Aug 13, 2012

Libya news [backup libyasos] 16. July - 22. July 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 22. July 2012.
= "Douglas Alexander: We can't stand by and let innocents in Syria die" then STOP TO DELIVERING WEAPON TO THE GANGS !!! OK?
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Deported Nigerians from Libya laments on the killings and torture
Relating his experience, Tobi Adisa said : “ The place we were kept for seven months is a detention camp. We call it prison because of the inhuman treatment given to us. One of the guys that arrived with us was shot on his left leg just two days ago. They kill Nigerians like fowl in the camp. It’s a very big camp and the Libyans are very wicked. Last week, a Yoruba boy was also killed”.

Musa Odigie furiously shouted, “They stole my $5,000 and right now I’m back to my country penniless.” While Odigie counted his losses, another angry male returnee, Odion said from behind, “I lost 6,000 dollars to the bastards. They have taken all my money and I’m back here with my wife. How do we cope?”
Today’s Syrian 'Freedom Fighters' Yesterday’s 'Terrorists'

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Thursday acknowledged “an Al Qaeda presence in Syria,” ....

If Al Qaeda elements are collaborating with US imperialism in mounting a terror campaign in Syria, it will not be the first time. The top commander of the militias that were backed by the US and NATO in the war for regime change in Libya, Abdel Hakim Belhadj, had previously been abducted, renditioned and tortured by the CIA because of his role in the Islamist terrorist group.

These same Libyan elements are now playing a prominent role in arming and training the US-backed armed “opposition” in Syria as well as sending fighters directly into the country.
Ramadan The Holy Month in Sirte, new NATO'a Libya
= Ramadan The Holy Month in Tawergha Refugees camp , new NATO'a Libya

KIDNAPING The kidnapped president of the Libyan Olympic Committee was freed Sunday, a week after he was seized, the country's state news agency reported.
It is not clear who kidnapped Ahmad Nabil al-Alam or why.
= CLASHES Armed groups continue to overrun post-revolution Libya
Nigerians are dying in Libyan prisons - Returnees
SLAVERY IN LIBYA? Almost 200 migrants crouch in a sliver of shade in Murzuqs prison yard, sheltering from the harsh Saharan sun. NTC doing nothing to care about them.
Inside the prisons fetid cells, three sick men lie on dirty mattresses and vomit into buckets. There is little food, no water and beatings, whispered 23-year-old Adid from Mogadishu.
Before the revolution, migrants made up over 30 per cent of Libyas work force and demand has not diminished.
Migrant labour is very important to Libya because of our manpower shortage, especially in agriculture, construction and manual labour. Libyans are looking for better jobs  there is a mentality here that there is some work Libyans will simply not do.
The European Union and United States should be concerned, warned Ibrahim Ali Abu Sharia, a Sabha University professor. There is a massive illegal trade including slaves. I saw a Sabha farmer sell 20 Somali women recently. You can buy one African man for 500 Libyan Dinar [$394].
=Axiom "all politics is local" is true in Libya as well
 The political landscape is in some ways like the security situation, which is primarily enforced not by unified national army or police, but by a few dozen "independent", locally organized militias. Civil society leaders were able to organize a recent meeting of the main political groups to find a common political platform and roadmap for Libya's transitional government. 
This sort of political prenuptial agreement was to include Jibril; Mohammed Magarief, leader of the  opposition group, the National Salvation Front; Mohamed Sawan, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood; and Abdulhakim Belhaj, leader of the Al Watan Party. But the day before the meeting was schedules, Jebril left Tripoli on what he said was a family emergency and all the other leaders, upset at the perceived insult, withdrew.
= SYRIA - NATO Death Squads Attempt to Ethnically Divide Syria
Reports from Libya earlier this year confirmed that hundreds of Libyan fighters as well as NATO-supplied weapons and cash were pledged to the FSA by Al Qaeda's Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) commander, Abdul Hakim Belhaj.

