Aug 13, 2012

Libya news [backup libyasos] 29. June - 04. July 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 04. July 2012.
= Libya: State Of Emergency Declared Until July 7 NTC's Elections
NTC authorities increased on Wednesday its level of security to high and declared a state of emergency Tuesday midnight until Saturday’s parliamentary elections have been held.

= "I am not guilty, not guilty, not guilty. I am ready to be tried by the Libyan people. I am sure of myself and of my innocence"
Dr. Mahmudi said that he feared that foreign intervention in Libya would pave the way for a new era of colonialism.[and he was right]
"My defence will be in front of the court," Dr. Mahmudi said.

SIRTE  - After NATO -backed war in #Libya Children havn't schools. This is  ruins of school buildongs in Sirte. 
Libya: worse humanitarian situation than ever in last fifty years  due to NATO-led rebels
Libya: worse humanitarian situation than ever in last fifty years
due to NATO-led rebels.

German Medical Care for Libyan War Victims Falls Short
The rockets struck Afaf Gadhafi's car one day last August. The 38-year-old,  had sought to reach an airport with her family to flee the civil war. But rebels attacked...
Afaf's daughters, aged two and 19 months, were killed, along with her mother, sister and nephew. Afaf lost an eye and suffered serious injury to her nose and left arm. Her four-year-old son survived only because her sister protected his body with her own.
Afaf Gadhafi, shown here with her son and husband, was attacked by rebels in Libya. The war refugees now live in Munich. [photo by Wolfgang Maria Weber]
Evidence of torture and illegal detention in Libya [BBC]

حصريا ومن خلال صوت الوطن تستمعون الليلة الى المحامي محمد بكار ليتحدث لكم عن قضية البغدادي المحمودي ومصيره فكونو فى الاستماع الموعد الساعة الثامنة بتوقيت الجماهيرية ...
Tripoli - A car bomb exploded 

 = Will Jalil  pursue ‘secret deals’ policy to obtain Senussi extradition from Mauritania?
Abdel Rahim al-Kib arrives in Mauritania, where he is expected to push for extradition of  Mr. Abdullah al-Senussi
=Dr.  Al Baghdadi A number of political parties and Tunisian human rights organizations denounced the extradition. Some said that the extradition was part of a secret deal between Ennahda and Libya’s current ruler, Mustafa Abdul Jalil.
Libya’s NTC urges Pakistan to rename the Gaddafi Stadium
KARACHI: The Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC) has asked Pakistan to rename Gaddafi Cricket Stadium in Lahore.
Libya "NTC's election" report
=BaniWalid  - Was just talking to a friend in Bani Walid, said there is no campaigning at all. U can only see posters of diff. candidates & thats it #Libya [umarnkhan]
Injured Feb17 criminals  in Sweden. Sent by #Libya govt  then waited 4 months for treatment. Kicker: Now they don't let him vote
= The  elections have been postponed in the southeastern district of Kufradue to instability.
Al Abyar – another province located in eastern Libya – has withdrawn its candidates from the elections.
Zway Tribe Protest against Al Kufra tribe. They Stopped oil flow of intershall Nafura C96 area .
Benghazi and Cyrenaica  "are  not going to fall for empty gestures emotional rhetoric. We demand our fair share, respect, justice,  autonomy" - separatis said
Amazigh   - Libya's minority Berber community -
  The current government is refusing to allow Amazigh programming on state TV, he complains, and seems deaf to the community's legitimate claims for greater political representation. "We want change. We want to be treated equally. We are deprived of a lot of rights," he adds.

= Elections boycott threatens to derail Libya's transition
Just days before Libya's general election, the headquarters of the elections commission in Benghazi was attacked by protesters. They were calling for an equal distribution of National Assembly seats between Libya's three historic provinces of Barqa, Fezzan and Tripolitania
The elections were delayed for 18 days, until this Saturday, because of logistics. However, there are still significant factors that could affect the electoral process and the results, not to mention Libya's entire political landscape.

The Barqa Council, which claims to represent the eastern region, continues to oppose the present system.The demonstrations, mainly in the cities and towns of eastern Libya, objected to the distribution of seats regardless of the results - an objection that has so far been sidelined by the National Transition Council and the interim government.

In addition to the protests, the Barqa Council has positioned its independent defence force in the Red Valley area on the outskirts of Sirte, covering Barqa's western borders. The Council's forces have blocked the roads to commercial and military traffic between the east and the west, and have threatened to take more drastic measures that could affect the flow of oil out of the country.

