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Libya news [backup libyasos] 08. august -14. august 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 14. August 2012.
= Libya S.O.S. – Daily News on [you can to read good articles ]
= "We are seeing the birth of a new Libya that is as beautiful as the waves of the sea", Libya's outgoing Prime Minister Abdurrahim el-Keeb told Time Magazine, as power passed from the National Transitional Council, NTC, to the newly-elected national assembly.
While it is taking some time for foreign companies to enter the Libyan market, the President said, "One of our targets is ... to see the return of these companies and our economy needs (that). But this should not be at the expense of other principles and other issues."
You can see that waves !!!
Tortured freedom- Libya's new rulers resort to old tactics

Libya is facing a mental health crisis [ THANKS TO NATO]  with experts warning of a lack of qualified health professionals to deal with the problem. 
Researchers found that, while the physical casualties of the violence have been well documented, more consideration needs to be given to the mental health of the Libyan people in the aftermath of the conflict. 
Estimates show 120000 Libyans are predicted to have most severe form of PTSD while more than 220,000 are predicted 2 have severe depression
Tawergha refugees today 
The truth about Displaced Tawergha people By Misrata NATO Rats 

UK Sends £5 Million to Listed Terrorists in Syria
A similar scenario unfolded in Libya, where LIFG terrorists were likewise carrying out a campaign of nationwide genocide with NATO providing air support. Similarly, by funding, arming, and coordinating acts of violence with LIFG fighters, NATO, and in particular, France, England, and the United States, were guilty of violating both their own respective anti-terrorism legislation, as well as international provisions against terrorism.
=#Libya fighters in #Syria - sure sounds like a foreign invasion to me. #FSA #US #UK #KSA #Israel #UN [LandDestroyer]
 Reuters have #Exclusive " #NEWS" : Libyan fighters join Syrian revolt [ we know that form last year ]
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Veteran bandits of last year's NATO's  war in Libya have come to the front-line in Syria, helping to train and organize terrorists under conditions far more dire [read " wothout NATO DORNS FOR NOW" ]  than those in the battle against libyan people, a Libyan-Irish fighter has told Reuters.
=  BreakingNews Reuters The Weaver's #Revolt , Silesia 1844

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 13. August 2012.
= Libya S.O.S. – Daily News on [you can to read good articles ]

Happy Birthday Fidel Castro
Today, August 13, 2011 it is the birthday of Fidel Castro Ruz, leader of the Cuban Revolution.
Today, August 13, 2011 it is the birthday of Fidel Castro Ruz, leader of the Cuban Revolution.

The Syrian Government is Not Isolated - Largest nations on Earth converge to support embattled Syrian government.
An impressive counter to the so-called "Friends of Syria" confabs held by Wall Street and London corporate-financier interests in an attempt to sway global opinion toward a repeat of Libya's destruction at NATO's hands, the International Consultative Conference hosted by Iran seeks to end the flow of foreign arms into militant hands and resolve political differences through more civilized means.
Largest nations on Earth converge to support embattled Syrian government
Largest nations on Earth converge to support embattled Syrian government
=TERRORISTS from Libya  ARE ARRIVING IN SYRIA - The arrival of Chris Ashley's  battalion command Aaron Alshahibi to Syrian territory to engage in combat against the Syrian Army - SYRIAN REGULAR ARMY WHO WANT TO PROTECT INDEPENDENT COUNTRY ! THEIR OWN HOMELAND . 
Mercenaries and terrorist arrived in Syria

Libya is full of  a democratic  trash Tripoli like every town in Libya is full of garbage. SHAME! 
Libya Is Ready for Tourists
Libya Is Ready for Tourists 
MASSACRE COVERED BY MSM PROPAGANDA: Scandal and the Reuters news agency to mislead the media and legislation for the killing and massacres 
The attack came without warning or appointment was at dawn on Sunday and this family was asleep
MURDER : Carole Waugh, former Libyan oil executive found dead on August 2

