Jun 27, 2012

Libya news [backup libyasos] 09. June - 20. June 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 20. June 2012. 
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 19. June 2012.
Aid workers hail Tunisians’ generosity to Libya refugees
The first people to arrive in southeast Tunisia were migrant workers who had been employed in Libya’s huge oil industry, agriculture and elsewhere.
Tunisian villagers organised cooking crews and took food to Djerba airport as the migrants waited for flights home.
Sham Elections Postponed in Libya While Tensions Escalate
The current situation in Libya and other states throughout the region, including Mali and Niger, illustrates clearly that the military and political intervention by the western imperialists only brought about mass killings, poverty and forced removals. Those who supported and cheered-on the war against Libya starting in February 2011 are silent today in relationship to the horrors taking place inside this once prosperous and stable country.
These events point to the necessity of maintaining an anti-imperialist perspective in relationship to U.S. and NATO foreign policy. These imperialist states operate exclusively based upon their own material interests which are aimed at securing maximum profit for the exploitation of African resources, labor and national assets.
Libya prospers every day, thanks to new regime
In short, Libya is alive and well, every day getting better under the new regime.
Apparently, the Libyan authorities scratched their heads and realized that the people will not be able to stand that much happiness at once. Libya abolished the law forbidding under threat of imprisonment (three years to life) to praise the regime of Gaddafi and speak warmly about the colonel and his children. The remnants of "green" power can now safely have nostalgic conversations: from now on they will not be imprisoned, maybe just shot on the street, but not jailed. Indeed, there is law in Libya. [irony]
The Central Bank of Libya announced yesterday that it has reduced the cash payment needed for the opening of letters of credit
There are still restrictions on the transfer of foreign currency abroad. Invoices for approved tangible ‘products’ still have to go through the newly added routine of being ratified by the Chamber of Commerce, and there are no transfers are being approved yet for intangible ‘services’ such as training and education.
These announcements are further evidence that the Libyan economy is faraway from  the road to recovery
= Libyan weapons falling into Somali al Qaeda's hands, U.S. officia warns
[WHY YOU START WAR IN LIBYA? You want and make this game! I am sick of your hipocrisy] 
= Day 302: Unlawful Incarceration of People`s Secretary - Protest Action From Australia
Today is 302 days since Doctor Baghdadi Mahmoudi has been unlawfully detained and incarcerated in Tunisia. Each day we feature a video from the world-wide Free the People`s Secretary, Burn Banker`s Money Campaign to demand his immediate release.
Major powers demand release of ICC lawyer from Libya
In an attempt to give a legal pretext for the detention of the ICC team, Libyan NTC authorities have alleged that Taylor was carrying documents for Saif Gaddafi that were judged to be a threat to national security...

The Zintan “rebels” were the first to drive into Tripoli last August, dealing a critical blow to the Gaddafi regime. The French government later confirmed that the airdrops started last June, under the cover of the NATO-imposed “no fly zone.”...
Saif Gaddafi had been his father’s front man for increasingly intimate relations with the imperialist powers, particularly Britain, from 2004. ...