These accounts of sectarian violence are by no means the first. Bloomberg conceded recently that "the sectarian civil war between Syrias Sunnis and Alawites that the world had long feared has begun," the manifestation of warnings by international geopolitical analysts signaled as early as 2007.
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 21. July 2012.
= "Douglas Alexander: We can't stand by and let innocents in Syria die" thenSTOP TO DELIVERING WEAPON TO THE GANGS !!! OK?
Thierry Meyssan speaks about the Battle of Damascus, Syria [19.07. 2012]
Within a few days, 40 to 60 000 Contras, mostly Libyans, entered the country, most often via the Jordanian border. 
The majority of them are attached to the "Syrian" Free Army, a secret operations front for NATO under Turkish command. Some are affiliated with groups of fanatics, including Al-Qaeda, under Qatar’s command or factions of the Saudi Royal Family, the Sudairi. Along the way, they took some border posts, and then moved to the capital where they have sown confusion by attacking random targets: police groups or isolated military.
TRIPOLI, LIBYA  - Targeting the homes of tribe Warfala in Tripoli - today at 6: 30 a.m. has been targeting the House of Abdul Hameed Alshandoli Arby Gee.
The explosion and fire are dest larroied huge parts of the house in this Holy Month Ramadan. 

Libyan Elections  Burying The Amnesty Report
In January 2005, we described how the British media were united in celebrating Iraqfirst free election in decades. (Leader, 'Vote against violence,' The Guardian, January 7, 2005)
The BBC's main evening news reported the first democratic election in fifty years (BBC1, News at Ten, January 10, 2005). The Daily Telegraph wrote of the first democratic elections (Leader, 'Mission accomplished,' Daily Telegraph, December 6, 2004). The Independent argued that democratic and free elections can bring a hope of peace (Borzou Daragahi, 'Bin Laden backs deputy Zarqawi,The Independent, December 28, 2004).
In their excellent book, Demonstration Elections (South End Press, 1984), Edward Herman and Frank Brodhead listed six criteria of election integrity:
'Freedom of speech.'

'Freedom of the media.'

'Freedom of organization of intermediate groups.'

'The absence of highly developed and pervasive instruments of state-sponsored terror.'

'Freedom of party organization and ability to field candidates.'

'Absence of coercion and fear on the part of the general population.'
 ‘Don’t be duped by Western humanitarian rhetoric on Syria’ – Russia’s UN ambassador
You know, humanitarian intervention unfortunately only sounds humane, but the fact of the matter is that any military intervention for whatever reason is inevitably going to cause more bloodshed. And we know those greatest humanists in the world – US and UK – intervened in Iraq, for instance, citing all sorts of noble pretexts, in that particular case – non-existent weapons of mass destruction.
What it caused – 150 thousand civilian deaths alone, to say nothing about millions of refugees, displaced persons and the whole dislocation in the country. So, don’t be duped by humanitarian rhetoric.
Bush's wars, Obama's wars, UN humanitarian  help

UK will aid Syrian opposition outside UN
Does anyone still beleive in fairy tale ABOUT INNOCENT CIVILIANS? ... About democracy and another phrases of western politicians?
If they want to STOP bloodshed - They will never send any weapon to any country...]
Britain will work outside the UN Security Council to support the opposition movement in Syria. We will all be doing more outside the Security Council and intensifying our work to support the Syrian opposition, said British Foreign Secretary William Hague, as cited by Voice of America. On Thursday, Russia and China blocked the latest Security Council resolution aimed at imposing sanctions on the Assad government. Hague's statement came just hours before ambassadors met at the Security Council in New York on Friday. But the chief diplomat did say the UK would not provide any lethal support to the Syrian rebels.
= Syria: Tunisian Reports: Al-Qaeda-linked Tunisian Young Man Killed in al-Midan Neighborhood
SYRIA: French Journalist killed by Opposition "Rebels" (Le Figaro,major french Newspaper)
Syria: U. S. Susan Rice Threats They Will Work Around U.N. Resolution
Saudi Wahhabis call for the destruction of Shia shrine in Syria
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 20. July 2012.
To glorify "west" is the first rule of democracy [think about it]

