Dec 8, 2011

Report Libya [by SomaliaSupport2]

1. Report Tripoli: ALQAEDA militia and NTC ..cutting electricity and Water to many civilians across Libya..Starvation a weapon against families.

2. Belhadj ALQAEDA Brigade is planning to Seal all Exits "main highways" of Tripoli and also Cut electricity/water to many areas.

3. Belhadj ALQAEDA brigade has declared war against all Rivals in Tripoli after his Meetings in Turkey. possible foreign decision

4. 2 Explosions happend in Misrata. the Green Resistance hit two positions of the North misrata brigade.

5. Very heavy fighting in South of Libya. Libyan Tribes of Southeast are being bombed by NATO..but pushed Foreign NATO mercenary.

6. The People of Zuwara attacked Convoys of NTC armed militia after they started shooting at homes and Looting.

7. Sabha Militia groups defeated the North Misrata brigade that tried to attack the city of Sabha. "Misrata" is very unpopular.

8. Al Shabab ALQAEDA group from Somalia has been fighting in libya along side NTC for months. They followed the orders of Zawahiri.

9. "Belhadj ALQAEDA brigade" is supported by Qatar and NATO and accepted by NTC.. death squad to wipe all Libyans.

10. Source arrived in Zintan and spoke to militia there. They told him few points of Zintan tribes positions.

11. Zintan militia: Source asked "how do you see NTC future?" Zintan answered "we did not get a Part of that Stability anywhere".

Zintan militia said "we will hold saif al islam here in Good conditions..There is chaos in tripoli".. he means Belhaj

Zintan militia said "would NTC gives us anything..if saif was not here.. they gave tripoli to others" clear divide.

12. Report Zintan: Source traveling in Zintan said "The Zintan tribe met with Tribes in surrounding areas...they fear growth of Bel haj in west"....."Zintan do not want to be isolated in Libya like Misrata..and they were defeated by bel haj"...."Recently Zintan brigade helped Tribes fight Tripoli AlQaeda and north misrata brigades in Zawiyah and Baniwalid"

Zintan: according to source "NATO and NTC and alqaeda brigades in Tripoli want to kill Saif al islam..moving him to tripoli is death".

13. Recent tribal meeting in zawiyah Concluded that Saif Al Islam should not be killed or be brought to be killed..Zintan tribe took part.

14. Aljazeera Anchor said "will Zintan hand over Saif Al Islam..if its will hand him over when will that be" clearly not happy.

18. Awlad Boulid tribal leaders son Arrested by NTC..concerns he may be dead..Tribe warned if true they will join Green resistance.

19. Green resistance freed civilians from Prisons in ajelat and Ziltan held by militia. heavy fighting continues in Ajelat.

20. Tripoli and Tribes across Libya have declared they will come out in Protests against armed militia gangs and Alqaeda groups.

21. a Source in Benghazi has fled to Egypt with his family, situation has gotten worse. he forsees clashes between militia groups.

22. Benghazi militia has lost much of its influence due to a major mistake of not Entering Tripoli hence losing its central role. Еntire NTC Project crashed... when Benghazi militia were wiped at Tarhuna and Sirte and had no positions in western libya. Benghazi militia now Depends on Negotiations with Bel haj alqaeda in Tripoli and Salabi alqaeda in Benghazi. Now Benghazi Militia have no Positions in Tripoli and Constantly have to bow and please Bel haj "Qatar' and other militia's. Salabi Alqaeda Brigade in Benghazi has gained Influence and Power the more "benghazi militia" kept dying at Sirte and Tarhuna. today Salabi Alqaeda brigade in Benghazi part of Alliance of Qatar has more Influence and power then Benghazi militia's.

23. North Misrata brigade declined losing most of its fighters in attacks on sirte and baniwalid gaining nothing in Return.
Misrata region depends on "highly technical" factories that have all been Destroyed by NATO airstrikes.. it has no Gas or Oil. North Misrata brigade taught that it would be rewarded for killing Gaddafi and Maotassem today are crying hes not prisoner. North misrata brigade has attempted to Return to the South of libya but was Defeated and forced to return to Misrata.
US ambassador visits small Zintan  tribe, captors of Saif Gaddafi, 05.12.11Libya  - > 

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