Oct 3, 2012

Libya news [backup libyasos] 17. September - 23. September 2012..

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 23.   September 2012.
= Libya S.O.S. – Daily News on paper.li [you can to read good articles]http://paper.li/Libya_SOS/1317257547
= TRIPOLI: Heavily armed members of the Supreme Security Committee who were caught up in continuing deadly clashes in Brak arrived at the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli yesterday afternoon and threatened to blow it up. They claimed that military support promised by the pro NATO  Ministry of Defence had never arrived in Brak. [ Maybe they can call NATO next time?]
A source in the interior ministry claimed that Friday’s clashes had occurred after the SSC tried to arrest a number of people who had celebrated  “Fateh Revolution Day” on 1 September and that the dead had been killed by pro-Jamahiriya sympathisers.
However, locals have told that tensions had been rising in the town in recent weeks because of the behaviour of the SSC forces. http://www.libyaherald.com/?p=14973

=  Families in Libya  demand security & justice in Libya. SSC is part of the problem.

= BENGHAZI: Military police take over from Ansar Al-Sharia at Benghazi hospital
EGYPT: Egyptians break up Libya visa forging operation in Cairo
 A truck carrying weapons, ammunition and rocket-propelled grenades was intercepted at Bayda yesterday. The truck is understood to have been travelling from Derna to Benghazi, when it was stopped and seized in the Mohamed Hamri area. Ansar Al-Sharia have  been reported to be pulling out of Derna.

= Little boy lost in Baida. Too young to speak & no one recognises him.
He's at National Security Centre #Libya

Libyan authorities must stop harassment of sisters accused of being pro-Gaddafi. 
Hasna Shaeeb was previously detained for three days in October 2011 after being abducted from her home by a group of armed men in militia dress.
She has told Amnesty that she was given electric shocks, beaten and whipped until she lost consciousness and had urine poured on her. She said that the guards threatened to rape her mother if she did not confess to being a Gaddafi loyalist.

Libya: Two militiamen "executed" by loyalists in Tamanhint on Friday
Syria: My son was killed and his body taken away to be filmed by the killers ....for Al-Jazeera 
Sick minds are everywhere

= Syria: A photoshopped "revolution" 
Photos of pro-government demonstrations are in a Hollywood-esque way changed into photos of rebel supporters... http://worldmathaba.net/items/1674-syria-a-photoshopped-revolution

Libya, Green is Back

USA: By vote of 81to10, US Senate defeated legisl that would have suspended aid to Pakistan,Egypt and Libya.Supporters of bill were Republicans
= TRIPOLIGNC members stuck at Rixos surrounded by manhandled  protesters who attacked two congress members today.
Water bottles thrown at them.
GNC leader Magarief vows to disband "illegal" militias
GNC  army gives militias 48 hours to leave Tripoli
GNC army gives rogue militias ultimatum after two disband
BENGHAZI: Rafallah Al Sahati militia reportedly arrested "several people" from GNC Army & Police, claiming they incited protester anger.
 BENGHAZI: 11 people were killed amid milita base storming on 21 Sep in Benghazi.
6 soldiers killed Friday night in Benghazi found with hands tied behind their backs and a gunshot to the head
BRAQ/BRAK: They go to homes, shoot and ask questions later. That is how the young woman died.  
At least 6  SSC members, were killed when  fighting broke out in Brak on Wednesday following the killing of a local girl. Locals said she had been shot by the SSC when they tried to arrest her brother at the family home. There was a lull on Thursday but on Friday the clashes became more deadly.
 22 SSC members were reported killed and 50 injured. Homes were damaged and many local people fled to Sebha.  Adding to the defeat of the SSC in Brak,30 militiamen were also kidnapped from a bus near the town this week.
Video: GNC Armed gangs Entered Hero Abdullah Al Sanussi hometown.
= SYRIA:  Khaled a child injured in #Afghanistan on 2007, his photo was posted on "rebels" pages who claim it was taken in #Syria

People who don't live in some Arabic country they can not understand - it is nothing about Salafism - it is about Arabic culture.

