Oct 7, 2012

Syria: Syria’s Ayn El Isa village was in the control of the rebels when the mortar shells were fired to the Akcakale

(summary of the article by the Turkish Yurt Newspaper) http://www.yurtgazetesi.com.tr/gundem/kanli-provokasyon-h20285.html

It was confirmed that Syria’s Ayn El Isa village was in the control of the rebels for 10 days when the mortar shells were fired to the Turkish town Akcakale and killed 5 Turkish civilians.

It is thought that the terrorists groups (together with the AKP government) wanting to draw Turkey into a war with Syria organized for the mortar attack to take place.

The information provided by the Syrian sources confirmed the absence of Syrian Arab army soldiers in the area where the mortar shells were originated.
The photos taken and news passed by the Turkish journalists who visited the area after the event confirmed this.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense officials in a statement to our newspaper said:
"It is a known fact that the range of the mortars is low. The range varies between 1500 meters to 3 kilometers.

 It would be impossible that the mortar shells fallen to Akçakale were fired from anywhere else but the Ayn El Isa village. It is a known fact that this village has been occupied by armed terrorists supported by the Turkish Government.

Syrian Arab Army has nothing to do with this shelling.
Turkish military experts confirm the views of the Syrian authorities.

The experts we interviewed (names held for their safety) said that the mortar shell’s effective range is up to 3 km and this increase the probability that it was ignited from Ayn El Isa village or somewhere very close to that village.
Some sources who are close to the AKP government but against a war with Syria said that "Town of Akçakale was hit by the gun (mortar) provided by our government” , referring to the Turkey’s AKP government.

"The aim is to pull Turkey into a war"
Syrian authorities said that the same region was being bombed by the Syrian Army by air and land, "They (the rebels) are brutally murdering our people. They want to attract Turkey into the conflict since they realized that they are stuck and will be defeated.”

Authorities said that during the 17-month battle, the Syrian Arab Army chose to create a de-facto buffer zone to stay away from the Turkish border. This buffer zone has been used by terrorist groups to escape the Syrian Arab Army.


Syrian intelligence sources said that the Syrian Army's inventory contains mortar gun, but the shell exploded in Akçakale was a NATO origin.
A name very close to the AKP said, "The shells fallen to Akçakale do not belong to Syria.”

Armed rebels are using the same mortar shells against the Syrian Army. These shells and guns have been provided to the rebels by Turkey and other NATO member states. It is also said that these mortar shells were often used by the rebels in attacks carried out especially in and around Aleppo.

On the other hand, a Geopolitical expert Patrick Henningsen has noted that under the name of “retaliation” by continuously shelling, Turkey has already increased the safe haven along the Turkish Syrian border to a 19km depth for the insurgents.
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