Oct 2, 2012

ATTENTION! The city of Bani Walid seeks help

Yesterday evening friend received a message on Skype of friend from the city Bani Walid, Libya:

" The armed gangs of Misrata and Tripoli were grouped near the town of Tadjoura and from September 30 began to move their troops to the other armed gangs of the" new government " which made full scale blockade of the Bani Walid "

We want to remind that Bani Walid is the city, which, together with the city of Sirte tenaciously fought for the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, in which in February 2011 was created by West mutiny against the legitimate government. People from Bani Walid endured NATO air bombings, assaults and the "rebels".

"Photographs could to show You that rats are preparing for the residents of Bani Walid, Libya.

A week ago they received an ultimatum from Tripoli by Belhadj, man number two in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Libya: 
"Give up Your weapons, or military troops force You to do this."

Now the city, the number of people who passed about 100 thousand people due to the many refugees from other places, who had fled from the tyranny of gangs, completely blocked. 
Armed gangs of occupation regime surrounded the city, provoking frequent disconnection of water and electricity, do not miss the food machines to Bani Walid

Those who are trying to leave the city, gangs  have to seize on the many PPC and taken to an unknown destination. These PPC were created around the city Bani Walid.

Residents are trying again to confront murderers.
But they need help
A local resident from Bani Walid reported by the phone:
"Citizens have for their defense only light type of weapons. We appeal to all for the help! "

Whether the world will hear the message of the citizens of the free city of Bani Walid?

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