But peple will need to be prepared to deal with any of three scenarios after the elections:

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 03. July 2012.
The newest video of the Green Resistance
Libya regarded as test of global doctrine - 
The joint U.S. and international air strikes targeting Libya are widely regarded as a test of Responsibility to Protect – which is a set of principles, now backed by the United Nations, based on the idea that sovereignty is not a privilege, but a responsibility.
According to the principle, any state’s sovereignty can be overrun, including with the use of military force, if the international community decides it must act to halt what it determines to be genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity or ethnic cleansing. [see link below about Tawergha]
Tawergha children want to go home!!

BCC's lyric poem about the situation in Libya
In the western mountain town of Zintan, several tribal elders gather in the courtyard of a mosque to mourn the death of Abdul Salam Aghuz.
The heaviest clashes were in the small desert town of Misdah where the Zintani and Mishasha tribes fought for several days, using heavy weapons many acquired from the former armies of Colonel Gaddafi.
Even though some former rebels have been drafted into a makeshift national army, there is a complete lack of central government authority in many parts of Libya.
Tribal elders take crucial decisions in Libya's deeply conservative society
Here real power lies in the hands of the heavily armed brigades.
Some disputes, particularly over the ownership of land, date back for generations.
DOCTOR MAHMUDI is "ex-PM" or "Moamer Kadhafi's last premier"
DOCTOR DORDA is "former Libyan prime minister" or " Libyan ex-spy chief " UNDER MUAMMAR GADDAFI ?!?!?! NO Mr!
but ... 
JALIL[ ex-minister too] , BELADJ [ LIFG leader] and another NTC criminals,traitors of Libyaand AlQaeda members are MR.
TRIPOLI — Libya last premier, [DR]  Baghdadi al-Mahmudi, who was controversially extradited from Tunisia to Libya to face justice, said on Tuesday that he was innocent.
"I am not guilty, not guilty, not guilty," [DR] Mahmudi told journalistsduring a visit to his prison organised by the authorities in an apparent bid to quash rumours that he had been tortured on his arrival in Libya.
"I am ready to be tried by the Libyan people. I am sure of myself and of my innocence,"
= BENGHAZI  -  A car bomb
This morning, a car bomb exploded near Salmani. 
A  car belongs to the commander of militia forces on February 17, Ahmed Barnaoui. He was not hurt.The attack took outside of his home. [ALGERIA/ISP]
= IMPORTANT! @HRW  Of Course, Media, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty, Activists, Politicians and Public Opinion Can't GO ON SPEAKING in a "Gaddafi Style". STOP Justify Libyan Rebels Cruelty with Gaddafi Regime Praxis. STOP THE CYNISM. FACE THE INFAMOUS & OUTRAGOUS REALITY. -->
AFRICOM With mission accomplished in Libya, Africom now has few obstacles to its military ambitions on the continent -->
BRACK SHATTI TRIBES WON THE BATTLE against the gangs from Misrata . They run away without weapons.  WE DECLARE BRACK SHATTI   areas are free from NTC criminals .
= Libyan rebels admit killing own commander
Libya Aid for migrants in the south
Geneva/Tripoli (ICRC) – Over the past few days, with support from the Libyan Red Crescent, the International Committee of the Red Cross has delivered food packages and other essential items to about 1,100 migrants currently held in centres in Al Qatroun and Murzuq, close to the border with Niger in the south-west of the country.
The number of people in the centres fluctuates day by day.
LIBYAN rebel leaders have acknowledged that their own soldiers killed their top military commander, contradicting earlier statements as the rebels scrambled to avoid revenge attacks that could divide their ranks.
The shifting and partial accounts of his death have raised new questions about the rebel leaders' credibility.
Shortly before the general's death, the rebels issued a subpoena for him to return from the front lines for questioning by a panel of judges, reportedly about charges of treason.
But instead of relying on a legal process, a group of rebel soldiers sent to retrieve him killed him along with two guards, then dumped their bodies outside the city.
(+18) SHOCKING! The body of Abdel Fattah Younes, Libya ->
NTC Prime Minister Abdurrahim El- Keib said Tuesday "there will be no mercy for any perpetrators who try to destabilize the upcoming national assembly elections." [Welcome to demNcracy]
Libya's national army[???] with the assistance of militia will confront any act of sabotaging the elections, scheduled on July 7.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 02. July 2012.

=Rising Jihadism in Libya: the Abdul Rahman Brigade’s Goal in Attacking Western Targets
The group claims that the bomb attacks on the American diplomatic offices on 5 June were carried out to avenge the death of Abu Yahya Al-Libi, a leading Al-Qaida official who was killed in a US attack on a militant compound in Mir Ali, North Waziristan. 
A Libyan armed group called Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman Brigade has claimed responsibility for the recent attacks in Benghazi [13.07.2012], targeting the ICRC headquarters and the US diplomatic offices in the city, amongst others. The brigade is named after “The Blind Sheikh”, Omar Abdul Rahman, currently serving a life sentence in North Carolina for his alleged connections to the 1993 World Trade Centre bombings. The group is also responsible for the recent attack on the British Ambassador’s Convoy, on 11 June and for a second attack on the ICRC offices in the city of Misrata on 12 June which has led to the injury of a young Libyan, the son of the owner of the complex, and has caused material damage to the organization’s building.
= "Brack Shatti Today . Share it let world know that the resistance and People of Libya still fighting the rats the war isn't ended yet WE ARE loyal to Gaddafi , TO HELL NATO" [Millions Supporting Al Gaddafi]

More photo form Benghazi Paradise
Libya, Benghazi  protest
Libya Election Take a look on Libya Election 2012 with promo slogan  "VOTE! and continue the journey" [?]

