Dec 9, 2011

Libya Liberation Front News [09.12.2011.]

(1) The Libyan resistance intelligence agents have intercepted the shipment of 80 tanks, cannons and tank cartridges from the port of Misrata, these are used tanks imported by the rats, the origin of the tanks is still unknown, they are planning to use these tanks on attacks in Mizda. The arrival of more than 80 of these tanks in the city of Misrata by rebels is a sign of continues political hegemony, according to the prevailing order now in Libya, Misrata rebels have lost almost every front, political force and attacks, they are trying to regain influence by extending military might, after they have lost the post of defense ministry to Zentan in the new traitor government.

(2) Heavy artillery and sniper fire was exchanged between resistance forces and rebels at Souq Jouma in Tripoli.

(3) Rebels detained many civilians on the way to Sabha, Zentan rebels have been on hunt for the Gadhadfa tribe. The rebels attacked the houses of the tribe Gadhadfa on a false pretext that, they were searching for weapons, they arrested six civilians and they had stolen goods from people houses on the temporary houses they had controlled. The rebels were immediately counter attacked by a Touareg mobile green resistance battalion and they left the vicinity.

(4) Tripoli continues to be rocked by explosions day and night, clashes continue in Tripoli, every hour of the day. There are clashes and explosions every where in Souq Jouma, Ajelat, Zuwara and Aziziyah.

(5) Rebels are threatening to cut every entry and exit to Tripoli, and remove all weapons on the streets, while they are very busy importing newer and more sophisticated weapons into the country.
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