= A NURSE ATTACKED IN HISPITAL :  A nurse at a hospital in Sirte was attacked by a group of patients ex-rebels, on Friday. The nurse, a Jordanian man named Ghazi Ali Owidat, was stabbed several times, sustaining deep cuts in the abdomen and thigh. He was admitted to hospital and is said to be in a stable condition.
The NTC Ministry of Foreign Affairs is cooperating with the Jordanian Embassy to investigate the incident. Attacks against medieight detainees staff are an ongoing concern in Libya. Last month, the Chief of Medecine at Benghazi’s Al-Jalaa Hospital, Ashraf Sa’eity, decried the absence of security in hospitals, saying that it was severely affecting the work of doctors and medical staff.
=ESCAPED from PRISON :  Fornaj prison riot on Friday, in which 26 prisoners managed to breach the security barriers. Some of them hid in areas around the prison, where they were discovered by NTC gangs aka police Eight prisoners escaped and they are free now.
= Syrian rebels aim to use chemical weapons, blame Damascus – report
The Libyan stockpile of chemical weapons was a matter of great concern during last year’s civil war in the country. There were fears that they may end up in the hands of the terrorists and used elsewhere in the world. However unlike Libya’s portable surface-to-air arsenal, no reports of the weapons going missing was made public.
If #FSA has MANPAD sys's- that means #LIFG terrorists have brought them in from #Libya - means CHEMICAL weapons most likely came with them. [Land Destroyer]
PROTESTS ON BORDER  - The group of residents of Salloum, were expressing their anger at the complex procedures imposed on people wishing to enter Libya; they gathered at the border crossing, west of the town, and stopped vehicles that were trying to enter Egypt.
This is not the first case of protests at the Salloum border crossing; in April two people were killed in clashes between troops and protestors attempting to stop traffic.
NTC COMPENSATION : Libyan NATO government will pay $ 80 billion as compensation to the Jews who were "expelled" from the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya [link]
=  Libya - Libyan mercenaries arrive in Syria (August 13, 2012)
MSM CRIMELibya, Syria, And The Unquestioned Media Coverage
- The rebellion WAS indeed armed from the very first day of the uprising (this was confirmed in Amnesty’s in-depth report from late last year) – not a peaceful movement

- The rebels WERE working hand in glove with Western intelligence agencies to facilitate a NATO blitzkrieg

- The NTC ARE disunited and incapable of governing the country.

- The rebels DO have a racist, even genocidal, policy towards sub-Saharan African migrants and the third of the Libyan population that is dark skinned

- Gaddafi’s government WERE NOT conducting aerial attacks against protesters or mass rape (or indeed ANY rape, according to Amnesty)

- There HAD NOT been 10,000 people killed in Benghazi by Gaddafi’s government during the uprising (as the NTC claimed), but 110 (Amnesty figures again) killed on both sides prior to NATO’s attack
Saudi Arabia: 10 Truths Self-Censored by the West's Media Houses

Libya news [backup libyasos] 22. July - 31. July 2012.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 16. July - 22. July 2012.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 05. July - 11. July 2012.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 29. June - 04. July 2012.
= Libya news [backup libyasos] 21. June - 28 June 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 10. August 2012.
= Libya S.O.S. – Daily News on [you can to read good articles ]

= MAGARIEF  - Islamist voted in as president of Libyan's N[TC]ational Asembly [Mohammed Yusuf Magarief] 
Daily Quote:
There is only one thing more disgusting than the desire to command and that is the desire to obey! [Chamba Chada on FB]
Terrorist Feb17 Mohamed Aldarhoby from Tripoli [Libya] killed in Halab/ Aleppo in Syria
= Libya A TOTAL LOSS OF CONTROL  - After riots at Fornaj prison yesterday resulted in a total loss of control by the authorities. Hundreds of security personnel were at the scene and gun-battles were on-going[ yesterday evening].

#ArabLeague has now discussed #Syria in emergency sessions more times than they have discussed any other issue including #Palestine. [syriancommando ]
The Gulf State Despots: Ten Facts about Saudi Arabia

Clinton In Turkey: West Smelling Blood In Syria 
“The West is smelling blood right now because of recent events, including the fleeing of the prime minister. What the Clinton administration [sic] is trying to do right now is try to coordinate some sort of military approach with Turkey and possibly also with the help of Israel and other Atab countries because they feel the opposition has a chance to retain its stronghold in Aleppo.”
GERMANY / SYRIA A big protest will be held on 1st of September that great day, against NATO aggression and fake "revolution" in Syria! 