=Libya is falling prey to al-Qa'ida
THE British ambassador's car was 300m from the British consulate in Benghazi when a rocket-propelled grenade hit it. The armoured vehicle and the ambassador, Dominic Asquith, survived, but two protection officers were injured.
The attack, on June 11, was not the first on Western interests suspected to have been carried out by al-Qa'ida affiliates in "post-Gaddafi" Libya.
AJDABIYA - Demonstrations in Ajdabiya! The election posters are torn from the walls!
=SAIF AL ISLAM  -Amnesia International believes that the ICC staff members’ detention shows that the Libyan authorities are not taking seriously al-Gaddafi’s right to an effective defence, and that he will not receive a fair trial if he is prosecuted in Libya.
“If Libya's application to prosecute Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi nationally is rejected, he must be surrendered to the IC & Co without further delay,” said Marek Marczyński.  
Libya is descending into greater chaos - with almost fifty people killed as a result of tribal warfare in the last several days alone. Ethnic groups in the south of the country have been locked in bitter conflict, to wrest power and territory from rival tribes. For more, RT talks to London-based activist and journalist Sukant Chandan.

= #Libya has released four officials from the #ICC who were arrested almost a month ago. The local authorities had accused the four of spying.

= 'Islam rising, West diminishing, Libya big terror training camp'

= BENGHAZI [ 01.06.2012] Hundreds of armed men,vandals, separatists ... ransacked the regional headquarters of the national electoral commission in Benghazi, Libya’s second city, setting fire to voting lists and ballot papers and looting papers.
Similar raids were conducted in Tobruk and Bayda, with protesters denouncing Saturday’s election for a national congress that will govern the country and draft a new constitution as deliberately skewed against eastern Libya.

MOSCOW, July 2 (Xinhua) -- Russian president's envoy for Africa on Monday urged the "Friends of Libya" to offer assistance to the Northern Africa country to cope with security challenges and national reconstruction.
"The (Libyan) revolution, in effect, destroyed the power structures and law enforcement institutions. In addition, Libya has been packed with arms after the civil war," Margelov told reporters.
‎2012-06-07 - Russia - rally next to the Libyan embassy in Moscow occupied by NTC gang

GADDAFI' s SPEECH 1th july 2011 Tripoli #Libya
You are provoking the Libyan people , you insulted the Libyan people, you brought traitor agents who claimed they represented the Libyan people. Is this what you call democracy? You bring a traitor with your aircraft and you say that he represents the Libyan people? Is this democracy? To hell with your democracy!
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 30. June 2012.

= According to a new medical report conducted by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, HIV rates among intravenous drug users in the Libyan capital of Tripoli reached 87% this year.
Kids of War: Libyan Children Fight a New Battle at School
Militias Become Power Centers in Libya
Forty-five miles away from the foreign oil company offices, the Zawiya refinery was producing gasoline and other fuels at 102 percent of capacity. Because each faction during the civil war figured it would be the eventual winner, much of the country’s oil infrastructure has remained intact. 

The Western-backed National Transition Council (NTC) operates a weak and ineffective government. Some sixty militias are the real power centers. Unable to suppress the militias, the council uses some as auxiliary forces to be called out in time of emergency. Others are signing up among the various political parties, a dangerous trend.
=After talking to a few people, I have a feeling that Libyan experts are more optimistic about #Libya's future than locals are.
= Report #Libya : Tribal and ethnic cleansing continues in libya .. armed groups target blacks and Pro-gaddafi tribes .. no Freedom in Libya [Somaliasupport3]
= #LYelec Went to rally for ex-LIFG leader now elex candidate AbdelHakim Belhaj yday. Crowd smaller than expected given it was his home area SuqalJuma [MaryFitzgerldIT]
SABHA - France24 video report shows hundreds of family homes being built by Gaddafi in Sabha before the war, now standing unfinished and neglected. [LibyanReality]
KUFRA  - clashes
=  What's the `Libya Shield` ?
 It's the militia group from Benghazi now based in Kufra, ostensibly trying to protect the border and stop the conflict.
In effect, what they do is take the side of the Zwai tribe and fire rockets and shells into the Tobou neighborhoods.
= TRIPOLI car bomb - A Car bomb exploded in Alfateh University at Tripoli city , no human damage . This terrorism action done by Al Qaeda who threaten girls they want them to stop coming to university only if they are full covered even their faces . [Millions Supporting Al Gaddafi]

