Aug 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Comandante Fidel!

Happy Birthday Fidel Castro

Happy Birthday Fidel Castro
Our "wish-list" to Comandante Fidel Castro on his 85th Birthday is:
For a World of Peace,
For a World of Truth, where people Worldwide join hands,
For a World of understanding, a World of tolerance and respect,
For the concurrent demise of neoliberalism and militarization which destroy people's lives,
For the outright criminalization of America's imperial wars,
For a World of Social Justice with a true "responsibility to protect" our fellow human beings,
To Truth in Media. For a World in which journalists are committed to reporting the truth,
Happy Birthday Comandante Fidel, 
You are the source of tremendous inspiration. Our thoughts are with you. 
Long Live Fidel Castro Ruz

Michel Chossudovsky, on behalf of  the Global Research Team, Montreal, August 13, 2011
[and in the name of all of us.]

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Happy Birthday Fidel Castro
by Michel Chossudovsky

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