Libya: Former Exiles Chafe Over Surge of Salafism
- For Arebi there is an added difficulty. She has only recently started to learn Arabic. Her father fled Libya four years after Col. Gaddafi came to power, divining where the country was heading. “My dad never thought he’d return and never spoke Arabic at home,”
Connecting isn’t easy, however. Arebi wrote an article for a local English-language newspaper, The Tripoli Post, about the case of a neurosurgeon who was abducted in April and tortured by a rebel militia because they suspected he’d withheld treatment from one of their wounded fighters. “I was told that I should be more careful what I write about and to be cautious because I’m new here. ” she says.

The non-Libyan wives of exiles have found it difficult to adapt to their new country as well. As Salafism has risen [and again it is nothing about Salafism] , some have tried to become content with staying at home with their husbands, with the changes they’ve seen come over the men whom they fell in love with in places like London, Paris, and Berlin. “He’s not the man I married,” says the European wife.
“I can’t go out alone,” she says. “I can’t visit friends if their husbands are present.

- For 33-year-old Rihab Elhaj,  living at her uncle’s home —restrictions that include not staying out late to refraining from socializing with men. She avoids tight-fitting clothes, although she doesn’t wear the hijab, something she knows has probably damaged her marriage prospects.

These restrictions often get in the way of her job—running a small NGO—and Elhaj says that traditional attitudes about gender in carry over into her office, where men aren’t used to women being in charge.
Arebi, the filmmaker, has less patience. Last month, as she tried to film the bulldozing of a Sufi mosque, a Salafi grabbed her camera. She tried to argue, but to little avail. As a woman, he said, she should lower her gaze.
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 21./22  September 2012.
= Libya S.O.S. – Daily News on paper.li [you can to read goodarticles]http://paper.li/Libya_SOS/1317257547
= BENGHAZI : Young Libyans in Benghazi and the families of protesters killed yesterday regretted the death of Gaddafi chanted the slogan: "Where is the tomb of Maoummer ... to mourn for years "
قولوا قبر معمر وين***بنمشو نبكو عليه سنين 

The ICC have issued an order to convene on October 8th and 9th to hear the arguments of Saif Gaddafi’s defense and that of the Libyan authorities regarding where Saif’s trial will take place....
Visit the appeal link below and share this urgent news with your contacts, urging them to sign the petition and send in the appeal, which is available in pdf document format for easy mailing.

= Migrants in Libya:
On the evening of 12 September, a dispute between Eritrean and Nigerian detainees at the Khoms detention centre for “irregular migrants” had escalated into violence. During the chaos a group of Somalis chose their moment to escape.
"They [pro GNC Libyans] don’t treat us like humans. For them, we are animals or slaves"
A 23-year-old Nigerian woman detained in Khoms detention centre for “irregular migrants”
= DERNA:  The two main Islamist [ex-rebels] militias in Derna, a city in eastern Libya known as an Islamist stronghold, withdrew from their five military bases and announced they were disbanding, residents said on Saturday.[Reuters]
= BENGHAZI: Please tell me how #SSC brigade and under GNC. control kills at least 17 pro governmant  people in a couple of hours?[ rat's channel]

Libyan pro-GNC -NATO activists attack militia headquarters (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
 Hundreds of Libyan pro-government demonstrators have stormed the HQ of a radical Salafist group, driving the militiamen out of their last major stronghold in Benghazi.

A Libyan demonstrator holds up a gun as others flash the victory sign and a car burns in the background near the headquarters of the hardline Islamist group Ansar el-Sharia on September 21, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya
= ZAWIYA: Large terrorist attack happened in #Zawiya ..Carbomb killed 24 people and injured many, rival militia's still clashing
BRAK /BURAQ: : Green Army ambush and kill at least 9 SSC [ex-rebels] 150 injured  forces in Brak or Buraq. 
SEBHA:  Reports of heavily armed clashes between SSC and Gren Resistance in Sebha.
Dozen of wounded.
= Security alert at Mitiga Airport, near Tripoli, Souq Al juma'a and Tripoli Brigades may fly to Brak City where clashes are reported.
6 members of GNC [ex-rebels] security forces were "executed" after clashes in #Benghazi between pro GNC protesters and GNC a militia. Earlier, medical officials in Benghazi hospitals reported that at least +4 other people had died and 40 been wounded when armed demonstrators protesting against militias clashed with a government unit of ex-rebels.

