Oct 13, 2012

Libya, Bani Walid report [13.09.2012.]

Bani Walid DOCTOR: "HOSPITALS Don't Have More Medicines to treat the injured people; LIBYA Gov. Is BLOCKING all - PLEASE HELP!!"
Home to Libya’s largest tribe Warfalla tribe, Bani Walid has been the safest cities in Libya since the war ended last October. The local population attribute this to the fact that no militias are able to enter the city from outside and only its own people volunteered to protect it.
The Social Council of the tribes of Warfala
They are organized in local defense committees in charge of daily security, checkpoints on the outskirts of the city. Having seen what the Feb17 brigades have done to their houses, farm land, and other personal properties when then entered the city last October local were determined not to let any armed individuals to enter their city again.

The rocky mountainous city is long accused of "harboring remnants of the previous regime fighters and protecting its supporters". 
However, the fact is that the majority of people in Bani Walid do not want any militias amongst them at the same time they are welcoming any security forces under the control of the GNC.

They weeks ago they were called upon by the GNC to hand over couple of suspects which the local social council of the city refused to do unless there is proper judiciary system and proper government procedures.
 It cited the kidnapping of over a hundred Warffalis civilians currently in jail center in Misrata and Tripoli controlled by rogue militias.

They challenged the government to bring those back home if it really can. Of course nothing has happened over the last year or so meaning that the GNC lacks the means and the authority to control the country let alone disarm the armed gangs still operating freely.

The prompted GNC to issue its legally disputed decree number 7 authorizing the novice GNC  “army” to use all necessary means to control the city. 

By doing so GNC not only over stepped its mandate but also committed the hideous crime of publically calling for war against part of the Libyan population in what could well be “officially” authorized tribal cleansing.

The bulk of the besieging forces came from Misrata with its long and deeply rooted hatred of Bani Walid.

 At the same time almost all other revolutionary brigades except the parts of the Islamist have either withdrawn their fighters or refused to take part in the siege considering it as illegal and unnecessary bloodshed against he entire population of Bani Walid.
 Children of  Bani Walid demonstrating against the indiscriminate shelling of the city 
Children of  Bani Walid demonstrating against the
 indiscriminate shelling of the city
Stuff left behind by retreating Misrata gangs  near Bani Walid, includes a gas mask
Earlier today, a delegation from the East hasn't been allowed to enter Bani Walid.

“We left around 10am from Tripoli with a letter from the government and [National Congress President] Magarief”, said Jmail Sharif, one of the delegates.

“We passed through the checkpoint at Tarhuna and were met by a second checkpoint beyond which we could not pass. Men from Misrata arrived in civilian clothes and fired in the air.”
The Misratans refused to recognise the authority conveyed by the letter from Magarief and the government as sufficient to allow the delegation to pass.

“They said they followed orders only from their direct superiors and that anyway, negotiations had been ongoing for four months and they were tired of it”.

Militia at Tarhuna checkpoint prevented delegation from entering Bani Walid. There was firing in the air and abusive language.

They said they followed orders only from their direct superiors and that anyway, negotiations had been ongoing for four months and they were tired of it.

Which forced the delegation to go back to Tripoli.

The incident is the latest in a string of unilateral actions on the part of Misrata over the Bani Walid situation.

Predominantly Misratan executioners  stationed at Bir Dufan have launched five attacks on Bani Walid since 2 October, none of them authorised by Chief of Staff GNC General Yusuf Mangoush.

Mangoush apologizes for what some Misrata battalions did to the "reconciliation delegation" convoy who was on his way to Bani Walid.

Tabu leader said that there are some Tabus among the siege force around Bani Walid but they don't represent the tribe.

Aid convoy put on hold as it had been on its way from Sirte towards Bani Walid . Probably will make another effort again tomorrow.


Violent clashes resumed in Bani Walid on 11 Oct, which according to local officials, resulted in the deaths of at least 10 people.

Abdelhamid al Sanduli, head of BaniWalid Political/Media Com, says most shelling in resid areas, incl AlZara, where 3 children died till yesterday.

The civilians have been killed in a bombardment on Bani Walid 35 others were injured. 

The fatalities occurred when a suspected Grad rocket hit their house close to the centre of Bani Walid.


 The ICRC delivered to the main hospital enough materials to treat 50 seriously injured patients, as well as drugs for the treatment of chronic diseases. "For the time being, the hospital is managing to cope with its caseload of injured patients, so we did not evacuate anyone," said Bernadette Gleeson, an ICRC health delegate who went to Bani Walid.

The team also provided the Dahra polyclinic with triage supplies.

The ICRC is an independent, neutral, and impartial humanitarian organization whose exclusively humanitarian role is to protect the lives and dignity of people affected by armed conflict and other situations of violence and provide them with assistance.

Chemical Weapons Again Used in Attacks on Bani Walid 

 Libya: UN urges protection of civilians following deadly clashes in Bani Walid
The United Nations today voiced concern over the impact of recent security developments, including loss of life and injury, amid deadly clashes between armed groups in the Libyan town of Bani Walid.

The UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in the North African nation, Georg Charpentier, reminded all parties of their obligations under international humanitarian law to protect civilians and meet their basic needs.

“He further calls on all parties to extend their full support for a mediated settlement that allows the State to exercise its national authority and comprehensively addresses all outstanding issues related to Bani Walid,” said a statement issued by the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), of which Mr. Charpentier is serving as its acting head. [link]
 Misrata criminal aka commander who among those who captured Colonel Gaddafi severely wounded in Bani Walid clashes yesterday

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