In an editorial last Friday, the Australian reminded Libya’s NTC that it “owes its existence to the US-led NATO intervention—strongly backed by Australia—that ended the Gaddafi tyranny.”...
While claiming, of course, to be motivated by the desire to see that Saif Gaddafi obtained a “fair trial” via the ICC, the editorial reeked of the hypocrisy that has saturated the entire regime change operation conducted in Libya. ..
= Libya: Candidates Should Address Torture, Illegal Detention 
The individual candidates and political entities competing in Libya’s July 7, 2012 national election should explain how they plan to end the ongoing problem of torture and illegal detention, which continues to affect thousands of people.
Torture and illegal detention are an ongoing national crisis that Libya’s future leaders need to address. Libyans deserve to know how the candidates for this landmark election will solve these serious problems and reform the justice system after decades of abuse.
=Libya's Prisoners Languish Despite Government Takeover
At the same time, the NTC passed another Nazi-like law which criminalizesany person who is “caught” in the act of “glorifying the dictator or any of his sons or his achievements,” the dictator here being, of course, the late Muammar Gaddafi. Punishments range from a few months in jail to life imprisonment. One could be charged with a crime for something as simple as writing a poem thanking Gaddafi for having given someone money or granted someone an interest-free bank loan to build a house, which was typical Gaddafi practice.
Under pressure from the “revolutionary brigades” the NTC appears to be implementing a policy of “winner takes all” with complete disregard to rebuilding the war-ravaged country. Such laws can only prolong the suffering of the Libyan people and lead the country towards possible disintegration. Above all, it mines the road ahead. If Libya has any chance of becoming a democratic and stable country, such policies make it more difficult than it was a year ago. The failure of leadership at the highest level is the crystal clear.
Libya's Tribal Cleansing: Why is the World Silent Now?
Tawergha is a Libyan coastal town about 30 km east of Misrata on the road to Sirte. It is home to approximately 30,000 people, mainly black Libyans. When the revolt against the Gaddafi regime spread to Misrata, Tawergha became the de-facto front line between the rebels and the army fighting for the regime. Today Tawergha is a ghost town: its homes looted, farm land destroyed and some of its inhabitants forcefully displaced or simply vanished. A couple of thousand people fled to Bani Walid, while the rest dispersed to cities as far away as Benghazi or Tripoli.
Does Libya mean anything to the world anymore; a world that stood up in support of its "revolution"?  
Why are the Western guardians of freedom and defenders of human rights, particularly France, the U.K, and the U.S., tight-lipped about the tragedy in Libya? 
Did NATO not intervene in Libya to "protect civilians" in the first place? Or does "civilians" only certain Libyan tribes, but not others?
BENGHAZI = Libya: Salafis Storm Tunisian Consulate in Benghazi and Remove National Flag
Tunis — Tunisia's consulate in Benghazi, second large Libyan city, has been stormed on Monday evening by salafi groups, reports the chargé d'affaires in Tripoli Mohamed Ben Ayed, contacted over the telephone from Tunis.
The Tunisian flag has been removed from the top of the building, the same source said, adding that "these groups were protesting against an art exhibition in Tunisia insulting Islam."
According to the Foreign Ministry, "a group of about 30 armed gunmen staged a sit-in in front of Tunisia's consulate in Benghazi and then stormed it and removed the flag."

NTC authorities, wise men of the city of Benghazi and the general consulate of Tunisia in Tripoli have negotiated with the group and tried to convince them to clear the building and NTC  policemen have also arrived on the scene to make sure that they left.

A Reuters reporter on the scene said there was a heavy police presence around the Tunisian consulate and that the roads leading to the building were blocked off by security cars.
Last week a British embassy convoy ... On June 6 an explosive device was dropped from a passing car outside the offices of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi. etc. etc.
=  Dr Moussa Elrgeg from Gheryan Hospital, Libya, confirms victims suffering injuries from chemical weapons following days of bombardment by the Zintan tribe against the pro-Gaddafi Mashashia tribe.
JORDAN - Jordan Hospitals and Hotels Push Libya to Pay Outstanding Bills
Jordan is demanding that Tripoli pay up more than $200 million in medical and hotel bills accumulated by tens of thousands of "rebels"  who were flown for hospital treatment in Jordan after last year's NATO's war in Libya
According to Fawzi Hammuri, head of Jordan's Private Hospitals Association, failure to pay has resulted in many Jordanian hospitals now refusing to take Libyan patients. 
It is an open secret that Libya's programme to treat the war wounded abroad has been mired in scandal with reports of state funds lavishly spent oncosmetic treatments and holidays for family members and relatives of the wounded.
During their stay in Jordan, the Libyans reportedly rented furnished and serviced apartments and stayed in dozens of hotels, which now demand around $100 million in bills.
Hotel owners have held demonstrations outside Tripoli's embassy in Amman, while some of them have evicted their Libyan guests.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 17. June 2012.
=The U.S. has spent $2 billion bombing Libya for 90 days, enough to provide clean water and education for half the world's needy children.

