Oct 11, 2012

Libya, Bani Walid report [update 10/11.09.2012.]

Libya Then And Now - Warfalla Man

People are afraid to say anything its just all round fear!

I hear today a road was opened to Bani Walid from trhonaa. Obviously this is precarious and could end at any moment again.

This is the contact information of the Media and Politics Centre of BaniWalid, for any information concerning BaniWalid please contact us.

Indiscriminate shelling targeted the homes of civilians in Bani Walid city 11-10-2012

At least three inocent civilians were killed when GNC/ Misrata gangs shelled a Bani Walid, local media reported on Thursday.

The dead included an eight-year-bold boy who was killed by GNC rockets, late Wednesday when a rocket hit his family‘s house in the town of Bani Walid, said the independent Libyan news agency Solidarity Press, citing a media source inside the town.

The town‘s hospital treated several people injured in the "indiscriminate" shelling carried out by tanks and artillery, added the source.

With the Misrata militia 40 Kilometers away - their firing is pretty inaccurate - and the ability to hit them - when you cannot even see them is difficult - if not impossible.
The last 30 seconds of the video has graphic images.

The United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary General visits the town of Bani Walid to urge tribal elders to seize an opportunity for reconciliation with the newly-elected National Congress.

Bani Walid Council Member Explains - Historical & Foreign Players Make the conflict 

Protest in Tripoli against occupation  Bani Walid 
and the killing of innocent civilians and children

 AbuSalim,Tripoli,Libya: SSC "only" shot in the air they didnt shoot at the Bani Walid protesters

Libyan Embassy London Demonstration 10 Oct 2012 - For Bani Walid
Warfalla Are Now The Palestinians of Libya - Warfalla Man

People are prepared to die even if fighting with sticks and stones. Warfalla are the name of the Tribe that is the town of Bani Walid which has been under siege for about two weeks. Nothing allowed in or out. A young man from Bani Walid with excellent English explains - he happens to have the flavour of Libya in him.
That desert feel ....
The speaker in this video is concerned that when he said warfalla is 300 years old he was wrong - and it is in fact much older.

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