Jun 15, 2012

DemoNcracy, Hipocrisy, Déjà vu [Palestine, Syria, Libya, Serbia]


Good Guinness, deliver us! Israel demolishes Arab village 38 times [15.June 2012]
Barack Obama honors Israeli president with Medal of Freedom[14.June 2012]


 - Germany cracks down on Salafist Muslims [14. June 2012]
A legal ban on all Salafist groups was considered months ago, with the country’s Interior Minister saying at that time that the movement was "ideologically close to al-Qaeda" and bent on destroying liberal democracy.
"Germany will not allow anybody to impose religious wars on us, neither radical Salafists nor far-right parties such as the Pro NRW," Friedrich said, referring to the ultra-nationalist group that clashed with the Salafists in Bonn in May.
in general, Salafists, who promote the use of Sharia law in Europe, have been the focus of police investigations in Germany since a man from Kosovo shot dead two US soldiers at Frankfurt International Airport in March 2011. Security officials estimate that 24 Salafists present a threat of Islamist attack in the country.
COMMENT:  living000 (unregistered) June 15, 2012, 04:29 
" Extremisim in all religions is to be outlawed, wahabis are the most vile dangerous are of islam, even most muslims hate them, yet here is Germany denouncing these groups while at the same time wanting to support them in Syria [Libya, Serbia], WTF?
the same wahabis killing christians in Syria are being supported by a christian country, the worlds leaders have gone completely mad."

Flash Back 
When I tried to take pictures, a Salafi-looking guard, wearing a green camouflage outfit, rushed towards me and demanded to know what I was doing.
 - Libya rebels win German support to run country [14. June 2011]
Germany gave its backing to Libya’s rebel forces yesterday, as they gained extra ground around their port stronghold of Misrata.
 - Germany offers 100 million euros to Libyan rebels [24. July 2011]
France, Germany and UK to Recognize Kosovo
The EU's largest member states on Monday indicated that they would recognize Kosovo's declaration of independence. The US, too, sees Kosovo as Europe's newest nation.
Why the WEST supports KOSOVO’s main industry- ORGAN TRADE? 
Kosovo Terrorist Training Camps Reopen For Syrian
During the war in Serbia, the KLA gangs collaborated with the NATO troops, and they were qualified by the NATO as “freedom fighters” ?? 

Déjà vu 

France may send Syrian rebels "communications equipment "– FM [15. June 2012]
Paris is considering providing "communications equipment"  to Syrian rebels, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Friday. France fully supported international special envoy Kofi Annan's peace plan, the minister said, adding that other options are being considered as well. “We are also considering - and the Americans have done this - not giving weapons but providing communications equipment so that a stronger revolt develops amongst the population,” Fabius told France Inter radio.
No-fly zone on the horizon in Syria? French Foreign Minister in PROPAGANDA MODE
Flash Back 
France sent arms to Libyan rebels [ 29 June 2011 ]
France dropped light armaments, including guns and rocket-propelled grenades, in the Nafusa Mountains in western Libya in early June to help rebel forces who were “in a very deteriorating situation” under threat from the Libyan military, a French military spokeswoman said.
French Arms to Libyan Rebels Exposes Weaknesses of UN Arms Embargoes [07 July 2011]
Earlier this week France announced that it had delivered arms and ammunition to Libyan rebels in the Nafusa Mountains in early June. This was reportedly an attempt by France to assist the rebels in their military campaign against the forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. 

LIBYA REBELS - French mercenary

Libya uprising: Red Crescent provided weapons to Libya rebels [21, July 2011]
France armed civilians besieged by Gadhafi forces [July 2011]

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