TAJURA:  Eyewitness confirms drones have been hovering over the skies of #Tajoura. #Libya
BENGHAZI : UK embassy-office closed in Benghazi - until better security from Libyan government.[ALHURRA NEWS]
 = Death toll reaches 30 in clashed  in Western  Mountains; 70 injured, local TV reports

 = Gheryan and Zawiya warn they will fight alongside Mshashya if Grad shelling of civilians continues
= Family from Mashashiya tribe reportedly killed by Zintan militiamen near Hawamid.

Don't say you're surprised: "Africom Forms Military Relationship With Libya" 
 Operation Odyssey Dawn, the U.S. Africa Command-led U.S. mission in Libya last year, imparted important lessons the Defense Department’s newest combatant command is applying as it welcomes a new African partner to the fold while still dealing with some of the residual challenges left by the former regime, the Africom commander said.
Operations in Libya have truly brought U.S. European Command and U.S. Africa Command to a higher level of collaboration,” Ham told the Senate Armed Services Committee. “And this year, we’ll continue to work closely together to seek to more effectively address security challenges in our respective areas of responsibilities.”
=#London #Benghazi #feb17 #freedomfighter Britain expressed its horror and "profound distress" after more than 200 graves were desecrated at the cemetery in February
= Libya: Nato in Libya - When Protector Turned Killer
When the ICC was created in 1998, both the US and Qadhafi's Libya opposed it. During the rush to war, the ICC was very useful to build propaganda against the Qadhafi regime. Now it is to be set aside. Libya shows how "human rights" is used as a pretext for war making and is not taken seriously when conflict ends.
The scandal here is that NATO, a military alliance, refuses any civilian oversight of its actions. It operated under a UN mandate and yet refuses to allow a UN evaluation of its actions. NATO, in other words, operates as a rogue military entity, outside the bounds of the prejudices of democratic society. The various human rights reports simply underlie the necessity of a formal and independent evaluation of NATO's actions in Libya.
Beida City in Libya: Demonstration. Against Abdul NATO Jalil and the Cape. NOTED: the flags of taitors  does not exist [Amal Libya]
We Have to Show Obama "We Have His Back", and Real Talk, 2 of 3[AfriSynergi]
Mr. Obama wants African Americans to standby him and go to work on the campaign trail on his behalf. Well, Muammar Gaddafi had a long track record of helping liberate black men and women on the African continent and elsewhere in the world. Today, thanks to Mr. Obama, black Libyans and other blacks are the target of torture, imprisonment, rape and death in Libya. The Obama Administration and surrogates, including Democracy Now, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, AVAAZ and others dismiss these crimes as "revenge"...Never once has Mr. Obama spoken against the targeting of blacks in Libya, and we shall never forget this because we have heard him speak up for others including fringe groups such as the LGBT. 
Grüne Revolution Deutschland - Hundreds rallied yesterday in Hamburg, Germany in support of Muammar Gaddafi, the libyan people and their revolution, aswell as the syrian people and Bashar al-Assad! We stand by your side, by the side of the green resistance and the new green revolution, which is about to start in this days! Even if the german government is against you - the people are with you! Long live Libya! Long live the green revolution! This is your time to rise up against the agressor - wherever you are Libya, Germany, the US!

Turky’s economy minister, Zafer Caglayan was in Tripoli on 10 June to meet with NTC Chairman Mustafa Abdul Jalil and to inaugurate a series of reconstruction projects undertaken by Turkish companies free of charge. This was Caglayan’s fourth visit to Libya, and he remarked that with each visit “Libya is getting better”. [ better form WHAT? before or after bombing?]
= Tobruk, Libya and Egyptian border. The Hospital of obstetrics and Gynaecology in the city, has been captured by the rebels and converted into private homes. Currently sold to some unknown dealers, residents are forced to pay outrageous amounts for medical services. Is this freedom and justice, plain rape, land grab and new method of colonization.
= #Benghazi Semolina factory destroyed. #AlgeriaISP I fear this will even worsen the food situation...
= #Benghazi (6/15/2012): 5 people killed by #AlQaeda's bomb attacks in the area of Souk Ashiya. #AlgeriaISP [via SaintJust88]
= Libya deploys troops to stop clashes in western region
Misrata :  petrol strike[12/13.06.2012]
The drivers, most of whom are independent deliverers, want a 60-percent rise in payment for deliveries.  They are also demanding full payment of money owed to them for previous deliveries but which have been withheld.