The fatalities came as Benghazi protesters ousted a ex-rebels militia from its headquarters early Saturday and seized a raft of other paramilitary bases in Benghazi, Libya's second city.
Around 70 people were wounded in the overnight violence
What's happen?
Now Libya has "elite" What will come from safe holes from UK, USA, Canada ah... pure glamour? Islamist was only tool to kill Libyans
US Ambassador Killed by Gaddafi Supporters
These terrorist militias were the groups that Hillary Clinton, John McCain, John Bolton and many other Neocons were begging the Obama Administration to support in February, 2011 in this same city of Benghazi.
These are the same Libyan and foreign Arab terrorist forces that NATO saved from Libyan justice as Gaddafi commanded the military to put an end to their anarchy which started in Benghazi. Remember, John McCainand others, especially those of the Republican Party, criticized Barack Obamabecause, initially, he would not quickly join the French and British in Libya to stop Libya from putting an end to the criminal anarchy taking place in Libya.

= Report #Libya : #GNC prime minister after Meeting With US officials changed his entire "story line" regarding US ambassador killing..
 #GNC PM first blamed "Gaddafi supporters" later admitted it was his own militia's .. but US told him better story later [Somaliasupport3]
 Al Qaeda's plan for Libya highlighted in congressional report
Wisam Ben Hamid "is a young rebel leader who  fought in Iraq."
Two brigades, Katiba al-A'hrar Libya and Katiba Dir' Libya, are reportedly under his control and both of them are "involved in  [ "revolutionary" ] and " postrevolutionary" militia fighting in the Qaddafi stronghold Sirt and in Kufra in southeast Libya." Ben Hamid "has been cited as one of the possible leaders of al Qaeda in Libya even though it is unlikely, given his prominence in the media, which contradicts AQSL's usual penchant for secrecy."
Libya has long been tied to the jihadist network in Syria, as many of the al Qaeda fighters who transited through Syria to fight the US-led coalition in Iraq came from eastern Libya.
Why didn't CNN reveal it had Libya ambassador's journal?
CNN Reveals Finding Ambassador Christopher Stevens' Journal And
 Discloses Reporting With It
... on the floor of the largely unsecured consulate compound where [Stevens] was fatally wounded." ...
CNN has done extensive reporting in the 10 days following the consulate attack and had senior international correspondent Arwa Damon reporting on the ground in Benghazi shortly after the attack. And according to the un-bylined article, CNN only used the journal for "tips" and therefore the "source familiar with Ambassador Stevens' thinking" is not Stevens' own writing.

But it's still unclear to what extent the journal played into CNN's reporting, and most importantly, why the network did not reveal having seen it until Friday night on air. It's also unclear why CNN did not immediately return the journal to the authorities investigating the attack. (The State Department did not immediately offer comment Friday regarding the journal).
= Anderson Cooper admits that CNN found slain American ambassador's journal inside U.S. consulate in Libya and 'secretly' used it in reporting

‘CNN took the newsworthy tips and corroborated them with other sources,’ the article said.
If CNN’s version of events is to be believed, the ‘source familiar with the ambassador's thinking’ mentioned by Cooper during Wednesday’s show was not Stevens’ journal since the network claims it only used tips from his entries.
However, it remains unclear why CNN did not reveal that it had found Stevens’ journal until Friday.
Will we to have the opportunity to see the DIARY  of Ambassador in the exhibition? As we have seen private affairs of the family of the leader of an independent country Libya
COMING NEXT: EXHIBITION OF EXCREMENTS FROM GADDAFI FAMILY,collected by Harald Doornbo ->http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/12/coming-next-exhibition-of-excrements.html
= What happened? Now Libya has "elite" What will come from safe holes from UK, USA, Canada ah... pure glamour? Islamists were only tool to kill Libyans.
Do you think its hypocritical of those creatures?
Protesters storm main Islamist militia HQ in Libya's Benghazi 