= French multinational cabling manufacturer, Nexans, has been awarded contracts worth around $134m by Libya’s PEWCO (Public Electrical Works Company), a wholly-owned subsidiary of GECOL, the state-owned company responsible for the production and distribution of electrical power, to supply cables for projects to upgrade the country’s power transmission and distribution infrastructure. 
[ NTC   hope it will help to French fallen economy. NTC will never forget French delivery of weapons ]
=Libya: The Aftermath of War Did you read the UN report about unexploded bombs & danger that Libya has no money to take care of?
Don't worry World. USA backed government will pay with blood and oil of Libyans.
Thanks to NATO and NTC puppets, today Libya is dangerous place ... very very dangerous place. 
War is great business: first - you are selling weapon, after you are cleaning the same weapons ... and all of that with money of native people.
US-backed Occupied Libya: Putting Lipstick on a Frog
When the NTC formed an interim government in March 2011 at the beginning of the Nato war on Libya, Jibril was appointed as its head. He was installed as prime minister in August after a war that killed at least 50 000 and wounded another 50 000. The NTC’s constituent parts — ex-Gaddafi regime figures, Islamists, CIA assets and tribal leaders — will still make up a significant portion of any new regime. Libya is being torn apart by ethnic conflicts, tribal clashes and fighting between militias that has seen hundreds if not thousands of people killed since the end of the Nato intervention.
Libya Genocide  At An Amnesty International report, the Misrata Security Committee, a branch of the city's post-Gaddafi local council, tortured and killed hundred of  a black Libyans from Tawargha. One of them, Barnous Bousas corpse was found with a wound in the back of his head. He was a civilian and was wrongly accused of being a mercenary in the Gaddafi loyalists' army now renamed the Green Resistance.
"This brutal death highlights the continuing dangers to detainees in the new Libya," Hassiba Hadj Sahraoul, the Middle East and North Africa deputy director of Amnesty International said. "How many more victims will die from torture until the authorities realise the gravity of the situation and deliver on their promises of investigating, prosecuting and putting an end to such crimes,"she added.
Militias from Misrata drove out the entire population of Tawargha in August 2011. Many have been publicly denounced politically and accused of treason. These incidents are not merely tribal skirmishes -- these barbarous acts are clearly racially motivated.
TRIPOLI A New Zealand documentary film-maker has been released by Libyan officials after being arrested while investigating former rebel abuses of a minority ethnic group.
She had been conducting interviews for around three hours with Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the town of Tawergha.
She has now been released, safe and well, according to British newspaper, The Guardian.
"We filmed for three or four hours,'' she said, speaking from the base on her mobile phone. I was filming the last shot and some security guy said what are you doing? They said we were supposed to get proper permission.'' 
Ward was held for five hours, including at least three hours at the base, before being transferred to an intelligence facility at Ain Zara in southern Tripoli.
Her equipment had been confiscated by Libyan officials and she was toldto report back tomorrow (Saturday).
 = GARGERESH -  Incident at #Gargaresh a few days back involving AKs and RPGs started as an accidential shooting due to mishandling #Libya
LIBYAN PARADISE  - 50% of Benghazis below poverty-line. Despite fact East has 80% of Libya's oil & #Libya is 5th largest oil producer [Weclome to NTC paradise]

GE could make $10bn revenue from Libya 
General Electric, the biggest maker of power-generation equipment, the companys regional President and CEO Nabil Habayeb.
"The country needs everything, development of oil and gas, which will create the wealth to improve the life of people, clean water, reliable power, a good healthcare system, building the transportation system both rail as well as the aviation system so that you can get the economy going - all of these things are areas of focus for us in Libya, like we did in Iraq,[Great job! Congradulation! Iraq now is pure paradise... but no for Iraqi people]’’Habayeb said.
The Provinces of Iraq, Map of Libya still under construction
The Provinces of Iraq, Map of Libya still under construction
The Provinces of Iraq, Map of Libya still under construction 

Playing God in Iraq, Libya, Syria: the evils of interventionist wars
In Libya, the US and its allies in Nato took off the white hat and handed it to the so-called rebels, comprising mostly tribes out of favour with Gadaffi. The West took a visible role, especially in its bombing sorties, but one that made sure the local actors were presented as in the driving seat. The West was only too happy to appear as if relegated to a minor role: enabling the good guys.
NTC's Olympic delegation has started to arrive in London in defiance of a kidnap believed to be an attempt to prevent the country's new national flag being raised at the 27 July opening ceremony.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 19. July 2012.
To glorify "west" is the first rule of democracy [think about it]

Tomorrow is the first day of the Holy month of Ramadan
 Ramadam Kareem

=Libya S.O.S. – Daily Videos on!media
= Ex-member of #Libya's Tripoli Brigade, some of whom are fighting in #Syria, tells me situation reminds him of lead-up to fall of Tripoli.[ WHAT "LIBIYA'S TRIPOLI BRIGADE" LOOKING FOR IN SYRIA?] Sources close to Mehdi al-Harati, the Libyan-Irish ex-cmdr of Tripoli Brigade, confirm he is currently directing a band of fighters in Syria

