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Libya news [backup libyasos] 01. October - 07. October 2012

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 07. October 2012.
=Daily video LibyaSOS & frineds!media

Happy birthday Russian president Vladimir Putin !!!! 
Long life dear friend.
Putin presented version of how Gaddafi was killed [ a dubious place for NATO]

=  Syria: Syria’s Ayn El Isa village was in the control of the rebels when the mortar shells were fired to the Akcakale


We say NO to Libya trying Saif Gaddafi
The New Libyan government insists on trying Saif in Libya where he will not be given a fair trail. Saif has not been granted access to a lawyer or family members. Also please sign care2 petition at the following link.
= VIDEO: Big Bani Walid rally against the occupation of the city, 5.10.2012

GNC : Libya assembly rejects new cabinet, dismisses pro NATO prime minister
The GNC voted 125 to 44 against Shagur’s proposed emergency government of just 10 ministers on Sunday, according to a Libyan national television report.
BANI WALID : CIVILIANS rocked by Misrata executioners:
 ‏Several civilians were wounded today when militias shelled the eastern outskirts of Bani Walid and rockets hit homes. [LibyanReality]

The family whose house has been hit this morning in BaniWalid.
Child wounded in shelling in Bani Walid early today
The family whose house has been hit this morning in BaniWalid
The family whose house has been hit this morning in BaniWalid
Child wounded in shelling in Bani Walid early today
Child wounded in shelling in Bani Walid early today
 Does anybody CARE about Bani Walid UN? ALL "DEMOCRATIC INSTITUION" ?

FEB17 : Zintan militia leader accused in Algeria. He apparently sold Milan anti-tank missiles & Katyusha's rockets to arms smugglers. #Libya
ZLITEN: A powerful explosionS shakes Zliten including several districts. The cause of the explosion is not known. We believed these are missiles of Misurata executioners.
BANI WALID: Armed Misrata and other gangs continue to surround the city of Bani Walid, Libya. As tension between gangs and Bani Walid resident continues to mount, residents have been left without food and other supplies – and are calling on the UN for help.
BANI WALIDOn October 4th, local doctors said that a group of armed men prevented three vehicles carrying medical supplies, personnel, and oxygen from entering the city. The men had set up a checkpoint about 80 kilometers away from Bani Walid, according to Bikya Masr news.
“The situation is very bad. No fuel, no food, no drugs, no communication. Everything is in a very bad situation,” Alshandoli said.
A petition circulating around the city on Friday night asked the UN Security Council to convene an emergency meeting and “to immediately intervene to protect the civilians in the town.
Signatories of the petition claimed that pro-government armed militias were trying to kill large numbers of people in Bani Walid, because of the city’s pro-Gaddafi history.
TROPOLI protests: The valley of the 50 tribes will destroy Misrata in one night! SAID PROTESTERS.
At least 300 demonstrators gathered outside the National Congress today calling on the government to raise the siege of Bani Walid.
Misratan EXECUTIONERS had launched airstrikes on the south side of the town this morning, injuring three women and an elderly man.
Otherwise ! Several hundred prisoners from Bani Walid were still being held in Misrata without trial.
Photo by RT
BENGHAZI protests: Employees of Jalaa hospital in Benghazi have protested for a third day about the lack of security at the hospital and demanded the return of Ansar Al-Sharia personnel.
Medical staff have said that since Ansar Al-Sharia security guards left, the hospital has been suffering from security problems all the time. A female doctor said that medical staff are being verbally and even physically assaulted on a daily basis.
SIRTE: Traffic policeman shot and wounded in Sirte: Arabic

= DEMOCRATIC LIBYA: Al-Unood al-Senussi - The daughter [18] of Libyan ex Inteligence chief Abdullah Senussi  was arrested at a Tripoli hotel for entering Libya illegally [GNC'S Supreme Security Committee official said ]
 Al-Unood al-Senussi has not been accused of any crime, except illegally entering Libya, the official said.
Libyan citizen with fake Libyan passport.[genano] = BREAKING: NO CONFIDENCE FOR @MustafaAG GOVERNMENT LIBYA
- 17 GNC members abstained from voting
- Mustafa Abu Shagur has outlined plans for 10 ministries, including defence, interior and justice.

If he fails to win the support of the national assembly, he must stand down.
= Libya blocks FBI investigators
FBI investigators still have not been granted permission to visit the consulate building where the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans were killed three weeks ago during an attack by Libyan militants in the eastern city of Benghazi.

