Dec 10, 2011


Algeria refused to allow French and US drones to fly over Sahara desert under alleged tasks of preventing smuggling of weapons from Libya ,and monitoring the activity of armed groups loyal to Al Qaeda (yeah sure, to watch over their own puppets) in northern Mali .
Reconnaissance units of the base operated unmanned reconnaissance planes from France, over secret locations in the Libyan desert. The source revealed on related counter-terrorism file in the Sahel, that French and American air forces are actualy based in western Libya in a desert, believed to be located south of Alktaron, and they participated in the hunt for Libyan military leaders as well as Moamer Kadhafi.

"United States and France, according to a well-informed source, of air surveillance units that participated in military operations to topple Kadhafi, are working on the task of controlling desert areas, most notably the Niger-Libyan border suspected of being the main corridor for the smuggling of weapons from Libya, and rocky desert between Mali and the Niger from Adghagh Ivoghas until Nigerian Arlette called Tora Bora, Sahara desert Al jawf and perspiration gauze between Mauritania and Mali. Available information indicates that the US drones are spying on this area. 
Drone crash
Our sources revealed that the French air force planes stationed in the Sahara in Chad and Libya are supported by long-range planes of the type "Eitan" manufactured by Israel aircraft industries and operated in the French air force, these aircrafts up to 4000 km and could therefore cover the Sahara in clearing missions and air surveillance. Algeria has refused to allow the pilotless aircraft, long-range French and American flying over areas in the extreme south near the border with Libya, Mauritania, Mali and Niger, and decided to intensify its aerial surveillance by means of the Ministry of national defence.

A well-informed source revealed that French drones which are flying from at least three bases in Libya and Chad, were seen in the sky in the desert regions of northern Mali for the first time at the end of last November. And participation, according to well-informed sources,of the air forces of Western countries including the United States and France for the last several weeks in reconnaissance operations over Sahara are the most important in the last couple of years. Reconnaissance operations started immediately after the fall of the regime of Colonel moamer kadhafi in Libya.

Available information indicates that Algerian planes, including unmanned aircrafts, special Russian-made planes, control the desert. A well-informed source revealed that some of these aircrafts has just entered into service and can ensure control of a broad desert areas. Despite the intense secrecy surrounding this topic, the army sources confirmed that the new reconnaissance aircraft that was put to work, was made in Russia, with developed techniques, and received two years ago from the United States.

Engineers have got special configuration on the Algerians to work on this aircraft under an agreement with the US side. The first tests were conducted in the United States and at air bases in southern Algeria. The air force has started to work extensive hours after kidnapping of Spanish nationals from Al Arabouni camp in Tindouf, the planes also participated in monitoring the eastern border of Algeria-Libya to prevent smuggling of weapons from Libya to Algeria.

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