Jun 27, 2012

Libya news [backup libyasos] 25 May - 31. May 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 31.  May 2012. 

23h/ Green Resistance is  continuing  - to defence land from the clutches of the NATO/NTC mercenaries and traitors of homeland Libya.

22h/ Sirte The Green strength of demand for young Libyan Sirte to be careful because the NTC  militia is  at a checkpoint No. 50 stop young people. Yesterday they arrested two youths aged Sirte no reason
21h/ Libya – The Order of the Assassination of General Abdelfateh Younes was ordered by France-see video (May 30, 2012) 
A video of a rebel accused  of killing general Abdelfateh Younes. He says he has documents proving that the No. 1 NTC Mustapha Abdeljalil and friends who have killed General Younes. He added that the decision was taken to the killing in the city of Baida in Libya and it’s Mustapha Abdeljalil that brought about the assassination from France.
20h/ Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi, the brother, the father, the friend of the oppressed peoples of the Earth. --> http://youtu.be/TL_OkGQ0B9I
19h/ Libyan authorities have seized the assets of 338 names, including Turkish companies and individuals, and frozen all transactions, daily Hürriyet reported.
"There is no stability in Libya right now," Rixos owner Fettah Tamince said. "They are all waiting for the elections."
18h/ BRILLIANT!  ***** The Truth About Libya, Gaddafi, And The Illuminati ****
17h/ Tripoli In Tripoli, the death of Abdelmalek Jouili, the son of Defence Minister of NTC. He died following a car accident. He is originally from Zintan. As a reminder, he was wanted for murder.
16h/ Another group of Eritrean and Somali refugees who had set sail from Libya were this morning brought in to Malta after being rescued from a sinking dinghy on the high seas, to the South West of Malta.
The migrants – 65 in all – were said to have been seeking assistance since last Tuesday after their engine failed and drifted in the Mediterranean.
15h/ VENTURES AFRICA –  General Electric (GE), a US-based power-generation equipment giant, expects to generate as much as $10bn in revenue from Libya, as the North African country aims to rebuild its economy, infrastructure, and institutions which are destroyed by USA-led NATO 2011. 

14h/ Libyan man wants $160,000 from Nato over family deaths
BRUSSELS (AFP) - A Libyan man demanded 100,000 euros ($160,000) from Nato on Wednesday, threatening court action over the deaths of five family members last year that he blames on an alliance air strike.

Mr Ali Jefara says his brother, his sister-in-law, two nieces and a nephew were killed in an overnight raid in the city of Bani Walid, 170km south-east of Tripoli, on August 29-30, said his Belgian lawyer Ghislain Dubois.
13h/ Bani Walid - NTC Ministry of Justice visited the  social council of the tribes of Bani Warfala to alid. The Warfala asked this delegation, the reason for his unscheduled visit.

These envoys said they have a mission to list all the seats of directors destroyed during the war to rebuild them also between prisons, courts, … they even said they will provide transportation of go
ods , … [ALGERIA ISP]

12h/ Bani Walid  According Great Wefala, emissaries from the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Justice visited the  town of Bani Walid. They visited the Social Council of the tribes of Warfala which is the sole representative of the city.
They found the situation is stable in the city. They found that police officers do an excellent job to manage traffic. They are present even at universities, colleges and schools.
The streets are blindfolded citizens exercising their daily work.
Remember, the Warfala demanded the departure from town of any rebel . Citizens manage in the city without  the NTC.[ ALGERIA ISP]

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 30.  May 2012.
 Dear friends!June 7th is approaching.
This is an unusual day. Our birthdays aren't so important as this date.

June 7 is a day when (70 years ago) the one was born who shattered dogma of capitalism.

Thanks to him a world theory, practice and experience are being dusted off.

And he is the one who has realized this quintessence and created a society of justice.

This man is Muammar al-Gaddafi, Leader of the Libyan Revolution.

Radio "Worldwide Jamahiriya" offers you a direct participaton in a festive air preparations. From today we will turn on our Skype to receive your calls with congratulations which will be beautifully decorated and will be repeatedly aired on the appointed day.

We are waiting for your calls.