An FBI team was dispatched to Libya within days of the attack, but they have been forced to remain in Tripoli as U.S. and Libyan officials argue over the terms under which the two sides will co-operate in the investigation.

Why is there such a undue delay for there FBI to find out exactly what happened?,0,3980482.story
IRANAN finally freed: The seven Iranian Red Crescent officials who were kidnapped over two months ago in Benghazi were finally freed there today.
According to statement from the Iranian ambassador to Libya , they will be met by President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad.

= JORDANIAN bosses A conference on "the rebuilding: of Libya entitled ‘Rebuild  Libya 2012 [after NATO & Co destruction]’ organized by the Jordanian construction union was held in the Jordanian capital Amman between 1 – 4 October.

The Jordanians were keen to capitalize on their early support for Libya’s Arab Spring 17th February Revolution in order to give them a competitive advantage in Libya ahead of other competitors.

FRENCH bosses:  The visit to Tripoli by French foreign minister Laurent Fabius has been cancelled at the last minute as a result of the crisis [ produced by Sarkozy and Bernard HenryLevi ]  over the appointment of the incoming NATO puppets.

JORDAN : Thousands take to Amman streets, king dissolves parliament
 Thousands of Islamists demonstrated in central Amman to call for reforms on Friday, just hours after King Abdullah II dissolved parliament and called early polls without any major political change.
"We have been protesting for more than 20 months and you still do not understand our demands. [ oH YE S THEY UNDERSTAND but don't care] We do not like demonstrations but we love Jordan," read another banner carried by the protesters.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 04. October 2012.
=Daily video LibyaSOS & frineds!media
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U.S. investigators visit Libya compound where ambassador was killed 
 A team of U.S. investigators traveled to the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on Thursday to visit the compound where the U.S. ambassador was killed in an attack last month, Libyan security sources said.
This is the second time I have been on Africa Today with the pro-nato Libyan, Mr Sabri Malik. Like the first time Mr Malik does not discuss anything, and sees Libya today in an abstracted way divorced totally from any reality. It makes very boring television whereby the viewer gets next to no further understanding or exploration as to what is going on.
Is there a danger that Libya is becoming ungovernable?

= 2 Tunisian suspected for assasination of US Ambassador arrested on Turkish airport w/ fake passports [according Turkish TV] 
 FB report " admin, i watched news some minutes ago that while the people want to enter to Turkiye with fake passports who killed Amerrican ambasador in Libia were arrested by policemen at Ataturk Airport.They are two men and from Tunisia."

Two Tunisian men suspected in the Sept. 11 killing of the US ambassador to Libya and three colleagues have been arrested at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, local television reported Thursday.
The suspects were detained late Wednesday as they attempted to enter the country with fake passports and are being questioned by police.

The assault on the American consulate in Benghazi, in which Ambassador Chris Stevens died, coincided with a wave of protests in Muslim countries over an anti-Islam film made in the US.

= pro NATO  Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said on Monday it was worried that freedom of information was under threat in Libya due to visa refusals for foreign journalists, bans on films and arbitrary arrests, AFP reported.

RSF cited reports of foreign journalists who have had difficulties getting visas to visit Libya after attack on the US consulate in Benghazi that killed four American officials.

"We call on the new government, above all the interior ministry, to investigate these incidents and to return the equipment that was arbitrarily confiscated from these journalists," the watchdog group said.
SAIF AL ISLAM: ICC hearings in the Saif Al Islam Gaddafi case, originally scheduled for 8 and 9 October, have been re-scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, 9 and 10 October, from 09:30 to 16:00.
ICC judges reject libya's request to delay admissibility hearings. Will Saif's defence use it to support claim of lack of due process? [MarkKersten]

 =  BANI WALID 5 #Misrata militia detained in #Baniwalid they were found in this condition. I swear No one used force

 = BANI WALID  media comt. 'people angry and, thousands without fuel and food as they're not allowing any vehicles to cross the checkpoints' #Libya [umarnkhan]

BENGHAZI: A number of US UAVs  are currently flying over eastern Libya
TRIPOLI, ZAWIYAH: Protesters from Zawiya are protesting outside GNC HQ in Tripoli due to lack of represent from Zawiya in cabinet.
Some even began protesting in Zawiyah's main square last night.
Protesters, outside GNC Tripoli, are calling for GNC Prime Minister Abushagur to dismiss cabinet.
"Abushagur said he would form a coalition government, that he would look at experience. Zawiyah proposed candidates for oil minister, but he's brought in someone who is not well known."
Abushagur's line-up includes many unknown names, including that of proposed oil minister, Mabrouk Issa Abu Harroura.