=Russia, China veto UN resolution on Syria for third time [Voltairenet]
BULGARIA - #Bulgaria bomber: Swedish now, with former stay in GTMO? Long way from #Iran, where they're making all those nuclear Israel has 
=LIBYA  - Schoolchildren in Libya used Google Maps to pin sniper locations to help classmates avoid dangerous routes #WelcomeDemoNcracy
International Youth Day to Condemn Imperialist Aggression - Día Internacional de la juventud para condenar la agresión imperialista - يوم الشباب العالمي لادانةالعدوان الامبريالي

BENGHAZI - After the catastrophe of February 17: 16 thousand families living below the poverty line in the city of #Benghazi alone
= A FREE ELECTION  Supporters of Qaddafi regime not allowed to run in election. Questioner wonders if that really makes it a free election. NTC/ USA democrat says yes.
= SYRIA -  Scattered gun fights sound ‘Battle for Damascus’ (VIDEO)
Doesn’t look like a final battle – RT's reporter in Damascus
RT’s correspondent Maria Finoshina reports helicopters firing is clearly heard in the capital's central district of Mezra‬. Still, the intensity of fighting inside the capital is nowhere near the level she experienced during last weeks assault on Douma, some 14 km from the capital, where she remembers her hotel windows shaking from the fierce exchanges. 
Though occasional shooting in ‪Damascus‬ continues and armed soldiers are patrolling the streets, “it doesn't seem like final or decisive battle for capital."
#SIRYA REPORT  Maria Finoshina journalist - You can read and see report from Damsacus diretcly - she is in town - >
= SYRIA -  Wish all Muslims happy coming Ramadan. [ We are touched - he is so kind. Isn't he?]General  ‪#Mood‬ ‪#UN‬ mission in ‪#Syria‬

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 18. July 2012.
To glorify "west" is the first rule of democracy [think about it]
Happy Birthday Hero Mandela!
I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; 
I have made missteps along the way. 
But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. 
But I can only rest for a moment, for with freedom comes responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not ended.” ~ Nelson Mandela.

=Gaddafi and Mandela: Brother Leaders
=SYRIA - ( UPDATING): NATO Carrying out Vast Syria Disinformation Campaign
Is this #Bulgaria  blast blamed on #Iran connected to #GulfFishermen killing by #US navy (with the purpose to divert attention from it?) [NewsBalkan]
 With confusion surrounding events in Syria, there is now news of a bombing in Bulgaria involving buses full of Israeli tourists. Before any investigation has been carried out, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already placed the blame on Iran. Netanyahu is quoted as saying Israel, "would respond with force to Iranian terror."
Syria, Libya and the ''Responsibility to Protect''
Don't Look Away
Because of violent conflicts in Libya and Syria, international law lawyers, experts in peace and conflict studies, and politicians are once again discussing the concept of Responsibility to Protect (R2P). The big question is what kind of military intervention or other response is appropriate at what point. By Peter Hauff
EGYPT-LIBYA: Misery for stranded refugees
Salloum camp in western Egypt about 5km from the Libyan border is home to about 2,000 refugees, failed asylum seekers and third country nationals who fled Libya in 2011 and cannot return to their countries of origin.
“The situation here is so miserable,” said Al-Hag Al-Hassan Jabir, a North Darfuri engineer who worked in Libya for 25 years before fleeing to Salloum with his wife and two young children in May 2011. “But staying here is better than going back home.”
Tawergha City completely empty from its inhabitants after it´s people been killed and detained and abandoned by the criminal militias from Misurata city

