Jun 6, 2012

Award-winning British journalist Lindsey Hilsum. Next award is The Nobel Prize in Literature

07.06.2012. [Reuters]
Award-winning British journalist Lindsey Hilsum has reported from:
Afghanistan [only today NATO  killed 18 civilians , but no about KILL TEAM in Afganistan], Kosovo [ but NO about organ  traffiking by Albaniana mafia on Kosovo and the front lines of the Iraq [ but NO  about colateral damages war embedded with a U.S. Marine unit, but Libya's revolution last year marked the first time she set foot in that country.

Now she is responsible for another first: her "Sandstorm: Libya in the Time of Revolution" is the first book to tell the story of the 2011 uprising that overthrew longtime dictator Muammar Gaddafi through the eyes of Libyans.[?]
 Someone who "last year marked the first time she set foot in that country.
Can she will explane to me anything? 
Ouch? No, no, let me explain 
“The revolution in Libya was started by a group of little old ladies. And I love that,” Hilsum said 
Is it some kind of joke or only good old propaganda? 
Who will buy this book? Maybe she will get The Nobel Prize in Literature?

August 2011
The fellow alerted the brit reporter to his racism, but the  Lindsey Hilsum    not to notice! 

At first I uploaded a shorter version, which I replaced with this longer one. On the shorter version 'stalkingalizee' replied. I wanted to let you see his response
"That boat was a hijacked tug a bunch of merc niggers were using to rejoin forces to the East. RAF bombed it with a Paveway "


Why was it relevant for him to point out that the soldiers were ALL BLACK??? Not relevant at all. 
Just more of the tebels (terrorist/rebels) racism. And note that the tebel admits that there was heavy fighting (READ: we were losing) so NATO stepped in to help them.


In this excerpt from a report by Lindsey Hilsum we can hear one of the Rebels talk about a fight that took please in the Refinery of Zawiyah. He talks about the way Libyan soldiers were trying to flee in a boat, but NATO made sure they would not get away by bombing the boat.

Lindsey Hilsum rather naively asks if those that climbed on shore were taken POW, to which Yusuf Hamed responds 'eh, yes and killed'.

The original version can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfVEKOUsn_A

Please read more about "jounalism" in this "free world"

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