Also anyone can record himself your congratulating and supporting words and then send recorded file to us.
Skype: greendefenceE-MAIL: demi@worldjamahiriya.net

15h/  Exclusive: Libya’s Civil Crackdown Worries Democracy Advocates
New laws from military rulers will stifle pro-democracy organizations and ‘organize’ the media. Jamie Dettmer reports on signs of trouble in the run-up to national elections.
13h/ World Press Photo enjoys gloating over death
I am not sure when the civilized West eliminated the law against corpse-eating and gloating over death. Apparently, this crime was secretly crossed out from the criminal codes of the democratic world. Nothing else can explain the cannibalistic cynicism with which the jury of the "the world's most prestigious exhibition" World Press Photo awarded the shot depicting the last moments of the life of Muammar Gaddafi. 
12h/ Bangladesh has banned export of manpower to Libya until a stablegovernment takes over the African country and a Bangladeshi ambassador is appointed there.

Labour and Expatriates' Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Engineer Khandakar Mosharraf Hossain said this when he was addressing journalists at his Secretariat office in Dhaka.

The deportation from May 22 to 26 prompted the authorities in Dhaka not to allow Bangladeshi job seekers to go to Libya as yet.

"There could be over 190 job seekers deported. But I don't see any reason behind it (deportation) because their visas were issued by the Libyan embassy in Dhaka. We have even re-checked those," said Begum Shamsunnahar, director general of the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training (BMET).
09h/ [last night] SIRTE -  Explosion shakes camp 700 in Sirte

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 28.  May 2012.
22h/ Oops, BBC: Iraq photo to illustrate Houla massacre?
With the shock of the Houla tragedy ringing across the world, the BBC has released a story with a harrowing picture of rows and rows of children's bodies awaiting burial… But isn’t that post-Saddam Iraq?
Photographer Marco di Lauro who took the shot grabbed by the BBC says he nearly “fell off his chair” after finding the picture on the network’s website with a caption reading: “Photo from Activist. This image – which cannot be independently verified – is believed to show bodies of children in Houla awaiting funeral.”
The picture was actually taken on March 27, 2003; in Baghdad

21/ TUNISIA - Protest against extradition Mahmoudi Mr. Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi

20h/ Protests every day - nothing new in "new" NTC's Libya 

19h/ Libya :Torture of Libyan citizen ,Seraj, born in 1990 from area of Al Qawasim, Gharyan, at the hands of Gheryan´s militias [+18]
18h/ Blasting and destroying the homes of Libyan citizens by NTC's  armed militias The houses belonging to the citizens of Moses Makhyoon and Dr. Atalla [weird pretext ] they were supporters of the former regime.
Is it democracy or horror?

17h/ Security & safety: Libya today at the early morning  smoke is rising ...
Fire in store  at  Dahmani Tripoli Libya

16h/ Dr. Hisham beaten by the rebels for not treating their wounded, and injured, do rebels have enough logic not to understand many hospitals in Libya are faced with shortage of medicine, supplies and equipment?.
What were the rebels thinking when they first start the war?
They are beating doctors that have nothing to with shortage of medication in the hospitals.

15h/ ZINTAN, SAIF AL ISLAM - "Former rebels"  who hold Seif al-Islam, have been delaying his transfer to Tripoli because they did not get their salaries.
"The failure of the TNC to fulfill its promise to pay the salaries of Zentenrebels for the six months, for an amount not exceeding 1.7 million dinars (1, 36 million), has led them to delay the transfer of Seif al-Islam to his prison in Tripoli ", Ahmed Jehani told the AFP.
14h/ JANZOUR, MEGRAHI  - Mr. Abdel Baset al-Megrahi was buried Monday  near the Libyan capital with  family members and friends. Rest in peace Mr. Meghrahi
His brother, Mohammed,said in pained wails during the burial at Janzour cemetery, 10 kilometers (six miles) to the west of the capital.

"My brother is innocent. He's a hero," Mohammed yelled at the funeral. "He's buried among his people. He's buried in his own country."
13h/ NATO MALTA - Maltese businesses generate interest in Libya
[Malta is coming for piece of cake]
Around 20 Maltese companies from the building and construction industry have been assisted by Malta Enterprise to participate in the Libya Build 2012, where they had the opportunity to showcase their products and services, establish relations with their Libyan counterparts and explore business prospects within post-revolution Libya.
12h/  NTC  - The election for an assembly that will draw up a new constitution was originally scheduled for June 19.
Mustafa Abdel NATO Jalil told Reuters he thought the vote would be delayed by appeals from people who have been blocked from standing as candidates.
Neither Abbar or Abdel Jalil specified a new potential date or by how long it could be delayed.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 27.  May 2012.