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 19./20  September 2012.
= Libya S.O.S. – Daily News on paper.li [you can to read good articles]http://paper.li/Libya_SOS/1317257547
Who is Sufyan ben Qumu ? 
[update:  US ambassador killed in Benghazi, Libya] +PDF FILE
Qumu was first noticed in the press [ freedom fighters] during the uprising against Jamahiriya "Qaddafi's regime"
Qaddafi's spooks told US officials that Qumu is a "dangerous man with no qualms about committing terrorist acts,"
= Libya faces a significant Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) threat following the 2011 [OTAN  -led war]  conflict, there are serious humanitarian challenges due to a wide range of threats and challenges which include; Unexploded and Abandoned Ordnance; Landmines; Ammunition Management; the use of Cluster Munitions and the high number of Small Arms and Light Weapons amongst the civilian population. These issues are an on-going threat to the Libyan population as well as hindering reconstruction and infrastructure development.
Stevens was worried about the growing threat of al-Qaeda and other extremists in Libya and even mentioned that he was on a terrorist "hit list."[YahooNews]
USA AID : Senator McCain and ambassador  Stevens
Mustafa A.G. Abushagur, calling him "a dear friend of mine" who "played a key role in helping to liberate Libya from the oppressive regime of Moammar Gaddafi."
That’s where the story gets even more interesting. The Obama [BUSH, CLINTON, REGAN, ROMNEY ... US] administration promptly labeled Qumu an “ally of sorts,” according to the New York Times – that despite the fact that as of 2005, he was known as a “medium to high risk … likely to pose a threat to the US, its interests and allies
.” What made him an ally? According to the Times, that status change was due to the Obama  [BUSH, CLINTON, REGAN, ROMNEY ... US] administration’s “remarkable turnabout resulting from shifting American policies rather than any obvious change in Mr.[?] Qumu.”
As a leader of the Libyan rebels, head of the Darnah Brigade, Qumu received support from NATO. And unnamed Western observers, according to the Times, felt that Qumu wasn’t a real threat: “We’re more worried about Al Qaeda infiltration from outside than the indigenous ones … Most of them have a local agenda so they don’t present as much as a threat to the West.”
Hillary Clinton is scheduled to visit Congress on Thursday in an attempt to beat back Tea Party pressure to cut foreign aid to Egypt and Libya in the wake of anti-American violence in those countries.
We are continuing to work with the Hill on the support that we think is important to support those very forces of moderation[?], change[?], democracy[?], openness in Egypt that are very important for defeating extremism of the kind that we saw,”
...to cut $4 billion in annual spending on Libya, Egypt and Pakistan.

“If you want to get aid from our[?] country, if you want to be an ally, you have to act like it,” Paul told reporters Wednesday. “Certain behaviors need to be adhered to [if you’re going] to get money from the U.S. government[?].
Department of Defense Sends Marine Team to U.S. Embassy in Yemen 
The first team was sent to Libya after the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi that killed four State Department employees, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens.

MSM MEDIA: It's amazing to me how Romney telling the truth is more newsworthy than Obama lying about Libya terrorist attack. [exposeliberals]
Flag inspired by bloody handprints on the walls of US Embassy in Libya.https://twitter.com/paulojohncastro/status/248794675778027520/photo/1
= FOX NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Intel Sources Say Libya Attack Tied to Al Qaeda and Ex-Gitmo Detainee Sufyan Ben Qumu [ VIDEO]
According to his Gitmo files, he was also tied to 9/11 financiers, and his alias is “found on a list of probable Al Qaeda personnel receiving monthly stipends and family support.”
A leader of the NATO /US backed  rebels in Libyan war! 
Defense Department file on Sufyan Ben Qumu  .PDF FILE http://www.foxnews.com/politics/interactive/2012/09/20/defense-department-file-on-sufyan-ben-qumu/