= Libyan style” fake fall of Damascus. Nato disinformation campaign + suicide attacks as a last attempt to make Assad fall
Yeah, terrorism is a serious problem; lots of terrorists use violence, chemical weapons and more - so has the US in Iraq and Afghanistan[@ioerror]
Libya Olympic chief’s family urges action
The family of Libya's Olympic committee president said on Tuesday - two days after gunmen grabbed him and took him away - they still did not know where he was, and urged the government to do more to find him.
= Mahmoud Jibril: Washington's Man in Tripoli
Mahmoud  USA Jibril's centrist party have the most votes. The National Forces Alliance (NFA), led by USA Jibril, the former NATO/NTC interim prime minister, took 39 out of 80 seats reserved for parties in the 200-seat USA  national assembly. While the NFA has failed to win a majority, it took more than double the seats of its Islamist rival, the Muslim Brotherhood's Justice and Construction Party, which won 17 seats. 
NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen has congratulated Libya on its parliamentary elections, saying the vote is “an impressive step forward” in the country's slavery.
Libya and the manufacture of consent
'There were two interventions, not one, by NATO. One of them lasted about five minutes. That's the one that was taken under UN Security Resolution 1973, which called for a no-fly zone over Benghazi when there was the threat of a serious massacre there... but the three traditional imperial powers ofFrance, Britain and the United States carried out a second intervention that had nothing to do with protecting civilians and certainly wasn't a no-fly zone, but was rather about participating in a rebel uprising'
Libya: Good Libyan Days Went With Gaddafi
Most of the people will argue about the facts of why Gaddafi did in a fatherly manner and those he did as a monster on another occasion but these facts about helping his people are arguably true.
Below is a brief of what Gaddafi's contribution to the people of Libya, was.
All the newly weds people of Libya used to get about 50,000 dollars from Government to lead a very happy life.
Home was the basic right of every citizen of Libya. There was no electricity bill in Libya. Electricity was free in Libya. No interest loan for the people of Libya according to law. Gaddafi was against interest since interest is forbidden in Islam.
Gaddafi had increased the literacy rate from 25 percent to 83 percent. Education expenses in Government universities are free in Libya....

SYRIA - #Clinton´s Precognition! ,Jul 8 #Syria must end violence 2avoid "Catastrophic Assault" TODAY suicide bomber hit syria's security building.[RT Guerrilla_Tweet]
Bomb rips through high-level security meeting in Syria, killing defense minister and President Assad's brother-in-law

UK  - War Zone Britain: Welcome to the Olympics
Soldiers patrol the streets, about 13,500 being deployed, more than deployed in Afghanistan -  twelve thousand police, twenty thousand varying other security personnel, with at least a thousand American police and military personnel, maybe more, figures change.
... His truly terrifying recounting includes a plan to evacuate the whole of London (eleven million people) and the importation of two hundred thousand (body) caskets, each being able to hold four or five people.
Update: as this is finished, a further three thousand five hundreds troops, many" just back from Afghanistan" have been drafted into the main Stadium area. Let's hope they remember where they are.

Weather forecast: "Cold, wet, windy."
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 17. July 2012.
To glorify "west" is the first rule of democracy [think about it]
=Clinton must to be proud [Graphic]
These are "the progressive forces" of NATO's Libya.
Hitlary Clinton must to be pruod of her clients.
Nato's darlings killed and robbed deads.
Does anyone believe that these wretches can do anything good in their miserable lives?
= Today, Qatari Emir Hamad met with the Libyan "democratic" political parties in the famous Rixos Hotel in Tripoli. It is so sad that once such a proud country as Libya used to be now is becoming a mere Qatari colony.

=You can see a criminal arrested in Bani Walid. He was a participant in the murder at the October 2011

=Results of  "Election"  to be Announced Today
The armed gangs aka rebels who killed Libyans  last year continue thier crimes.  They have refused to give up their weapons.
Al-Awayeb took up arms to rape, murder, theft, robbery Libyans, last year.  
Now he commands a part-time gang of rebels.
"Continue the revolution [read: robbery and rape], this is our main job," he says. Al-Awayeb leads a group of criminals does not get the respect it deserves.
He explained [cruel and ruthless] that the killing of Libyan regular Army 
“When we caught some soldiers we were killing them," he says. "What can we do with them? We didn’t have a jail, didn’t have time to put them [anywhere]. They are our enemy. If that was wrong, our war was wrong.”
Criminal Al-Awayeb says most rebels want to lay down their arms or join the army, but only after their key demands are met, and only after they are sure the country is on a solid path toward democracy.
 NTC ELECTIONS - Mohammed Al-Sowan, head of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Development party, told me with surprising confidence last week that Libya’s Islamist parties would emerge with a majority in parliament.
Evidently, Al-Sowan and his colleagues are relying on the support of independent candidates.
On the same day, Belhadj, whose party is believed to receive financial support from Qatar, went on to claim that fifty percent of independent candidates with seats in the new parliament are affiliated with Islamist parties. “Talks are ongoing for a new coalition that will be announced shortly,” he said.

While Jibril has cast himself as "the great unifier", even engaging in early coalition talks with his more conservative rivals, the Islamists have moved to divide the country further, going as far as claiming allegiance to a foreign project, of which, as I understand, most Libyans are profoundly suspicious.

