Jun 24, 2012

Libya: Baghdadi Mahmoudi's Defence Committee Considers His Extradition 'Unlawful'

Update 03.07.2012.

"I am not guilty, not guilty, not guilty. I am ready to be tried by the Libyan people. I am sure of myself and of my innocence"
Dr. Mahmudi said that he feared that foreign intervention in Libya would pave the way for a new era of colonialism.
"My defence will be in front of the court," Mahmudi said.

TRIPOLI — LIBYAN last premier,DR  Baghdadi al-Mahmudi, who was controversially extradited from Tunisia to Libya to face justice, said on Tuesday that he was innocent.
"I am not guilty, not guilty, not guilty," DR Mahmudi told journalists during a visit to his prison organised by the authorities in an apparent bid to quash rumours that he had been tortured on his arrival in Libya.
"I am ready to be tried by the Libyan people. I am sure of myself and of my innocence,"

Update 27.06.2012.

=  Lawyer of Dr. Al Baghdadi Mahmoudi confirmed in a telephone interview with Tunisian television channel that Dr. Al Baghdadi was drugged before extradition.
Dr. Al Baghdadi was taken from prison Marnakiya, drugged to the helicopter  which transported. According to  Al Baghdadi's family was informed by prison guards.
The lawyer confirmed that he sought Dr. Al Baghdadi in Libya but he can not locate it. He contacted the Libyan authorities but no information about location.
The lawyer adds that Dr. Al Baghdadi was delivered to the military governor of Tripoli Abdelhakim Belhadj [ex?-AlQaeda member] and not to the NTC interim authorities of Libya.

= Libya's former PM Mahmoudi tortured on forced return to Tripoli
The lawyer acting for Libya's former prime minister Al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, who was extradited to Tripoli from Tunisia at the weekend, claims his client has been tortured.
Marcel Ceccaldi, a French lawyer, said on Wednesday Mahmoudi had been badly beaten by NTC  "security officers" and left with broken ribs and a punctured lung.

"According to the information I have, it seems that he has been beaten," said Ceccaldi. "He is in hospital, under guard."
The International Committee for the Red Cross in Libya said it was still waiting for permission to visit Mahmoudi. "[He] has been visited 10 times in Tunisia," said Soaade Messoudi, the organisation's Tripoli spokeswoman. "We have not visited him [here] yet."
= Tunisian  protest against  the extradition of Dr. Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi

Update 26.06.2012.
"Amnesty International condemns the decision of the Tunisian authorities to send al-Mahmoudi back to Libya, where he faces a real risk of torture and other ill-treatment, unfair trial and possibly extrajudicial execution," said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Amnesty International's Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa.
Amnesty International is also concerned that al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi may face the death penalty in Libya, which the organization opposes in all cases as the ultimate violation of the right to life.

"While all perpetrators of human rights violations must be brought to justice, by extraditing al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, Tunisian authorities have not only violated their own law but also their international obligation not to return anyone to a country where they are at risk of human rights violations," said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui.

"Whoever is found responsible for authorizing this extradition, and for violating the absolute prohibition on returning someone to a risk of torture, must be held to account."

= Bomb explodes outside Tunisian consulate in Tripoli
TRIPOLI, June 26 (Reuters) - A bomb exploded outside the Tunisian consulate in Tripoli on Tuesday, causing damage but no injuries, a Libyan security official said, the latest in a rash of attacks on foreign targets in the North African state.

Libyan police had no information on the identity or motive of the attackers, and a consulate official declined to comment.

= Tunisian lawmakers protest Libya extradition
TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) -- Opposition parties staged a walk out from Tunisia's assembly on Tuesday to protest the extradition to Libya of Moammar Gadhafi's last prime minister.
"It is a symbol of protest because the values of the revolution and human rights are being violated in the country," said Issam Chebbi of the liberal opposition Republican Party.
Libya: Mahmoudi's Extradition - President Marzouki Decides to Submit to Constituent Assembly What He Described As 'Infringement of His Prerogatives'
Mr. Mancer also says President Marzouki believes that "the handover of Mahmoudi is more a matter for Tunisia's foreign policy than justice and that the foreign policy is the concern of the presidency of the republic," adding that in case of dispute, the case must be referred to the Constituent Assembly.

