Jun 27, 2012

Libya news [backup libyasos] 01. June - 08. June 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 08. June 2012.
24h/ Mercenaries for Empire: Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch
“Who better than self-styled human rights activists to justify humanitarian wars?”

 23h/ Foreign Delegations Visit Refugee Camp on Tunisian-Libyan Border
While about 861 refugees have been successfully [??? bravo!]  resettled in other countries last month, over 2,600 refugees whose files are still in the process of being reviewed remain at the camp.
The UNHCR has called upon host countries to provide greater humanitarian aid [ NO drones I suppose] and to admit additional refugees.[ There will be no refugees and no homeless people without NATO's wars !]
22h/ Short review : Libya at Jun 2012
NATO’s war on "the Gaddafi regime" was only the herald of a US offensive to bring Africa under its control. 
Immediately after Gaddafi’s lynching, the US announced it was sending troops to four more African countries-- the Central African Republic, Uganda, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 
AFRICOM, the US military's African command, is set to carry out 14 major joint military exercises in African countries in 2012, an unprecedented number.
This could not have been achieved without Gaddafi’s ouster.
21h/ The Berber tribes in the west of the country have complained of official indifference and neglect by the NTC.
20h/ Armed gangs are fighting for control of the smuggling routes into Chad and Sudan, leaving hundreds dead.
19h/ Clashes around Tripoli have frequently led to closures of the border with Tunisia.
18hTOBRUK - NTC puppets news -  France has commemorated the anniversary of the Battle of Bir Hakim in the city of Tobruk (see photos). This is the first time in 42 years that France made ​​it to Libya. [Algeria ISP]

17h/ KUFRA - An attempted assassination of the NTC police colonel of the city Kufra "Sala Anbioua Sanoussi" after his return from the region Taoubete. He was accompanied by his family. He was hit by a bullet in his back.. [Algeria ISP]
16h/ SIRTE  Sirte has electricity and sees the light! Finally
15h/ Happy Birthday Muammar Gaddafi    [Mathaba]      
June 7th is the birthday of one of the world`s greatest leaders in history. A man who showed that a government can truly and honestly be of the people, by the people and for the people, rather than an instrument of exploitation and robbery, keeping its citizens plastered in their particular social strata, unable to break free.
14h/ BBC 
"Nato urges plans for post-Gaddafi era" [08. Jun 2011]
Financial Times
"Clinton urges plan for post-Assad Syria" [08. Jun 2012]
13h/ BENGAZI  - [Is it start of separation?]
  - NTC’s Oil Ministry opened a department in the eastern city of Benghazi as part of the government’s push to decentralize, state-owned [yet] National Oil Corp. said. 
 - A brigade of NATO darlings  Islamist militants has claimed responsibilityfor yesterday’s attack on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi.
12h/ The IMF and World Bank are pushing water privatization by requiring that countries open up their water supply to private investment.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 07. June 2012. 
What is a minority? The chosen heroes of this earth have been in a minority. There is not a social, political, or religious privilege that you enjoy today that was not bought for you by the blood and tears and patient suffering of the minority. It is the minority that have stood in the van of every moral conflict, and achieved all that is noble in the history of the world.
24h/ Last year at the same day ! LONG LIVE AFRICAN LION ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLONEL ! عيد ميلاد سعيد للزعيم للثورة، وأتمنى له الصحة الجيدة والقوة والنصر 
23h/ Women, children among 18 Afghans dead in NATO wedding strike - report (PHOTOS) 
[BUT Award-winning British journalist Lindsey Hilsum was to busy and she didn't make report]
It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.  ~Mark Twain
22h/ Award-winning British journalist Lindsey Hilsum. Next award is The Nobel Prize in Literature 
Award-winning British journalist Lindsey Hilsum has reported from:
Afghanistan [only today US drones killed 18 civilians , but no about KILL TEAM in Afganistan]Kosovo [ but NO about organ  traffiking by Albaniana mafia on Kosovo and the front lines of the Iraq [ but NO  about colateral damages war embedded with a U.S. Marine unit, but Libya's revolution last year marked the first time she set foot in that country.
--> http://libyasos.blogspot.fr/2012/06/award-winning-british-journalist.html
20h/ Nelson Mandela called Muammar Gadhafi one of the 20th century’s greatest freedom fightersTo wit, match Muammar Gaddafi’s record up against that of your favorite candidate:
16h/ Ouch? No, no, let me explain 
“The revolution in Libya was started by a group of little old ladies. And I love that,” Hilsum said.