The line-up is said to include several members of the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. There are no candidates from the liberal National Forces Alliance, Ibrahim al-Gharyani, head of the liberal coalition in congress, told Reuters
Demonstrators have indicated they would like cabinet to have a “quota” system, with representative from cities across Libya
Demonstrators at the GNC are from Zawyia and protest against the lack of representative from Zawiya in the government Libya

SIRTE: Several killed in  incident in Sirte.The entrances to the city have been blocked for "security" reasons. GNC advised to avoid all but necessary travel to Sirte, given potential for clashes.
Remember Sirte!; Heroism and Apocalypse in the Libyan Desert
Remember Sirte!; Heroism and Apocalypse in the Libyan Desert
Remember Sirte!; Heroism and Apocalypse in the Libyan Desert
= EXECUTIONERS IN LIBYA :  Photos of Misurata executioners  gathering tanks and mobile large cal guns to prep for possible attack on Bani Walid

SUSA [3 killed + 1 injured] : 3 policemen killed in Libya coastal town
GNC forces [ex rebels] blame hard line Islamists [ex rebels] for checkpoint attack
Radical Islamists [ex rebels Feb17 ] have killed three GNC policemen [ex rebels Feb17] in a raid on their checkpoint near a coastal town east of second city Benghazi, police and medical officials said on Wednesday.
Residents said the four men had been stationed at a checkpoint at the western gate of Susa, which lies in the Green Mountains, about 260km east of Benghazi.
They were attacked overnight while performing their duties [harassment and ranting civilians].
= BANI WALID (Pro NATO media ) - Libyan militias, operating alongside the Defence Ministry, have deployed their forces around a former stronghold of ousted Hero Muammar Gaddafi, officials said on Wednesday, stoking fears of impending fighting.
Leaders in Bani Walid have been given until Friday to hand them over and elders had travelled to the town for negotiations.
"The congress has given the Defence and Interior Ministries the order to follow up on what happened," Ramadan Ali Zarmoh, of the Misrata military council, told Reuters.
"The forces are only surrounding it for now ... What happens next depends on the decision from the congress. Maybe a solution can still be negotiated."

Libya: Occupation Regime Facing Resurgance of Popular Resistance, Mulls Over Bani Walid Attack
Americans telling the regime what to do, the regime unable to implement those directives, the media now totally silent over Ghat, Sebha, the south of Libya, and truing to put a brave face and twist the fact in the east and west, what is happening at the centre, in Bani Walid?

Open display of Jamahiriya flags, open resistance, and clashes with so-called "Libya Shield Forces" at checkpoints, and continued defiance of the regime. Now the occupation regime is faced with a hard choice, what to do about Bani Walid?
Today, a Defense Department official confirmed to Breitbart News that there is advance planning for a “substantial air package” against targets in Libya. Military sources suggest that this means that flight missions against Libyan targets will include manned flights, not merely drones.
FBI agents have still not been granted permission to visit the consulate [but drons]  building where the American ambassador cooperator with rebels Feb17 to Libya was killed, three weeks after the attack by militants rebels Feb17 in the eastern city of Benghazi.
Turkey authorizes military operations in Syria
SYRIA: Still, Atalay said Turkey's "main priority" was to "act together with the international community."
"That is why we called on NATO and the United Nations to take up the issue," Atalay said.

The NATO military alliance, of which Turkey is a member, met at an emergency session in Brussels and condemned the attack on Turkey. NATO demanded "the immediate cessation of such aggressive acts against an ally" and urged the Syrian regime to "put an end to flagrant violations of international law."

If  Obama and Mitt Romney switched hair... #Debate2012

Obama's debate notes from last night #Debate2012

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 03. October 2012.
=Daily video LibyaSOS & frineds!media
Russian rock-song about Gaddafi
[Thanks to Helen Vitality ]

= 'CNN wants journalists to be propagandists, not watchdogs'
Bahrain's crackdown on dissent was explicitly covered in a documentary made by former CNN journalist Amber Lyon. The film won prestigious journalism awards, but was only aired domestically in the US - a decision the documentary-maker thinks was motivated by money.

Libya news [backup libyasos] 31. August - 07. September 2012.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 12. September - 16. September 2012.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 17. September - 23. September 2012.