In the coming days, a picture will emerge, and it will likely surprise us all.
= Libya: The Toubou - Libya's War Victims or Hostage Takers?
Sebha  Libya's Toubou and Ouled Sliman tribes are currently caught in a raging ethnic conflict. Or so it has seemed. Upon closer observation, our correspondent finds the feud is more about the control of strategic routes and migration flow than ethnicity.
SYRIA  - Libyan terrorist confirms joining armed groups in Syria
A Libyan citizen, Hazim M., announced that he worked and collaborated with scores of armed terrorist groups in Syria, with training on explosive devices manufacturing and exploding.

Hazim M., specialized in explosive devices in the so-called Tripoli Brigade, added in an interview with 'Libya Now' News Agency, that he entered to Syria from Turkey illegally and started working with the armed groups in preparing and planting explosive devices targeting Syria Army personnel.

"I worked also in the Syrian City of Hama with the so-called 'Amar Bin Yasser' battalion and was surprised to know that all members of the said battalion belong to Arab and Africa nationalities,'' said Hazim M.

Hazim M. described blasted the ongoing killings and destruction by the armed terrorist groups, which consist of gangs and killers, Calling on Libyan and Arab fighters not to enter to Syria because the ongoing there is never a popular revolt.
AFRICA - NATO Opening Pandoras Box in Africa
Some months ago, an article in this Bulletin under the title, Libya: Opening Pandoras Box, warned that “… any failure to set up a strong central authority in Libya after Gadaffi has been disposed of will mean a serious risk for the neighbourhood.  Now the United States and Nato must take a big chunk of responsibility for the fact that the worst impact of their intervention in Libya may be occurring outside that country.
Many similar warnings have been ignored by the US and its Nato partners. Nowhere is the folly of this neglect presently more obvious than in Mali.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 16. July 2012.
To glorify "west" is the first rule of democracy [think about it]
EU sets up mission to help Sahel nations combat crime, terrorism
BRUSSELS — The European Union is establishing a new mission to help train security forces in the Sahel region of sub-Saharan Africa to combat terrorist and criminal networks and prevent the area from becoming a lawless launch pad for terror attacks, the bloc said Monday.

The mission’s activities would initially be focused on Niger, an arid nation bordering Libya, and the situation in the Sahel region as a whole will be closely monitored with further action possible, particularly in Mauritania and Mali, the EU said in a statement.
NTC spends millions on new prison [Al Jazeera trash news]
In all, it has cost $40m so far; Libyan money, I was told, not foreign cash. And the expenditure certainly shows. There is a modern sports hall. Medical facilities. The 156 cells are spacious. There are even four 'family apartments', within the perimeter walls, where inmates will have conjugal visits from their families.
Comment under article:
I did not know torture requires any fancy prisons? Yankees can't do anything on the cheap. (Hey, Yankees run Libya now). Hey, it is other people's money, not Americans, so what do Americans care; they will make money out of 'torture' by building the prison and supplying equipment and providing consulting services. It is just another business for the Yankees. Capitalism, pure and simple.
In a new country, what is the first thing you do? Build fancy prisons. Democracy, here I come. Don't you love Democracy, American Style.
Foreign Secretary William J Hague visited Libya today, his fourth visit to the country since the revolution. That was just one more regular monitoring of slaves and puppets
William Hague has said Libya is "a tremendous success story" following recent elections held to elect a new government within the country.
During a visit to Tripoli, the British foreign secretary admitted that the country still faced challenges with lawlessness, but hoped that a new government would bring security to Libya.
Mr Hague also pledged that the UK would continue to provide support to the country and expected strong relations[?] to remain between the two nations. [BBC hogwash]
William Hague expresses concern over abduction of Libya Olympic chief [We are touched]

 = JORDAN - Jordanian police break up NTC's rebels protests
Jordanian anti-riot police fired tear gas on Sunday to break up a crowd of angry rebels Feb17 who attacked Tripoli's embassy with stones over unpaid medical bills.

"Around 200 NTC's rebels demonstrated this morning outside the Libyan embassy in Amman to demand their government pay their medical bills and other expenses," a police statement said.

"When embassy officials refused to see them, the demonstrators threw stones at the mission, other buildings and cars in the area," it said, adding that the NTC rebels also attacked police who tried to disperse them.

"A suitable force had to be used to stop them," police said, without providing further details.

Amman is now demanding Tripoli pay more than $200 million in medical and hotel bills.