Lindsey Hilsum discusses her book “Sandstorm: Libya in the Time of Revolution link” at a Washington bookstore.
“Libya before this revolution was only about Gadhafi, his family and his propaganda."
[Instead, to be full of Hollywood, A. Joulie, Barbie, Bog Borthers and another clever things ... pure of nature and inteligence]
15h/ INCREDUBLE ! Gaddafi is to blame for locusts in Africa .. WHERE is the end of the nonsense and stupidity  propaganda aka journalists

NAIROBI, Kenya — Colonel Gaddafi continues to wreak havoc on the desert parts of West Africa from beyond the grave.
The Gaddafi link? Desert locusts are common but controllable pests except when, as last year, civil war means the experts can't treat the breeding grounds to stop them swarming.
13h/  BENGHAZI - Bomb targets U.S. mission in Libya's Benghazi
A bomb exploded outside the U.S. diplomatic mission in the Libyan city of Benghazi overnight, an attack that could be retaliation for the killing, in a U.S. drone strike, of al Qaeda's Libyan second-in-command.
12h/ QATAR -  Qtel Eyes Libya, Syria Acquisitions Despite Unrest [ or they are financed unrests becouse of own  interests]
Qatar Telecom, or Qtel, is interested in acquisitions in Libya and Syria as it extends its geographical reach and focuses on new data and broadband offerings, the company’s chief executive said on Wednesday.
The Central Bank also financed Africa’s first communication satellite with $300 million of the $377 cost. It started up for all Africa, December 26, 2007, thus saving the 45-African nations an annual fee of $500 million pocketed by Europe for use of its satellites and this means much less cost for telephones and other communication systems. 

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 06. June 2012.
23h/ Women and Children Murdered on Orders of President Obama [ by grtv]
Barack Obama has personally ordered mass murder in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and beyond, in his policy of illegal and immoral assassination which far outstrips that of the George W. Bush administration, and which has slaughtered hundreds of innocent civilians, including many women and children.
22h/ US Libyan Action Humanitarian Disaster [ It was plan - no disaster]
The same operatives during the Clinton Administration are now playing a major role in orchestrating terrorist slaughters in Syria as they did in Serbia and last year in Libya.

21h/ Interview with man bought out Misurata jail after having left hand and right leg cut off 
20h/ Abu Yahia Al Liby was killed today after finishing th work CIA has given to him in Libya. Ironically he was killed just a day before the aniversary of the birthday of the man he was ordered to assasinate by CIA, Martyr Mouamar al Gaddafi.
Abu Yahia al Liby was killed by his masters after completing his task,to destabilize Libya with his Salafi militia men. [@LibyanLiberal]
19h/ Libyan  forces clash with militia at Tripoli airport [RT report]
Thirty militiamen who had taken over Tripoli airport have been arrested following an operation conducted by around 5,000 Libyan security officers to regain control of the facility.
More clashes broke out as militia groups from Tripoli, as well as the mountain town of Zintan, arrived at the airport to try to get the al-Awfea Brigade to leave.
Bloody tribal clashes in the southern city of Sabha left 150 dead in March before authorities were able to negotiate a ceasefire. The previous month, violent clashes in the south-eastern district of Al Kufra claimed more than 100 lives.
18h/ Dr Abuzeid Omar Dorda, the former head of external intelligence in Libya, was Tuesday charged in court
“I deny these accusations which contradict what I did during the events,” Dr.  Dorda said
17h/ Russia to Pressure Libya to Free Jailed Nationals
Russia will take drastic measures, including the use of political leverage,after heavy sentences were handed out to Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian nationals for helping troops supporting former leader, Muammar Gaddafi, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said on Tuesday
16h/ Abu Yahya al Libi, a #Libyan-born top al Qaeda leader , was killed in a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan. Good frined with rebbels [Reuters]
15h/  *TRIPOLI  All flights from #Malta to #Tripoli suspended. #AlgeriaISP Oh yes, yes, NTC is surely the master of the situation!
*#BENGHAZI -  NTC police commander Marouane Faydi killed by a "wandering bullet" [LOL oh yes, of course!] #AlgeriaISP #ZengaZenga is what I say.
EGYPT  - #Cairo Libyan and Egyptian "Gaddafi loyalists" protest in front of the UN-seat http://www.algeria-isp.com/public/libye1(202).jpg Mission failed, Salabi!
EGYPT  - #Cairo Libyan and Egyptian "Gaddafi loyalists" protest in front of the UN-seat
Egypt protest 
* TUNISIA - #Tunisians protest against the country's hostile governmentand its decision to expose #Baghdadi to torture and death.
TUNISIA - #Tunisians protest against the country's hostile government and its decision to expose #Baghdadi to torture and death.
*Contrary to official statements on TV, #Tripoli-Airport is still not under NTC's control. It is still encircled by Militias. #AlgeriaISP [via SaintJust88]
*Look at the right vehicle http://www.algeria-isp.com/public/libye2(144).jpgThe sign of berber separatism highly suggests that by now, even Zuwara-Militias are involved.

