Sep 1, 2011


Continue fighting even if you don't hear my voice!


Traitors can not be respected,they will be finished
They work for colonizers, noone likes colonizers ,it is impossible to accept a colonization, everyone will fight against traitors and their bosses.
There are too many problems between the traitors and NATO!

Libyans willl not surender and will not accept to be governed like animals. To many were martyred for our land to be free, we will not allow their deaths to be in vain! Keep going,keep fighting, don’t be afraid of them, each tribe should make their own checkpoints and should control their own territories, all the tribes are armed, keep fighting.
Destiny of Libyans will not be in the hands of some insignificant traitors!

NATO is afraid of Libyans, thats why they destroyed everything, bombed the phone lines, TV station, they thought that they will silence our voice,but they failed, we will fight them in every city and village, we are not afraid!
Colonizers used all kind of technology to try to silence my message to you. They are even afraid of my voice.. They know that if the Libyans hear my voice it will be dangerous for them and their traitor-servants, so they cut all the communication. They are afraid of our voice, which means that this is a weak colonialisation. If it was strong, then why did they cut our communication to silence the truth, why did they make you listen only their radios and TV channel, they want you to listen to their lies about the situation on the ground and to make you surender, they want you to be afraid of them, cause they are running out of money to continue the fight
I will say it again, they are afraid of us, they are weak! NATO said that it is dangerous for them to leave our radios working , they know it’s dangerous for them if tribes called each other. We will not give Libya to France just like that, we will fight and make them spend... spend until they are gone. Nobody can control the tribes, they are all armed, Sirte, Sabha, Ben Walid, Tarhona , all this tribes are armed, no one can control them. I say, let the bullet speak.

Libyans will fight, we will fight very strongly, we won't give up! 

Those traitors are cowards, they will run away.
Fight will go on and the traitors will surender because they don’t have enough people to support them, Libyan tribes will never surrender!

Continue fighting even if you don't hear my voice!

In a message addressed to the people regarding the Al Fateh revolution ( second message for today ) the Brother Leader of the Revolution said: 
" The continuing NATO bombing gives us the right to give Sirte the tittle of the capital of resistance.The urban warfare has just started and people must kill the traitors and purge their cities!

The traitors and their collaborators are not in position to control Libya from overseas ( from Europe and US ) like the High Gate (the Sultan of the Ottoman empire ) was giving orders to the Pasha ( the ruler of Libya during the Ottoman rule)"

He referred to the Great Al Fateh revolution:

"The revolution was the one that gave us again our pride and made us famous all over the world. The revolution was the one that lead to the transformation of the huts and tents in which the Libyan were living before- to the most modern infrastructure.
The colonialists want to destroy all that progress but we will defeat them and we will give back to the Libyan people everything that was destroyed by the invasion.
The NATO are trying to impose on us an internal war but we will not allow that. Tribes are not fighting for NATO, just some mercenaries.
NATO wants to put its hands not only to oil but to the water reserves also , under the cover of security, but we will not allow them, we will be victorious!

In the same time a source close to Saif Al Islam announced:

"We have prepared a backup studio and distribution channels of television signals in almost the entire country. For example, even Benghazi will receive a steady signal. Of course, the first transfer will be a live broadcast of leader Muammar Gaddafi's Jamahiriya. We also plan to make public acknowledgment of some financial documents that shed light on the reasons for intervention by France and Italy. Videos and photographs of extrajudicial killings by the rebels and jihadists from "Al-Qaeda” will also be shown. We have now prepared the airwaves and private conversations (audio transcripts) of politicians in Europe who are trying to grab Libyan territories, "- said" "source close to Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.
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