The petrol tank drivers insist they will not take fuel into the city until their demands are met in full.
UN Special Representative in Libya Urges End of Fighting in Kufra, Shaqiqa Areas
=Sheikh Imran Hussein and his vision of colonial occupation of Libya and Egypt ( in  english)
UN voices ‘serious concern’ over ICC staff held in Libya
= Lawless Libya: The story you didn't read
You may not have seen the following headline on the front page of any newspaper: ‘Terrorist killers rocket-bomb British envoy’s car’.
Nor have you read, in a prominent place, the following opening paragraph: ‘Britain’s envoy to Libya narrowly escaped death last night after Islamic militants launched a rocket-propelled grenade at his car. Two of his bodyguards were seriously injured.’
This seems strange to me.
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 16. June 2012.
The Citizen’s Investigation into War Crimes in Libya (CIWCL) is a small, informal collective of ordinary but talented people.
Hailing from several nations, the CIWCL's members have come together to investigate events of the civil war in Libya, the lead-up to it, and the aftermath of it.
We use publicly available sources, gathered and compared, with an emphasis on primary evidence.
=SHEQUIQA - A video featuring a witness explaining that the rebels of Zenten used Mustard Gas in order to kill civilians.
The massacre of civilians in Chakika 

=BENGHAZI  -  This is just sad and pathetic. 70 year old WWII Christian graves were desecrated for a second time in Benghazi  [yesterday Zenten militias  destroyed a mosque and the homes of civilians.]
70 year old WWII Christian graves were desecrated for a second time in Benghazi
70 year old WWII Christian graves were desecrated for a second time in Benghazi 
Benghazi: NATO's darlings rebels in action.
= Several Islamic groups in Libya have embraced the elections, putting forward parties and candidates. A much smaller fringe has condemned the polls as un-Islamic.
A recent string of attacks o have also targeted offices of the International Committee of the Red Cross and a U.N. vehicle, as well as British Embassy cars visiting the southern city of Sabha last week.
A Libyan group called the Brigades of the Imprisoned Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman has asserted responsibility for some of the attacks. It is not clear whether all the attacks are linked or whether elements from outside Libya are involved.
Abdel Rahman, known as the blind sheik, is an Egyptian Muslim cleric who is serving a life sentence in the United States on conspiracy charges that grew out of an investigation into the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
Libya says it wants ICC's cooperation over detained staff [Reuters]
The ICC has said it is "keen to address any regrettable misunderstandings on either side about the delegation's mandate and activities during its mission in Libya".
It says Saif al-Islam was entitled to have adequate time and facilities to prepare his defense and to communicate freely and in confidence with his lawyer and that such communication "may include discussing and exchanging documents and discussing potential witnesses and defense positions in the case".
NTC Abdel Aziz said an ICC team, including a lawyer believed to be British, was on its way to Zintan on Saturday. He said Taylor had declined to answer questions without an international lawyer present.
NTC officials said that during their meeting, Taylor was caught passing letters to Saif al-Islam from his fugitive right-hand man Mohammed Ismail, and that she and Assaf were found to be carrying "spying and recording" equipment.[?]
UN urges Libya to free ICC staff [RT]
The UN Security Council has urged Libyan authorities to immediately release four members of the International Criminal Court who were detained after visiting the imprisoned son of ousted leader Muammar Gaddafi, Associated Press reports. The council stressed that Libya is legally obliged under the UN resolution that authorized the court to investigate possible war crimes in the country “to cooperate fully with and provide any necessary assistance to the ICC.” Four ICC staff have been detained since June 7 in the western city of Zintan and are accused of committing a “security breach.”
= NTC declare "military zone" in west As a result of the violence in the areas of Mizdah, Sheguiga and Zintan 
Libya map
NTC Army sent to quell clashes in western Libya
Zintan's militias blamed the El-Mashashia tribe and retaliated, leading to the current flare-up, which started on Monday
The injured are being taken to hospitals in the area as well as Tripoli, there are so many.