TRIPOLI: Alforjan Tribe and Werfalla Tribe held a meeting today in Alwadan Hotel in Tripoli to announce their support for BaniWalid and mobilization!
= BANI WALID : Funeral of civilian man killed near Bani Walid by rocket of Misrata criminals yesterday, where are the tricolor flags

= SABHA: Burnt building of Misrata man  in Sabha today

SIRTEWarfalla tribesmen opened fire on a militia commander near Sirte.
Sirte is reportedly on lockdown after Warfalla tribesmen kidnapped two truck drivers from Misrata today on its outskirts. [@LibyanRealitY]

BANI WALID:  Bani Walid commander al-Waer warned that a fresh attack on Bani Walid could plunge the country into civil war."
Bani Walid radio station say that its fighters will defend the town to the last man.
= MISRATA executioners : Misrata criminals  raided some homes around Mardom. The civilian who died was killed in one of these raids.The civilian man killed in the militia attack near Bani Walid yesterday

SOUSSA: The attack on the checkpoint where 3 militiamen were killed today was in the town of Soussa 30 km near Baida.
BANI WALID : Video showing black Libyans aka "mercenaries" arrested by Misrata militia near Bani Walid:

TWO random black dudes without any military equipment or uniforms are supposed to be "mercenaries"? How typical for Misrata... [HighlyLazyEnter]
They've captured some random civilians like always. They've suffered crushing defeat, how would they even make prisoners? [Al_Baath_2012]
= Pro NATO GNC  BREAKING : Libya enters Guiness book of world records : The biggest number of idiotic ministries [NTC 's source]
 Libya PM submits government line-up for congress approval
 Unconfirmed reports that 120 GNC members staged walkout to protest new cabinet
US prepares to strike Libyan militia suspected in Benghazi attack

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 02. October 2012.

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. 
Mahatma Gandhi [ 2 October 1869 – 30 January 1948]
=Daily video LibyaSOS & frineds!media
Ask them how Gaddafi oppresses his own people
= Central bank of Libya has received requests from local & foreign investors to obtain a license to offer islamic banking services within Libya
BENGHAZI PARADISE - assailants threw a bomb at the police station + near the children’s hospital + a grenade onto GNC police officer +...
At least 6 to have been injured, 2 in an attack on Gar Younis police station today and +4 in two separate attacks near the children’s hospital yesterday.
Assailants threw a bomb at the police station from a vehicle.

+2 military personnel were wounded in an explosion from a RPG shortly after midnight yesterday, one seriously. A police checkpoint was then attacked a few hours later in a reported grenade attack.
Before few days [Friday] a police station near to Benghazi’s Al-Jalaa hospital was attacked by an armed mob protesting against the disbanding of the Islamist Ansar Al-Sharia brigade. 4 police vehicles recently delivered from Dubai weremachine-gunned and grenades thrown at the building by the assailants.
The previous day, however, a +1 police officer was wounded when an unknown assailant dropped a grenade onto his vehicle from a bridge overhead.
Benghazi 2011: Welcome to USA paradise!
= [Impertinent and arrogant U.S. continues violating all international law]
U.S. Said to Be Preparing Potential Targets Tied to Libya Attack

American intelligence-gathering assets — spies, satellite imagery, electronic-eavesdropping devices, among others — are finite, so counterterrorism authorities preparing the “target packages” must prioritize which militants in Benghazi  or elsewhere if they have fled the area since the attack — need to be monitored on a nearly hour-by-hour, if not minute-by-minute, basis.

To help with this effort since the attacks, the Pentagon has increased the frequency of surveillance drones that fly over eastern Libya, collecting electronic intercepts, imagery and other information that could help planners compile their target lists. American intelligence agencies have assigned additional analysts to concentrate on the suspects.

“You need to be constantly updating and refining the information on the top targets [ TO KILL MORE? HOW MANY MORE?] so that when you get approval, you’re absolutely ready to take action,” said Rick Nelson
= Bani Walid celebrates, Misratah bandits flee

BANI WALID report : Clashes  between GNC executioners and Green freedom fighters  few kilometres from Bani Walid.

Gangs from Misrata, Tripoli and other towns in Libya have been encircling Bani Walid throughout today in preparation for a possible assault.
It is understood that a mobilisation order was issued in the early hours of this morning.

The clashes took place in the Mordum area close to Bir Dufan, some 25 kilometres northeast of Bani Walid on the road to Misrata.
Great Werfalla FB page share video

A number of civilians have begun evacuating from Bani Walid fearing a possible attack .
The "Bir Dufan checkpoint" where GNC Shield are based is a further 45 km to the east of the Mardom area, on the same road.

