Sep 15, 2012

Prince Harry Sent To Afghanistan As Punishment

I do not care for arrogant spoiled rich kid. 

Prince  Harry naked - British newspaper The Sun ignored a warning from the palace and a regulatory ruling on Friday morning by controversially publishing the nude photos on its front pages. [USmagazine]

The nude photos on its front pages

But ...
Media can't to sell to us a story about a hero who serves at NATO killing machine.

Prince Harry’s back in Afghanistan.
But… is the timing suspect? St. James’s Palace announced the scandal-happy prince will spend four months in  NATO camp. That was quick.
Oh, and now he’s considered a hero again.
What a difference two weeks make!

Harry got caught acting a fool and the royal family is placating him to settle his tantrum.

Talibans [from Afganistan]  attacks Afgan [NATO] camp where  Prince Harry [from England] is stationed in September 2012 []


* Prince Harry secretly[?] serving in Afghanistan in 2007/ 2008
The army – which decided last year it was too dangerous for Harry to serve in Iraq deployed him to Afghanistan on condition that his whereabouts remained a secret, in case he became a Taliban target. []

* The prince [from England] served [ NATO] for 10 weeks in Afghanistan as a forward air controller in 2007-08, directing jets bombing [killing]  Taliban [form Afganistan]  positions in Helmand province. []

* Prince Harry leaves Afghanistan after cover blown Feb 29, 2008 [ then was dengerous situation, today isn't?] [APF]

* Prince Harry in Nazis uniform in 2005.

* Prince Harry smoking marijuana  - In 2002, Prince Charles sent Harry, then 17, to rehab after he admitted smoking marijuana and getting drunk in a pub near the royal family's country estate—which earned him the nickname "wild child." [YahooNews]

And just to be extra cynical, what will be with Kate-toples-photo scandal
What is next? Kate in Afganistan? Or Kate is helping Syrian refugees?

Yesterday I decide to wrote this post. Today when I presented some part on FB page then friend send to me  GREAT! Article [ much better and sophisticated, then my with [my] basic English ].

My suggestion to read full : Fear of a Brown Planet: An Open Letter to Prince Harry

" I have been really disappointed by how the media has treated you over the years. They always talk about you like some dumb brat who has done nothing to deserve the life you have. Is it your fault that you are special? 
These are the same bleeding hearts and hippies who think Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are bad for little girls, and that the Tintin in the Congo book was 'racist' because of how they drew black people.

When you were 17, everybody made a big deal about you getting busted smoking pot and drinking alcohol. What 17 year-old hasn't?
 And besides, as punishment your dad made you go to a rehab centre for a day to talk to recovering addicts. I'm sure that was a really special experience for them and you, and I'm sure you never, ever touched drugs or alcohol again because you would think of those poor people you met and just feel terrible.
Some people have even called you racist. Just because you dressed like a Nazi. ONCE. Just once. It's not like you do it every day!
 Sometimes people call me racist because I make jokes about white people, so I totally know how you must have felt. I think it's a sad, sad world when a prince cannot dress in the uniform of a fascist movement just for a bit of fun. And nobody even bothered to mention how handsome you actually looked in the costume - just like a real kid from the Hitler Youth! 
They called you racist again when you became a soldier and went to Afghanistan. First of all, I think it's really brave of you to fight for your country. I'm sure the people of Britain feel a lot safer knowing that if anyone attacks their country, you will be flying an Apache helicopter to protect them against terrorists, aliens, or anyone else.
 I don't know if you killed anybody in Afghanistan, but I'm sure if you did they completely deserved it. Did you take your Nazi costume with you?
I don't care if you play pool with naked girls Harry. Don't listen to the internet haters! Everyone secretly wishes they were the ones playing naked pool in Vegas.

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