Libya's NTC and its Western bosses hope the violence will not jeopardise a July 7 "election" for a national assembly.
 BENGHAZI : heavy NATO account spam to try to suppress Truth that Libyans were fighting over Bread and Begging in #Benghazi
MASHASHIYA  #Zintan-Militias had to retreat due to an imminent attack on their city by #Libya-n berber tribes.
= SHEQUIQA Resistance sucessfully forces #Zintan-Militias into retreat after killing several of their troopers. Captured #Zintan-Militiamen says the attack on #Shakika was ordered by Mukhtar Akhbar and coordinated with #Misrata and #Zawiya.
MIZDAH The city's humanitarian situation is dire, many houses and facilities are destroyed. [ #AlgeriaISP via @SaintJust88 ]
=  TRIPOLI, -- Prisoners taken during the Libyan uprising must be released within two months if there is no evidence of crimes, the Libyan interior minister said Saturday.
NTC Fawzi Abdulali said those who are not freed must be transferred to the public prosecutor for trial, the Tripoli Post reported. He ordered the national security service to start work immediately on determining who should be held. 
Thousands of people were taken prisoner during NATO led war last year 
NATO-led rebels seeking to destroy indigenous groups in #Libya.
NATO-led rebels continue to willfully A ensure unfair trials for people of #Libya in violation of #international_law. [ @cdoebbler]
=  Libya Court Scraps Anti-Glorification Law
“In the circumstances similar to war in which the country finds itself, it is deemed inciteful advertising to glorify Muammar Gaddafi, his regime, his ideas and his children, to glorify them and show them as being good people or heroes or loyal to the country….The penalty shall be life imprisonment.”
…Given the barbarity of this law and the extensive, documented human rights abuses rampant throughout the country, all sanctioned by NATO and the NTC, are we to believe Saif Al Islam Gaddafi will be given a fair trial in Libya?
=   Gaddafi Was Not Killed For Libyan Democracy, He Was Killed Because He Knew Too Much
Simply put, Gaddafi was taken out for what he knew and his non-conformist foreign policy, not for any democratic ideals or the particular plights of the Libyan people. The result is the uncertainty coming for Libya.
When the archives about this operation are opened in 60-70 years in Paris, London, and Washington, Libya likely won’t be any more democratic than it is now. By then we will have a fuller perspective on two core things: why Gaddafi, and why in 2011?
Sarkozy accused of sexual harassment [RT]
Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been accused of sexual harassment by a fellow party member. The allegation come as Sarkozy is about to lose his immunity, opening the way to a number of probes into fraud cases.
 In a controversial fictional book based on Sarkozy’s career, Marie-Celie Guillaume, a UMP party member, portrayed the former leader as a dictator who had sexual affairs with female politicians in his office. The author of the book entitled “
The monarch, His Son and His Kingdom” described an event when Rocky, the character based on Sarkozy, asked a local MP to perform sexual favors on him. Guillaume insists the alleged incident did actually take place when the MP was visiting Sarkozy at the Elysee Palace to ask for funds for a local project. On Saturday Sarkozy loses his presidential immunity and is no longer protected from investigations
Saudi crown prince dies
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 12 - 15. June 2012.
/ Former SAG officer was Muammar Gaddafi’s bodyguard and gunrunner
"This revolution was all about money," Borg said, as he accused the Benghazi-led National Transitional Council who started the revolution after their requests for money were turned down by Tripoli.
"They were greedy, and always wanted more, and when they could get no more, they instigated the people to revolt with the help of French, Qatari, British and American propaganda."
Heroes of Libya  Muammar Al Gaddafi with son Mutassim Al Billah
Photo of a rebel Zenten arrested by Chakika youth of the town.
After interrogation, confessed Abdelbari Tahar Fitori that senior militia Zenten as Mokhtar Akhdar, the commander of the rebel Zenten and the director of the Tripoli International Airport, are the ones who pushed the rebels attacked the town of Chakika since this city is true to the Libyan leader. He even confessed that the attack was coordinated with the militias of Zawiya and Misrata. [Algeria ISP ]
Zenten militias. They destroyed a mosque and the homes of civilians.