14h/ Bernd Duschner: 
1. Many foreign #doctors & #nurses fled #Libya, & Libyans have been unable to close the gap yet
 2. #Unemployment in #Libya, especially among young people, is extremely high
3. Thousands of #Gaddafi supporters are being brutally tortured in "private" #prisons in #Libya [via @mrzine_notes]
13h/ LibyaCelebrating World Environment Day 2012 With Tree Planting.
Tree will grow up quickly DEPLETED URANIUM will help.
12h/ Libyans ask "Where is the state?" after airport seized [ask Hilary]
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 04. June 2012.

* Gunshots in #Tripoli tonight.
01hExplosions in Benghazi ‎pic.twitter.com/0L6KoSpB

*TRIPOLI, LIBYA - Tonight  rebels have established five checkpoints on the road to the international airport and they control cars and identities of the occupants. All Libyan Warfala Tarhouna and is exposed to a very thorough search. 
Dense smoke covers the sky from the international airport of Tripoli after clashes in and around the airport. [Algeria ISP]
Guwarsha -  clashes between Feb 17 gangs and some other group, one died.
Libyan NTC official urges US investment to create jobs for rebels.[?] ASK GADDAFI HOW TO LEAD HOMELAND!
* 23:30 BENGHAZI [sorce :NTC] - Heavy Explosions and Gunfire in Benghaziright now
Seems Green Resistance  have awakened in #Benghazi after todays events. So far just many reports of gun fire and explosions last 10 minutes only
Libya hands long jail terms to 24 Russia, Ukraine, Belarus mercenaries: AFP
 * Akhbar Libya, the Libyan Green Resistance  warning -  the City of Tarhouna to be careful. Libyan journalists are foreign spies 

Green Resistance  appeals to the population in areas of Sebia and Souk Khamis and informs them that the rebels are moving in their regions to place the checkpoints in their area to prohibit the Libyans of the city of  Tarhouna and Bani Walid across town to go to Tripoli to protest the release of Mr. Abu Ajila Habachi. The Green Strength demand that the Libyans must prevent the rebels from returning to their regions.[ALGERIA ISP ]
Tarhuna takes control of Tripoli airport !

  * Photo -  Mess in Tripoli airport today
Urgent Message !!!
The Green Resistance begun NOW in Tripoli - Mukawahmah started NOW for All Libyans!
SIRTE - 5 members of Sirte military police were kidnapped last night and are still unaccounted for Libya
8 months since end of the war & people #Sirte remain staunchly anti-NTC, viewing it as an agent of Western interests and oppression. #Libya [@ahmabd55]
Suicide for Sale: Saudi Arabia gets cash for blood in Syria
Outside support for the myriad of Syria's armed groups is no secret. Saudi Arabia and Qatar alone funnel millions of dollars to the rebels every month. But, as Gayane Chichakyan reports, it's not just cash and weapons being smuggled into Syria, but suicide bombers and ideology too.

·     *  A documentary dedicated to Colonel Gaddafi named "War for Water" was broadcast on one Russian TV channel yesterday.

* Libya Sirte  2012 after NATO's war 
Royal festivities hide bitter truth
Celebrations marking the British Queen’s 60th year on the throne have officially begun in Britain while republican activists say this show cannot hide Britain’s “highly questionable constitutional arrangement.”
“Why did no one question (the UK's) Queen Elizabeth for invading Iraq?” Gaddafi asked at a time reports said he had killed hundreds of protesters in Libya. 
However, Gaddafi faced a very different fate. He was not clever enough to portray himself as a symbolic figure and exercise powers by holding confidential meetings with a prime minister, changing the law through a Privy Council, and at the same time remaining immune from any challenge at a court of law. 

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 02. Jun 2012. 

