May 19, 2012


A new video of torture in Libya has surfaced on the Internet. 
The victim is  a supporter of  Free Libya, Green Libya.
The accent of the men in the video matches that of Misrata. The men are dressed in military garb and accompanied by two teenage boys, who take turns beating the prisoner. 
The victim can be seen lying on the ground with his hands tied behind his back with wire (at 2’19 minutes, a guard can be seen tightening the binds.) His feet are bare, and tied to the branch of a tree. The men beat the soles of the prisoners’ feet repeatedly with a branch and a rubber stick while shouting obscenities at him. 

This is not the first time that this kind of video, which appears to show violent acts perpetrated by former rebels, has surfaced on the Internet. But in many of these videos, the victims were either black African or Berber nomads, who were targeted because they were believed to be Gaddafi’s mercenaries.

“Today, those who took part in the uprising are above the law”

Unfortunately, the NTC government is doing nothing to prevent this type of abuse. On the contrary, perpetrators benefit from complete impunity, thanks to a new law that stipulates that former rebels cannot be brought to court or punished for “acts committed with the goal of ensuring the revolution’s success.” In other words, today, those who took part in the uprising are above the law.
Anyone who criticizes them is immediately branded a Gaddafi sympathizer.
 Welcome to demoNcracy!
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