they will have all the libyan oil money, & would be impossible to stop.
Leader of #Libya's Muslim Brotherhood - linked Justice&Construction Party gave confident speech at Benghazi rally tonight. Buoyed by #Morsi victory next door?
Libya: Baghdadi Mahmoudi's Defence Committee Considers His Extradition 'Unlawful'
Mabrouk Khorchid, Mahmoudi’s lawyer in Tunisia, said neither he nor the former Libyan prime minister’s family had been given any prior warning that he was about to be extradited
"I believe this is a state crime and is against human rights," he said. "This is a sad moment for human rights in Tunisia. I think he’s going to be tortured and treated illegally and believe that those who handed him over bear part of the responsibility."
= People`s Secretary Unlawfully Sent to Occupied Libya
Head of State of the Libyan Jamahiriya and Hon. Secretary-General of the International People`s Conference Organization being held Political Prisoner since over 300 days, was forced into Occupied Libya. Photo: Man on the left is a wanted criminal, on the right, Dr Baghdadi, Libyan Head of State went on hunger strike.
In Libya, democracy clashes with vision of Jihad
In the same town, Sufian bin Qumu leads a militia that flies the black flag of militant Islam. A former truck driver for Osama bin Laden who spent six years as a prisoner at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, Qumu said the Quran is the only constitution he knows. He insists that he will remain armed until Libya adopts a Taliban-style Islamic government. "I lived in Kabul, in Afghanistan, when it was under Islamic law," he said in a recent radio broadcast that has been his only public statement. "If an Islamic state is established here, I will join it."
    A new report from two French think tanks concludes that jihadists have played a predominant role in the eastern-Libyan rebellion against the rule of Moammar Qaddafi, and that “true democrats” represent only a minority in the rebellion. The report, furthermore, calls into question the justifications given for Western military intervention in Libya, arguing that they are largely based on media exaggerations and “outright disinformation.” 

Kony 2012 and America's Conquest of Africa's Mineral Wealth
The push into Africa has more to do with destabilizing the deeply troubled Democratic Republic of the Congo and capturing its strategic reserves of cobalt, tantalum, gold and diamonds. More accurately, the US is poised to employ a scorched-earth policy by creating dangerous war-like conditions in the Congo, prompting the mass exodus of Chinese investors. Similarly to the Libyan conflict, the Chinese returned after the fall of Gaddafi to find a proxy government only willing to do business with the western nations who helped it into power [26]. The European Union’s recently offered contribution of $12 million to joint military operations against the ailing Lord’s Resistance Army suggests signs of a coming resource war in Central Africa [27].

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 23. June 2012.
= #Libya: NATO-led rebels vying to sell Libya's oil to bidder who will pay highest bribes, says foreign oil man. [ cdoebbler] 
= TRIPOLI More than 4 Explosions rocked Tripoli city in the early morning in different areas inside the city was done by resistance against rats in their camps and check point . [Millions support Gaddafi]
= Libya" Election "  why someone cut face of women candidates #Libya #paradise

Suliman Dougha  journalist who has recently criticized Misrata rebels for torturing of prisoners. 20th 06.2012. he was kidnapped. ‪#Libya #democracy‬
BENGHAZI -tearing posters of candidates NTC

The militia of the Zintan used mustard gas bombs to kill women and children 2
The militia of the Zintan used mustard gas bombs to kill women and children 1

BENGHAZI, people protested against NTC. They demand the resignation of Mustafa Abdel NATO Jalil

SYRIA [Sounds familiar?]Saudi Arabia plans to pay salaries to Syrian "rebels" – report
Saudi official are planning to pay salaries to "the Free Syrian Army", an opposition group fighting Syrian government forces, reports The Guardian. The move is meant to encourage military defectors, who are considered to make up the FSA core, and thus increase pressure on President Bashar Al-Assad. The preparations, coordinated with the US and several other Arab countries, come as Saudi Arabia and Qatar increase arms supplies to the Syrian rebels.
KUFRA - There are confidential news that Al Kufra, in the south of Libya has been liberated totally under the control of the People's Army. A call has been issued to all free Libyans who want to join the resistance to come to Al Kufra. The news have been broadcast by Dr. Hamza and confirmed by the leadership of the Resistance by phone to the Great Libya Pal talk chamber. [Daga Ali Daga]
=SYRIA - Libyan terrorist Abdul Hakeem el Meshri is in Syria to kill the innocent. Photo
Libyan terrorist Abdul Hakeem el Meshri is in Syria to kill the innocent.
Libyan terrorist Abdul Hakeem el Meshri is in Syria to kill the innocent.

