Jun 16, 2012

The Libyan Civil War - Critical Views: Abu Salim Hospital Imagery

Area A = The northwest out-building, with strange black doors (see PB19) in front of which app. 20 bodies were piled. Satellite image taken after body removal.
B = front loading area and northwest drive, where many empty gurneys were left after body removal. At least 57 are visible, with others perhaps still underneath the covered promenade.
C = Apparently two gurneys, empty. Perhaps these were two "high-value" patients rolled out a side door and driven off for special treatment, leaving their beds behind
D = A whole lot of something - possibly garbage/debris, possibly bodies the media wasn't taken to.
E = Surrounding street, southwest corner - of possible interest, something messy happened on the street back here.
F = A back loading area, quite possibly usually used for garbage pick-up. The apparent garbage bags piled here are of the scale to be human bodies, at least 25 of them if so.

Interior locations will be placed as soon as we get hold of a reliable floor plan of the place. Not expecting that.

For a pretty comprehensive list, I thank Petri and his Abu Salim hospital playlist at Youtube.
Here are most of them, if not all: ...
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