WHITE HOUSE: "Self-evident" that Benghazi violence on American consulate in Libya was a "terrorist attack" U.S. Names al Qaeda in Libya Attack
U.S. intelligence officials are investigating indications that al Qaeda's North African affiliate is connected with militants involved in the attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya, the top U.S. counterterrorism official said, providing the first public acknowledgment of the extremist movement's possible involvement in the deadly assault.
So basically, every word from Susan Rice, et al abt Libya was a lie.
Viagra and condoms and Susan Rice full story HERE
= US changes story on #Libya attack. On Sunday, Susan Rice claimed sparked by film protest. Now brands it "terror attack"
So basically, every word from Susan Rice, et al abt Libya was a lie.
= Libya attacker was released from Gitmo. But more important, Obama considered him "ally of sorts," according to NYT
Obama blamed American filmmaker for the embassy attacks - turns out it was somebody they released from GITMO
Bin Laden driver suspected of organizing killing of US ambassador in Libya
Fox News adds in their report that so far the finger is being pointed at 53-year-old Sufyan Ben Qumu, a veteran of the Libyan Army who has previously been interned at America’s military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba over accusations that he was linked with al-Qaeda.
Qumu was released from Gitmo in 2007 despite being considered a threat by American authorities, and sent back to Libya, where he was promised to be held behind bars. 
The regime of former leader Muammar Gaddafi later released him from the facility, after which the Daily Mail says he “emerged as a leader of the rebels” that attempted to overthrow Gaddafi’s very government.
Before being captured by US forces shortly after the 2011 invasion of Afghanistan, Qumu is thought to have aided Taliban fighters and worked for a charity believed to be an al-Qaeda front. He has also been labeled as a one-timepersonal driver for Osama bin Laden, although Qumu has denied that allegations.
 Now he is being considered a suspect in last week’s assault.
On Wednesday, Libyan Prime Minister Mustafa A.G. Abushagur said that Mr. Steven’s effort overseas "played a key role in helping to liberate Libyafrom the oppressive regime of Muammar Gaddafi.”
So basically, every word from Susan Rice, et al abt Libya was a lie.
 =SALAFISTS : Salafist militia group Ansar Sharia is organising a protest on Friday, the same day military is calling on Libyans to hand in weapons
= FOX NEWS: Fox exclusive: Intel sources believe attack in Libya is tied to al-Qaeda; one key player was released from Gitmo & handed over to Libyans
Libya attack directly tied to al Qaeda, involved former Gitmo detainee: Intelligence sources
Sufyan Ben Qumu is thought to have been involved and even may have led the attack, Fox News' intelligence sources said. Qumu, a Libyan, was released from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in 2007 and transferred into Libyan custody on the condition he be kept in jail. He was released by the Qaddafi regime as part of its reconciliation effort with Islamists in 2008.
His Guantanamo files also show he has ties to the financiers behind the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The declassified files also point to ties with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, a known Al Qaeda affiliate.
America and Libya give completely different versions of Benghazi consulate attack 
On Tuesday this week, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters, "We have provided information about what we believe was the precipitating cause of the protest and violence based on the information that we have had available," and that the US stands by the claim that “spontaneous” attackson the consulate resulted in the loss of four Americans.
"[W]e do not have any indication at this point of premeditation or pre-planned attacks," said Carney, adding, however, that "we're not making declarations ahead of the facts here."
= But GNC President Megarif told : “We firmly believe that this was a pre-calculated, pre-planned attack that was carried out specifically to attack the US Consulate. A few of those who joined in were foreigners who had entered Libya from different directions, some of them definitely from Mali and Algeria.” 
Uh oh. Libya saying the Obama administration knew about the potential for violence in Benghazi three days before 9/11
New picture emerging of "terrorist attack" in Benghazi [19.09.2012. Reuters]
The arrival of FBI investigators in Libya was initially delayed due to security concerns. But an investigation team has now arrived in Tripoli and should reach Benghazi before the end of the week, U.S. officials said. Their goal is to determine what happened on the ground and who was responsible.

Republican lawmakers said they agreed with Libyan officials who said the attack was preplanned.
"You don't bring rocket propelled grenades and heavy weapons to spontaneous demonstrations," Senator John McCain said.
Senator John McCain
Olsen told lawmakers that it appeared that a "number of different elements" were involved, including individuals connected to militant groups.
"We are looking at indications that individuals involved in the attack may have had connections to al Qaeda or al Qaeda's affiliates; in particular, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb," Olsen said.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 18. September 2012.
= Libya S.O.S. – Daily News on paper.li [you can to read good articles]http://paper.li/Libya_SOS/1317257547

= Protecting the Lie: Is Obama Admin’s Refusal to Come Clean on Benghazi a Political Choice?
But as convenient as that is to protect the myth of “victory” in Libya, it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, as witnesses report no protest was in progress before the attack and even US officials were remarking that the attackers seemed unusually well organized.

