Jun 17, 2012

Prisons in NTC's Libya [A documentary worth seeing ...]

A documentary worth seeing ...
There are no statistics yet on the number of detainees in prisons or jails in Libya 
According to the news, The city of Misurata alone holds more than 600 prison for torture and murder
And reports have proven the involvement of the new Libyan government in these matters
According to the testimony of a survivor from the prisons of purgatory, they hid prisoners who seem to them the effects of torture during the visit of international organizations, And those were the orders of the Libyan Transitional Council
There are video clips showing violence towards the Libyan prisoners, especially Blacks, Where 40,000 residents were displaced from the city of Tawergha the city has been canceled and burned. Only because they are black
Some prisoners were forced to eat their own shit and lick their own urine, And also to eat the green flag After they were placed in a cage for animals
Even peaceful demonstrations were objected with live Ammunition
The most dangerous prisons in the city of Tripoli are
1- the prison of Alkhandak " the Trench "
2- the prison of Een Zara
3- the prison of Al Jadaida
4- the prison of kkoleyat al Banat " Military College for Girls "
The city of Zawiya is considered the second largest city when it comes to prisons after the city of Misrata.
The prisoners are being held even in schools and factories .
Lately Human Rights Watch has acknowledged the violations that are taking place in the Libyan prisons . but there were no actions taking to stop those violations .
[via Libya Ourlife]

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