Today most of us are silent about things in our world that really matter .
Terrorist who today are murdering civilians in Syria are once again presented to us as innocent civilians by the same evil forces who sold us the “humanitarian war” in Libya.
Anyone who has opened his/her eyes can see clearly that, these people could not care less about the Syrian people, but are in reality only after their own agenda of exploitation and absolute dominance of humanity and the world..
So it is sad to see, that many of us are still silent as these so called representive of Lucifer,here on earth, continue to twist events in our world to serve their agenda,while they insist on passing the lie to us as the “Truth”.
Commentary by Obol Bruno
 The language of violence in Libyan Paradise 2012
Numerous insurgent groups refuse to hand over their arms. They are trying to wrest special rights from the interim government which is grappling with its hold on power. Libya: urgent aid to displaced and wounded people
Clashes over the past few days in Sgeiga and Misdah, in the Jebel Nefusa south-west of Tripoli, have forced thousands of people to flee their homes in search of safety.
"About 600 displaced people are currently in two schoolhouses in Sgeiga," said Alexander Griff, an ICRC delegate. On 20 June, the ICRC and the Libyan Red Crescent delivered mattresses, kitchen sets, buckets and hygiene items to the people sheltering there.
=  TUNISIA[21.06.2012.] - A pair of Tunisian fighter jets attacked and destroyed two vehicles filled with weapons crossing the desert border from Libya, while a third escaped to Algeria, a Tunisian security official said Thursday.
The incident happened Wednesday evening near the triangle shaped no-man's land in the Sahara desert where the borders of Tunisia, Libya and Algeria converge.
The jets were on a routine patrol when they were fired on by the vehicles, which were carrying rocket propelled grenades, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because it was a matter for the Defense Ministry.

They also expose how under-equipped Tunisian border guards have struggled to clamp down on illicit activities by heavily armed gangs.
[ NO FORGET CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY ] 20.06.2011 – 20.06.2012 In Loving Memory of Khaleda, 5 years old Martyr (3 Videos) #Libya
= The language of violence in Libyan Paradse 2012
Numerous insurgent groups refuse to hand over their arms. They are trying to wrest special rights from the interim government which is grappling with its hold on power.
= AMERICAN SLAVES  - Libya Seeks U.S. Investment In Areas From Oil To Tourism -
Libyan ambassador to Washington Ali Aujali said
“The environment is great” for U.S. companies, in large part because the Obama administration is credited by [ NTC, AlQaeda and other Islamic extremists gangs]  with pressing for NATO military action and [NATO mercenaries ] that helped [to kill dozen of Libyans] last year, Aujali said.
NTC  appreciate what the Americans did, [for Amerikans interestes in Libya] ” he said, and American flags are often flown alongside Libyan ones around the country.
American companies need to “be more involved, to be more aggressive to visit Libya to see where they can make business,” he said.
Libya is looking to the U.S. and NATO countries to help rebuild after a bloody [NATO's war ] that cost the nation [ freedom, integrity] , billions of dollars in lost trade and revenue, according to the International Monetary Fund.
[NTC MEDIA ABOUT LIBYAN PARADISE ] In the lead-up to the forthcoming National Assembly elections on 7 July, female candidates will have the support of a national campaign entitled ‘My Voice for Her.’
[REALITY IN NTC’s LIBYA] Someone cut face of woman candidate from this Tripoli election poster. Pol rivalry or sending another message?
= WESTERN LIBYA  - More than 100 people were killed and 500 injured in a week of clashes in western Libya. Long-standing tribal rivalries, divided communities plague Libya as the government struggles to impose order in the vast oil-producing country awash with weapons after the war.- Reuters AlertNet [20.06.2012] 
= BENGHAZI, Libya [21.06.2012]— Libyan judge Jumaa Hassan al-Jazwi, who ordered the arrest of Moamer Gaddafi's ex-interior minister after he defected to lead rebels last year and died in mysterious circumstances, was murdered on Thursday, his son said.
Jazwi was said to have signed the arrest order for General Abdel Fatah Yunes, who was summoned for questioning from the front line in the city of Brega last July. The general is believed to have been killed on his way to Benghazi.
Interim leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil said afterwards that Yunes was killed by an armed group on his way to questioning in Benghazi.[AFP]
(+18) SHOCKING! The body of Abdel Fattah Younes, Libya [flashback]
ICC / NTC RELATIONSHIP IN CRISIS - NTC prime minister Abdulrahim el-Keib said that the international criminal court lawyer detained by security forces was guilty of actions that "compromised national security" and would not be released.
NTC indicates that Taylor can expect a lengthy period of detention, with the NTCLibyan prime minister saying the documents, which he did not specify, constitute "an offence punishable by the NTC Libyan regulations."

Tripoli said on Wednesday night that Taylor, one of four ICC officers who were on an official visit to Libya, had tried to deliver documents to Saif that were not part of her work for the court.

"An interrogation of them is under way," said NTC’s spokesman Nassar el-Manee. "There is evidence that proves they have breached the law."
The ICC spokesman Fadi el-Abdallah told
"She has immunity like all delegation members," he said. "Libya has the obligation to fully respect obligations in resolution 1970 by the [UN] security council."
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Libya news [backup libyasos] 13. september  - 20. september 2011. 
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