All the evidence points to an attack by al-Qaeda or an auxiliary, with Libyan officials saying they explicitly warned the US three days before the attack of the deteriorating security situation. That’s the reality-based assessment, and the one the president seems determined to run away from.

US/ ALQAEDA PARTNERSHIP: Hillary Clinton : We created Al-Qaeda
In this video Hilary Clinton admits that the US government created and funded Al-Qaeda in order to fight the soviet union, and she even considers that as a good thing.
= One thing is clear ex-rebels hunted US Ambassador Stevens  and caught him in a safe house.

= MSM LIES LIES LIES !  This picture was taken in #Iraq but the “honest and faithful” media report it as has happened in #Syria.

SEBHAThe killing  is continuing in Libya  GNC col. Naji Ali Dala was killed with his wife in car.
There was also another attack on the home of a commander in Sabha by an armed group early today.
BENGHAZI :  Source close to Abushagur says National Army “negotiating to dismantle" Ansar al Sharia Brigade, may consider "force". [It was before new idea " accuse loyalist "]
= Problems ; Mahmoud NATO Jibril, Alliance leader, refused to take part in government. Alliance's chief members convened emergency meeting.
Moral nits govern in Libya today
 Like we said it will be hunting of PERSONAL ENEMIES of GNC members.
GNC member Khaled AlHarary is saying on BBC [ who else?] Arabic now Gaddafi loyalists might be behind attack in # Benghazi.
Saints rebels will be Able to continue killing, raping and looting.
To justify aiding killers of American citizens.
Because America has helped them in the NATO-led war against the Libyan people.
We call it - washing dirty laundry

HOW SWEET AND INNOCENT ! Benghazi militia deny attack on consulate [HogWashNews]
The president of Libya’s national congress, Mohammed Magariaf, has suggested the attack was planned by Libyan militants working with foreigners linked to al-Qaeda. Magariaf reportedly said US officials had intercepted communications between Ansar al-Sharia and al-Qaeda’s north African franchise.
This is not true. We challenge anyone who claims that to prove it in reality,” the leaders said. “[Magariaf] is entitled to his opinion but what is needed from him is to provide proof for what he has said.

The Benghazi militia, which has some 250 members, indicated that some confusion may have arisen because it is not the only outfit in Libya to use the name Ansar al-Sharia. Its leaders claim it does not co-operate with those other groups. “There is no relation between us.”

 =  Ansar al-Shariah: The group is among "the most powerful" of the many, heavily armed militias that the government relies on to keep security in Benghazi.
In fact, it guards one of Benghazi's main hospitals.
Ansar al-Shariah numbers about 300 active members, though other factions say they believe it actually numbers as many as 5,000. Some of its leaders are veterans of the numerous wars in Afghanistan.
Rivalries are rife between militias, but other factions are wary of tangling with Ansar al-Shariah.
= [AP]One senior figure in Ansar al-Shariah, Youssef Jihani, denied the group took part in the attack
 "We never approve of killing civilians, especially those who helped us," [!]he said the day after the attack.
Still, he reflected the group's deeply anti-U.S. sentiment. "All of America's policies are hostile to Islam," he said in an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday. "If America is waging war against al-Qaida, then al-Qaida has a right to defend itself."
"A Benghazi power, Libya militia eyed in attack"
Libyan followers of the Ansar al-Sharia Brigades chant anti-U.S. slogans during a protest in front of the Tibesti Hotel, in Benghazi, Libya, Friday, Sept. 14, 2012, as part of widespread anger across the Muslim world about a film ridiculing Islam's Prophet Muhammad. (Mohammad Hannon / AP Photo)
Only days after the deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, around 200 members of the group drove through Benghazi, brandishing automatic weapons, in a procession of cars to "champion the Prophet" in reaction to the film.
"We want Islamic Shariah laws to govern Libya or we will stage a second revolution," one bearded young member of the group at the event Friday told a reporter. "We will be a threat to America."
White House opens door to other explanations behind Libya attack
One leader says there was a preplanned plot from abroad, and 50 people have been arrested in the Benghazi siege. Not so, says the new prime minister. What is going on?
Even before Ambassador Stevens' murder, U.S. officials say the CIA determined the security situation in eastern Libya was deteriorating based on four attacks, beginning in June, on diplomatic and Western targets in Benghazi, including the U.S. Consulate. That said, U.S. officials insist there was no specific warning of an armed assault, like the one that killed the four Americans.
After Consulate Attack, Libya Struggles to Get Its Story Straight
One leader says there was a preplanned plot from abroad, and 50 people have been arrested in the Benghazi siege. Not so, says the new prime minister. What is going on?
=BENGHAZI -Several families of leading members of the NTC / GNC have gathered seeking forgiveness from the USA. Their jobs and their salaries depend on it.

