Sep 29, 2012

Queen awards medal to navy’s Libya war heroes [29.09.2012.]

THE Queen has given the green light to award a medal to military heroes who helped topple Colonel Gaddafi in Libya, The News can reveal.

Hundreds of naval personnel are now eligible to receive and wear the Nato medal after Her Majesty gave her assent for the award yesterday.

At its peak, the UK had about 4,000 personnel committed to last year’s operation to "support Libyan civilians". [link]
Libyan Child killed by NATO bombs

Flash back:

British media use ‘puppy dog’ imagery to sell genocidal attack on Libya: by Martin Iqbal   Warning: this article contains graphic imagery of a very distressing nature.

Perhaps the British people should know about the RAF raid launched on Zlitan in August,(5) which killed 85 civilians including children. This raid was carried out by No. 9 Squadron RAF, based at RAF Marham. This is the very same squadron that is featured returning home, to RAF Marham, in The Daily Mail’s ‘puppy dog’ piece. The pilots pictured are very likely directly responsible for the deaths of those innocents.
Perhaps the British media could print the story of Libyan man Khaled K. El-Hamedi,(6) whose entire family was murdered by NATO including his pregnant wife Sala, his 3 year-old son Khweldi, his 4 year-old daughter Khalida, his son Salam who was 1 year old, and 13 other family members and friends who were staying overnight at their home following the celebration of their son’s third birthday.
Maybe the people of the UK and the world should know that NATO haspractically levelled Sirte to the ground. Through the employment of ‘Fallujah tactics’
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