Dec 9, 2011

The new government is rejected by the majority of people, and tribes of Libya

Libya: Too many questions
The talk of Libyan foreign powers imposed politicians drive to ban weapons out of Tripoli, and the entire country sound silly and at the best premature, the reazons are as follows:

(1) The new government is rejected by the majority of people, and tribes of Libya.

(2) Whom can you trust about your safety an
d security in Libya, the militia units are thugs brought into Libya by NATO, Israel & Qatar to kill Libyans, to take the oil, when every Libyan is killed, NATO nations do not have to bother about paying for Libya's resources and oil, invasion into the heart of Africa and sponso
ring genocide some-where inland Africa is very simple from Libya.
(3) There are way too many Western mercenary and rebel units in Libya, whom will they disband, and which rebel units to keep to form a national army?. None of the rebel units trust each other, neither are they trusted by the general public.

(4) Stabilization in Libya will be a long process, Libya is far from recovery, Iraq style fragmentation is what is currently taking place.

(5) Green Army and the Libyan economic army still is in control of 95% of Libyan regional and foreign assets, in both formal and informal economic sectors. They will not liquidate and give this money to the rebels.

(6) Food exports to Libya by NATO member states contain poison and chemicals, in a further attempt to wipe off Libyan population.

(7) Many Libyan cities will take much longer to be rebuilt, or never be rebuild at all. At least a minimum of 10 years to full recovery, and Libyans will need to increase fertility, reproduction to replace the killed, deceased and dis-abled people, population of Libya will have to skyrocket.

(8) Fighting over resources, too many western interest groups, they have to be blown up with explosives first, for Libyans to sit down for dialogue and possible reconcilliation, which NATO is not interested in.

(9) Nobody will give up on their weapons, silencers are a safety valve today in Libya, without weapons, people go missing and they get killed in many instances.

(10) Fresh wounds of war, Libyans are just starting to get angry, and doing something about their plight. Many are learning to fight.

(11) Libyans are very busy burying each other, there is no room for negotiations. Everyday more than 200 people get shot, killed or burried daily of gun shot. To think of stabilization with anger inside Libya is not likely to happen, every person almost lost a relative, neighbor or some-body.

(12) Israelis and Jewish to move into Misrata and many coastal towns of Libya, manyhardcore muslims are waiting to this reality.

(13) Libya no longer safe for immigrants, especially for Africans and Serbians, wrongly accused people of being mercenaries.

(14) NATO will not control Libya, too many people with guns willing to kill and shoot at NATO & UN foreign forces.

(15) Job security and stability in Libya is none existend, no good jobs, every where is destruction, making it impossible for many to find jobs.

Libya Benghazi:  protests against corruption and high price of food [08.12.2011.]

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