ACCOUNTS 4 bilion USD NTC health minister admitted NATO billing Libyan hospital & health system accounts USD 4 billion a month to treat the NTC, when rats are killing their own people, it's a scandal. Corruption of high proportion levels.
= COMPENSATION : Head of the Jewish community in Libya  abroad with calledto the right on the photo. He is a member of the so-called National Convention about Misurata meeting had discussed the right of Jews, return to Libya and compensation [for what?]
Why always someone have to pay to Jew?
I lost photo :[
CAR BOMB in TRIPOLI : 2 Large car bomb so far in just 6 days and Dozens killed in #Tripoli Bel haj brigade high alert after kidnapping of brother
Libyan employee killed at US Embassy
There have been reports that that the member of staff in question was a guard and was killed when an entrance gate came off its hinges and crushed him.
The embassy spokesman said that he could not identify the employee, nor confirm any details of the incident, without the explicit permission of the family of the deceased.
EXECUTION : #Sabha 3 Militiamen from Misrata will be executed in retaliation for the soon-to-take-place execution of 10 Gaddafi loyalists.
A Sabha, the resistance fighters kidnapped three rebels from Misrata.They warned the Misratis. If they condemn to death the prisoners Jamhiriya, they will do the same with three rebels. These are the rebels following:
1 - Ali Othman Abu RWIS
2 - Mohamed Bashir Abu Chiba
3 - Abdellah Bitter
 #AlgeriaISP [Al_Baath_2012]
LIBYA 2.0 :  Libyans in Aleppo helping terrorits[VIDEO in Arabic ]
Economy of Vultures : Authorities in the U.S. and Libya are investigating oil giants such as Italy's Eni SpA E +0.25% and France's Total SA FP.FR -0.10% over their past relations with the fallen Libyan regime, potentially casting a cloud on the companies' ambitions to expand their foothold in the country with the largest oil reserves in Africa.
The United States and its Comrade-in-arms, Al Qaeda / And other tales of an empire gone mad
Afghanistan in the 1980s and 90s ... 
Bosnia and Kosovo [Serbia] in the 1990s ... Libya 2011 ... Syria 2012 ... 
In military conflicts in each of these countries the United States and al Qaeda (or one of its associates) have been on the same side.
What does this tell us about the United States' "War On Terrorism"?

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 10. August 2012.
= Libya S.O.S. – Daily News on [you can to read good articles ]

British Government Sends Money to Al Qaeda "Rebels" on the UN-State Department List of Terrorist Organizations
Also, to be clear, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) is in fact an affiliate of Al Qaeda with its commanders having occupied the highest echelons of Al Qaeda's command structure and having participated in every combat engagement Al Qaeda has conducted since its inception via US-Saudi cash and arms in the mountains of Afghanistan in the 1980's. This was documented meticulously in the US Army's West Point Combating Terrorism Center report, "Al-Qa'ida's Foreign Fighters in Iraq." 

LIFG is also listed by both the US State Department and the UK Home Office (page 5, .pdf) as a foreign terrorist organization and a proscribed terrorist organization respectively. 

Foreign Policy's admission of al-Harati's role in organizing and leading the FSA in Syria, and the inclusion of Libyan terrorists in his brigade are by no means the only role LIFG is playing in the Syrian violence. LIFG commander Abdul Hakim Belhaj had visited the Turkish-Syrian border in late 2011 pledging Libyan arms, cash, and fighters to the FSA - with the nation of Libya itself having already become a NATO-created terrorist safe-haven.  

It is clear that LIFG, and by implication Al Qaeda, is playing a significant role in the violence in Syria, not only undermining the narrative of the unrest being an "indigenous" "pro-democracy uprising," but also implicatingforeign nations who are funding and arming militants as state sponsors of terrorism.