Last week, around 140 NTC's rebels were briefly detained after rioting and torching sports center at the Jordanian police academy in Amman where they had been training.

TRIPOLI - The  Ministry of the Interior has announced that no individuals, organisations or civil society groups will in future be allowed to hold demonstrations without permission from the ministry.
In a statement issued on Friday, it said that it would hold anyone who violated the order responsible for any consequences that might occur as a result, such as injuries or damage to property.

SIRTE - Theres a security void here. There is vengeance. By night theres gunfire and the danger of being targeted by gunmen presumably wreaking revenge. I dont know why they killed my son, laments Almadany Alfadeel, a small-time jeweler. Standing in his tiny store, he explains what happened on the evening of June 6 to his eldest son, Abdul Gadar Almadany. While he talks with frequent invocations to Allah, two of his sons three kids, a 7-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl, observe wide-eyed, half-comprehending.

He dropped off a friend from the coffeehouse and as he turned his car, two other cars blocked him in and masked gunmen jumped out and shot him five times, he says. It was just yards from the family house. The 64-year-old suspects his sons death squadstyle slaying was a reprisal killing, assuming someone thought he had sided with Leader Gaddafi during the uprising.
Hand- wroten slogans are around, and they appear to have been daubed on walls.
One announces, Gaddafi Is Everlasting. Another says, Gaddafi Is the Conscience of the World.
= Report #Libya : #NTC head of Olympic committee was kidnapped "abducted" by Militia's Belonging to rivals within the #NTC itself. Eyewitnes saw Olympic committee head being beaten/spit on by Group of #NTC militiabefore being bundled into Pickup truck
Tribe Clashed with #NTC militia in #Gharyan and #Zliten as anger over Militia abuses and Torture prisons grows even more
= Al Qaeda commander Ahmed Baida was killed today in #Tripoli further confirming Presence of Alqaeda within #NTC. He controlled large militia squad within #Tripoli and was linked with abdulhakim bel haj brigade
Western tribes last days attacked Zintani militia and blocked roads towards City of #zintan demanding for prisoner release
=  After Bani Walid Tribe successful efforts other tribes are also attacking other militia's to release their prisoners.
=  Dozens of #Libyans are abducted daily at Checkpoints and taken to secret Holding cells were torture is standard affair.
14 year old boys arms were broken after he asked #NTC militia where his abducted family was..common #Tragedy in #Libya [Somaliasupport3]
Human rights now worse in Libya than it was under Gaddafi
At least 20 people have been beaten to death in militia custody since the revolution, and this is a conservative figure. The real figure is probably far higher, says Hawary, pointing to photos of bloodied bodies accompanying the testimonies.
= HRW concerned for Libyan detainees
"Across Libya, thousands of detainees still languish in prisons run by militias, without a formal charge and without any prospect for legal review," she said in a statement.

Human Rights Watch said it believed most of the prisoners were guards, mercenaries and members of the national security forces. Many of them, the group said, were subjected to extensive torture while held in detention facilities run by militias.
NATO's Slow Genocide in Libya: Syria is Next
While Qatari government propaganda outlet Al Jazeera is busy whitewashing the NATO-led terrorist take-over of Libya with "documentaries" like "Gaddafi: The Endgame - State of Denial," depicting the evisceration of one of Africa's most developed nation-states as a pro-democracy revolution yielding a promising tomorrow - Libya in reality has been plunged into perpetual violence, destabilization, and division. And as militants battle each other while carving the once unified Libya into a myriad of fiefdoms, genocidal death squads continue a campaign of extermination nationwide.
US is OK with Al-Qaeda in Syria, Libya  Egypts Islamists wont be problem either
= Egyptians pelt Clinton with tomatoes, chant Monica
For BHL, the Russian ambassador to the United Nations is an idiot

Those Libyan Elections
A headline in the Guardian, July 14 : Mahmoud Jibril seeks coalition with Libya's Islamists after his poll win makes it clear that this was the "wrong result" in a bogus election in which there were no candidates with links to the past Government.
"Nobody saw this coming," said Dirk Vandewalle, a US academic and former adviser to UN special envoy for Libya, Ian Martin. , i.e. democracy producing the wrong result. Normally this needs a post-election "correction".
So Mahmoud Jibril, who trounced the Muslim Brotherhood party, "Justice and Construction" is now seeking a grand coalition. No mention of Abdelhakim Belhaj of the Al-Watan , or Homeland or Libyan National party in that article. So what is he up to?


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