/ Sarkozy comes under the radar of French prosecutors
... Gadaffi’s Libya
Another embarrassing funding emerged in the run up to the 2012 presidential election when the French investigative website Mediapart published a letter supposedly proving former Libyan leader Muammar Gadaffi had funded Sarkozy’s 2007 campaign.
Sarkozy slammed the story calling it a “stitch up” and immediately launched legal proceedings against Mediapart.
Libya’s National Transitional Council also poured cold water on the allegations declaring the letter was a fake.
Nevertheless a judicial investigation was opened and judges may want to question Sarkozy.
/ LIBYA: Final report of the Libyan (11 to 14.06.2012) 
/ A newly opened restaurant in Niger called "Restaurant of the Martyr Gaddafi"
/ National Assembly voting cards being sold for 10 Libyan Dinars [?!]
/ - It's the first time inter-communal clashes are taking place simultaneously in three areas in Libya: Kufra, Mizdah and Sabha.
 - Zintan : detaining ICC lawyer in their hometown, attacking the Mashashiya near Mizdahstealing gov cars in Tripolikilling a commander in Jadu
 - Zintanis killed a military leader from Jado. Demands to hand over the murderers have been made /  14.06.2012./ [ @LibyanReality]
Syrian armed forces capture ex-Guantanamo-Bay inmate from Derna (Libya) in #Homs and bring him to Damascus for questioning. [yesterday]
EU does not value migrants’ lives
Over the past 10 years, the report continues, European countries have started implementing various border control measures outside their own territories, in other countries or on the high seas. Last year, on several occasions, Italy sent people back to Libya, where they were subsequently detained and mistreated. In this way, Amnesty International explains, human rights abuses go unpunished along Europe's coasts.
/Around the World:   "Free The People's Secretary, Burn Bankers' Money" - Campaign for Baghdadi al Mahmoudi

Libya lifts law banning Gaddafi glorification
Libya’s Supreme Court has annulled a law that criminalized praising late leader Muammar Gaddafi and his regime, following an outrage among civil groups and legal experts describing it as undemocratic.
On Thursday, court head Judge Kamal Bashir Dahan ruled that the new law, passed in May, Reuters reports.
DemoNcracy, Hipocrisy, Déjà vu [Palestine, Syria, Libya, Serbia]
/ From Tunisia [video] : Burn the Banker`s Money! Free the People`s Secretary!
Burn the Banker`s Money! Free the People`s Secretary! [en/rus/srb]
“We value human life and we protect it. We do not kill ourselves as that is what our oppressors want. Nor do we value the money and property of our oppressors. We would rather set fire to it”, said a spokesperson for the Green Charter movement.
Tobruk: The Tribe withdrew its recognition of the mafia group that makes Transitional Council and requests that the offender is sentenced Mustafa Abdul Jalil and executed for the murder of General Yunes traitor.
/ Sabha: At least 4 of the NTC-NATO mercenaries were killed and 18 others were injured last night in the Libyan city of Sebha, 660 kilometers south of Tripoli, it is believed that the NTC -NATO mercenaries tried to make a military incursion and were harshly rejected
/Kurfa: 12 year old girl killed by a sniper fire infront of their house in Kuffra. NATO democrazy and Western civilian protection in Libya.
Behghazi : early morning today at 03:00 am Qaeda  Derna Throw a Bomb at a shop selling CDs and audio and video tapes for the second time .. and the explosion leads to crash the glass in nearby buildings or reports of injuries ..[Amato Comandante]

Members of United States mercenary squad are spoted walking in civilian clothes around the military airport Mitiga in Tripoli, they are in the process of spying for the occupation of Libya, these members if caught on Libyan soil will be shot without further investigation due to the large presence of American mercenaries in Libya.
/ "The Full Story Behind the Arrest of ICC Four-member Team in Libya"
Zintan-- A team of four people allegedly working for the International Criminal Court (ICC) travels to Zintan city in Libya. The team is allowed by Libyan authorities to meet Seif Gaddafi who is in prison awaiting trial for crimes against humanity. Australian lawyer named Melinda Taylor and her Lebanese interpreter violated the international law as related to such sensitive issue.