= TRIPOLI AIN ZARA Latest -  All roads leading to Ain Zara prison closed, heavy security presence.
Photo taken by a Hazard-Avoidance camera on NASA's Curiosity rover
The first images from Curiosity's color Mast Camera
The first images from Curiosity's color Mast Camera
How Do You Know the Libyan Government is Lying? Its Lips Are Moving
So, the Libyan government now claims not only that Melinda Taylor and her team were in Libya to kill Saif Gaddafi, but also that they confessed to wanting to kill him.  Yep, that’s convincing.  After all, who would want Saif dead more than his formally-appointed OPCD attorneys?
= LIBYA War Crimes: Persecution & Displacement Of Black Libyans & Tawerghans in "R2P"
= BENGHAZI: Gunmen shot dead NTC "army" general and high-ranking defence ministry official Mohamed Hadia
He  was returning from the mosque after Friday prayers with a neighbour when a car stopped in front of them with four people on board. They asked for his identity, then shot him dead.
Hadia was one of the first officers to defect and join the opposition during NATO/NTCpuppet's war.
Hadia is the latest of dozens of security officials murdered in Benghazi, especially of officers who betrayed Jamahiriya.
 Families with kids live in deplorable conditions . In summer heat without  water and electricity #Libya
= EAST LIBYA  - Blackout in East #Libya - the whole electric network from Brega to Tobruk is shut down
Electricity back after being cut in almost all the East for 12 hours.
TRIPOLI -  Breakout of prisoners  in #Tripoli
Ain Zara prisoners attacked guards with machine guns, prison on fire, surrounded. The  attempt results in multiple deaths and injuries among inmates. Previously inmates attacked guards, set section on fire. 26 inmates escaped 18 of them recovered
= BENGHAZI  - Al-Arabiya reporting Commander of NTC's army, Gen. Mohammed Hediya has been assassinated . 24 hours after NTC handed over power.
= LIBYAN DEMOCRACY  Libyan woman provokes headscarf row in parliament
A woman not wearing a headscarf in the Libyan parliament provoked a row when she was asked to leave the stage during the handover ceremony. 
A fierce row broke out in the National Congress this morning, Thursday, after one congressman walked out of the handover ceremony because the young woman hosting the event was not wearing a headscarf.

The controversy deepened further when Mustafa Abdul Jalil, in one of his final acts as NTC Chairman, ordered Sarah Elmesallati to leave the stage midway through her presentation.

“I had finished the welcoming section of my presentation, and as I was walking back onto the stage to announce the national anthem someone emerged from the middle of where the congressmen were sitting and said: “Cover your head! Cover your head!”, Elmesallati told the Libya Herald.

When Elmesallati ignored his demand, Salah Baadi, an independent congressman from Misrata and prominent Islamist, walked out of the handover ceremony in protest.

“After that, an assistant of Jalil came up to me and said ‘please, I’m asking you as a daughter, can you please stop’. I begged him to let me continue, but when I walked back on stage, Jalil caught my eye, pointed at me, and signalled for me to go away, so I did”.

LIBYA ELECTION  - Mohamed al-Megaryef  Libya's newly empowered top legislative body has elected as its president late a veteran opponent of Jamahiriya who is seen as pro-Islamist.
Mohamed al-Megaryef, a founding member of the Libyan National Salvation Front, which grouped exiled opponents of the Gaddafi's politic, defeated liber al independent Ali Zidane in a run-off by 113 votes to 85 in the 200-member General National Congress.
= [yesterday] Gunmen have kidnapped female activist Majdoline Obeida,from Eshpelia Hotel in #Benghazi. Kidnappers were bearded, Eyewitnesses said.
4 gunmen failed 2 kidnap Quryna newspaper MD Mesbah al-Awami, in front of Haron Hotel in #Tripoli. Members of SSC & locals intervened
= A few people were reportedly killed in the clashes near Kufra yesterday.
= Head of #Benghazi's Local Council says sewage system in the city is exploding, & central government is not responding #Libya
Libya news [backup libyasos] 16. July - 22. July 2012.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 05. July - 11. July 2012.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 29. June - 04. July 2012.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 21. June - 28 June 2012.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 13. september  - 20. september 2011. 
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