Warfalla sources report: 2 Misratans killed, 3 captured, 6 Bani Walid defenders injured.
A civilian man died of wounds sustained during clashes.
Material damage but no casualties reported from indiscriminate shelling [by GNC executioners] of eastern part of Bani Walid.
 GNC executioner casualties: 5 armoured Vehicles Destroyed, 16 of their fighters captured + 30 injured.
Warfalla tribesmen are leaving Sabha to reinforce defense of Bani Walid, will move through Mizdah.
Celebrations in Bani Walid for the victory over Misrata gabs around Mardom

Some foolish man came out shouting that "Tripoli is free from Rafla", also shouting "We will erase Bani Walid" .
They already displaced and transfered us to the refugee tents. That's where the people of Libya live today, the ones who were enjoying a quiet life and dignity. In the age of injustice, these tents resemble concentration camps which were set up by Italians for our ancestors at the time of the occupation, which gives us a sense of déjà vu.
 Only greedy people can force innocent Libyans to these camps, the ones who do not have even one tiny bit of compassion. Many Libyans now do not have the right to speak, so how can they respond to us. Those who placed us here and left us homeless are the ones living in suites.
= ATTENTION! The city of Bani Walid seeks help
Yesterday evening friend received a message on Skype of friend from the city Bani Walid, Libya:

The armed gangs of Misrata and Tripoli were grouped near the town of Tadjoura and from September 30 began to move their troops to the other armed gangs of the" new government " which made full scale blockade of the Bani Walid "
Bani Walid , Libya
Al Qaeda taking over Libya after we made it possible--really amazing. 

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 01. October 2012.
=Daily video LibyaSOS & frineds!media
MSM media is insulting our intelligence?
Claim in Telegraph 's article: you need a phone number before you can track and target satellite phone communications. #Libya
Sorry, but a lot of us already knew #NATO murdered Gaddafi, and they wouldn't need a phone number from #Syria (!) to do it. Please. #Libya[@1D4TW]

[ NYT] Bashar al-Assad 'betrayed Col Gaddafi to save his Syrian regime'
French spies operating in Sirte, Gaddafi's last refuge, were able to set a trap for the Libyan dictator after obtaining his satellite telephone number from the Syrian governmentthey said.

Caveat utilitor: Satellite phones can always be tracked
By Frank Smyth/CPJ Senior Adviser for Journalist Security
The Telegraph in London was the first to report that Syrian government forces could have "locked on" to satellite phone signals to launch the rocket attacks that killed journalists Marie Colvin and Rémi Ochlik, as well as many Syrian civilians, besides wounding dozens more including two more international journalists. Working out of a makeshift press center in Homs, foreign correspondents and local citizen journalists alike have been using satellite phones to send images of attacks on civilians around the world.

A blatant lie and a hoax. Now they are preparing an "Arab" invasion of Syria, they step up the discrediting of the Syrian resistance. The Western eavesdropping of Gaddafi's whereabouts were highly sophisticated and working from Day 1. They track his conversation with Assad and that is it. All the rest is typical media smear. [Enrique Ferro ]

Reporters Without Borders is very worried by the signs of a decline in respect for freedom of information – including visa problems, filming bans, arbitrary arrest and deportation – since the election of the General National Congress on 7 July.

Several foreign journalists have told Reporters Without Borders they have had difficulties getting visas to visit Libya, especially after the 11 September attack on the US consulate in Benghazi.,43465.html
NATO's war & AL QAEDA - In interview Libya's Magriaf admits "10% [?] of REBELS are AlQaeda" & that they used them because they "needed any fighter they had to defeat Gaddafi". [to AlQaeda: till you served pro NATO  NTC interests you were perfect ! Now is time for Syria? ]
Magariaf and Clinotn in NewYork

Major Split in Libya Regime Divides `National Forces Alliance` Party of Mahmoud Jibril
The so-called Rat National Congress, led by long-time CIA agent Megarief, has threatened to dismiss Mustafa Abushagur if he failed to conclude negotiations to form a "Government" by October 7 and has said he will do so by today October 1. Analysts predict that the government will be a short-lived one without authority.
Abushagur delays government formation as impasse with Jibril continues
He came inLibya last year!