SYRIA - The UN explains why war crimes by FSA gangs should be dismissed
"“It is apparent that the crimes and abuses committed by antigovernment groups, though serious, did not reach the gravity, frequency and scale of those committed by the government forces and shabiha,” Mr. Pinheiro said."
 What is the point of this sentence?
What purpose does it serve?
Imagine if someone writes that: It is apparent that the crimes and abuses committed by the Syrian regime, though serious, did not reach the gravity, frequency, and scale of those committed by the Nazi regime.  I mean, can you imagine how the person would be accused of propaganda for the regime if those words were uttered by him/her?

AFGANISTAN : Is it solution?!? people?! Kabul suicide bomber targets foreigners over anti-Islam film (VIDEO, PHOTOS) http://rt.com/news/kabul-suicide-bomber-foreigners-373/

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 17. September 2012.
= Libya S.O.S. – Daily News on paper.li [you can to read good articles]http://paper.li/Libya_SOS/1317257547
= Why different GNC/NTC  officials give such different versions about number of arrests in the Benghazi attack?
BURAQ: Buraq is surrounded by NTC/GNC [ mostly by Misrata gangs] forces after Libyan played Jamahiriya national songs for 1hour on radio.
Misrata brigades setting up checkpoints outside of Brak and arresting some people
GNC militia plan to go in by tomorrow to 'sweep' the area for weapons and restore GNC order .
Before few days  loyalists seized radio station and played Jamaniriyan songs in Brak too.
The fact that Gaddafi supporters also held celebrations on 1 September in Brak also shows this; the video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuY-kfQK8Po

= SABHA -  Tobou "youths" burned tires in Sabha today to protest recent killings by Awlad Suleiman tribesmen. Blasts also heard in the city.A Rebels colonel and wife were also shot dead by gunmen while going to wedding in Awbari from Sabha today.[LibyanReality]
= Al-Qaeda in the Arabia Peninsula (AQAP) has praised  the attacks on American embassies in Egypt, Tunsisia and Yemen.
Libya - Doomed from Day One
People often ask me why the West doesn’t attempt a Libya-style intervention in Syria. After all, things are going so well in Libya...
The post-Gaddafi Libya is not real. It’s a dangerous fabrication of materials stuck together by the glue of dubious alliances with jihadists who are cut loose with their weapons once the immediate goal (Gaddafi’s demise) was achieved. Forget about the oil for now.  http://oilprice.com/Geopolitics/Africa/Libya-Doomed-from-Day-One.html
Photo by  LandDestroyer

= BENGHAZI MURDER of US ambasador : A new video which shows Libyans apparently celebrating the death of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens as his body is recovered from a U.S. Consulate in Benghazi following last week’s attack has been spun by the New York Times to portray the men as rescuers who are trying to save the Ambassador’s life, when in fact they are reveling in his death.http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/09/us-ambassador-killed-in-benghazi-libya.html
GNC has sacked its security chiefs for Benghazi after a deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in the eastern city last week, GNC's Interior Minister Fawzi Abdel A'al told Reuters.
DRONES OVER LIBYA : US now reportedly 20 drones in country
 Benghazi airspace closed for several hours to enable US drone patrol
Flahsback : Drones never leaved  Libya they already were in country before the film / attacks
The revelation follows a failed attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi on Tuesday night, which a shadowy jihadist group claimed was to avenge the death of al Qaeda No. 2 Abu Yahya al-Libi.
June 7 2012 U.S. drones seeking jihadists in Libya
TRIPOLI AIRPORT - A aircraft accident at #Tripoli International Airport #Libya between Royal Jordanian and Libyan Airways plane