 Libya: The worst may be yet to come (Opinion)

Libya has become embroiled in chaos over the past week.  

First, militiamen seized the capital’s international airport for several hours in protest against the kidnapping of their leader. 
Islamist militants then targeted the U.S. diplomatic office in Benghazi, following it up with a surprisingly sophisticated attack on a British diplomatic convoy.  
And in the south, tribal clashes broke out town in the town of al-Kufra, claiming the lives of at least 20 people. Government troops did not intervene, according to reports from the town.

The ultimate test of Libya’s fragile stability [about which stability CNN spoke]
 could emerge after elections take place in July (delayed by three weeks because of logistical problems), when the stakes are much higher.  
The question is whether powerful factions, many of them representing tribes and regions, will defer to the new constitutional process or whether they will seek to undermine and circumvent the political process in pursuit of higher stakes and settle what could be longstanding disputes over control of the country and itsoil-based wealth.  The potential for civil war could, therefore, be amplified after elections when competing groups jostle for positions of power, like control of the military and the country’s finances or lucrative oil industry.
/ [ HOGWASH] Libya needs more than elections to prevent civil war
The so-called national army, operating out of Tripoli, would in this scenario simply co-operate with regional forces on matters of intelligence and military operations, while also intervening in local disputes as and when needed, and acting as a mediator in a manner akin to the mobile forces that existed in the 1950s and 1960s, under Libya's former ruler, King Idris.
LIBYA  - British Embassy vehicle attacked in Libya [12. June 2012]
Tripoli, Libya (CNN) -- Two bodyguards in a convoy that was transporting Britain's ambassador were wounded when it came under attack Monday in the eastern Libya city of Benghazi, a British Foreign Office spokesman in London told CNN.
"We can confirm that they are being medically treated," the spokesman said.
/ LIBYA, KUFRA  - Hundreds flee Kufra due to violent clashes [13. June.2012]
A political member of Libya’s ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) in Kufra (about 1200km from the Libyan capital, Tripoli), Ezzeddin Ahlil, said that hundreds of families had fled the town to neighbouring cities due to the clashes and airstrikes that took place on Tuesday morning.
Ahlil said that clashes had renewed between government forces and  fighters from the Toubou tribe in the city's  Dakhiliya Street which resulted in the death of a civilian and injured dozens of people.
He said the true number of casualties was unknown due the inaccesibility of the groups.
"A large force of the group affiliated to the Toubou tribe gathered in the eastern entrance of the city, preventing the entry of supplies, whether military or medical," he said.
Ahlil called on the NTC and Libya's defence minister, interior minister and military chief-of-staff to intervene in order to "stop the bloodshed in the region and protect the families in the city".
/ NATO chief calls for Libya to release ICC detainees [14.June 2012.]
In Canberra, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said he hoped the ICC delegates would be released as soon as possible.
"I strongly regret that certain groups in Libya have arrest or withheld representatives of the International Criminal Court. I would urge them to release these individuals as soon as possible," he told reporters
LIBYA  - NATO’s Libya Blitzkrieg And The Coming Colonial Wars – OpEd
The scale of the ongoing tragedy visited on Libya by NATO and its allies is becoming horribly clearer with each passing day. Estimates of those killed so far vary, but 50,000 seems like a low estimate; indeed the British Ministry of Defence was boasting that the onslaught had killed 35,000 as early as last May. But this number is constantly growing.
 The Palestine Solidarity Movement: A Recipe for Kosher anti-Zionism
British Palestine Solidarity outfit ‘Palestine Place’ provides a platform for anti-Syrian speakers, while ostracising and banning activists who choose to discuss topics designated as ‘no-go’ by Zionist ideology. This is symptomatic of a wider disease prevalent in the ‘Palestine Solidarity Movement’.
SYRIA - URGENT - NATO preparing vast disinformation campaign
 [ by Thierry Meyssan]
Member States of NATO and the GCC are preparing a coup d’état and a sectarian genocide in Syria. If you want to prevent these crimes, you should act now: circulate this article on the Internet and alert your elected officials.

Libya news [backup libyasos] 13. september  - 20. september 2011. 
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