LIBYAN PRISONS:  One of the NTC/ pro NATO newspapers  recognizes torture and ill-treatment for 19,000 prisoners [Arabic]
Hunger strike called for prisoners held without charge and languishing in militia jails in Tripoli, Benghazi and Misrata starting on 1 Oct
= [+ 18]Torture in NTC proNATO prisons are continue. Man has been tortured till death.

= LIBYAN TRAGEDY :  35,000 displaced Libyan black skinned living in camps for refugees in complete isolation

Great Warfalla page is denying that Libya Shield forces deployed to positions on the outskirts of Bani Walid.
Warfalla forces' warning to Misrata militias, via Dardanelles TV based in Bani Walid:

Salim al-Waer, the commander of the defenders of Bani Walid, held a meeting outlining the defense yesterday. They're prepared.

Abushagur [PM-elect Abushagur who  has US citizenship] : “I can confirm that No action has been authorised against Bani Walid and No mobilisation order issued”
Misrata executioners are waiting for green light of Mangoush The official deadline doesnt expire till Friday

"Misrata Channel" reports 42 tanks and 25 rocket-launcher trucks moved towards Bani Walid today afternoon.
GNC  army calls all,  in preparation for the planed move towards Bani Walid on 5th of October.
... this time there is no NATO, and I think the defenders are better prepared, stocked and motivated to defend their honor.[LibyanReality]
Militias can never properly use their tanks anyway. Bani Walid  held out for nearly 50 days under NATO fire last year... [Steiner1776]
BENGHAZI: An group of armed men in Toyota Land Cruiser on 30 Sep,targeted police vehicle outside children’s hospital.  Attack left one police recruit, Mohammed Hamad al Obeidi, injured, reportedly in intensive care in Benghazi Hospital.
BAYDA [ 95 km west of Derna]: burned textbooks locals angered over textbook's perceived inaccuracies with regard to the date of the creation of Cyrenaica.
BRAK: The SSC executioners Failed in Brak and fled with with their killed and  injured
The commander of the GNC Supreme Security Committee has been fired following  operation in Brak between 19-21 September
The SSC executioners ran out of ammunition during the clashes, with reinforcements and supplies promised from Tripoli never having been delivered.
The GNC's Interior Ministry is also said to have promised to send ambulances, but these too never arrived.
They had attempted to arrest a number of Green soldiers [who had celebrated the anniversary of Qaddafi’s “Al-Fateh revolution” on 1 September.]
SSC and pro NATO GNC are deeply unpopular in the town on account of their hysterical  behaviour and arrogance towards locals.
KIDNAPING IN LIBYA:  Iranian Deputy FM calls ongoing detention of Iranian Red Crescent workers in Benghazi “unacceptable” claims “Libya was responsible".
SYRIA4 Ambulances loaded with weapons from Misurata  tried to enter Syrian territory via Turkey and were bombed to smithereens. [syriancommando]
=  ITALY /LIBYA/ FRANCE/ QATAR  : Italian energy group Edison said it had won a dispute with Eni to review the price of its long-term gas contract from Libya, its second gas arbitration victory in less than a month.
“The overall impact on 2012 accounts of Edison is estimated in more than 250 million euros on EBITDA,” the company said in a statement.
In September Edison, which is owned by France’s EDF , won in arbitration a 450 million euro discount on its liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies from Qatar’s Rasgas.

Arbitrations and renegotiations of long-term take-or-pay contracts have become widespread across Europe’s gas industry as low spot prices on the wholesale market make existing long-term contracts unprofitable.
FRENCH/ LIBYA French aviation management company, 'Aeroports de France' given monopoly in Libya aerospace industry.
Has something to do with 2011 support? [ahmabd55]
 The President of France met with the speaker of the GNC General Congress in Paris, to discuss the latest developments in Libya.
The U.S. has spent $2 billion bombing Libya for 90 days, enough to provide clean water and education for half the world's needy children [InjusticeFacts]
Libya news [backup libyasos] 12. September - 16. September 2012.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 31. August - 07. September 2012.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 22. August  - 28. August 2012. 
Libya news [backup libyasos] 15. August  - 21. August 2012. 
Libya news [backup libyasos] 08. August  - 14. August 2012. 
Libya news [backup libyasos] 01. August  - 07. August 2012. 

Libya news [backup libyasos] 22. July - 31. July 2012.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 16. July - 22. July 2012.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 05. July - 11. July 2012.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 29. June - 04. July 2012.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 21. June - 28 June 2012.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 13. september  - 20. september 2011. 
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