He went on saying that "the decision of extradition is a blatant violation of Tunisia's international and UN commitments especially as the UN high commissionership for refugees had asked Tunisian authorities not to handover Mahmoudi until a ruling is made on his asylum request in compliance with the Geneva convention of 1951".
=Extradition of Baghdadi Mahmoudi Shakes Tunisian Political Scene
 Adnen Manser, spokesperson of the presidency, stated that Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki may resign.
There is a possibility that Marzouki will resign in response to the extradition of Mahmoudi without his consultation and signature. This is a transgression on Marzouki’s prerogatives. We consider this decision to be illegal and illegitimate. An objection will be delivered to the Constituent Assembly in protest of this,” Manser stated.

Update 25. 06. 2012.
Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi arrived 2 SERIAL KILLER COUNTRY: LIBYA
This Ferjani d**e, Tunisia tool of a lawyer for Nahda, said that Baghdadi has been treated well while in prison. I saw him just 2 days before the invasion of Tripoli, he was not walking with a walking stick and he had much more weight on him then this. I smell a rat. [Lizzie Phelan]

Mabrouk Khorchid, Mahmoudi’s lawyer in Tunisia, said neither he nor the former Libyan prime minister’s family had been given any prior warning that he was about to be extradited.

"I believe this is a state crime and is against human rights," he said. "This is a sad moment for human rights in Tunisia. I think he’s going to be tortured and treated illegally and believe that those who handed him over bear part of the responsibility."
Tunisian President Marzouki thought the manner in which Mahmoudi was extradited undermines Tunisia's image abroad, making it appear as an "irresponsible state," the spokesman said.

Tunis — The extradition of Baghdadi Mahmoudi, Libyan last prime minister , took place Sunday at dawn, on decision of the Interim Government.

Members of the Defence Committee of Baghdadi Mahmoudi told TAP that their client was transferred from the Prison of Mornaguia to the Military Airport of Aouina at 5 a.m. ahead of his extradition to Libya.

They consider this operation as "illegal" and that it was conducted in a "surreptitious" way "without informing neither the committee members nor the family of their client."

Mr. Mohamed Salah Hassen said the last meeting that representatives of the defence committee had had with their client Baghdadi Mahmoudi took place last Friday.

Counsel Lilia Mestiri described the decision to extradite Mahmoudi to the Libyan authorities as "illegal," adding that "the operation had been conducted secretly, during a day off and in a shameful way."

For his part, Mr. Maher Amayed described the decision taken by the Interim Prime Ministry to extradite Baghdadi Mahmoudi as violation of all the laws and commitments of Tunisia to international human rights defence organisations.

Conditions on the protection of extradited persons were not guaranteed, he added, saying that a government delegation had visited Libya two days ago without however making public its report on guarantees required in the extradition, contrary to what had been indicated by the President of the Republic a few weeks ago.

He also recalled that international human rights organisations, including Amnesty International and the Libyan Organisation for Defence of Human Rights, opposed the extradition of Baghdadi Mahmoudi in this delicate situation experienced by Libya.

Further complicating the matter, however, Adnen Manser – spokesperson of the Tunisian presidency – said that Tunisian President Marzouki did not sign any extradition decision.

Marzouki did not sign any official orders, and if this news is true, the event will be the beginning of a political crisis in Tunisia,” Manser contended.
Dr. Baghdadi mahmudi during his transfer from Tunisia to Libya in a helicopter . Whether justice can fall lower?
Dr. Baghdadi mahmudi during his transfer from Tunisia to Libya in a helicopter .
Whether justice can fall lower?
Tunisian Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali has previously asserted that the Tunisian government has the final say in the decision whether to extradite Mahmoudi.  ”It would not be necessary to have the president’s signature,” he said.

Extradition of former Libyan PM likely to trigger political crisis in Tunisia

TUNIS, June 24 (Xinhua) -- The extradition of former Libyan prime minister Baghdadi Mahmoudi on Sunday is likely to trigger a political crisis in Tunisia.

The decision to extradite Mahmoudi, taken without any concertation or the signature of Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki, was "illegitimate" and "unilateral," Tunisian president' s spokesman Adnene Mancer said in a written statement to media on Sunday evening.

The spokesman said the extradition was a "transgression of the president's prerogatives," adding that the president held Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali "fully responsible" for whatever might happen to Mahmoudi and its "consequences on the Troika," referring to the ruling alliance composed of Ennahdha, CPR and Ettakatol.

The spokesman said the Troika had initially accepted to hand Baghdadi over to new Libyan authorities only after the country's elections and the guarantee of a fair trial.

He said the commission, appointed by Tunisian president to ensure conditions for a fair trial in Libya, had not yet issued its report.

Tunisian President Marzouki thought the manner in which Mahmoudi was extradited undermines Tunisia's image abroad, making it appear as an "irresponsible state," the spokesman said.

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