BENGHAZI -  people getting annoyed by the continuous sound of drones.
exREBELS now Islamist:  Ansar Al Sharia reportedly does not recognise the new Libyan Government, only obeys "God's law"
= HATERS IN ACTION 1  St George’s Greek Orthodox Church in Tripoli’s Old City was  attacked.
[ A Salafi FB page praising the attacks on shrines recently had comments saying by end of the year no graves or churches in Libya.]
The four, who had climbed over the walls, smashed three icons in the church courtyard and burned Greek and Cypriot flags. They tried to set fire to the wooden frames of the icons but failed.
The church is around the corner from the Othman Pasha madrassa which wasattacked on 29 August by Salfists.
On 7 May an unknown assailant fired shots at the church, narrowly missing the priest as he opened the door in the morning.http://makeleio.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4931
Greek Orthodox Church in Tripoli, Libya: Vandalism and attempted arson by Islamist [ exrebels] 
 = HATERS IN ACTION 2 :  NATO backed rebels now Islamist try to attack on the Catholic church in Dahra,Tripoli but the Neighbors protected no one get injured
BENGHAZI: Faculty of Medicine Students holding sit-in protest outside University of Benghazi, blocking entrance
= DERNA -  3 days ago 8 pickup trucks with heavy weapons left military camp in Derna direction #Benghazi, prob Green mountains.
= OIL : Mellitah workers at Elephant oil field  threatened to cut production if working conditions not improved 
Elephant oil field, aka El Feel, is named for its size. & has 1.2 billion reserve barrels of oil. Elephant oil field produced 130,000 barrels per day before 2011 uprising. Murzuq Basin's largest oil field in 2007
ANTI-ISLAMIC FILM - Pressure on YouTube + Google for refusing to remove anti-Islamic film clips. Blocks access to them in Egypt, Libya + Pakistan.

= US Diplomacy and America’s “Enablers of Terror”
Images of the Ambassador being dragged through the streets of Benghazi are the product of a stark reality that the general public must recognize – one that is absent of the romance and fervor of televised “revolutions.” For Ambassador Stevens, an early proponent of the no-fly zone and a staunch supporter of NATO’s campaign in Libya, the untimely death he was dealt came delivered by the very militants he enabled in brazen.  
The pathological reasoning of bombing a country to “save it from destruction” reflects the unrestrained irrationality ...
While mainstream accounts of the unrest now transpiring in the Middle East credit an incendiary film with provoking attacks on US diplomatic compounds, sources have claimed the attack in Libya was well-coordinated and planned in advance, using protests outside the consulate as a diversion. 

CANADA - Canada reopens previously closed embassies in Cairo, Tripoli and Khartoum. Seen as safety precaution for staff after anti-Islam film riots.
=TUNISIA -  Around 100 US citizens have been evacuated from Tunisiasince Tunis attack that left four people dead.
= AFGANISTAN : At least 8 dead in Baghdad, Iraq! Does anyone care? Obviously no, because they are not Americans!
NATO Bombing Kills 8 Civilians in Afghanistan         
Eight civilians have been killed in a bombing by the U.S.-led NATO occupation force in Afghanistan. Local villagers say the victims were collecting firewood when they came under attack.
"Those killed are all women, the brutal Americans killed all women in their raid; they are not able to distinguish between sticks and guns. They (the women) were collecting wood, you infidels and brutal Americans couldn’t see the difference between piece of wood and a gun."
Seven people were also wounded. According to NATO figures, foreign troops have killed more than 200 civilians in Afghanistan so far this year. http://www.democracynow.org/2012/9/17/headlines#9172

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