TRIPOLI - The elections in Libya are near but the level of security in the country is far from being satisfying. In this shot made today you can see a great fire behind the Libyan Central Bank building in the very heart of Tripoli. 
On Thursday this week, in the clashes in southern Libya there were 19 killed and 91 injured.
It is evident that NTC govt doesn't control the whole territory of the country and that makes these elections rather irregular.  [Saif al Islam - Sword of Islam - Pride of Libya] 

= #LYelec One young Libyan just told me what many have, "we don't know who to vote for because we don't know who these candidate are#Libya [JomanaCNN]
Libyan people speaking to As-Shaab TV Said "everything is disaster.. and that there is no freedom only occupation"
= UK -  Libyans are  protesting against violation of human rights in Libya

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 29. June 2012.
= Inhumane camps in #Libya 
Inside one of the camp's so-called "container." About 50 female migrants (among them pregnant women) live in each unit. They have restricted access to water, food and health services. The woman on the picture points to the gallons of mildly salty water allocated to drink, wash themselves and clean the premises. (Photo: Marine Olivesi)

Depleted uranium used by NATO in Libya
War crimes and crimes against humanity have been and continue to be committed in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya by NATO. Amongst these crimes, the Atlantic Alliance has been using depleted uranium against Libya, specifically civilians and civilian infrastructure.
TRIPOLI Feb17 paradise - SSC harassing and attacking Feb17 protesters. Dozen of them
‬ had being arrested. They protesting against Militas  and demanding police and army.
If someone want , can see video of protests -->

Tunisian Lawyer: Dr Baghdadi, Secretary of Libyan Jamahiriya, May Have Been Killed by Captors
“Mahmoudi has been tortured in jail, humiliated and spat on. He was seriously hit on his head, causing hemorrhaging that put him in critical condition and necessitated his immediate transport to a hospital,” claimed Essid.

Essid stated that the Libyan authorities have forbidden Mahmoudi from seeing his friends, lawyers or even his family members. “He is confined in total seclusion to an individual cell,” said Essid to Alwatania TV.

Mahmoudi’s Tunisian lawyer said that the Libyan authorities are stirring up rumors about Mahmoudi’s health, alleging that it has been deterioration since his extradition. “They are trying to create a context that will justify his death under the torture that they are inflicting upon his body,” said Essid.
Libya new prosperous society :  One of journalist - Head of #Salafi group in #Tripoli refused to meet w me 2day. "We don't talk to women, we'll send you a woman to interview." #Libya

= KUFRA, SABHA Battle for control of southern Libya [FRANCE24]]
In the south of Libya, as in the rest of the country, heavily-armed militias roam the streets. They’ve mounted checkpoints, they say, to ensure the security of this part of the country, which they  basically consider as their own.
At a base near the Niger border, militia members proudly explain that it’s they, not the interim central government in Tripoli, who control the country’s southern frontiers. 
The militia members show us a haul of cannabis resin seized from smugglers. The traffic of drugs, weapons, goods and even people is rife across this zone.
It’s a passageway linking Mediterranean north Africa with the lawless Sahel (home to al Qaeda’s local wing), and then Sub-Saharan Africa beyond that. 
The porous borders and natural resources (water, petrol) of southern Libya make it strategically-vital. 
= Libyan clashes between NTC's militia and Tabu tribes in Kufra in the southeast of the country left 19 people dead and 91 injured #photo Some of injured transported by Airplane to Hospital

= [ Good plan first UN/NATO help to AlQaeda to be stronger in Africa,then AFRICOM will be peacemaker and take the major role in African "security". War is the best business!]
Al-Qaida offshoots grow strong, U.N. says
The core of al-Qaida is weaker than ever but associated groups in Africa are becoming more problematic, a U.N. official said.
=  [ I am not so sure for Gaza or for Syrian "rebels"? What you think?]
Egyptian security forces on Friday seized a large stash weapons, including rockets and automatic machine guns, smuggled into the country from neighboring Libya and allegedly bound for the Gaza Strip, Egypt's interior minister said. 
The Libyan mission introduced the concept of the United States "leading from behind." This was a misnomer. Without massive U.S. military inputs, that mission could not have been carried through. But the Obama administration's insistence that Europeans should at least be perceived to be "taking the lead" in Libya represented a paradigm shift. Uncle Sam believes it is time Europeans come of strategic age. In order for this to happen, leadership in the European area must change hands. As long as the United States monopolizes leadership in Europe, the Europeans will continue to free-ride -- and to fail to deliver.
European defense policy needs recalibration


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