Dec 7, 2011


The head of Tuberculosis department in Alkwyfah Hospital, Dr. Hasan Mahmud al-Maliki warned about the spread of epidemic of tuberculosis in Benghazi as well as between the rebels returning from the war fronts, pointing out that the thoracic hospital received eight cases infected with the disease, calling for the Ministry of Health to form a committee to contain the disease,in order to prevent its spread among family members, university students and rebels themselves.
Maliki said in his statement:"The first cases of infection among the rebels appeared about five months ago" . "Tuberculosis is one of the oldest chest diseases and bacteria that cause the disease is serious and spreads rapidly, one of the most dangerous species. Symptoms are persistent cough, high fever, loss of appetite and a sudden decrease in body weight."
 Maliki predicted spread of the disease among the rebels during the coming period, and indicated that the symptoms do not appear until after the required incubation period of the bacteria within the body, ranging from four to five months.
Maliki also called for an urgent vaccinations for individuals and employees of the army as well as creation of a mechanism to prevent the entry of any visitor to Libya without proper health certificates confirming that they are vaccinated, and to report the situation to the competent authorities.

One rebel, Mustafa, said he got infected with TB while he was around refugee camp of Tawargha people. He said that he was with 25 refugees, and most of them were coughing and had no appetite. Tawargha black residents were displaced by racist Misurata rebels into non-decent camps, uninhabitable, where TB might spread more easily than in normal conditions.
Tawargha camp

To remind you, 35.000 black Tawargha people were displaced/killed/raped/house burnt by Misurata [The Turkish Jewish origins of the tribe which later converted to Islam] rebels this year, in an event which was named "the worst racist atrocity since WWII"

Psychological problems- experienced by the displaced Tawargha people also contribute to the spread of disease because they live in constant fear, their children are tortured in secret prisons of the city of Misurata, Tawargha are trying to locate them,while displacement from their homes and land contributes significantly to the spread of diseases.

Tawargha urged NTC to end their suffering, which is described as a humanitarian disaster. On top of all this mayhem, Ministry of Defence has revealed that University of Benghazi forged 7.000 health certificates for rebels/ex-fighters in order to enroll them to university, although some of them were infected with tuberculosis..
Yes, this is the same uni where 3 girls were kidnapped, raped and died day before yesterday.. splendid academic record of that institution.

Children in Libya now suffer
What else to expect from them and their neglect?
They already helped in spreading deadly epidemics, rapes, kidnappings, murderers
Did I say that this was UNIVERSITY I was talking about?
(Yes, the same one which prides itself with starting a foreign-backed 'democracy seeking' 'anti-corruption' revolution. lol)

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