24h/ Libya, Syria and the defeat of Western diplomacy
Don't trust them! Don't give them any leeway whatsoever in the UNSC;give them a hand and they grab an arm and a leg. Libya was the line in the sand, they crossed it and destroyed their credibility for the foreseeable future with their Mission Creep, wholly predicted in this column from day 1. They did it before, they will do it again. They will use any excuse to arm any number of UN troops as a means to launch another spectacular mission creep.
You do not use kids as a cynical excuse for starting a war, especially not if you are responsible for the trouble in the first place and for arming those who murdered them. Is that clear?
23h/ THE HOULA MASSACRE: Opposition Terrorists "Killed Families Loyal to the Government" [globalsearch.ca]
This incisive report by independent Russian journalist Marat Musin dispels the lies and fabrications of the Western media.
The report is based on a chronology of events as well as eyewitness accounts.
We call on our readers to forward this report far and wide, post it on facebook. http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=31184
22h/ Libya Holiday Feb17 

21h/ * Article 2.7 of UN charter, 'no involvement in domestic disputes of sovereign states'. Can anyone tell me why #Libya was legally allowed?
* Those 9000 accused "Gaddafi" soldiers in jail without trial aren't going to be happy when they get out. #Libya NTC can't keep them there 4ever
Westernised Libyans are detached from the reality of #Libya's mentality. 
Sallabi, representative of the Muslim brotherhood of #Libya was in Cairo to meet ex-gaddafi exiles. For reconciling pro-gaddafi tribes & NTC
*Libya intervention influenced by presence of oil. Syria non-intervention influenced by presence of Iran, no presence of oil.
*Libya stinks of death. The night street violence unreported in the media, the crime, the smuggling, the prison torture needs to STOP!
*Quite a few tribes that have not accepted the NTC as legitimate. Gadafa some of the Warfalla leadership, Toubu & Tuareg & others... [@ahmabd55]
20h/ The Obama Doctrine: Syria vs. Libya Intervention
Obama went on to explain why Libya passed that test.
The country, he said, was at risk of “violence on a horrific scale”—specifically because of what he described as an impending slaughter in the city of Benghazi. 
Allowing that slaughter, he said, would have “stained the conscience of the world.” That was the values part.
The reason that taking action met our interests, Obama said, was because the U.S. enjoyed “a unique ability to stop that violence: an international mandate for action, a broad coalition prepared to join us, the support of Arab countries, and a plea for help from the Libyan people themselves. We also had the ability to stop Gaddafi’s forces in their tracks without putting American troops on the ground.
19h/ Syria Regime Change On Bilderberg Agenda
Having overseen numerous wars during his tenure in the White House, Kissinger is a staunch advocate of so-called “humanitarian” interventions. Before last year’s toppling of Colonel Gaddafi, he advocated a U.S. ground invasion of Libya.
During last year’s Bilderberg conference in St. Moritz, Switzerland, members discussed expanding the war in Libya. Four months later, Gaddafi was killed and the country was under the control of NATO-backed rebels and the National Transitional Council of Libya.
17h/ Baghdadi Mohmoudi Faces Torture and Death in Libya
Mahmoudi is a physician. He also served as Deputy Prime Minister before becoming Prime Minister and General Secretary of the General People's Congress of the Libyan Jamahiriya. He assumed that post in March 2006...
In today's Libya, innocence is no legitimate defense. Police states don't allow it. Washington-directed ones assure disposing of Mahmoudi by any means, including killing him.
Earlier he began hunger striking. Last March, Mathaba headlined "Libyan General Secretary Near Death in Second Week of Hunger Strike," saying:
On March 8, his lawyer, Bachir Essid, "warned that (Mahmoudi's) health ha(d) deteriorated after he entered the second week of his hunger strike."
Washington-controlled puppets want him dead. Extraditing him makes Tunisian authorities complicit in their crimes. 
Hopefully world pressure will stop them. Little time remains. Justice struggles always face headwinds. Against imperial Washington, they're gale force.
14h/ Real Cost of Warfare in former Yugoslavia, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya
The manufacturers of Depleted Uranium do not want to lose their money, which is in the billions of dollars. The Pentagon wants to win wars fast" they do not care that like land mines, Depleted Uranium http://tinyurl.com/6o3up8m kills indiscriminately.
Israel was the first nation on Earth to use Depleted Uranium weapons on a battlefield in a war; the U.S. uses Israel as our Uranium oxide guinea pig. When their soldiers did not instantly drop dead, we started using the weapons in our wars. There is some evidence that both Israel and the U.S. are now using mixtures of Depleted and Enriched Uranium on the click here battlefield
13h/ Book: The Illegal War on Libya, edited by Cynthia McKinney

The Illegal War on Libya - edited by Cynthia McKinney, can be purchased here

This volume offers both analysis and eyewitness accounts of the NATO assault on a helpless civilian population it had a UN mandate to protect, and the massive propaganda campaign that made it possible.