A hero is born among a hundred, a wise man is found among a thousand, but an accomplished one might not be found even among a hundred thousand men.
Khamis Gaddafi
Khamis Gaddafi, SON OF LION
00h/ Libya S.O.S. – Daily News
24h/ Warplanes fly over West #Libya on low altitude, no official statement by the "government" so far. #AlgeriaISP via @SaintJust88
22h/ The Brother Leader Gaddafi addresses students at Oxford University
The brother leader addresses students at Oxford University on the colonial approach of both China and the USA, and the need for Africans to unite to stop both approaches.
23h/ GhaddafiSpeaks's channel  [ You can hear Gaddafi;s ideas on this channel!]
22h/ The Brother Leader Gaddafi addresses students at Oxford University [and again he has right] 
The brother leader addresses students at Oxford University on the colonial approach of both China and the USA, and the need for Africans to unite to stop both approaches.
21h/ Tripoli -  At the Tripoli medical centre, Doctors protested against horrible unsafe conditions, abuses and torture in hospitals

The arrival of members of the battalion special military forces in the city of Benghazi -Ghadames to stop the clashes between the warring parties there.

19h/ Trailer park residents in Libya demand better living standards
Dozens of families, some of whom have been living in the compound for over 15 years, are demanding the Libyan government help improve their living conditions.
Conditions here are tragic; it is not fit for humans. During the winter, the ceiling drips, so my children and I have to run from place to place to avoid the drips. And during summer you can see yourself, even running 20 air conditioners would not help,” says resident of the trailer compound, Um Mohammad.
18h/ UN "Libya: [should] Revoke Draconian New Law"
(New York) – Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC) should immediately revoke a new law that bans insults against the people of Libya or its institutions, Human Rights Watch said today.
17h/ The Sarkozy-Libya Connection: A Timeline
April 22, 2012: Sarkozy loses the first round of voting in the 2012 French Presidential election to Socialist Party candidate Francois Hollande.

April 29, 2012: Shukri Ghanem, Libya's Oil Minister at the beginning of the Libya-NATO War, is found floating dead in the Danube River in Vienna, Austria. Police have no indication it was a suicide.
16h/ Libyan Tuaregs Flee to Algeria Amid Reports of Ethnic Cleansing
Sources inside the Libyan city of Ghadames told El-Khabar that the Tuareg tribes have been subjected to ethnic cleansing for the past eight months. The Ghadames tribe, which is backed by forces affiliated with the National Transitional Council, is allegedly carrying out these acts. The latter burned and destroyed hostels and stables belonging to the Tuareg tribe and expelled them from the city, forcing them to flee into Algeria.
15h/ [Amnesty International ]‘Not what we fought for’: Endemic beatings and torture in the new Libya
Detainees, both Libyan and foreign nationals from sub-Saharan African countries, told Amnesty International they had been suspended in contorted positions, beaten for hours with whips, cables, plastic hoses, metal chains and bars and wooden sticks, and given electric shocks with live wires and Taser-like electro-shock weapons.
14h/ VICTOR'S JUSTICE: ICC Prosecutor Ocampo Misleads UN Security Council on Saif Al Islam Gaddafi’s Detention
It is, therefore, particularly ironic that some member nations of the UN have been campaigning to dispense with the veto in the process of referring an accused to the ICC.
The Security Council and the ICC have already demonstrated an inability to provide any semblance of due process to an accused referred to it by the Security Council.
Such a change in the Security Council processes would allow even more of the kind of abuse that Saif Al Islam Gaddafi has been subjected to as a result of the lack of any oversight by the UN Security Council of the cases they refer to the ICC.
13h/ A Victory for the Libyan People? The Top Ten Myths in the War Against Libya
1. Genocide
2. Gaddafi is “bombing his own people”
3. Save Benghazi
4. African Mercenaries
5. Viagra-fueled Mass Rape
6. Responsibility to Protect (R2P)
7. Gaddafi — the Demon
8. Freedom Fighters — the Angels [or Holy Rebels]
9. Victory for the Libyan People
10. Defeat for “the Left”
12h/ 'US backed off Libya-style regime change in Syria'
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 26.  May 2012.
20h/ AFP rewrites the Lockerbie case
In truth, the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya has always denied the charge leveled against her. Considering herself a victim of blackmail at the hands of the great powers, Libya nevertheless agreed to pay compensation in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions. In settling at any cost the various disputes that pitted the United States against his country, Muammar el-Qaddafi hoped to hold back NATO’s war preparations. History has shown that it was a miscalculation and that NATO has enough imagination to invent new pretexts to justify the wars on its agenda.
19h/ LONDON NTC - El-Kib says that Law 37 and other “such laws” will “disappear from the scene” after national elections  [we will see]
The law makes it a criminal offence to glorify “Qaddafi, his regime, his ideas or his sons”, with the aim of “terrorising people” or “weakening public morale” during times of war.
The pledge was made today at an event at the Chatham House think-tank in London, where El-Kib was speaking following a visit to British Prime Minister David Cameron.
Responding to this latest announcement by El-Kib, Diana Eltahawi, a researcher at Amnesty International in Libya said:
The NTC has made many promises to respect human rights and the rule of law. What we need to see now is delivery on these promises, including an immediate abolition of Law 37 as well amendments to provisions in other laws, such as Law 38, that grant immunity from prosecution to people who have committed torture and other serious crimes.”
18h/ SIRTE  25 May -
A major explosion took place inside the base of the  NTC bandits  last night, killing seven ex -rebels. Number   of criminals  were also injured.
Three members of NTC's the brigade, are known to have died, along with a further two criminals  from the Al-Fergan tribe and two from the town of Derna.
The base was  attacked by resistance, which hit the weapons store.
17h/ TRIPOLI - A series of nighttime raids took place on drug dens in the Abu Salim and Al-Huadba districts of Tripoli this morning by NTC/ NATO Supreme Security Committee (SSC) forces, brigades under NTC's Interior Ministry control and members of the NTC-affiliated Abu Salim Military Council.
Both areas are home to some of Tripoli’s biggest drug dealers aka ex-rebels.
16h/ [yesterday] Farnana, NTC's local President of West #Libya, says#Qatar 's responsible for General Younis's gruesome execution. #AlgeriaISP
(+18) SHOCKING! The body of Abdel Fattah Younes, Libya

