Jan 31, 2012

There is no Sirte any more

"Let me correct what you just have said in here... Sirt is not been destroyed, it is been erased human wise and construction wise. There is no Sirt any more. I am trying so hard to explain to people what has happen there, no matter how much i speak or write, i can never give % 5 from what really has happened in real life. I lived it there day by day. I wish that I have died and not lived with all sort of bad pictures and thoughts in my mind." 
Heroic Town Sirte in October 2011.
Reflections of a survivor from Sirte. 
Name is not published for security reasons and the text is completely unedited. 

"I have lost faith in life after what has been done to the people of Sirt who were killed in masses with no mercy. I was in Sirt for 58 days, no food, no life, shooting from every corner, couldn't count the number of the dead people and couldn't help to put them into their graves. Bullets were falling on us like the drops of heavy rain from every direction. This not to forget the NATO missiles and explosions that never stopped, which killed and destroyed whoever and whatever came in its way.

We were very lucky not to be killed when we left Sirt. People from Musrata and the eastern part of Libya were shouting Allah Akbar while they were killing people from Sirte like if we are non Muslim to them. 
This - and worse - is what happened to countless Libyan children during the "humanitarian war"
The people of Sirt have lost everything they have spent their lives to create. 
I mean, why would someone get married and create a family when someone with no mercy comes and kill all of them. It is like if s/he never got married and never had a family. It is the same to many others who have spent their life working hard to have a decent home and certain life standard but this again has gone and been lost just like they never worked.
What is the different between the people of Sirt and any homeless person who never had family to live for or home to live in. Regardless to how thing will change and hope to become better but it would never make the life easier for those who lost everything they had.

Today, there is no medicine, there is no water, there is no money, there is no schools, there are no jobs.

What faith would someone should have in life after s/he has lost all of what makes life of a person.

This is the Arabic Spring to the Libyan people. 

I am not sure what is their definition of the Arab Spring ?!!! 
This Spring is equal to the crime and destruction of humanity in the Arab and Muslim world."
Sirte, Libya:NATO -backed NTC Rebels desecrated The Graves

Comment of S.C.

" It was named 'Spring' by the devils advocates,see how Egyptian army - grown fat and full on US$ is in control,same in Bahrain,Yemen and where ever it suits the imperial thugs they r2p their stooge.
The savages that US/NATO and Gulf traitors unleashed on Libya were a perfect image of these 'Muslims' hypocricy.
In islamic history battles against genuine foes were halted in Holy Months, but here we saw them butcher, rape and kill innocents through Ramazan, while chanting Allahuakbar, this ripped through my very soul, the climax was the sodomic orgy of mutilating brother Moammar,his Son and defence minister.

Those rabid  'human rights' bodies are not counting victims now because they were just instruments of the evil coalition. Hope my words bring some solace to you, please feel and know you are not alone, our hearts beat with all who suffered this crime, the torment on them shall haunt these trators and their devilish masters forever-never will they know peace or human joy-nor in this temporal life or in their shallow grave pits.
What scares me is a repeat in Syria. How much torment can the innocent people bear, so demeaning how Syria's neighbours apart from Lebanon and Iran are all in cahoots with the evils.
I pray for peace but we all prayed before for Iraq and Libya but all went unanswered!" 

This - and worse - is what happened to countless Libyan children during the "humanitarian war"
Sirte, Libya: NATO "humanitarian intervention"
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