Aug 19, 2012

Three car bombs exploded in Tripoli

Three car bombs exploded in Tripoli , killing at least  two people and injuring several others early.
Car bombs in Tripoli *
Islamists aka Ex-rebels  were used same kind of bombs and the same tactics and equipmen in previously foiled car bom bing attacks in Benghazi last monht. Because of dangerous situation the Red Cross suspended its activities in Benghazi and Misrata.
On such a day as the Eid, a time for celebration and forgiveness, of all days.
May Allah bless the families of the victims with patience.

A new report paints a rather gloomy picture of NATO/ NTC [ now GNC] Libya: fighting between tribes, ethnic groups and rival militia has accounted for instability at a local level; and attacks continue to occur in the country's hubs of Benghazi and Tripoli.

The first bomb blew up near The GNC  Interior Ministry's administrative offices in Tripoli. No casualties.
On arriving at the site of the explosion, police found another car bomb that had not blown up.

Power of NATO democracy 

Thirty minutes later,  two car bombs exploded near the former headquarters of a Women's Police Academy, which The NTC  Defense Ministry has been using for interrogations and detentions,  killing two people, both civilians, and wounding two.

Ambulances and firefighters rushed to the scenes of the blasts and large numbers of police cordoned off the sites before starting to remove the charred vehicles.

Tripoli in NATO / GNC era 
Reports gathered by the UK-based risk analyst Maplecroft, point to "a noted increase in violent incidents" in recent weeks in both Tripoli and Benghazi. Also, serious clashes have in the meantime broken out in recent months in the west of the country around the Nafusa mountain areas and in the south-eastern Kufra basin.

Many  militias and individual Libyans are with weapons in their arms. As such, disputes can rapidly turn violent with the use of heavy weaponry. Such escalation poses a particularly high human security risk in more densely populated urban areas.
For instance, on August 4 a gun battle took place between market vendors in Tripoli who were vying for selling space.
A car bomb was also widely reported to have exploded in the same area, although local reports claim that the car exploded after being hit by TNT (of a type frequently used in fishing) which was hurled by individuals involved in the dispute and was therefore not a separate incident.
 One Tunisian national is reported to have been severely wounded.

Trumpets of NATO  [MSM]  reported that is first bomb since last September  - but .. It is one more lie. They try to make some kind of Fairy Tale for westerntaxpayer or who? I don't know ...

** video:

Libyan based in London have version for propaganda machinery
in time just before attack he wrote

Suddenly he have new "Great Fairy Tale"

Exclusive – Interior Ministry communications system hacked as Qaddafi loyalists overheard discussing Tripoli blasts
The conversation was overheard by a Libyan living in London who frequently joins the chat-room to hear what Qaddafi loyalists are saying on various issues.

Of significant concern to the authorities will be the revelation that the loyalists’ confirmation of the blasts was received directly through the Interior Ministry’s communications system, which appeared to have been hacked by one of the men last night.
Meanwhile he posted propagnda material for Eid.
I ask someone who has heard that someone in homeland prepare attack cen share propaganda photo of Eid???
What is wrong in NATO's Libya?

Everything is going  well ... the famous NATO plan : 
Divide and conquer
Where was all this liers throught the war - to see blood of Libyans.
Now Al Qaeda  have free hands...
But of course perspective is different from UK or Canada or US or ... 

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