#Tripoli #Misrata-Militias arrest customs director of Maetika airport over a seized arms delivery. #AlgeriaISP
#Barca-rats display their weapons, awaiting an attack from #Misrata.[@SaintJust88]
Amnesty International delegates in Libya have met detainees being held in and around Tripoli, Misrarah and Gheryan, who showed visible marks indicating torture inflicted in recent days and weeks. Their injuries included open wounds on the head, limbs, back and other parts of the body.
No progress in stopping torture
Donatella Rovera, Amnesty International’s Senior Crisis Response Advisor, speaking from Libya said: “After all the promises to get detention centres under control, it is horrifying to find that there has been no progress in stopping torture.

“We are not aware of any proper investigations into cases of torture, and neither the survivors nor the relatives of those who have died in detention have been able to get justice for what happened to them.

“While many detainees have described their experiences of torture to us, some have proved too scared to speak – fearing harsher torture if they speak out – and just showed us their wounds.”
14h/ The scale of the ongoing tragedy visited on Libya by NATO and its allies is becoming horribly clearer with each passing day.
The use of these resources for giant infrastructure projects such as the Great Manmade River, and the massive raising of living standards over the past four decades (Libyan life expectancy rose from 51 to 77 since Gaddafi came to power in 1969) sadly looks to have already become a thing of the past.
Phantom Report Notes:
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)  is controlled and operated by the Pentagon/US Government. United States funds 68% of NATO military expenditures . When the corporate controlled media reports the usual disinformation of how NATO will resume military operations after US airstrikes, it is without a doubt the Pentagon commanding all military operations.
13h/ High profile speaker line-up underlines importance of Libya Infrastructure & Rebuild Forum in [private state] Dubai
[PARADIES WHERE  Pakistan worker are working for 200 DOLLARS PerDAY!]
Over 150 delegates from NATO Canada, China, NATO  Germany, Egypt, NATO  ItalyNATO UAENATO UK,  NATO Middle EastNATO USA and other NATO countries, will be participating in the event, aiming to demonstrate their commitment to the Libyan market and create and strengthen their trading links with Libya’s public and private sector business communities.            

Dubai [PRIVATE] Chamber of Commerce & Industry has extended its support and endorsement to the forum, which is regarded as an event that will open new markets for NATO UAE traders, manufacturers and services establishments in Libya, considered a gateway to the North and West African countries.
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 25.  May 2012. 
Saadi Gaddafi , SON OF LION
Saadi Gaddafi , SON OF LION

Libya news [backup libyasos] 13. september  - 20. september 2011. 
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