Apr 3, 2012

Libyan Resistance News: NTC bombed cities in Libya today!

*** URGENT: military aircraft bombed the cities Jamil and Zuwara today! NTC has been bombing cities around Libya today, and the world is SILENT! 

 *** Military jets bombing civilian districts in Ragdalin today!!Where is NATO to impose no-fly zone NOW? NEW LIBYAN GOVERNMENT IS BOMBING CIVILIANS IN RAKDALIN AND JAMIL! WHERE ARE HRW and Amnesty International HYPOCRITES NOW?? Dirty hypocrite scumbags!!!
NTC forces bomb Rakdalin

***  Jüdischer Anwalt für Gaddafi-Familie - Julius-Hensel-Blog http://julius-hensel.com/2012/04/judischer-anwalt-fur-die-gaddafi-familie/

24h --Zuwara fighters are in the center of Rakdalin (Rat source)

**** (rat source) -The Amazighi festival in Nalut has been cancelled. The fighters from NafusaMountain are  going to join Zuwaran Amazighs (berbers)

***  Al Jamahyria channel: Rakdalin has cut supplies to Zuwarans from Sabratha. Fightings continue.
(Maybe the explosion heard in Sabratha earlier was Rakdalin heroes destroying weapon supplies ment for Zuwarans?)

*** There are tens of thousands of Sirte families living in tents in the cold/ https://www.facebook.com/libyanpoliticaldialogue

***Video of the fights // Zuwara, Rakdalin, Jamil https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=354437601258428

23:30  Zintan Commander Mokhtar AlAhdar (12000 men under his command) says he will run for office during the Libyan 'elections'

23:00---Brigadier Salim Alzentani accused Zuwara militias of bombing city of Jamil and hurting the people of Jamil because they stopped fighting on their part, but Zuwara militias continuing to bomb civilians, as it was mentioned by Alzentan/ https://www.facebook.com/M.AlGadhafi.tabka.Alousoudou.ousoudan

***Benghazi university today made an official announcement about the required dress code for women, a lot of repressive stupid rules, such as they r not allowed to wear colors etc..

21:30 According to Algeria ISP: Explosion rocked the city of Sabratha, Libya

*** NTC/NATO and Berbers from Zuwara are comitting crimes against Rakdalin children,women & elders, and no one cares! Zuwara fighters are continuing a heavy shelling of residential areas in Jamil city!
Jamil city today

People are saying that some jets were also departing from Misurata airport to bomb Rakdalin today. 

Girl injured in the bombing of Jamil city in Libya / Source

21:00  ElbadilPress: After Kufra,Murzuk and Sabha, heavy clashes in Tripoli (Janzour & Tajoura area), Benghazi and Zuwara now. Libya is burning.

Boy injured in the bombing of Jamil city / Source

****This girl from Sirte was one of the victims of NATO. Rest in Peace..

Victim of NATO bombing of Sirte, Libya, Source

20:40 Injured in Jamil city hospital in Libya. Source: Nessbook

Injured in the Jamil city hospital

20:30---(Graphic images 18+) Photos of dead and wounded Zuwara fighters here
Dead Zuwara fighter

*** AlArabya Correspondent: Arabic clashes between armed rising in Zuwarah, Libya to 16 dead and 18 wounded.. (admin>I think numbers are much higher than that, considering all the photos I saw of dead and injured)

19:00---Protests in Green Square in Tripoli, Libya

Tripoli protests
17:30---Representative of North Carolina in US Congress David E. Price ( @RepDavidEPrice ) just said on twitter: "Honored to have been on 1st bipartisan CODEL to #Libya since revolution. Struck by sense of optimism & gratitude for US/NATO support. #HDP"
I'm speechless.... Cant believe someone in USA votes for this guy..

***  Photos of injured in Jamal, Libya here
Injured in Jamal

*** Zuwara gangs shelled residential neighborhood in the Jamil, killing a woman & 2 young children
Video: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=196717220444506

Factory randomly bombed in Rakdalin today / Source
17:00---Latest News>

- 5 dead in Rkdalin.
- The fall of the house on a nice family thanks to the bombing. Bomb killed the girl and the rest of the family is in the intensive care unit.
- 10 other cases of Rkdalin in intensive care.
- 40 wounded.
- Dead in Rkdalin "Abu Qasim Yellow - Jamal Alqlana |
Constant bombardment by Zuwara gangs continue.

Video: Zuwara gangs bombed civilian houses in Jamil this morning!https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=196731360443092

                                      17h -Car convoy of Alzentan militia heading to Sabha 

*** Tunisian official source said that thousands of Libyans began to flock to Tunisia following the deteriorating security situation in their country because of the increasing armed clashes.

*** It is real war now between Zuwara,Regdaleen & AlJumail.Even CNN is reporting,but not about air bombing http://edition.cnn.com/2012/04/03/world/africa/libya-fighting/

17:00 Fire in Benghazi / Photo taken couple of moments ago #Libya

Fire in Benghazi /Source
Fire in Benghazi, Source

***  Names of the 31 person injured and killed today in Zuwara !!! Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=379977778702392&set=a.212608738772631.57582.212604708773034&type=1&theater

1- زياد عبدالرحمن الشلاكي .
2- باسل حافظ الإدريسي .
3- معاد عبدالعزيز القروي .
الجرحى /
1- وليد صالح الهاميسي .
2- فيصل شعبان قرقب .
3- إسلام حاجى الإدريسي .
4- وليد عطوش بلوز .
5- أيوب غالي العمراني .
6- طارق الطاهر .
7- حسام المنصوري .
8- فراس عمر جبارة .
9- جابر سعود خمير .
10- السوداني السوداني .
11- عريبي توفيق دهان .
12- زكريا سليم كرشمان .
13- عيسى جرافة .
14- عمران البوسيفي .
15- فرج الطاهر التلوع .
16- محمد الهادي العزابي .
17- نوري عاشور المنصوري .
18- عادل فؤاد الإدريسي .
19- إيهاب مسعود الشلاكي .
20- أيهم كامل العزابي .
21- إيهاب أبوديب .
22- إدير أبوعجيلة العطوشي .
23- مازن إبراهيم الحجاجي .
24- مصطفى جرافة .
25- رفيق العطوشي .
26- ظريف الطاهر الإدريسي .
27- هيثم حسين الفنطازي .
28- شهاب أحمد الجياش .
29- نزار عاصم أبوديب .
30- نبيل أبوكراع .
31- زيدان عبدالرحمن دباب .

17:00 Tripoli Square: airplanes flying very low. Moments ago sounds of gunfire, dont know the details.

Dense smoke near Mitiga base.smell of fire. reasons unknown/ Source

15:30--- RT@Somaliasupport3 Report Libya: as Reported Earlier a bank was Looted in Benghazi, Barca Council & NTC blamed each other for the looting.

15:00--- Zuwara militia clashes with Jamil and Regdalin militias leading to at least 3 dead, over a dozen injured. RT@ahmabd55

***Photo from Benghazi yesterday/ Youth of Benghazi burned a car of the so-called security committee after one of their friends was killed by the security committee

Benghazi yesterday / Source

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