It responds to the many questions left unanswered by a complicit mainstream media, such as: Why Libya, not Bahrain, Yemen or Egypt? What was life in Libya like under Gadhafi? What is the truth about the so-called “Black Mercenaries”?  What about Africom’s Plans for Africa?
Cynthia McKinney and other contributors to this volume  were in Libya during the period of the NATO assault on Libyan cities, among the few independent voices to report  on the tragedy.
12h/ Latin American leftists fear Libya-style endgame in Syria
OPEC member Venezuela has been sending diesel to Syria despite Western sanctions on the Assad government.

"Once again, we see the name of our country next to the most abject dictatorships in the world, and how our oil helps in the repression of our Syrian brothers," Venezuela's opposition Democratic Unity coalition said in a statement.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 01. June 2012.
22h/ Ocampo Misleads UN Security Council on Saif Al Islam Gaddafi’s Detention
Thus the action of the ICC, with the exception of the OPCD motions to the Court, have demonstrated the incapacity not only of the NTC, but more importantly of the ICC, to provide any semblance of an impartial and independent judicial process to a defendant referred to it by the UN Security Council.

It is, therefore, particularly ironic that some member nations of the UN have been campaigning to dispense with the veto in the process of referring an accused to the ICC.
The Security Council and the ICC have already demonstrated an inability to provide any semblance of due process to an accused referred to it by the Security Council. Such a change in the Security Council processes would allow even more of the kind of abuse that Saif Al Islam Gaddafi has been subjected to as a result of the lack of any oversight by the UN Security Council of the cases they refer to the ICC.
20h/ [ ICC - protector of western interests] Postponement of the execution of the request for surrender of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi to the ICC
Situation: Libya 
Case: The Prosecutor v. Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi and Abdullah Al-Senussi
Today, 1 June 2012, Pre-Trial Chamber I of the International Criminal Court (ICC) decided that Libya may postpone its execution of the ICC’s request for surrender of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, pursuant to article 95 of the Rome Statute, pending the ICC’s final determination of Libya’s challenge to the admissibility of the case, dated 1 May 2012.
19h/ SAIF AL ISLAM - Second Red Cross visit for Gaddafi son
Geneva - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Thursday it had made its second visit to Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of Libya's former leader, detained by militia fighters in the west of the country.
“We visited him yesterday ... It was a short visit by ICRC delegates including a doctor,” ICRC spokesman Steven Anderson told Reuters.

18h/ A Document As Relevant As Ever
Libyan “Rebels” Listed by US State Department as Terrorists – NATO leaders are guilty of providing material support to terrorists
Image: A screenshot taken directly from the US State Department website showing the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) clearly listed as a foreign terrorist organization. This is important, as US Code prohibits providing material support to listed terrorist organizations. With revelations of Al Qaeda and LIFG fighters leading the Libyan rebellion with NATO-members' full military, financial, and diplomatic support, attempts are being made to plea ignorance as to the true nature of the rebels. Listed below LIFG, is MEK, an Iraqi/Iranian group also being armed and supported by the US. (click on image to enlarge)
16h/ Secret prisons in Libya
15h/ The rebels monitor university students with heavy weapons (June 1, 2012)
14h/ Libyan Confession, Fountroy on Human Butchery, Organ Harvestor, Moshe Harel and Africans Go

13h/ Snapshot: NATO Intervention in Libya Unpopular in Arab World
Least popular in North Africa
Analysis by the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies
WASHINGTON, D. C. -- After French President Francois Hollande in an interview Tuesday hinted at an openness to military intervention in Syria, the question of whether NATO should intervene in the violence-rattled country has again come to the forefront. While distinct differences exist between the conflicts in Libya and Syria, Gallup data from 2012 show pluralities in the Arab world opposed NATO's intervention in Libya in 2011, suggesting that similar moves in Syria could meet with considerable disapproval in the region.
12h/ The rebels ransacked the house of Musa Kusa

Libya news [backup libyasos] 13. september  - 20. september 2011. 
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